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Players: 1-16
Online Trophies: Yes
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 30-60 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: No
Missable Trophies: No
Glitched Trophies: None known so far

[top]Tips & Strategies

Protip #1: Most of the cumulative trophies, when you earn progress on them (ie, Millenium Club) have a little tracker showing you how far along you are toward unlocking that trophy. This can be extremely helpful for some of the weapons-based ones as you don't have to guess at how many you have left - whenever you perform whatever action the trophy requires, it will let you know how many you have left.

Protip #2: ALL trophies that don't specifically state that they must be earned in ranked matches or campaign can be earned in any game mode at any time, or have progress made toward them in any game mode at any time. For example, the 1000 kills needed for Millenium Club can be earned in a mix of campaign, online matches, and offline games when going for Disconnected Superstar. The same applies to all weapon and kill-related trophies unless otherwise stated.

Protip #3: Check the Dropship in the main menu frequently. While unlike the original Section 8 you can't check your trophy progress here, it's still a valuable tool for checking you ranked stats, and letting you know which badges and feats you still need. After a significant amount of time initially online, I would come here and maybe a general list of the requirements for each feat and badge you still need. That way you know what to work toward in-game, without having to quit out after every match to check. Don't freak out if a recently-earned badge or feat doesn't appear, however - just like the original Section 8, it may take a short while for new badges and feats to appear under "Awards".

Protip #4: Always, always, always make sure your loadout is what's best-suited for your current needs. The developers gave you six spaces for custom classes and presets - USE THEM! Make several distinctive loadouts to use in any variety of situations, and don't be afraid to customize them on the fly! It will make your life much, much easier in-game, and you can always change something back later. Don't play as a "Jack of All Trades" loadout with generalized attributes and weaponry. Permutations are your friend! I personally have loadouts for the initial burn-in, taking enemy CPs, and different DCMs, as well as CQB and extreme range loadouts. Make those custom slots yours!

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits


In order to minimize time necessary for platinum, these are the steps you should take, although if you'd rather be more circuitous there's nothing wrong with that.

1) Start with campaign on hard. It's not terribly difficult, and there's no point in dragging it out for multiple playthroughs. In addition to all the campaign-specific trophies (completion as well as Cheetah and Use More Gun), you should earn or at least make vast progress on many of the miscellaneous trophies during this step including Millenium Club, Disconnected Superstar, Money in the Banana Stand, and most if not all of the equipment and weapon-related trophies.

2) Building on the stars you've unlocked in campaign, finish off the 60 needed for Disconnected Superstar. As part of this, since you'll need to for the platinum anyway, round up three other friends and play Swarm in ranked matches on insane or hard for Against All Odds, Swarmaholic, In the Membrane and Exterminator.

3) Now use the helpful unlocks provided by those stars to take the fight online and kick some major ass! Basically you'll be finishing up all the trophies you still need in online mode. While all the miscellaneous kill trophies are also perfectly achievable at this point, the major trophies you'll be earning are Like a Boss, 32 Pieces of Flair, and Feat-tastic. Those will take a while, though, and along the way you should be going for the somewhat difficult online trophies like Were They Even Trying? and Gotta Cap 'Em All.

4) Finally, wrap-up any trophies you're still missing at this point. You may need some extra badges or feats still, or maybe played mostly Conquest online and need to head over to Assault to grab those last DLC trophies. In any case, this last step is to just do whatever you have left to accomplish before either General E. Impressive or 100% completion.

5) Congrats! This step is totally useless!


General E. Impressive
Earn all available Trophies for Section 8: Prejudice

As with all other PS3 games, simply earn all other trophies in the core game. DLC trophies aren't required, and neither is laughing at the platinum's name. Ha.

Basic Training :
Complete the Answers level of the Campaign

Story-related; can't be missed. You will unlock this after completing the first mission of the campaign on any difficulty.

Dig Two Graves
Complete the Beasts level of the Campaign

Story-related; can't be missed. You will unlock this after completing the sixth mission of the campaign on any difficulty.

Mission Accomplished 2.0
Complete the Campaign on any difficulty

Story-related; can't be missed. You will unlock this after completing all eight missions of the campaign on any difficulty. For information, please refer to Battle-Hardened.

Complete the Campaign on Hard difficulty

Complete all eight missions of the campaign on hard difficulty.

Now, if you've played the original Section 8 on hard, you may be walking into this thinking that this won't be terribly difficult. That thought should die pretty quickly.

Unlike the original Section 8 where you can simply die and burn-in as many times as you like in the course of a mission (as long as you don't fail), in Section 8: Prejudice, you make use of a fairly standard checkpoint system that you'll recognize from many other FPS games nowadays. If you die, you'll go back to an autosave that's (hopefully) not too far back from where you were.

This means that while far from being impossible, Prejudice is a little more challenging than its predecessor. Here are some general tips to help you through:
  • Listen to what your squadmates say. They may announce they're about to attack a group of enemies you were planning to kill yourself, and therefore save you the trouble. Additionally, they may offer some sound advice for your loadout that you hadn't considered, although this is a little more rare.
  • Avoid combat when possible. Although by no means impossible, there are sections (no pun intended) in this game that can be frustrating on hard, and so if you can bypass a group of enemies and reach the objective, either by stealth or long-range weaponry, do so. Oftentimes you'll never face those enemies again, or if you're lucky you can trigger an event/cutscene after which the enemies will be gone.
  • Utilize the most effective loadout. While it can be tempting to merely create a 'Jack of all Trades' loadout and run through the entire campaign with it, don't. The game is pretty good about setting you up at the beginning of each mission with the proper tools, but when you change things around mid-mission make sure you're still highly specialized for the coming objectives. It doesn't make a huge difference, but a difference it does make.
  • Take your time. Unless you can literally run past a group of enemies as already mentioned, don't rush into anything. There are only a handful of times in the game where you face a countdown, and even then you don't need to speed through everything. Much better that you take an extra minute and play smart than retry the same checkpoint over and over because you're impatient to finish.
Though not everything, those are some of the biggest tips. No part of the campaign should offer you much grief, especially if you're aware of the above ideas. Good luck!

Use More Gun
Defeat the Vehicle Engineer in the Prejudice level of the Campaign before he deploys a Mech

On the eighth and final mission of the campaign, you'll come across two 'special' enemies and their own cutscene about halfway through. One will be a Deployable Engineer, and the other a Vehicle Engineer. They'll tell you you're too late to stop anything, and then they'll attack.

