Players: 1
Online Trophies: None
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 6-10 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: None


Acquired all trophies.

This game isn't hard at all and to get the platinum won't take any kind of skill to get. Like I said, it's really, really easy!

It's A Trap!
Complete Reverse Bear Trap.

This is the very first trophy you get when you first start the game. Just follow the button commands on the sides of the trap and the trophy is yours.

What Was That?!?
First encounter with Pighead.

During the first level when you climb the ladder, there will be a cut-scene. You'll get the trophy immediately afterward.

Damaged Goods
Release Amanda from her trap.

This is the first releasing in the game. There are 2 different chemicals that you need to put into the right spots - the Toxin on one side and the Antidote on the other side. When you release the chemicals they will hit the valves and the valves will flip one way or the other to make the chemicals go to the right sides. Here's a video to show you how to do it.
YouTube- Saw The game Walkthrough Video Guide Part 3 Rescue Amanda

Hit and Run
Release Jennings from his trap.

For Jennings you have to complete 4 different gear puzzles in order to release him from his trap. Here's a video to help you out.
YouTube- Saw - The Video Game - Jennings (gameplay)

Absent Parent
Release Melissa from her trap.

For this one you will have to move a piece to the swirled part (the end). You can hit up to 5 X's before killing Melissa on each puzzle. There also is no time limit so take your time. Here's a video to help you out.
YouTube- Saw: The Video Game Walkthrough Part 11 - Melissa's Trap

Release Oswald from his trap.

To release Oswald from his trap you have to complete 3 fuse puzzles. They are completely random, so they will be different each time. Here's a video to show you how to do them. Go to 4:10 to see it.
YouTube- Saw the Video Game Walkthrough Part 14 - Gas Trap, Billy The Puppet Picture Puzzle, Oswald's Trap

Eager Student
Release Obi from his trap.

To release Obi, you need to complete 3 of the pipe puzzles. They can be a struggle sometimes. Here's a video to help you out. YouTube- Saw the Video Game Walkthrough Part 18 - Obi's Trap, Two Light Bulbs

Born Victim
Release Jeff from his trap.

This is your final person you have to release from a trap. To release Jeff you have to match up 2 different objects on the TV's like the card memory games. They are always random so it will be different each time. You can only make 4 mistakes because the 5th mistake will kill him. Here's a list to show you which go together:

Heart - Monitor
Hammer - Nails
Shotgun - Shells
Pills - Bottle
Saw - Foot
Camera - Film
Recorder - Tape
Puzzle - Piece

Here's a video also to show you what you need to do, but it will be a different random order probably than what you will have to match up.
YouTube- Saw the Video Game Walkthrough Part 22 - Jeff's Trap

Violence Begets Violence
Kill the Pighead.

This really isn't that hard to get. I just uppercut him repeatedly and then you'll have to match up your 2 analog sticks in different directions 3 different times if he grabs you, which isn't hard at all, and Pighead will die. You can also get him into the electrical cage outside. By running in there and running out the other door and locking it on him and turning on the power, he'll die that way as well.

Dajmer79 also has a way:
I found a much easier way to kill Pighead. Right when you encounter him, you're in a room with 2 doors - one has a shotgun trap, and the other doesn't. Walk over to the safe door and the second you see him coming that way, set a trap (preferably an Explosive trap). When he hits it, disarm the shotgun trap, open the door and proceed through, and then reset the trap. Pighead will follow you through that door, setting off the shotgun trap. Now set another trap (Explosive or Gas) for him to walk into. After all this, he'll have less than one-quarter health and will only require 3-4 solid hits to defeat.

The key to doing this right is heading to the first door that isn't trapped right away, otherwise he'll come through the other door, disarming the trap along the way.

Never Truly Free
Complete game using Freedom Door.

At the end of the game you will have to choose one door or the other. If you choose the other door just reload checkpoint 7-13 and pick this door.

Cost of the Truth
Complete game using Truth Door.

See Never Truly Free trophy.

Unlock first container.

You will come across a container in the first level after digging the fuse out the toilet. To unlock a container, you will need to press each of the face buttons at the right time to stop the four wheels in the right place.

It Was An Accident
Kill first minion.

See Duress trophy.

Kill 10 minions.

See Duress trophy.

Kill 20 minions.

This isn't that hard at all. You will get this going through the game no matter what. Just kill every person that comes up to you and you should have it in no time.

Just Experimenting
Used Health Syringe for the first time.

See I Can Stop Anytime trophy.

I Can Stop Anytime
Used 20 Health Syringes.

You will find these a lot through out the game. Just use them anytime you have low health, or if you are really stocked up on them just to get the trophy.

You've Wasted Your Life
Idle for five minutes.

Find a safe place to chill at and just put the controller down until you get the trophy. What I did was after the first trap in the beginning of the game, I left it idle there until I got it.

Would You Like To Know More?
Find your first Asylum File.

After you climb the first ladder at the beginning, after getting the Pighead trophy, go to the room on the right and it's a file on top of a garbage can. You will see lots of these throughout the game and will have no trouble getting any if you miss this first one. You only need to find one throughout the whole game.

Who Is The Jigsaw Killer?
Find your first Patient File.

