This DLC was released a mere 2 years 7 months and 2 days after the initial release of the game. It features a new character (Wallace Wells) as well as an Online Multiplayer game mode.

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Online Trophies: Yes
Online Pass Required: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No
Estimated Time to 100%: 2 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: No
Missable Trophies: No
Glitched Trophies: No

[top]Tips & Strategies

Wallace Wells Move List:

Move Name Buttons Lvl
Dash Attack + / 2
Back Attack + / 3
Counter (When Attacked) tap 4
Low Attack + 5
Judo Throw (When near enemy) + 6
Missile Throw Run with object + 7
Grapple Combo (when near enemy) + 8
Double Attack 9
Evade Hold + 10
Head Stomp (When in mid air) 11
Ground and Pound (Near down enemy) + 12
Spin Attack (When in mid air) 13
Grand Slam (When holding object) 14
Air Recovery Any Button when falling 15
Tech Attack #1 + 16
Tech Attack #2 + --

Tech Attack #2 Can only be unlocked after purchasing it from Mobile's house in stage 6 for $57.50

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

Power of Love - The Sword you get when you fight Gideon (offline only)
At the main menu, input . You will hear an audio confirmation.
With this code input, you will start each round with the Power of Love sword. This should make your playthrough with Wallace quick and easy.

Infinite Money & Experience (Requires two controllers)
Doing this will allow you to start out as a fully leveled, fully upgraded character with 9 lives.
What you need to do is have the player you want to upgrade selected by player 1 (in the case of this DLC, it should most likely be Wallace Wells), and whichever player you have with the most money selected by player 2, using a Guest Profile. Next, you should start a stage and make your way to the closest shop. Then just proceed to lend all of the money from player 2 to player 1 (have player 2 stand on player 1 and hold until all of their money transfers to player 1). Press and Return to map, this will save the money player 1 has. Then you can quit. If necessary, rinse and repeat until player 1 has ~$750. Next, you can play with just one controller and head to the shopping district (Stage 1.5) and enter the video store. Pay Scott's Late Fees of ~$500 and you will get a selection of movies for $4.95 each:
  • The Mystical Head - Gives you 1 life.
  • Seven Shaolin Masters - Gives you +100 XP, +10 DEF, +10 SPD, +10 WP, +10 STR.
  • Alien VS T-Rex - Gives you +20 SPD, +20 STR.
  • Alone and Disturbed - Gives you +1500 XP.
  • I Love Your Boyfriend - Gives you +320 XP, +15 DEF, +15 WP
Purchase 10 copies of Seven Shaolin Masters, as many copies of Alone and Disturbed as it takes you to reach level 16, and as many copies of The Mystical Head as you can before it is sold out.


Step 1: Complete the Game with Wallace Wells
Play through Story Mode once as Wallace Wells. This should unlock And... It's a Wrap!

Step 2: Complete One Round Online With All of the Required Characters
Complete a single stage online with each of the following characters:

Doing so should unlock Wallace the Novice!, Everybody wants to play, and Wallaciraptor!.


Wallace the novice!
Completed your first online match with Scott Pilgrim Online Multiplayer and Wallace pack

To get this trophy, simply complete one stage online with any character. It does not even have to be a complete stage, you can pick Stage 1.5 for instance (Shopping District) and only do half a stage. It just has to end with beating a boss.

Note: Although you can pick anyone, it is recommended you choose from the 5 characters (Scott, Kim, Stills, Ramona, and Wallace) needed for Everybody wants to play.

Everybody wants to play
Played Online with all characters at least once (including Wallace Wells)

To attain this trophy you must finish a stage online with each of the 4 main characters (Scott, Kim, Stills, and Ramona) as well as with Wallace.
The hardest part of this trophy is actually finding an online session to join. From my quick experience with it, it seemed easier to create my own and wait for someone to join. Also, when creating your own session, you can select what stage to start on. I chose Stage 3.5 for the most part as there are a lot of enemies, so I could progress toward Wallaciraptor! faster.

You do not need to complete a stage with Knives or with Negascott.

With lag being a major issue in this game's online portion, it is probably best to stick to 2 player matches, rather than 3 player or 4 player. Also, it will be a lot easier to actually find a match if you only need 1 player other than yourself.

And... It's a Wrap!
Clear the game once with Wallace Wells

Take advantage of the Cheats & Exploits Section by fully leveling and upgrading Wallace. Then blow through the game with the Power of Love sword in hand. You can play on Average Joe difficulty making this even easier. This whole process should take you about an hour.

However, if you want to play "fairly" and not use cheats or exploits... Then simply play through the entire game you have most likely already played several times before with Wallace and once you beat Gideon, this trophy will be yours.

Knockout 200 enemies in online mode with Scott Pilgrim Online Multiplayer and Wallace pack

To get this trophy you will need a total of 200 knockouts across all of your online matches. Since you need to play a stage with 5 different characters for Everybody want to play, this should unlock naturally as you progress toward that trophy. At the end of each stage it tells you how many KO's you got, and how many your co-op partner(s) got. Only your KO's count toward this trophy. If you do not have enough KO's after you unlock Everybody want to play, then simply play another stage until it unlocks.

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