Simply concentrate fire on the Vehicle Engineer and ignore the Deployable Enginner and his turrets. This isn't terribly difficult but may take a few tries. Even if you hear that he's called in a Mech and you can see the beacon, as long as he dies before the Mech actually touches down you should still get this trophy.

Easiest done on easy, but completely doable on any difficulty.

A Thorne in their Side
Complete the Stormfront level of the Campaign

Story-related; can't be missed. You will unlock this after completing the fourth mission of the campaign on any difficulty.

Star Power
Earn 20 Stars

Earn 20 offline stars. For more information, refer to Disconnected Superstar.

Offline Celebrity
Earn 40 Stars

Earn 40 offline stars. For more information, refer to Disconnected Superstar.

Disconnected Superstar
Earn 60 Stars

Earn 60 offline stars. The breakdown of available stars is as follows:
  • Campaign: 24
  • Conquest: 24 (36 with Overdrive Map Pack purchased)
  • Skirmish: 24 (36 with Overdrive Map Pack purchased)
  • Assault: 24 (36 with Overdrive Map Pack purchased)
  • Swarm: 12 (18 with Overdrive Map Pack purchased)
This leaves a total of 106 stars (150 with Overdrive Map Pack purchased) available to unlock. You can check how many stars you've unlocked total in the Dropship section of the main menu, or for individual maps and game types when selecting the map you wish to play on when making an offline game.

In order to unlock stars, you must complete a map (or mission in campaign) in the requisite game type while in an offline game with bots (with the exception of Swarm, which you can do in online co-op and still earn stars). Assuming you win (or merely complete in campaign) the map or mission selected, stars are awarded based on the difficulty level as follows:
  • Trivial: no stars
  • Easy: one star
  • Medium: two stars
  • Hard: three stars
  • Insanity: three stars, and a pat on the back
For example, completing the "Answers" level of the campaign on hard will earn you three stars in that mission, while completing a game of Conquest on Abaddon with the bots on medium will only earn you two.

Since you have an enormous number of available stars and you only need 60, you can pick and choose which maps and game modes to do on the various difficulties based on what's most fun and easiest for you. The trophy will unlock at the end of the game that earns you your 60th star.

Citronella Armor
Win a complete game of Swarm without dying on Medium or harder difficulty

This is one of the more difficult trophies in this game. Like the description says, you can earn this trophy on Medium or any harder difficulty, but it's strongly recommended you don't try to stack this trophy with Exterminator but in fact try for it on its own. While it's possible to get accidentally while playing through the maps on Hard, don't expect to get it then.

The best way to tackle this is to have three friends on your team, and not AI. Choose the map you play best on, whether it's DLC or in the core game. Set the difficulty to Medium and just play as you play best. If your friends are willing, set it up with them ahead of time that you're planning to go for this trophy, and so allow them to do most of the work. Otherwise chances are good this will take you many, many tries.

Against All Odds
Win a complete game of Swarm

Pretty self-explanatory. You should get this while going for any of the myriad other Swarm-related trophies.

In the Membrane
Win a complete game of Swarm on Insane difficulty

This is another of the harder trophies in this game. This alone will take many, many tries.

If you've managed to get Exterminator then you already know how difficult Swam can be on Hard; Insane will beat you over the head with your own incompetence. Again, choose the map that is your personal best. I recommend, however, maps that are a little more open with places to set up small bases like Whiteout or Eden.

After that, there's not much more I can give in the way of advice. If you have already beaten all the maps on Hard then you'll already have strategies and playing styles that work best for you; if not, this will at least count toward the Exterminator trophy anyway. Good luck.

Win a game on each map in Swarm on Hard or Insane difficulty

This is probably one of the hardest trophies in the game. In order to unlock this trophy, you'll need to win a game of Swarm on Hard or Insane in either online or offline matches on the following four maps that came with the core game:
  • Eden - Solar Array
  • Prometheus - Tower
  • Whiteout - Excavators
  • Zephyr - Hilltop

Eden: Definitely one of the easier maps. Since the CP is on the raised array which has plenty of sky access, it's extremely easy to bunker down around the CP with deployables and close-quarters weaponry and just wait for the enemy. The only thing to watch out for are the Mechs in later ways, so be sure some of your friends have Missile Launchers and that you've got some Missile Turrets set up. This will probably be the first one done.

Prometheus: This one is pretty difficult, and there's no real definite strategy that works every time. You'll more or less have to go off of trial and error in figuring out which strategy works best for you here. One tip I can provide, however, is that on top of the tower is an excellent murder hole which, in combination with a Supply Depot and Napalm Grenades, allows someone to constantly prevent the AI from hacking the point. Use this to your advantage, especially in later waves.

Whiteout: Another fairly easy one. Because the CP is out in the open again, it's extremely easy to cover all points of egress using your deployables effectively. Use a 50/50 mix of Minigun and Missile Turrets, however, as the bikes and Mechs in later waves can really screw your setup, and the Missile Turrets are still highly effective against infantry.

Zephyr: This one is probably the hardest, and as such, is probably the last one you'll complete. Like Prometheus, there's no one best strategy that always works, so you'll need to sort of figure it out for yourself. There's not an ideal spot for deployables either, so be sure you're checking in on your turrets and Depots or you'll be losing them fairly quickly.

Further, general tips:
  • Like in every other scenario in Section 8, make sure you've customized your loadout as effectively as you can with each map. Don't be the idiot that Ramboes all the enemies while having your nodes kitted out for a Sniper.
  • Always, always, ALWAYS prepare for the vehicle waves. If you don't, they WILL screw you over and probably cost you the match. You need too anticipate them and, when they appear, throw everything you have at them in order to neutralize them quickly.
  • Play in ranked matches with friends for these games. You'll want human players instead of the AI, and so if you can't find three other players regularly chances are good someone will join your match. And even if you fail and need to retry, you'll keep earning experience toward Like a Boss and therefore more unlocks and useful tools.

Win a ranked match on each map in Swarm

Pretty self-explanatory. Just win a ranked match on the four core game maps while playing Swarm. Refer to Exterminator for more information.

Finish the obstacle course in the Answers level of the Campaign in under 53 seconds

This will come during the first portion of the first level of the campaign. Your old squadmates from the original Section 8 are having you show the noobies how stuff's done. Right after you learn how to burn-in with Blackburn, Matthews will ask you to run the live-fire course as a demonstration.

Note that you don't have to get this done on your first try. You can keep cycling around to the start and run the course again however many times you'd like. It's advisable to get the feel of this admittedly rather simple course, just to know which obstacles to dodge and that sort of thing. Provided you make no major mistakes, you'll easily clear 53 seconds - I got a 48 without much effort. Just don't fall between any platforms, and you should be fine.