After killing the first person in the game, there will be a red lit room where he runs out to kill you. Just kill him and go in that room he was in and it's in there on a box in the corner. You only need to find one throughout the whole game.

Darwin Would Be Proud
Died once.

Easy! Just die once, which you more than likely will throughout the game.

Kill Or Be Killed
Killed a Collarded Minion with a collar detonation.

After getting out the bathroom with the collar on checkpoint 2-3, there will be a guy running after you after you exit the bathroom down the hallway. Run back into the bathroom alone and lock the door and he should be chillin' on the other side by the door. After a few seconds his collar should detonate. If that doesn't work, run towards the bathroom and he will follow you; run back to where he started running at you and shut that door and lock it. He should blow up that way also before he reaches you.

Give Me Five!
First kill with a Mannequin Arm.

Jennings 2-3: Directly to the left after leaving the bathroom with the bomb collar on, sitting on a shelving unit.

First kill with a Bat.

This one won't be hard to find at all. You will see a lot of bats scattered throughout the entire game.

Sometimes It Sticks
First kill with a Nail Bat.

After you are told about barricades in the second level, there will be a minion running out with a Nail Bat. Kill him, take the bat, and kill the next minion with it. You'll see more throughout the game.

Cleaning Up
First kill with a Mop Handle.

Jennings 2-3: After your encounter with the bomb collar minion, this will be sitting in a bathtub out in the open. You'll see more throughout the game.

Pipe Dream
First kill with a Pipe.

Amanda 1-3: The first pipe can be found in a garbage can during your first enemy encounter. It is shown to you during a cut-scene.

First kill with a Scalpel.

Melissa 3-5: In the hallway with the guy shooting himself, go into a door on the right and unlock the door inside. The scalpel is stuck in a mannequin's head.

First kill with a Syringe.

Jennings 2-11: After getting through the door with the TV's around it, this will be sitting on a shelving unit to the right. Also, Jeff 6-2: Pick the door on the right of the illuminated double doors with the combination lock on them.

You've Been Served
First kill with a Table Leg.

In Jennings' level, the first minion you electrocute is carrying a Table Leg. Kill him and take the leg and kill the next minion you encounter with it.

You'll Need This Afterwards
First kill with a Crutch.

You'll find the crutch in the first unlockable room of the game. Kill the next minion you encounter with it.

Grave Digger
First kill with a Shovel.

Melissa 3-8: There are shovels in the graveyard area by the tombstones.

Lights Off
First kill with a Table Lamp.

After you release Melissa, it will be in a room nearby.

Hatchet Job
First kill with a Hatchet.

Jeff 6-0: Directly next to the first set of stairs in a pool of blood.

Fire Hazard
First kill with fire.

Melissa 3-8: You can do this in the graveyard because there are a lot of Molotov bottles laying around. Grab them and throw them at one of the 2 guys twice and it will kill them (make sure you have a lighter equipped).

Splitting Headache
First kill with Scissors.

Obi 5-1: After getting the audio tape about another victim, pick the door on the left and the scissors are sitting on a shelf in this room.

Say Hello To My Little Friend
First kill with a Gun.

Melissa 3-5: You will see a man who shoots himself in the head. Take that gun and kill the next minion you encounter with it.

Wait For The Boom
First kill with an Explosive Mine.

You'll find the schematic for the Explosive Mine during Oswald 4-3 and a work table in the same checkpoint. The schematic will be after a guy without a shirt on attacks you in a room. You will then come across 2 guys throwing bottles at you and it's right there with the 3 doors (the left one).

Make the mine on the workbench and when you see the next minion, punch him until he is really low on health and plant it on the ground. Hold to enter combat mode and hit to drop the mine. Step back and he'll run into it.

First kill with a Stun Mine.

Schematic can be found on Obi 5-1 in the same room as the scissors.

Make the mine on the workbench and when you see the next minion, punch him until he is really low on health and plant it on the ground. Hold to enter combat mode and hit to drop the mine. Step back and he'll run into it.

Choked Up
First kill with a Gas Mine.

Schematic can be found on Oswald, 4-0. This will be sitting on a table in front of you while going through the first rooms after Melissa leaves you.

Make the mine on the workbench and when you see the next minion, punch him until he is really low on health and plant it on the ground. Hold to enter combat mode and hit to drop the mine. Step back and he'll run into it.

I'm In Charge
Fought first NPC.

You'll get this on Amanda 1-3 when the guy comes out of the room and when you first punch him.

Curb Stomp
Stomped first Minion to death.

See Merciless trophy.

Stomped five Minions to death.

Start Amanda's level 1-3 and heavy punch the guy that runs out the room (). If/when he falls, stomp him by pushing + while standing over him and then push the next sequence of buttons shown. If you don't knock him down, or the buttons didn't work that time, reload the checkpoint again and do it once more until you get all 5.

Forced Entry
Unlock first door.

See Professional trophy.

Unlock 5 locked doors.

See Professional trophy.

Unlock 20 locked doors.

You should be able to get this going through the game. Just make sure you unlock every door you come across and you'll get it for sure. To unlock doors all you have to do is have a nail and match the gears to the same sides. If you don't get it going through the game, you can load Amanda 1-4 and open that door and go to the next checkpoint and reload it again until you get it.

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