Players: 1 & 2 Local Co-op
Online Trophies: None
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: None
Estimated Time to 100%: 15 - 20 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 + replay the last level 2 more times to unlock all vinyls
Collectible Trophies: Winning Requires you to collect every gem in every level among other requirements in order to get this trophy
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: None

[top]Tips & Strategies

  1. DO NOT! Use the homepage to do anything (check/send messages, sync trophies) while in the middle of this game because your PS3 WILL freeze up on you and you will lose all progress between the last save and the point it froze.
  2. If you have someone to play with then do so as the co-op will make going through the levels and beating the bosses much easier.
  3. Save up your gems to buy the Magnet & feather attachments for the tentacle, because you will need them early in the game to get to far heights and snatch far away gems.
  4. When you come across a forking route, always backtrack the first route you took and head down the second as well to pick ALL the gems, and possibly a hidden heart and to pull out all blackweeds. You have to this in order to perfect every level.
  5. After buying the Magnet & feather attachments you will need the fish attachment which allows you to swim faster. Because you will come across several levels that require you to swim a lot.
  6. During levels where you have to swim always swim up to find pockets of trapped air to replenish your air meter and during the underwater sea level there will be cracks in the ground that will be leaking bubbles, swim through those to replenish your air.
  7. The two moves that you should buy first is the Anaconda Squeeze & Morph Tendrils because they will help you stay alive during every level in order to perfect them all.
  8. Whenever you see a weird looking yellow creature walking slowly back & forth while holding what looks like a lamp, then know that he is friendly and offers to heal your health fully for a price that ranges from 5 to 20 gems depending on the level. His presence is a clue that what's ahead can be either a really tough place with lots of enemies or the level's boss. If your missing as little as one heart from your health bar then I recommend you heal your health with him to avoid dying in the midst of the hassles ahead and jeopardize your attempt at perfecting that level.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

None, None & None


  1. Play the game normally.
    • During this playthrough you will earn All story related trophies & Dreamer & Unleash the Guru & Novice Collector & Heart of Gold. Also depending on how well you play you may be able to get Winning but chances are that you will only make progress towards it along with progress for Hoarder
    • During this playthrough you need to use the amount of gems that you have on the following in order to be able to get all hidden and far gems and be able to survive each level without dying in order to maximize progress towards Winning and shave some major time when going back to un-perfected levels using the Chapter select feature:
      • Moves: Anaconda Squeeze & Morph Tendrils.
      • Attachments: Feather & Magnet & Fish. (buy them in this order)

  2. On the last level you need to take note of which decision you choose when confronted by Dr. Maybee, because every choice you out of the 3 presented to you will unlock a certain Vinyl which is essential to obtain Hoarder. Then you need to replay the last level two more times and each time selecting another choice to unlock the Vinyl associated with that choice.
  3. Use chapter select to go back to un-perfected levels and achieve a perfect status on them in order to get Winning. At the same time you will be earning gems to unlock the rest of the store content and earn Hoarder. When you unlock stuff from the store leave the Vinyls until the very last since they do not amount to anything in regards of the actual gameplay experience and are just extra stuff. Instead use the available gems to buy more moves and more attachment that will make perfecting each level a little easier.


Complete a Dojo training session.

Dojo trainings are available throughout the game as Gurubunni teaches Scarygirl new moves and skills. You can earn this trophy at the very beginning of the game where you start the Dojo training before starting a new save, and that is by going to the farthest right in Scarygirl's house in in the main menu. Or if you decide to go ahead and start the game then Scarygirl will come across a purple glowing fruit which she will eat and fall asleep and then dream that she is in a dojo with Gurubunni where the training session will start and after finishing it this trophy will Ding!

Unleash the Guru
Start a Co-op game.

As soon as any level starts you can turn on your 2nd controller and hit X and then Bunniguru will appear to assist Scarygirl in her quest. moments later your trophy will Ding! Don't have another person to co-op play with? No problem! Hit start with the 2nd controller and scroll down to the "Drop out" option, hit it and Bunniguru will go back to what he was doing.