Win a complete game in Conquest

Simply win a game of Conquest, either offline with bots or in an online match. Work with your team to activate and complete DCMs, and be careful not to neglect enemy DCMs, either. Countering them will earn your team Victory Points as well - though not as many points as completing the mission yourself, you are also denying the enemy Victory Points as well.

Loud Cartographer
Win a ranked match in each map group in Conquest

By "map group", this simply means win on at least one variant of each map available in the core game instead of all permutations. The maps necessary are as follows:
  • Eden
  • Prometheus
  • Whiteout
  • Zephyr
Note that each win must be a ranked online match to count for this.

Face Melter
Kill an enemy with the Siphon Tool

This can be kind of tricky. The Siphon Tool doesn't do a terrible amount of damage on its own, so for best success you'll need to severely weaken your opponent with an actual weapon first. Then, depending on your allocated upgrades, when your target's health is between a third and a quarter full, use the Siphon Tool to finish them off.

Falling with Style
Kill an enemy by dropping on them

Impossible to do in campaign as you always spawn in a precise location at the beginning of each mission. You'll need to either do this online or in an offline games; either way will unlock it.

When at the TacNet screen before burning in, selecting a spot either right over en enemy that looks like he could be campaing, or a group of enemies where things are kind of crazy and confused, making it easier on you. Start your burn in, and as soon as you're able to press and brake. Then try to line up the little dot in your crosshairs with an enemy on the ground. Easier said than done and will probably take multiple tries, but when you finally accomplish that dropkill the trophy will unlock.

Napalm in the Morning
Kill 2 enemies at the same time with Incendiary damage

Assuming you bought the Blitz Pack DLC, the easiest way to do this is with Napalm Mortars. Try to find two enemies who have at least already lost their shields, and let fly. Even if they're killed by the explosion and not necessarily the flames, this should still unlock.

If you don't have the DLC, Napalm Grenades are the way to go. A really sneaky and underhanded tactic is to throw your three grenades at one of your team's CPs that you know is about to be paid a visit by the enemy. The grenades will stick to the CP console but explode on proximity to the enemy and again, assuming their shields are lowered, will kill them. If not, chances are they won't die at the same time and the trophy will remain out of reach.

A third way is using the Napalm Missile Launcher. Pretty self-explanatory; again, just try to damage two different players that are bunched up and already weakened.

Once you successfully put down two of them at once with the flamey stuff, it's yours.

'Til It Goes Click
Kill 3 enemies in a row with the Machine Gun without reloading

This may actually be a little tricky simply because most of us are used to reloading the second we're done with a firefight, and when going for this trophy you may have to ignore that urge if you don't face three enemies in one encounter.

To unlock it, just kill three enemies using the same Machine Gun clip. If you're running out of ammo on every attempt, you're probably using an Assault Rifle, and doing it wrong.

This is rather easy to achieve during the first campaign mission the Machine Gun is available to you. Just kill three enemies consecutively, without reloading the machine gun in-between.

Spice of Life
Kill an enemy with each weapon type

To unlock this, you need at least one kill with each of the seven following weapon types:
  • Assault Rifle
  • Machine Gun
  • Sniper Rifle
  • Pistol
  • Shotgun
  • Missile Launcher
  • Pulse Cannon
Note that you can use any ammo types just as long as you have at least one kill with each weapon class.

The Old One-Two Punch
Kill an enemy with any weapon after hitting them with a Grenade

Extremely simple. Throw a grenade at an enemy, then finish them off with any gun. As long as they've taken any shield or armor damage, you can finish them with the Assault Rifle, Machine Gun, Sniper Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun, Missile Launcher, or Pulse Cannon.

Can I Take Your Pulse?
Kill 20 enemies with the Pulse Cannon

This can be tricky against human players online since while the Pulse Cannon is useful and powerful, it's rather slow to aim and fire. Best done against the AI in Swarm and campaign.

Note that 'rapid' shots and charged shots both count for this, just as long as they are in fact the killshots. This should come with time, and by the end you may even find you prefer the often underrated Pulse Cannon over other weapons.

Close-Quarters Specialist
Get 20 Defenses or Denials with the Shotgun

Not hard at all. Grab a shotgun with any ammo type (although I prefer Incendiary Rounds), and puppy guard any and all objectives. As long as the enemy is near some objective, your kill will be either a Defense or a Denial depending on what they're doing.

This should come with natural progression of the game, especially with active participation in DCMs and CP defense.

That's Assault, Brotha
Kill 5 enemies in a game with the Assault Rifle from over 100m away

This sounds harder than it is. When you're targeting an enemy, you should get a notice on part of your reticle that shows the exact distance to your target. Simply use the assault rifle to kill enemies that are at least 101 meters away. The description says over 100, and it only unlocked for me after killing six enemies, one of which I noticed closed the distance to exactly 100 before he died. So just to be safe, err on the side of far.

Another one easily done on the second mission of the campaign. Just back up to give yourself space if needed, and target the enemies shooting at you from sniper towers.

Demolition Man
Destroy 32 Structures with the Missile Launcher

This is you entire career online; campaign progress doesn't seem to count for this trophy. Basically, structures are any and all deployables (except vehicles), including the version you see already attached to bases. This means you need to blow up all turrets, Supply Depots and Sensor Arrays you come across, including the versions in enemy bases, using any kind of ammunition for the missile launcher.

You should get this or be very close to it by the time you're finished with feats and badges, but if not, it should only take a few matches of ignoring everything but those structures. Not a difficult trophy.

Destroy 5 Vehicles with Mortars

This can be kind of tricky since Mortars, while certainly effective against vehicles depending on the type, don't do an extreme amount of damage. You'll most likely need to either weaken the vehicles with Missiles and other such things first, or steal someone else's kill at the last possible second.

Any of the following will count toward this trophy:
  • Convoys
  • Tanks
  • Mechs
  • Bikes

Knife to Meet You
Fatality an enemy with the Knife

With the knife tool selected, hold near an enemy to perform a fatality. You'll actually be prompted to do this in the second level of the campaign, "Into the Breach", so don't stress about this too much. Not difficult at all.

Natural 20!
Kill 20 enemies with headshots using the Sniper Rifle

You can get this on the second mission of the campaign, as you face exactly nineteen enemies during the first portion of the mission where it's suggested that you snipe. After that, just kill an additional enemy with a headshot to finish this off.

