Players: 1-4
Online Trophies: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No
Minimum Playthroughs: 4

[top]Tips and strategies

This is the code for The Power Of Love, Scott's Sword that you get on the last level, that you can use on the regular stages without it disabling the trophies. I recommend only using it if the current stage you are on is unbeatable, and for Invulnerable and One Man Army. Code-

Awesome find from BLaCKoNi666. (thanks again!)
I was playing this with a friend as a guest when i noticed that when you use the cheat that enables you to play as the same character and both players play as the same character the guest character will have everything you have even the same amount of cash, what this basically means is that the guest can give you all his cash you then save the game by exiting to the map then exit the game. Every time you do this you will double the amount of cash you have, then when you have a huge amount just enter the video store and pay the late fee then rent the video that give 1500XP (think its Alone and Disturbed) till your fully leveled up then just rent the video that gives 10+ to all your stats 10 time and you will have a fully powered fully leveled super character with out even braking a sweat


New Challenger
Defeat Matthew Patel without losing a life.

I found Patel to be pretty easy, which is saying a lot because of what your encounter in the regular stage. It only took me one try to beat him. Some tips for defeating Ramona's first evil ex-boyfriend:
-When he is guarded by his Angel/Demon things, use your move to take them out easily. Make sure you have good GP(Gut Points).
-When Patel summons the last two Angels that shoot fire at you, punch him to the bottom of the screen so you don't get hit by the fire.

Twin Dragons
Defeat the Twins simultaneously.

Kyle (Handsome Jerk) and Ken (Perfect Asshat) Katayanagi, or Randy and Andy Katamari if you wish, are Ramona's 5th and 6th evil exes. This trophy sounds hard, but it's easier done than said for once, especially if you are all leveled up. I actually got this with 1 life left, and 17 HP. It's that simple. The best strategy is to pick up the silver rod you see when you enter the lair, and mash until the Twins turn yellow. It's cheap, but so is the rest of the game. After they start flashing, wait until they link together and start doing their Hurricane Kick type move. Then mash some more until they are coins.

Dirty Trick
Defeat an enemy by throwing an object at him while he's already down.

Easily attainable within the first level. I got this during the snowball fight in the first stage. (near the subspace door.) Make sure you're just attacking a regular enemy (so he takes less hits than one of the huge guys), give him a few punches and kicks, and when he's down, grab an item and throw it at him with .

Play through a World and reach the boss without getting hit.

There are two ways to get this. One is just go by the description, and it gets pretty damn hard. The other is the cheap way, but hey, it works. So, for the regular way: I suggest going for this after you beat the game once and you've fully leveled up your character. Start on Stage 1 and grind through the level as slowly and carefully as you can. Some tips:
-When you get to the giant hole in the ground, stay on one side of the screen so the enemies all come to you and you don't accidentally hit yourself with garbage cans or any items.
-There is a Subspace Door after the first encounter with the dogs. Use it to bypass the snowball fight and head towards the Shopping District.
-USE ITEMS. They are powerful and will get you through quickly.
If you still seem to be having trouble, use the code that gets you the Power Of Love (Scott's Sword). It can attack enemies from a distance and is pretty much a one-hit killer. If you don't wanna do any work, here's the cheap way:
-Start on Stage 3. As soon as the Clash At Demonhead walks off the screen and the GO!!! sign appears, head back to the map screen and start from the second part of the stage (The Main Stage). Beat Lynette and Envy and then go through the whole maze thing with Todd. After the Bass Battle, you'll have your trophy.

Get the Girl
Clear the game once with Scott.

Yeah, self explanatory, but still pretty damn hard, even if you are on the easiest setting. My suggestion is to start on Supreme Master setting, so you can see how hard it is and attempt to get One Man Army (Good luck). If you find Supreme Master crushing hard, use the code for the Power Of Love to make it easier. If it's still relentless, switch to a lower difficulty so you can learn the basics and level up your character. This will take you through the game, which will snag you trophies like, Vigilante, Armed And Dangerous, Shopaholic, and the boss trophies. If you are stuck on a boss, I've got some tips that will hopefully help.

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The Power of Friendship
In a multiplayer game, reanimate another player at least 25 times.

Note: A second controller is NEEDED for this. It doesn't have to be a Dual Shock even. I used a Guitar Controller.
Anyway, start a co-op game with two people and go to the first stage. Then pause and turn on Friendly Fire. Defeat all the enemies until you come across the giant hole in the ground. Then one player will proceed to punch and kick the other player into the hole until they die. After their Health reaches zero, walk over to them and continually press until they come back to life. Do this 25 times and you've got your trophy.

Eat every food items.

This is somewhat hard because there are a lot of food selling shops and you'll need a lot of money to buy everything. The first thing to note is that there are two secret shops. The first one is Wallace's Secret Shop, which is located in Stage 1, in the underpass. You'll see a part of the wall with a star on it. Go in it, and you'll see Wallace has several powerful but expensive items. Second, Mobile has a secret shop in Stage 6. After part where you break the statue and fight the porcupines, you'll see a house in the background. You can't go in it, but a few steps later, there will be an opening that you can go in. Then it will lead you to Mobile's shop where you can purchase powerful items. The easiest strategy is to go into all the shops that sell food and buy out their entire stock. But if you don't do this, here is a list of all the shops (that sell food) and what they sell.

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Defeat 1000 enemies.

Sounds hard, but with the times most people will have to replay a level in this thing, you'll have it in no time. I got it in Stage 6, before the fight with Nega Scott. This can be achieved by simply playing through the game. I suggest playing on Average Joe where the enemies are SLIGHTLY (and I use that word very loosely) easier. You'll also be able to get Armed And Dangerous while going for this.

One Man Army
Clear the game in single player on the "Supreme Master" difficulty setting.

Wow. The people who designed this really wanted to give us that Battletoads feeling of losing our sanity over a beat em' up one last time. This game is even hard on Average Joe (Easy) mode. So yeah. I say the Power Of Love is a necessity for getting through this, along with a fully leveled up character. (Did I also tell you you can only get this in single player?) Other than that, just refer to my boss strategies and tips if you are stuck. Good luck soldier. ("Oh boo-hoo pussy boy.")

Buy all the items of a shop during the same visit.

Self explanatory. I got this at Stage 3 (Lee's Place) at the shop that's around the middle of the level. The items there are reasonably priced- they only run from about 50 Cents to 5.95.

Armed And Dangerous
Defeat at least 200 enemies using interactive objects.

Like Vigilante, you'll get this by grinding through the stages. The only catch is you have to use items the defeat you're opponents, which is by no means a bad thing, because they are plentiful and powerful. It becomes even easier when you Level Up to the ability that lets you rapidly attack with an item. (You get it around Stage 4.) I got this before the battle with Nega Scott, like Vigilante.

Unlock and call all strikers.

A striker appears when you press . The striker is Knives, and her attack is different for each character she's called upon. You might think you can get this by just starting the first level and pressing , but there are two more strikers you have to unlock before you can get this... First, by beating the game with all four original characters, you unlock NEGA SCOTT. So yes, you have to beat the game 4 TIMES to get this. The second striker is Mr. Chou. He first appears as a boss after Stage 4, and appears randomly after if you don't beat him. After you unlock Nega Scott, start a game with him and summon Nega Knives. And after you get Mr. Chou, just summon him in the next level you play.

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