• Players: 1
  • Online Play: No
  • Online Trophies: No
  • Cheat Codes: No
  • Trophy Difficulty: 1/10 (With guide) - 3/10 (Without guide)
  • Missable Trophies: 7
  • Minimum Playthroughs: 1
  • Suggested Playthroughs: 1
  • Time to Platinum/100%: 2-5 hours


Battle a clone army, a clone master and genetic mutation in Sam and Max's new adventure: Beyond the Alley of the Dolls!

[top]Guide Hints

  • Guide contains spoilers.
  • Trophies are listed in XMB order.

[top]Game Hints

  • All trophies can be earned in one playthrough.
  • All non-story trophies can be missed.
  • Creating many save files helps you out a lot. Try creating one before any kind of big decision.

[top]Game Controls

  • Interact
  • Interact with item
  • Switch between Sam and Max
  • Back, Sprint
  • Notebook
  • Show Interactable Objects
  • Toggle Interactable Objects


Attack of the Identical Assailants!
Escaped the siege at Stinky's

Story related trophy. Complete Chapter 1. Completed once you open the backup tunnel.

His Master's Voice
Discovered the shocking identity of the Clone Master

Story related trophy. Complete Chapter 2. Completed once you take control of the clones and follow them to the clone master.

Psychic Stare-Down
Defeated the Clone Master and saved the world (again)

Story related trophy. Complete the game.

Very Superspicious
Fully investigated the Clone Master suspects

Story related trophy. You will earn this trophy through progression. It can't be missed. Even if it says "fully investigate" you only need to pick the important dialog options. You need to do the following things (in any order):

#1 Hypnotize Stinky (Automatically happens after you completed the cake challenge and followed Stinky into the backup tunnel.)
#2 Hypnotize Sal (Automatically happens after you completed the cake challenge and followed Stinky into the backup tunnel.)
#3 Acquire Momma Bosco's DNA Sample
#4 Acquire Norrington's Letter

Dimensional Speed Dialer
Acquired the Cthonic Destroyer in 6 or fewer trips

This one can be a bit tricky. It basically only requires a bit of logic. You get to use the Dimensional Speed Dialer in Momma Bosco's Lab after the seance.

Activate the big red button on the Speed Dialer. You will be on your first trip.

After the first trip Sam will open a parchment with highlighted clues. These are the four states Sam needs to be in at the same time. You can adjust the outcome of each trip with the dials.

Four States Sam Needs To Be In:
#1 Sam sees flashing lights at start
#2 Sam is laughing
#3 Sam is thinking of insects (use mind reading)
#4 Sam is eaten by huge beast (use future vision)

After your first trip, inspect Sam for each state. If, for example, he isn't laughing, turn a dial and go on your next trip. If Sam is laughing now, you have used the correct dial. It is basically trial and error. Once you get all four states at the same time, a scene will start.

Tell 'Em Penn Says Hi
Impressed friends with card trick

In the location "Sal's New Job", use Max's Mind Reading power on the newspaper stand.

Sawdust Laryngitis
Ventriloquised everyone available

You have to use Max's "Psychic Ventriloquism" power on every available target in the game. A trophy which can be easily missed. Below is a list of all the targets and where you can find them.

Hint: You only need to ventriloquise each target once, but being redundant doesn't hurt, right?

Targets: Doppelgangers, Granpa Stinky, Flint Paper, Stinky, Juke Box, Sal, Bluster Blaster, Warehouse door, Harry Moleman, Superball, Wardrobe, Picture of Uncle Morty, Momma Bosco, Norrington, Paiperwaite, Open window, Clone pod, Statue of Liberty, Charlie and The Devil's Toybox.

In diner before solving the cake challenge
#1 Doppelgangers
#2 Grandpa Stinky
#3 Flint Paper
#4 Stinky
#5 Juke Box

At "Sal's New Job" before solving the cake challenge
#1 Sal
#2 Bluster Blaster
#3 Warehouse door

In BoscoTech before finishing the seance
#1 Harry Moleman
#2 Superball
#3 Wardrobe
#4 Picture of Uncle Morty

In BoscoTech after finishing the seance
#1 Momma Bosco

In Paiperwaite's office.
#1 Norrington
#2 Paiperwaite
#3 Open window

In the cloning facility
#1 Clone pod
#2 Sal (before shooting the light)
#3 Stinky (before shooting the cup)
#4 Stinky (on platform before cloning Momma Bosco)
#5 Momma Bosco (before teleporting to the platform)

During the final fight
#1 Sam
#2 Statue of Liberty
#3 Charlie
#4 The Devil's Toybox

Greater Than Meets the Eye
Transformed into everything available

Like the description says, you have to transform into every object available in the game. You do this by using Max's "Rhinoplasty" power on pictures. There are not a lot of targets and 2/3 of the targets you'll have to transform into during the final bossfight. Below a list of the targets and where to find them.

Targets: DeSoto, Cake, Charlie Ho-Tep, Darkness, Fire and Grub.

Stinky's Diner
#1 DeSoto

Sal's Job
#1 Cake

Final Bossfight

Change the song on the piano and then use mind reading on Sam. Max will get an image of what Sam is thinking of. Four songs = four pictures.

#1 Charlie Ho-Tep
#2 Darkness
#3 Fire
#4 Grub

Peeping Brain
Read everyone's mind

This is the same principal as Sawdust Laryngitis. You have to read everyone's mind available in the game. You do this by using Max's "Mind Reading" power. Again, this trophy is very easy to miss. Below a list of all targets and where to find them.

Hint: This time you will need to use mind reading on each person in every location. Probably why this is a .

Targets: Stinky, Grandpa Stinky, Sam, Flint Paper, Superball, Harry, Momma Bosco, Paiperwaite , Bluster Blaster, Newspaper stand, Sal, Doppelgangers and Charlie Ho-Tep.

Stinky's Diner
#1 Stinky
#2 Grandpa Stinky
#3 Sam

Stinky's Diner after escaping
#1 Flint Paper
#2 Stinky
#3 Grandpa Stinky

BoscoTech before seance
#1 Superball
#2 Harry

BoscoTech after seance
#1 Momma Bosco

Paiperwaite's Office
#1 Paiperwaite (at door)
#2 Paiperwaite (in office)
#3 Norrington

Sal's New Job
#1 Bluster Blaster
#2 Newspaper stand
#3 Sal
#4 Doppelgangers

Cloning Facility
#1 Stinky
#2 Sal
#3 Stinky (on platform before cloning Momma Bosco)
#4 Momma Bosco (after cloning)

Final Bossfight
#1 Charlie Ho-Tep
#2 Sam

Pod Pumper
Damaged a lot of Clone Pods

Once you enter the Cloning Facility use Sam's gun multiple times on the big clone pods, behind the platform.

Telltale Loves You
Experienced a lot of fan service

Here you have to find references to other games. Most people will not know all the quotes so it can be hard to find, because you don't know if you have actually found a reference.

Here I want to thank Telltale forum members for confirming most of my hunches towards the references and telling me the ones I didn't find.

Here is the list of where to find all the references:

#1 In the diner talk to Skun-ka'pe until Sam offers him some Banang.
#2 Talk to Max and choose the Random option several times.
#3 Use "Psychic Ventriloquism" on the Juke Box in the diner.
#4 Ask Momma Bosco about the clone master.
#5 Look at the door in BoscoTech twice.
#6 Look at the phone in Paiperwaite's office twice.
#7 Before getting the Cthonic Destroyer talk to Norrington about the tentacles, then go back to the Cloning Facility and look at the tentacles again.
#8 Destroy the tentacles with the Cthonic Destroyer.

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