Keep in mind that it will take two shots at least to bring down even basic enemies, regardless of whether they're body or headshots. Don't worry about making it a headshot until the enemy's shields are down, and then wait for you reticle to close and take the time to really aim up over the enemy's face. Not too hard, but will require a bit of patience.

It's a Trap!
Destroy an enemy Detpack

This is pretty simple, but it might take you a while to get. The AI in the campaign will almost never use detpacks themselves; you'll need to keep a wary eye out when playing online. Extremely common tactics are to place detpacks around CPs as defense; whenever you go to hack an enemy CP be on the lookout. If you spot one, just give it a few shots and watch the fireworks.

Alternatively, if you're ever in a mech, people might try and throw detpacks at you to do some real damage. If you can, try to time a leap away so that their detpack misses, and you can simply shoot it on the ground.

Garbage Day!
Complete a ranked match with the highest Combat score using only the Pistol (12 or more players)

This is extremely difficult, but not impossible. Be prepared for many, many tries at this.

Before even giving it a shot, however (no pun intended), make sure there are at least twelve players in your game. It's unbelievably frustrating to actually achieve this only to discover you don't have enough players to unlock the trophy.

Use a full game to do this, too, to give yourself the best possible chance at success. Once you spawn, just kill enemies with your pistol, and ignore all other objectives. You only need the highest Combat Score and not overall score, so if you're second or third on your team's scoreboard don't fret. Just continue racking up as many kills as you can with the pistol. As always, you'll want to customize your loadout for maximum efficiency. I recommend dividing your points between Tungsten Coating and Gyro Stabilizer, and then either Lock-on Extension or Stealth Shielding as you see fit.

If you managed to grab the highest Combat Score after all, this should unlock for you at the end of the game.

NOTE: Do NOT use any equipment to kill an enemy. This means no mortars, frag grenades, detpacks, etc. Your best friends here are probably the Repair Tool and either a Jammer or Sensor beacon.

Moving Violation
Kill an enemy by colliding with them using the Bike

This is tricky simply because of just how fast the bike goes when boosting, which makes it harder to steer, and you don't have enough velocity to kill someone going the normal speed.

This is easier in the campaign or in an offline game simply because the AI isn't as slippery and devious as the human players who are extremely hard to hit, but it can be done in ranked matches as well. I recommend the campaign because they put you on a bike in one of the missions anyway.

To get this, just line yourself up with an enemy and press to boost forward. Be extremely careful with your adjustments as the bike is prone to either not straying from its course, or to making enormous lurches in either direction.

Assuming you actually impact someone while at boosted speed, it's an automatic game-over they're-dead sort of situation, so don't worry about hitting someone with lowered shields or health. Once they're little more than a grease stain on the ground, this trophy's yours.

Millennium Club
Kill 1000 enemies

Accumulate 1000 kills across all gametypes, including campaign, online matches, and offline matches. This should easily come by the time you unlock the platinum trophy, but if you're anxious to get it out of the way spend several matches in offline Skirmish mode just gunning your way through bots on Trivial difficulty. It'll take you a while, but that's the fastest way if you want to get it out of the way.

Duck Hunt
Kill 10 enemies with the Deployable AA Turret

Contrary to what you might think, if you deploy an AA turret you will get kils. Gone are the days of the original Section 8 where people try to avoid your AA turret's circle of influence; you'll easily get two or three kills each time you set up a turret online, and more if you do it offline.

You'll be deploying AA turrets frequently enough that you don't need to go out of your way to get this. Every time you have an Outpost or Jammer DCM you'll probably call in one of these, so the trophy should come naturally.

Backseat Driver
Kill an enemy with any secondary Vehicle seat

Incredibly easy. You can't do this in single-person vehicles like the bike or mech, but hopping into someone else's tank or convoy will allow you to wreck mayhem on the enemy without worrying about driving. If you can't seem to find one, you can always call down your own tank and simply jump into a secondary seat when it arrives.

Just kill an enemy using the missiles if you're in a convoy, or the missiles, minigun or mortars if you're in the tank. Not complicated at all.

I'm the Juggernaut...
Kill an enemy by colliding with them while Overdriving

You'll enter Overdrive after sprinting for a few seconds. Simply run into someone while Overdriving to do damage, although it'll stop you in your tracks.

Both easier an harder than it sounds. You'll need to find someone who has already taken a fair bit of damage for your impact to outright kill them, and then you have to hope they're not moving around too much or it becomes harder to hit them. For the easiest method, look for a target that a teammate is already engaging who's sitting behind cover with their shields down at half health or lower.

Just hit them while Overdriving, and they're toast.

Like a Boss
Reach level 50 in ranked matches

You will need 14,500 experience to reach level 50. Depending on which game modes you play in and how good you are, you can rank up every game or every couple of games. It all depends on your focus and skill.

The quickest way to reach level 50 is to simply be an active member of your team. Participate in all DCMs, help capture CPs, kill the enemy, and so on. The worst thing you can do is do nothing, since you won't get any experience that way.

Also keep an eye on the news ticker for info about Double XP weekends. They're rare, but not unheard of, and can help ease the grind a little bit.

Overall, this shouldn't take you too long, especially if you've gone for all the other trophies first. This may well come while going for another trophy since everything but campaign will earn you experience, provided it's a ranked match.

Movin' On Up
Reach level 2 in ranked matches

You need 500 experience to rank up the first time, which depending on your playing skill is one to three matches. Once you rank up, the trophy will unlock. Refer to Like a Boss for more information.

Warmed Up
Win a ranked match

Pretty self-explanatory. Just win any match online, as long as it's ranked. Can be Conquest, Assault, Skirmish or Swarm.

