Players: 1
Online Play: No
Cheat Codes: No
Trophy Difficulty: 1/10 with guide 3/10 without
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Suggested Playthroughs: 1
Time to 100%: 2-4 hrs


This is the final episode in this season of the Freelance Police's Sam and Max and their adventures with the Devils Toybox. It is a tale with many twists and turns and lots of comic mischief that is certain to keep you entertained.

[top]Tips and Strategies




Maxtastic Voyage
Sent a rescue team into the body of Giant Max

This is story related and cannot be missed.

You are going to need to make a giant corn dog so that you can get into Max's body. To accomplish this you will need to:

- Talk to Grandpa Stinky and get the recipe for his corn dogs.
- You will already have the water needed from the hole next to Bosco Labs.
- Pick up the Box of Corn Dogs from behind the truck.
- Stand near the truck full of cornmeal and then pull out and wave one of the corn dogs causing Max to pick up the truck.
- Walk over next to the water hole and eat the corn dog causing Max to dump the cornmeal into the water.
- Walk to the right and talk to Sybil until she tells you about the "air freshener".
- Use the same technique with the corn dog to get Max to throw the Desoto in the water hole.
Now is the time to go for the "Quiet on the Set" trophy.......if not then you will have to replay the game to do it again.
- Climb up the fire escape and trick Satan into dropping his microphone so that you can switch it with a corn dog causing Satan to get Max to grab the oil from the roof and dumping it in the water hole.
- Go back into Bosco Labs and talk to the chicken to find out that you will need to make everyone turn around for him to lay an egg.
- Talk to C.O.P.S. and pick the "Virus" option.
- Talk to Momma Bosco and pick "Dimensional Destabilizer".
- Talk to Superball and pick "Turn around".
- Now you will get the egg so take it outside and use it in the corn dog mix.
- Enter the Desoto.
- The trophy will unlock.

Battery Park
Overcame the psychic powers to enter Max's brain

This is story related and cannot be missed.

You will start working on this trophy as soon as you get into Max's body.
- You will need to use the Espresso Beans in your inventory on the Food Processor to get the tube to the brain working.
- Head up to the Brain.
- After checking the tumor and trying the door you will need to head down the tube to the Legs.
- From the legs take the next tube down to Max's Inventory.
- Click on the Roach Farm to see the egg hatch.
- Click on the Spare Cables laying on the floor (causing you to turn into a vacuum)
- Run into the shelf to knock the Roach Farm down (causing you to break it and suck up the baby roach).
- Head back up the tube to the Legs and show Sybil the Roach. (She will get on the treadmill giving you power over the legs.

- Head back up to the Brain then take the tube down to the Arms.
- Click on the Arcade Game and when prompted be sure to say the opposite of what is shown on the screen. (If you pick the option that matches then Max's ventriloquist powers make you say the opposite)
- It will not matter which way that you pick to congratulate them because they will all end the same way.
- Head to the Stomach.
- Place the Roach from you inventory on the plate in front of the "Now Craving" sign.
- Switch to Max and walk to Momma Bosco's Lab. (Max will grab Sal from the roof and eat him)
- Switch back to Sam and talk to Sal. (Sal will offer to help and will finish the job with the arms)
- Switch back to Max and walk to the far right side of the city to Battery Park and select "Explore Battery Park"
- This will cause Max to get shocked and you will unlock the trophy.

Just Ask for Directions Already
Found the location of the only thing that will save Max

This is story related and cannot be missed.

Once you have discovered the cloning facility this trophy will unlock. See "All the Old Familiar Places" trophy for details on how you will need to do this.

Prepare for Surgery
Delivered the tool necessary to complete Max's brain surgery

This is story related and cannot be missed.

You will start this part of the story after gaining access to the door in Max's brain. You will need to give the Cthonic Destroyer, also known as the toy robot, to Sybil.

- After first being presented with the Astral Projector you will need to control Max and have him "remember" the different places in the city. Refer to the "All the Old Familiar Places" trophy for the list of places and their locations.
- When you finish that then switch back to Sam and select the Skun-ka'pe Ship Slide to astral project yourself into a clone inside of the space ship.
- Press and select Clone SP-42-X.
- Open the fuse box on the wall then take a drink from the water bottle on the cell bars and spit into the fuse box.
- Press and select Clone HW-021-S.
- Climb into the wheel and start running to stabilize the ship and you will automatically switch back to the first clone.
- Click on the Backdrop which will cause Sam to scratch at the wall and will expose some wires.
- Now click on the wires and Sam will grab them causing the ship to turn eventually causing something to break through the glass of the prison cell letting you escape.
- Walk to the right and enter the door to go up to the second floor.
- Talk to the Brain and keep picking the option Mole Men every chance you can and it will cause the Mole Men Processing Center door to open and Grandpa Stinky will come out.
- Keep talking to Grandpa Stinky until the option Grandpa Stinky comes up then select it to find out where to find the toy robot at.
- End the astral projection and switch to Max and find the Cloning Facility on the lower right side of the city.
- Once you get Max to "remember" the facility then switch back into Sam and use the Cloning Facility Slide.
- Follow the directions in the "Genius In Its Simplicity" trophy and once you finish it then use the Devil's Toybox Photo with the Camera and this will cause Skunka'pe to come down and talk to you.
- Keep talking to him and when you see the option For this bomb come up use it and Skunka'pe will throw the Toy Robot to you.
- Exit through the tunnel on the far right side.
- Head back to the tumor in Max's brain and give the Cthonic Destroyer to Sybil and the trophy will unlock.