Novice Collector
Purchase a store item.

You will come across a chubby yellow creature that crawls around back and forth on a lot of tentacles, he will seem like an enemy at first but once you approach him he will ask you if you wanna buy anything from the store. Hit to enter the store and buy any item that you can afford at the time and you will get this trophy.

Up, Up and Away
Catch an Umbrella Seed to the Old Man Mountains.

Story related and cannot be missed!

Boss fight: Giant Owl
Giant Owl will be blocking your path at the top of the Owls tree house, everytime you get closes to him he will flap his wings and a gust of wind will push you away from him, to defeat him you need to attack his minion blue owls and when they are weakened, grapple them with and throw them at Giant Owl, you need to do so about 4 - 5 times to finally have him defeated. When you grapple an owl other owls will attack you from both sides and if you get hit you will lose the owl in your grasp so don't forget to hold to block. When you block just before an enemy attack connects that enemy gets damaged and possibly knocked on the ground thus giving you a little bit more freedom to aim your shot and hurl it at the Giant Owl. He should give you a heart after you defeat him, jump up to grab it.

Survive Momma Yeti's cave-in.

Story related and cannot be missed!

Boss fight: Momma Yeti
When you reach this boss a cut scene will start where Momma Yeti will stomp the ground several times and a boulder will fall down and crash over her head and that is basically how you defeat her. As Momma Yeti walk around this path that cuts off just before it makes a complete circle there will be two slides, when she is right in front of one of them immedietely attack one of her babies and she will start stomping again resulting in another boulder to come sliding down and crashing into her rendering her open for attacks for a brief few seconds and that is when you need to attack her. When she shakes it off she may attack you so you need to run away fast and repeat the process. Also do not forget to pick up the heart that's floating above that opening before the paths are connected.

City Enforcer
Force your way through Warmachine to get into Bad City.

Story related and cannot be missed!

Boss fight: Warmachine
Warmachine is this piece of machinery that's made up of two pieces, the back body and the head in the front with the flamethrower in his mouth. He gave me a bit of a headache to figure out at first. But once I did know how to defeat him he is really easy and his attacks are predictable. His attacks consist of two types of missiles, 1st is a red thin dart looking and glowing missile that he fires in quick succession. those cannot be blocked with and so you have to dodge them. Basically roll or fly out of the way when they make a change in course mid-flight and come towards you. and you will be safe. The 2nd type is a homing missile that will keep following you where you go, they are slow and they are your method of retaliation to Warmachine, block with just before the missile hits and you will counter the attack as the missile gets re-directed towards Warmachine. After several hits he will get mad and he will come towards you and use his flamethrower, use the feather attachment and jump when he fires and hover in safety, then when he looks up to attack you in the air let go of and come back down. Keep repeating until he goes back and start attacking you with missiles again. Every next round will result in a slight change in how the thin red dart missiles work, but evading them is still the same concept. After Warmachine is defeated he will start to chase you and you need to run backwards back to where you came from, all at the same time while dodging the guards, don't worry about defeating them because it is unnecessary just jump and hover over them. Then Warmachine will explode and taking away with him all the other enemies and opening up a path for you that leads to the end of the level. Also don't forget to jump and pick up the heart that you get for defeating him.

Chihoohoo's Test
Prove your worth to Chihoohoo in a rumble with his guards.

Story related and cannot be missed!

Boss fight: Chihoohoo's two personal guards, Erik & Paulus
The first guard that will attack you will rush you with his horns, stay close to a wall and when he is close jump up and hover in the air and when he hits the wall he will get knocked down for a brief few seconds, in that time use the Morph Tendrils move to quickly get rid of him or he will get up and attack you again. After dealing enough damage he will jump to the background and the second guard will jump in to fight you and this one is tougher because he is fast. Instead of charging he will jump on you so you need to quickly dodge by hitting and when he lands his hit on the ground his fists will get stuck and he will be vulnerable for a brief few seconds and that's when you need to attack him. He has a second type of attack where he will jump to the edge of the screen and he will throw maces at you both up and down, so to dodge you need to jump above one then let the next fly over you then jump up again and rinse and repeat until he stops and tries to jump on you again and that's when you dodge again and attack him when he lands and gets stuck again.