32 Pieces of Flair
Earn each Badge in ranked matches

There are four types of badges to unlock, and unlike Feats, you have the entire match to meet the requirements for each so don't worry too much about dying and losing out on the requirements. Probably the hardest ones to achieve are some of the DCM-related ones, but none of these are impossible if you know exactly what you're doing and don't just kind of mull around in a non-specific sort of way. The badges are as follows:

  • Infantry Assault: Kill 3 target players in the Elimination DCM. Not too difficult. This will unlock probably the first or second time your team gets this DCM. Just look for enemies who haven't already been killed and kill them, avoiding the ones who are camping out near turrets or are in vehicles. You should find plenty to kill, especially if you're in a server with bots.
  • Specialist: Kill 8 players with equipment. This one can be a bit tricky. I suggest using detpacks and grenades for maximum effectives - both can be deployed ahead of time and used to kill enemies from a distance. The best areas to place these are right around CPs or by an objective you must protect or defend as part of a DCM.
  • Marksman: Kill 20 players with weapons. This one is rather tricky. Vehicle weapons, tools and deployables DO NOT count toward this; all 20 kills must be done with your actual guns. Choose a loadout that works best for you while avoiding the sniper rifle as it simply doesn't kill quickly enough. Be sure to adjust your attributes to support whatever weapon you're carrying as well. Then, just blast away at enemies. In order to get this, it's likely you'll need to ignore your team's CPs and DCMs so do so and don't feel bad about. Once you get your twentieth purely weaponized kill, the badge will unlock.
  • Anti-Vehicular Combat: Destroy 3 Vehicles. This can be tricky. The problem is, it's a rare occasion when the enemy acquires more than two vehicles per game. However, convoys do count toward this, so you should always participate in those. Remember your most effective weapons are the rocket turret and the missile launcher (as well as detpacks if you're in a pinch). Steadily wear them down and take them out, or if you're working in a team, time it right to make sure yours is the last shot to count. Convoys, Mechs, Bikes and Tanks all count toward this.
  • Vehicular Combat: Kill 8 players with Vehicle Weapons. This one can be difficult, but isn't always so. The best way is to grab a convoy after your team completes the DCM, as that's a free vehicle that launches rockets. Additionally, save up your Requisition Points and purchase a tank when you can. It's got four different weapons you can use, and assuming you find enough players while in it it shouldn't be too much of a problem.
  • Point Offense: Get 6 Offenses. This is one of the harder ones - you get attacks by killing enemy players by one of their own CPs. Instead of the usual five points award for a kill, you'll be awarded seven for "Offense". Try to get the drop on an enemy that's puppy-guarding a CP, or laying detpacks around a CP you've just hacked, and wait for enemies to come to defuse it. Simply get six before the end of the match to earn this badge.
  • Retaliation: Get 4 Avenges. Not all that tricky. Just look for firefights between your teammates and the enemy - whenever the enemy kills one of your friends, immediately engage them. You can probably score the kill fairly easily as your friend should have already weakened him. Use your most effective weaponry as the window of opportunity to earn this is small. You'll most likely earn this while going for the Squad Tactics badge.
  • Squad Tactics: Get 8 Assisted Kills with your squadmates. This is one of the hardest badges in the game, despite the misleading badge text. Assists from your general teammates count for this; they don't have to exclusively come from squadmates. What makes it hard is the amount of damage you have to deal to an enemy to qualify is vague, and the enemy must be killed quickly or you lose the assist. Make sure to drain them of at least three-quarter health any time a teammate is nearby before ceasing your fire. This will usually guarantee the assist. Don't worry too much about keeping track; the game doesn't always display your assists anyways. Be prepared to spend the majority of a match on this badge.
  • Distinguished Service: Finish with one of the top 3 Scores in a game with 12 or more players. This is slightly misleading. You don't need to finish third out of everyone; only third on your team. Just go for the trickier badges and take part in DCMs to earn major points and this will unlock eventually.
  • Enduring Service: Complete a game (must have been in 50% of the game). You can't not get this badge unless every single game you join is almost over. Which won't happen, because you can just stay for the next match. You just need to be there; you don't even have to earn points. Just complete a match. You won't see this one unlock; it will just appear in your Awards section of the Dropship.
  • Honorable Service: Finish a game with the highest Teamwork score of your team. Sometimes when earning points, some of them will also count toward a Teamwork Score. You earn those kind of points by assisting allies, participating in DCMs and hacking, capturing and defusing CPs. Just concentrate on those aspects of gameplay and you'll have a phenomenal Teamwork Score.
  • Battlefield Victory: Win a game with your team (must be in 50% of the game. Another fairly easy one. Again,you'll just want to contribute as much to victory as possible - focus on DCMs and CPs. You can't join a match on the winning team right as it ends; nor can you switch teams right as the game ends. You must be on and stick with the winning team for at least a third of the game. Will come eventually.
  • Conquer: Capture 3 Control Points. You need to completely capture 3 CPs. Once you've hacked one, you don't actually need to be present for it to finish capturing, although I suggest you stay and defend it. Remember that the more CPs of yours the enemy takes, the more chance you have to earn a capture.
  • Objective Support: Assist in the Capture of 2 Control Points. To earn a capture assist you must be within range (approximately 50 meters) of an enemy CP, and be present while the last third or so of its capture bar fills. Simply find a good spot on the map, and whenever you see an enemy CP start to flash blue, run there and support your teammates in any way possible. You might even let the enemy take a few of your team's CPs in order to give you more opportunities for this.
  • Guardian: Get 8 Defenses or Denials. There's not much difference between these. Kill an enemy that's nearby your CP to earn s defense; kill an enemy that's already begun hacking your CP to earn a denial. Again, puppy-guarding your CPs and utilizing tools like detpacks and grenades will help you go far. Turret kills will not count for this.
  • Sapper: Hack 6 Control Points. This is ridiculously easy. You don't have to actually capture any CPs, just hack them. I suggest hacking a heavily guarded enemy CP, hiding, waiting for them to defuse it, and then repeat the process. You can also run back and forth between two enemy CPs, hacking each one when you arrive. This will contribute to their confusion; however, you are much more likely to get caught and killed as they start to anticipate your arrival.
  • Jammer: Recapture your lost Sensor Jammer and hold it in a successful DCM. Not terribly difficult. Your team needs to be the one to activate the Jammer DCM, and then allow the enemy to take the Jammer from you. Don't wait too long before taking it back lest they get a real foothold around it. Once you've hacked it back, call in some deployables and wait out the rest of the mission with the Jammer in your team's control.
  • Air Assault: Successfully call in an Airstrike in a DCM. This one will cause problems. It seems straightforward enough - just be the one to plant the Air Strike beacon and call it good. However, you need to actually be alive at the end of the 30 second defuse window, so it's tough when you're choosing between protecting the beacon you planted and staying alive. When you're able to do both, the trophy will unlock.
  • Espionage: Return the Intelligence in a DCM. This one is very poorly worded. While it sounds like you need to return your team's Intel after an enemy has tried to take it, you need to instead capture it for your team. Not terribly difficult once you're aware of that difference. I recommend kitting out in stealth-based and running speed attributes to help you survive while carrying it back to your base.
  • Search and Recovery: Recover 2 pieces of wreckage in the Recover DCM. Extremely easy. Depending on which map you're on, there can be six or more of these things lying around the map. Just recover two of them and the badge is yours - you can even die in between, just as long as it's the same recovery mission.
  • Interception: Destroy the Convoy in a DCM. YNot that difficult if you've got support. The missile launcher is a great tool, as are detpacks and vehicles. But if you can afford vehicles, you can afford a rocket turret or two. They will tear the convoy to pieces in minutes, assuming you can box it in well enough. If you're working with teammates, make sure yours is the shot that destroys it.
  • Special Opst: Kill the Interceptor in a DCM. To do this note that you actually have to kill someone outfitted with the Interceptor suit; sabotaging the suit at the enemy base will NOT award this. Just be on the lookout for a teammate whose name isn't displayed, and that's the Infiltrator. If you see a teammate running toward the CP you're supposed to be defending, check him. It could be an actual teammate needing ammo, or it could be the enemy, in which case surprise him. It doesn't matter how much or little damage you deal to him as long as you land the killshot.
  • Outpost Raze: Destroy the Outpost in a DCM. Again, not a tricky one - missile launchers are very handy. Before the outpost arrives, call down some rocket turrets as they won't be able to land once the outpost's AA gun is up and running. additionally, try setting some detpacks on the ground where it's supposed to land as it will set them off on impact. Buy a tank if you can afford it - it's cannon will easily wear down the outpost's health. If working with teammates, make sure yours is the shot that destroys it. Remember, this must be done during the DCM. If time expires before you destroy it, you cannot get the badge.
  • Assassination: Kill the VIP in a DCM.The easiest and quickest way to do this is to dropkill the enemy VIP - but the game never lets you do things the easy way. So you'll need to work as a team to take this guy down, and hope that yours is the shot that kills him. Machine guns and assault rifles are always great antipersonnel weapons, as are minigun turrets. Remember that if you fail to kill him before the objective is completed or time runs out, that you are no longer eligible for this badge, even if you do kill him after. It must be done during the DCM.

