Players: 1
Online Trophies: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No
Estimated Time to Platinum: 20-25 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 3
Collectibles Trophies: Yes, Trash'em while they're out!, High in Las Vegas
Missable Trophies: Yes, The Talkative One, Meatballs Lover, That's so Hot!, The Orthodontist, Now That's a Big Fuckin' Gun, A Hole in your Head, Orthodontic Pleasures, Skullblaster Master, Nasty Headache, The Puppeteer,
Fire in the Hole!, Fiesta Caliente!, Trash'em while they're out!, High in Las Vegas

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • Difficulty does not stack. You will need to play three different playthroughs on each difficulty.
  • Guns upgrade automatically at the end of some levels.
  • Stock up on alcohol and white gems.
  • There is no chapter select or NG+.
  • Shoot all crates you find for ammo and booze.


To make things a bit easier and less boring, choose different things to work on per difficulty run. The roadmap here shows one way to do it. You can switch it up if that is what you would like to do.

Step One: Play the game on Legion (Hard) Hunter Difficulty.
During this run, you will want to enjoy the game and focus on the story related ones. Since you are playing on the hardest difficulty, it's just easier to not try for some of the combat trophies as the enemies take more hits and all. Getting the white gems this run won't be hard either, just remember to not spend any.
  • Story Related Trophies
  • White Gems Trophy
Step Two: Play the game on Demon (Medium) Hunter Difficulty,
Now, start the game on Demon Hunter, or medium. Now you can aim for some of the combat trophies as the enemies aren't as strong as they were on hard. You can probably aim for some of the miscellaneous trophies as well.
  • Miscellaneous trophies
  • Combat related trophies (many of the missables)
Step Three: Play the game on Lemon (Easy) Hunter Difficulty.
Lastly, start the game on Lemon Hunter or easy. This is basically like your clean up run. You will want to go for all the trophies you have yet to get. Enemies are a lot easier to beat, and your Red Gems cost way less from the Vendor, Christopher.
  • Combat related trophies (many of the missables) that you may have missed
  • Red Gems Trophy


Fleming's Pride
Complete all game's Trophies

You Go To Hell
Start a new game for the first time. (any difficulty setting)

This will pop in the beginning of starting up the game. As you are adjusting the brightness of your game, the trophy will pop.

An Ordinary Life
Story Progression in Act 1 - Chapter 1 (any difficulty setting)

This trophy will pop at the end of 1-1. This is more like your tutorial as well as a bit of the back story. After you have watched the first cutscene, you will head into your apartment where you find your girlfriend, Paula in trouble. Another cutscene will activate, followed by an attack by many demons. This is where you will learn the different buttons and commands to defeat the demons. Once the demons have been defeated, you will head into the Underworld where you will meet Johnson. Here you will have the option to save and choose your difficulty.

Take Me To Hell
Story Progression in Act 2 - Chapter 1 (any difficulty setting)

This trophy will pop at the end of 1-2. This is your basic tutorial of the underworld. You learn about Willy, also known as One Eyed William. He is not only a checkpoint for you, he also helps light up areas. During this time you also learn about Drinks, The Darkness, Light Shots, Goat Lamps, Vending Machines, Darkness Vines, White Gems, Red Gems, Red Cores and Blue Cores. As you reach the end of the chapter, you will learn about the Darkness hand. The enemies will continue to bring Darkness into the area until it is defeated. In order to stop it, you will need to shoot the dark core in the back of the area and open the covered gate. Now slowly make your way through some more gates until you find the ladder. Go up to the ledge and shove Johnson into the opening on the hand. This ends the level.

Cannibal Carnival
Story Progression in Act 2 - Chapter 2 (any difficulty setting)

You will get this trophy when you get Adios George (Human form) as well.

What a Wonderful World
Story Progression in Act 2 - Chapter 3 (any difficulty setting)

During this level, you will be introduced to Christopher. He is a half human, half demon merchant. Besides spending your White Gems in the vending machines, you will also be able to purchase items from Christopher with the White Gems.

Throughout this chapter you will learn about Christopher, Meat Gates, Sushi Lamps and Fireworks Launcher.

At the end of the level, you will find yourself having to swing from a chandelier and hitting the objects on the side. Hitting the objects allows light to come out and you can move up. When you reach the top, head out to end the level.
**If you collect all the white gems here, including killing the demons with the chandelier, you will be awarded a red gem when you get to the top**

Riders of the Lost Heart
Story Progression in Act 2 - Chapter 4 (any difficulty setting)

You will earn this trophy along with Adios George (Beast Form).

It's a Bug Hunt
Story Progression in Act 3 - Chapter 1 (any difficulty setting)

You will get this trophy not long after you get Don't Fear the Reaper I.