Luminescent Danger
Triumph over the dangers deep beneath the sea.

Story related and cannot be missed!

Boss fight: Bioluminescent Eel
This boss is the easiest in my opinion, pretty straight forward and figured him out pretty quickly. Initially you need to dodge all of his attacks which are basically him charging at you trying to bite you. Don't forget to use to get a quick boost while swimming and use the fish tentacle attachment. After dodging all of his attacks he will launch some particles at you and you need to dodge them but you also need to grab one with and throw it at him. After a couple of hits he will be defeated.

Dr. Maybee's Ultimatum
Make the tough choice when confronted by Dr. Maybee.

Story related and cannot be missed!

Boss fight #1: Giant Owl
Follow the same directions under Up, Up and Away to beat him again.

Boss fight #2: Chihoohoo's personal guards, Eric & Paulus
Follow the same directions under Chihoohoo's Test to beat both of them again.

Boss fight #3: Dr. Maybee's super computer
3 creates will be brought in by claw machines and dropped and enemies will come out of them, you need to attack and defeat all of them and then stairs will open up along with a big red eye that you need to attack, use the Morph Tendrils to deal some great damage on it, then after it is destroyed more creates and enemies will be dropped in and you need to repeat the process but this time to the next eye on top of it and be careful because the damaged eye will shoot a laser beam straight ahead, so you need to climb up the stairs pretty quick to avoid it. Do that to all 3 red eyes and you will have defeated the last level in the game.

Heart of Gold
Collect a full heart container.

There will be several large glowing hearts that add a quarter of a heart to your max health. Some will be hidden and some will be dropped by a boss in a level. Since you start the game out with 3 hearts, you will need to find enough hearts to fully upgrade to 4 and then you will get this trophy. You can upgrade further as long as you keep finding more hearts.

Purchase all the shop items.

There are 3 types of shop items all of which can be bought from any store you run into mid-level using the same currency, gems.
  • Moves: added combat moves that will make Scarygirl more dangerous than ever
    • Anaconda Squeeze: 50 gems. Hold Enemy + Will restore a bit of your health
    • Morph Tornado: 1500 gems. + + +
    • Pogo Attack: 200 gems. Grapple enemy + +
    • Morph Tendrils: 800 gems. + + +
    • Whirlwind Attack: 600. Grapple enemy +
    • Morph Smash: 400 gems. + + +
    • Ground Pound: 1000 gems. +

  • Tentacle Attachments: other type of tentacle attachments that can be used instead of the standard hook that you start out with. Each gives Scarygirl unique abilities
    • Hook: default. Doesn't have any special abilities
    • Anchor: 700 gems. Stronger but slower attacks.
    • Fan: 500 gems. Faster but weaker attacks.
    • Feather: 400 gems. Fly further.
    • Fish: 200 gems. Swim faster
    • Magnet: 1000 gems. Attracts items to Scarygirl.
    • Rage Hook: 1500 gems. Fills the Scarymeter faster

  • Vinyls: Figurines of different enemies and characters in the game.

    Toggle Spoiler

Moves are locked but as you progress through the game they unlock and become available for purchase provided you have sufficient gem funding which is why you have to always seek out gems as you are playing through levels and always back track just in case you might have missed something.

Achieve a perfect status on every level.

There are 7 chapters in the game and every chapter consists of 3 levels.
To perfect a level you need to achieve 3 things:
  • Not die even once!
  • Pull out all vines
  • collect all gems in a level
Then you will be awarded with a perfection award at the score screen at the end of each level, if you need to retry a level that you did not perfect, simply from the main menu choose level select and from there you will be able to see which level you have and have not perfected and choose that which you haven't and try again.

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