  • Demolitionist: Destroy 6 Supply Depots, Sensor Arrays, or AA Turrets. Not terribly difficult. Keep in mind that both existing base defenses and deployables count for this, so you should be able to find all that you need. Use mortars, detpacks, and missile launchers for best effect, and just go around focusing on enemy structures.
  • Circumvent Defenses: Destroy 8 Minigun or Missile turrets. This one's a bit of doozy, and may require your full attention for a round. Hunt down any deployable miniguns or rocket turrets and dispatch them immediately. Go for base ones, too, as they'll repair and offer you more opportunities. The missile launcher and detpacks are effective against turrets, as is the tank.
  • Security Automation: Kill 4 players with Turrets. Another somewhat tricky one. The best method is to cluster a few turrets with a few Supply Depots near one of your own CPs. The Depots will constantly heal and repair everything (including each other) and keep the turret alive, which will promptly mow down anyone who tries to hack the CP. Be ready to replace them, however, if a knowing enemy turns detpacks or mortars on the group.
  • Intelligence Network: Deploy 3 Sensor Arrays. This is laughably easy. You don't have to deploy them all at once, so don't worry if they get destroyed in between. Simply call down three Sensor Arrays during a match.
  • Supplier: Deploy 4 Supply Depots. Very, very simple. It's wise to call these down in groups of two or three anyway as they repair each other, so this won't be difficult. I suggest refraining from calling down the fourth until you need it. An opportunity will present itself; you don't have to waste it just for the badge's sake.
  • Engineered Defense: Deploy 4 Turrets. As simple as it sounds - just deploy a total of four turrets during the match and this one's yours. Easy to stack with some DCM or base defense badges. Note that AA Turrets may not count for this, so it's advised that you only use Missile and Minigun Turrets for this match to be safe.
  • Repair Automation: Get 20 Auto Repairs. Dropping in Supply Depots in groups of two to five allows them to heal each other, which gives you auto-repair points. Dropping a group of them by an Outpost or in front of enemy turrets are both great way to rack up these points quickly, and the more you cluster them the more you guarantee their survival and continued point generation. It shouldn't take long to earn 20 points regardless.
  • Field Medic: Get 16 repairs. You won't get this just by playing naturally, but this is fairly easy. You just need to earn sixteen repair points in a match. I suggest using the tool on convoys and outposts as much as you can, as they'll need a lot of it. Tanks are good to repair, too, as well as near-death teammates. Anything that has enough missing health to offer you at least two repair points is good.

Earn each Feat in ranked matches

There are four types of Feats to unlock, and unlike badges, you cannot die before meeting the requirements for each Feat. They must be completed within one life. Probably the hardest ones to achieve are some of the DCM-related ones, but none of these are impossible if you know exactly what you're doing and don't just kind of mull around in a non-specific sort of way. The badges are as follows:

  • Pulse Cannon Killer: Kill 3 players with a Pulse Cannon. Not too difficult if you know what you're doing. The charged attack is especially damaging, so use that often to your advantage. Weakening enemies with grenades first can also be extremely helpful. Just kill three people without dying.
  • Missile Launcher Killer: Kill 2 players with a Missile Launcher. This can be a little bit tricky simply since the missile launcher isn't typically an anti-infantry weapon. However, if you give it the Napalm or different type of ammo, you can tailor it for maximum damage on infantry. You can then rack up three kills, or get extremely lucky and blow up something like a tank with three players in it.
  • Mortar Launcher Killer: Kill 2 players with Mortars. Exceptionally easy. Just spam your mortars whenever you have them, and this will happen in no time. The best/cheapest tactic is to hole up somewhere high up with a Supply Depot and just drop wave after wave of Napalm Mortars on enemies running past. This shouldn't prove terribly difficult.
  • Tank Specialist: Kill 5 players with the Tank. This can be tricky. Generally, unless you're playing against idiots, the enemy will coordinate attacks against you the second you get a vehicle. However, you can earn this without being the one who actually calls down the tank, so it's definitely possible. Whether you're the driver or a gunner, simply be alert and take out anyone with a missile launcher or any missile turrets before they can do much damage.
  • Turret Destroyer: Kill 2 Minigun or Missile Turrets. Use missile launchers or detpacks, it's up to you. These can be either CP-based or enemy deployables, it doesn't matter. Remember to stay on the move; if you're stationary these will tear you to shreds.
  • Base Destroyer: Destroy 2 Sensor Arrays, Supply Depots, or AA Turrets. Easy enough. I again suggest the missile launcher for this, although a few detpacks will also take down one of these easily. Remember that these must be CP-based, and can't be enemy deployables.
  • Hacker: Hack 2 Control Points. Exceptionally easy. You don't even need to capture the CPs; just hack them. Therefore, the second you've hacked one, run to the next one and hack it as well. The hardest part is not getting caught by an enemy, but even so it should only take a few tries.
  • Capturer: Capture 1 Control Point. This is hands-down the easiest Feat of them all. You WILL get this extremely early-on. Note that dying in between hacking and capturing the CP will have no effect on this; as long as you're alive when it captures, you'll be good.
  • Assault Rifle Killer: Kill 3 players with an Assault Rifle. This will be one of the earliest Feats you get as well. Most people tend to be either Assault Rifle or Machine Gun people, and so chances are good that while you're figuring out which is for you you'll get three kills in a life.
  • Shotgun Killer: Kill 3 players with a Shotgun. Be that one guy everyone hates and just puppy-guard your team's CPs, preferably the indoor ones. If you can just camp in a corner and whip out the Napalm Shotgun whenever anyone comes inside, this will be a piece of cake.
  • Grenade Killer: Kill 2 players with Grenades. This is slightly tricky as it usually takes two grenades to kill a fresh opponent. Best way to kill someone is to weaken them first with a weapon, preferably getting them to half health with no shields remaining. Or, like above, find a nice CP with a murder hole. Spawn a Supply Depot and constantly throw grenades down until you get two kills. As an added bonus, Napalm Grenades will fill the entire space with hurtful fire.
  • Mech Specialist: Kill 4 players with the Mech. Go for the bots when you're in a Mech since they tend to be less organized and way less slippery, but no matter what, always prioritize the guys with rocket launchers and/or mortars since they'll take you down fast. As long as you're not getting hammered by enemy fire, you'll probably get four kills without even trying.
  • Impact Killer: Kill 1 player by crushing or colliding with them as infantry. While you can get lucky and dropkill someone, it's probably easier to just sprint into and already raging firefight and collide with a weakened enemy. The connection is still hard, but not as hard as getting a dropkill.
  • Vehicle Execution: Fatality 1 Vehicle. To earn this you need to be in a Mech. It can be earned on either another Mech or a bike, but I recommend the bike simply because the other Mech can also easily fatality you. Essentially, just like when you're using a knife as infantry, sometimes you'll be prompted to execute a fatality with once your opponent is sufficiently weakened. Just do so when prompted and the Feat is yours.
  • Infantry Execution: Fatality 1 Infantry. I believe this must be done in a Mech. While you can technically fatality other players using the knife, it doesn't seem to count all the time, so use the above strategy against infantry. Merely rail against them for a while with your fists, and you should eventually be able to fatality them using .
  • Mech Destroyer: Destroy 1 Mech. Not too hard. Use mortars, detpacks and rockets to take the enemy down, and if you can, call in some missile turrets for support. Generally the Mech will go for your turrets first, allowing you more time to rail on him. This should come with natural progression.
  • Sniper Rifle Killer: Kill 3 players with a Sniper Rifle. This is actually pretty hard, because once you get one kill with the rifle whoever you killed generally spawns right by you and tries to ragekill you. Avoid this by posting up somewhere you can only spawn to gain access to, and once you're there drop Supply Depots and an AA turret. Then just go to town. It will usually take multiple shots from the rifle depending on what kind of ammo you're using, so don't expect even headshots to be killshots if shields are up.
  • Pistol Killer: Kill 3 players with a Pistol. The pistol, while still powerful, isn't the uberweapon it was in the original Section 8. Fortunately, through module manipulation and ammunition changes you can still make it a pretty decent weapon. The easiest way to get three kills in a row is probably to camp by a CP and after weakening your enemy with a different weapon, finish them off with the pistol.
  • Knife Killer: Kill 2 players with Knives. Once you've weakened an enemy and are in range, the button will trigger an instakill animation, so the easiest way to get this is to prey upon the snipers at the edges of the map, and the enemies who guard CPs. Customize your loadout's modules for stealth and knife bonuses, and you'll be golden.
  • Bike Specialist: Kill 4 players with the Bike. Don't even bother with the bike's chainguns as they hardly do squat. Instead, try to run over the enemy players. If you hit them while boosting, it's an instant kill even at full health, and you're already speeding away by the time their teammates try and kill you. Four players without dying will be a little tricky, but far from impossible.
  • Beacon Blocker: Have Jammer Beacon or Impedance Beacon active within 50m of an enemy sensor for 60 seconds. Fairly simple. Just drop either beacon by an enemy CP's Sensor Array, and then leave. You don't have to be in range yourself as long as the beacon is active, and no one ever scans for beacons to shoot so it should be fairly safe.
  • Beacon Sensor: Have Sensor Beacon active within 100m of an enemy Control Point for 60 seconds. Similar to above, just drop the beacon and leave so as not to draw attention to your beacon. Shouldn't be too much of a challenge.
  • Scanner: Scan 8 enemy targets. One of the easiest feats in the game. Whenever you spot an enemy or deployable that your team has not yet seen in that target's current life, a flashing white eye symbol will appear next to their name, and a red one will appear in the top right corner of your screen. You basically have to look at eight people that haven't yet been seen.
  • Bike Destroyer: Destroy 1 Bike. Not too hard. Use mortars, detpacks and rockets to take the enemy down, and if you can, call in some missile turrets for support. Generally the Bike will go for your turrets first, allowing you more time to rail on him. This should come with natural progression.

  • Machine Gun Killer: Kill 3 players with a Machine Gun. This will be one of the earliest Feats you get as well. Most people tend to be either Assault Rifle or Machine Gun people, and so chances are good that while you're figuring out which is for you you'll get three kills in a life.
  • Detpack Killer: Kill 2 players with Detpacks. Easiest way to do this is set up a full complement of five detpacks on one of your CPs, and watch from a distance for enemies to show up. If you're lucky you can get two or more kills at once, but if you only nab one you can just rest your detpacks afterwards. Fairly easy.
  • Convoy Specialist: Kill 4 players with Convoy Weapons. This is rather difficult because, while the Convoy has good weapons, everyone will be trying to kill you. Easier done with the mortars than the missiles since it's harder to miss and you can get multiple enemies with one hit.
  • Assister: Get 3 Assists. Another one you'll earn fairly early on. You'll get a lot of kills taken from you over time, and whenever you're in an intense firefight with an enemy and your enemy mysteriously dies by someone else's hand, count on an Assist even if it doesn't necessarily display one.
  • Repairer: Get 3 Repairs. If you earn two repair points, the third will instead become the Repairer feat. If you have passive modules geared toward repairing, all this will take is a full usage of your repair bar. Note that Auto Repair points earned from one of your Supply Depots will not count toward this.
  • Siphon Killer: Kill 2 players with the Siphon Tool. This may be one of the hardest Feats in the game. The Siphon tool is pretty ineffectual, even when paired with slotted modules. Try your best to weaken enemies as far as you feel comfortable (without killing them, obviously) before activating the Siphon. Easy enough to get one; stringing two together is particularly tricky even on bots.
  • Defuser: Defuse 2 Hacks. One of the easiest feats. Just rush in and defuse an enemy hack on one of your CPs, then rinse and repeat. If you've placed detpacks, they're a great way to clear out stragglers before you move in for the defuse, and surprisingly enough can be used continually as enemies almost never seem to catch on.
  • Tank Destroyer: Destroy 1 Tank. This can be kind of tricky, and will likely require assistance from your teammates. Use mortars, detpacks and rockets to take the enemy down, and if you can, call in some missile turrets for support. Generally the Tank will go for your turrets first, allowing you more time to rail on him. This should come with natural progression, but may still be one of the later Feats you earn.