The Happy Ending
Discovered a last-minute way to save Max

You will unlock this trophy upon completing the game.

After leaving Max's body you will be brought to the cloning facility. It will show Momma Bosco working on making a clone of Max but she needs something that has his DNA on it. Look in your inventory and you will see Max's snot in there from where he sneezed you out. Hand her the "DNA" and this trophy will unlock.

The Unabridged Version
Listened to all of Max's audiobooks on vinyl in their entirety

When you reach Max's Brain you will need to use the record player to listen to the records that are located on the bookshelf on the right of the room without skipping.

There have been many people who have had issues getting this trophy because if you do not let the track completely finish then it will not register. You will need to get the four albums off of the shelf beside the record player and listen to each of the albums using the record player. There are 2 recordings on each album with the exception of the one titled "Are You There, Great Bear Spirit?" (there are 3 tracks on that one).

You will need to watch the record as you listen to the recordings and make sure to not press anything until you see that it has stopped spinning. (you may need to turn the brightness up on your TV to see) Make sure that for the "Great Bear Spirit" album that you do not press anything until Max cries and the room stops moving after each recording is played.....the record does not stop spinning until he stops crying.

For Insurance Purposes
Checked out every object in Max's inventory

You will need to interact on everything that you can in the room down the tube from Max's legs.

There are a total of 16 objects that you will need to find in this room. The easiest way to find them all is to go to the right side of the room first, then the left, and move the left analog stick over so that the items will highlight themselves for you.

The items are (working from the right side of the room to the left:
- Black File Cabinet that you will see immediately beside the tube.
- Employee Handbook located on the shelf right beside the file cabinet.
- A Sock on top of the shelf above the handbook.
- Cables laying on the floor between the shelves.
- The Mariachi Frogs. (You can't miss them)
- Big Ink Ribbon on top of the shelf with the frogs.
- Max's Luger (It is a gigantic gun behind the shelves)
- Ted E. Bear Head in the center of the room.
- Meatball Sub/Sandwich right behind the bear head on the shelf.
- A Box Containing Season One Stuff on top of the same shelf.
- Balloons behind and slightly to the left of the bear head.
- Car Bomb Game on the left shelf. (This one is kind of hard to see)
- Roach Farm on top of the left shelf. (Looks just like an ant farm)
- Bucket of Fish on the left shelf also.
- Gigantic Chocolate Bar (Hard to miss)
- Maximus Shrine is located to the extreme left side of the room.

Genius in its Simplicity
Heard all the details of Stinky's origin

You will need to find all of the objects located in the cloning facility that causes Flint to explain to you about Stinky's part in the story.

There are 7 things that you must do to hear the complete origin of Stinky from Flint

- Click on the Box of Stuff located right in front of you as soon as you enter the facility.
- Click on the Fog Machine on top of the Box of stuff.
- Click on the Granite Slab in front of all of the laser beams.
- Click on the Projector on top of a crate to the left.
- Click on the Camera laying on the ground beside the crate with the projector.
- Pick up the Cake Photo that is leaning on the crate with the projector.
- Now use the Cake Photo with the Camera.

All the Old Familiar Places
Collected all of Max's precious memory slides

You will be able to start this one after shocking Max. Being in control of Max, you will need to walk around the city and help him to remember places so that you can fill his Memory book up. There is a total of 6 slots in the book that need filled.

- The first slide is already in the book.
- Since you will already be nearby just head down and right to get to Battery Park.
- Federated Consolidated Building located in the upper left side of the city.
- Bosco Labs located right where the source of the two spotlights are.
- Skun-ka'pe's Flagship will be flying around.
- Now you will need to target Skun-ka'pe's Flagship and question Grandpa Stinky to reveal the last location which is the Cloning Facility located on the lower right side of the city.

Like Battery Acid and Pickle Juice
Heard at least five accounts of what nightmares taste like

Keep talking to the Max head spore that is located in Max's brain until you hear all 5 different descriptions.

Fire Retardant
Shot all of the Flaming Max spores

Anytime you run across the Max head spores shoot at them. Even though they cannot be hurt just the act of shooting them counts.

- As soon as you leave Bosco Labs for the first time you will see 2 Max head spores circling Grandpa Stinky on the left.
- Immediately after shooting the 2 previous spores walk over to the left and you will find one near Sybil.
- There will be one in each of the locations in Max's body. (Brain / Arms / Legs / Room below Legs / and Stomach)

Quiet on the Set
Snuck into the frame of Satan's documentary at least twice

You will need to take the fire escape up on the side of the Bosco Labs building. Once up there you will find Satan there doing a documentary on how he is not involved with the whole Mutant Max monster. To unlock this trophy you will just need to speak to him and select the options "Go Mets!" and then "Freelance Police!" which will be the upper left option both times.

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