Were They Even Trying?
Win a ranked match while holding the enemy team to less than half your team's VP

Hard, but not impossible. Easier to do with just the minimum of four human players.

Just complete and/or foil every DCM that gets activated. They offer the most Victory Points, although that really doesn't matter as much as making sure your opponent doesn't get those points instead.

Additionally, keep the majority if not all of the CPs captured at any given time. They generate a steady trickle of VP, and if yours comes in faster than the enemy's does, it's ideal. You can either capture all the CPs and generate 32 VP against the enemy's 0 every cycle, or you can leave them with one and hack it every time a DCM comes up in order to distract and divert them.

This should take a few tries, but chances are good that if you play this well in all of your games, it should happen before you rank up to level fifty.

Gotta Cap 'Em All
Capture each Control Point at least once in a game on a large map

This is hard to do online, and recommended you do it in a private match offline. Set the bots to Trivial and choose only a large map. Any of the following qualify:
  • Abaddon
  • Eden
  • Prometheus
  • Sky Dock
  • Whiteout
  • Zephyr
Note that each one of those is the original, full map, and not a variant like "Abbadon - North", or "Eden - Medium". It must be the full map, and will say when you select it "MAP SIZE - Large".

Once the game starts immediately hack the first control point. Once it's hacked, move on to the next one, and so on. Note that each CP has to actually be captured by you, so make sure that you manage to hack and capture each one and not a teammate. If by some miracle they manage to hack one, wait for the enemy to take it back and then hack it yourself. To prevent your teammates hacking CPs before you, it may be best to set the teams as small as possible. It's up to you.

Once you've captured each CP at least once, the trophy should unlock.

Customize your armor type

Simple, but most likely not readily available to you. You'll need an alternative armor type to switch out to, which means you can either unlock a new set of armor through progression, or you can use the DLC armors like the one gained in the Blitz Pack, or the Hunter armor unlocked for PSN+ subscribers. Either way, once you have an alternative armor simply swap it out for the 'Standard' armor in your loadout screen, and the trophy will unlock.

Get to da Choppa
Survive against the Elimination DCM

This is actually a little more difficult offline, I've found, as for some reason the enemy AI always seems to "wake up" when they start an elimination mission, and on almost all difficulties will slaughter you without mercy.

Best to do online, where it can be either extremely easy or extremely difficult depending on the skill level of the enemy team. Best strategy is to group yourself with one or two other teammates that still haven't been killed, and have everyone call in Supply Depots and/or turrets. Even better is grabbing a mech and camping near said Supply Depots, but remember to jump out at the last second if your mech's taken serious damage, as being inside when it explodes will kill you.

Assuming you make it to the end of the time limit, the trophy will unlock.

Oh, the Irony
Repair a Supply Depot to full health

Find a damaged Supply Depot on your team, either at the base or someone's deployable, and use your repair tool to bring it back to health. It may be possible to shoot it up a bit yourself and then repair it, but that's unconfirmed. Either way, a very simple trophy.

Mission Possible
Participate in each DCM successfully in ranked matches

In order to win this trophy, you must successfully complete and counter each DCM. This means your team must successfully complete each one at least once, and also must counter the enemy team's attempts at each one at least once.

The DCMs are as follows:
  • Airstrike - (Complete: place the marker in time/Counter: prevent the enemy from placing the marker in time)
  • Convoy - (Complete: Convoy safe reaches the destination in time/Counter: enemy Convoy is destroyed before it reaches the destination)
  • Elimination - (Complete: kill every enemy in time/Counter: at least one teammate survives the designated time)
  • Infiltrator - (Complete: team successfully captures the designated CP in time while the Infiltrator suit survives/Counter: time expires before CP is captured or Infiltrator is killed before time expires or your team sabotages Infiltrator suit before enemy dons it)
  • Intelligence - (Complete: Intel reaches drop-off within time limit/Counter: Intel doesn't reach drop-off within time limit)
  • Jammer - (Complete: Jammer is under your control when time expires/Counter: Jammer is under your control when time expires)
  • Outpost - (Complete: Outpost survives the designated time/Counter: enemy Outpost is destroyed before time expires)
  • Recovery - (Complete: all ten pieces of wreckage are recovered within time limit/Counter: enemy fails to acquire at least one piece of wreckage within time limit)
  • VIP - (Complete: your VIP arrives alive at designated CP/Counter: enemy VIP is killed before reaching designated CP)
You do not have to be the one to actually complete each DCM, but take part. For example, you don't have to actually plant the Airstrike marker yourself, but rather be on the team that does.

Also note that these must each be completed in ranked matches, meaning there must be a minimum of four human players present. Otherwise it won't count.

Money in the Banana Stand
Purchase every Vehicle and Deployable

There are a total of eight vehicles and deployables you need to call in to unlock this. Calling in any deployable or vehicle at least once in any mode will add it to the trophy progress, and once the last one is delivered after you call it in, the trophy will unlock. The list of items and prices necessary are as follows:

  • Bike - $100
  • Mech - $100
  • Tank - $180
  • Supply Depot - $20
  • Sensor Array -$20
  • Minigun Turret - $40
  • Missile Turret - $40
  • AA Turret - $40

My Little Friend
Kill an enemy with a Micro Beacon

Can be somewhat tricky. much, much easier to do against lower-difficulty AI than it is against human players online.

You'll need to weaken your enemy first to about quarter health with no shields, then launch your Micro Beacon 'through' him as far as lining up its trajectory. It should impact and offer up the kill.

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