My Dying Concubine
Story Progression in Act 3 - Chapter 2 (any difficulty setting)

This chapter is pretty straightforward. This will be where you run into the big Hellmonkeys with flashlights for eyes. In the area where you run into two of them, instead of trying to fight both of them, simply let the area get covered in darkness. This will take them both down only leaving you with 4 small demons. You will also run into demons now covered in armor. Use your hot boner to place a bomb ball on them and blow it up. This will remove their armor allowing you to shoot them normally.

At the end of the chapter, the trophy will pop.

As Evil As Dead
Story Progression in Act 3 - Chapter 3 (any difficulty setting)

A quick straightforward chapter. Just complete it.

The Bird's Nest
Story Progression in Act 3 - Chapter 4 (any difficulty setting)

You will get this not long after Annoying Mosquito. Grab the card and go through the billboard. Once you get through the darkness, the chapter is over.

The Big Boner
Story Progression in Act 4 - Chapter 1 (any difficulty setting)

In this level you only do one thing. Shoot giant Hellmonkeys with your Big Boner. There are 3 different rounds, all which arent incredibly hard. Be fast and accurate, and this should take no time at all.

Great Demon World Village
Story Progression in Act 4 - Chapter 2 (any difficulty setting)

This is a side scrolling level. Not to hard but a bit different. You can aim up, down, forward and on an angle, but you CAN NOT aim backwards. Keep moving forward and try to not get stuck behind something. The screen moves on its own and you will die if you get caught between something and the screen. Aim with the Right Analog Stick, to shoot. (keep holding to rapid shoot) and for your light shot. There are a total of 50 white gems in the area too, so if you are trying to collect all Red Gems, collect all the white ones for a Red Gem at the end.

Ghost Hunter
Story Progression in Act 4 - Chapter 3 (any difficulty setting)

In this chapter, you will run into Teleporting demons who use the electric poles for energy. Use your Hot Boner to fire a bomb on the poles and blow them up. When all the poles are gone, you will able to kill the demons. Don't stand close though, because they explode upon being defeated. The only annoying part in this chapter is the puzzle you have to do with the book shelves. You must fire your light shot at the arrows on top of the bookcases to move them either over, up or down to make a path from one end to the other.

Great Demon World Fest
Story Progression in Act 4 - Chapter 4 (any difficulty setting)

Another side scrolling level. A bit more in it, but not hard.

Suburban Nightmares
Story Progression in Act 4 - Chapter 5 (any difficulty setting)

You will run into a few new enemies in this chapter. Demons with masks and demons who roll and spin at you. For the rolling demon, wait for it to roll and then move out of the way. If it crashes into something, it will lay on its back, showing you the red core on its stomach. Fire at that to destroy it.

Justine For All
Story Progression in Act 4 - Chapter 6 (any difficulty setting)

Will unlock shortly after Flat Lust.

Twelve Feet Under
Story Progression in Act 5 - Chapter 1 (any difficulty setting)

Pretty straight forward. During this chapter you will run into a new kind of darkness hand though. Instead of just being able to shove Johnson into it, you will need to follow the red vines to the red core and destroy it. Destroy all the red cores to destroy the hand. There is one area where there is a red core behind some green barriers. Use the Skulblaster to shoot a ball over and down.

Different Perspectives
Story Progression in Act 5 - Chapter 2 (any difficulty setting)

When you first open the doors here, you will run into many enemies. Take them out however you would like, but be prepared as more are about to come. When all the enemies are gone, proceed forward into another puzzle area. There is only one way to go, so moving them won't be too hard.

The Castle of Hassle
Story Progression in Act 5 - Chapter 3 (any difficulty setting)

During this chapter, just make your way up the tower. Defeat enemies as you come across them, and keep heading up. You will come to a maze area in which you need to find the Strawberry for the baby gates mouth. The maze isn't to hard, just keep going through the darkness until you find the strawberry.

The Final Chapter
Story Progression in Act 5 - Chapter 4 (any difficulty setting)

Will get it I Defeated the Last Big Boss!.

Till Death Do Us Part
Story Progression in Act 5 - Chapter 5 (any difficulty setting)

Will unlock during the ending credits.

Adios George (Human Form)
Defeat George Human Boss

George is the first boss you will run into in the game.
The fight takes place within a market place. You will need to run away from George as he will be chasing you. You will need to jump over some barriers, so press near the location you want to jump over. While he is behind you, run past a light barrel and turn around. Wait for him to get close to it and then shoot it. This will knock George down allowing you to shoot him in the head. After some shots, he will get up and run away, but he will take the goat head first and hide. Follow the red light shining in the sky to find what stand he is standing behind, and light shot the goat head. Do this three times to beat him.

Adios George (Beast Form)
Defeat George Beast Boss

Phase I:
George will be riding on a demon horse this time around. There is a red spot on Georges back that you will need to hit, however this can only be done while you are submerged in Darkness. The horse George is on will fart out the Darkness areas. Simply go inside one and George is soon to follow you in. Be aware, stand to close to the horse and you will either get kicked or stomped. Position yourself behind George and shot the red orb on his back. When hit, the Darkness will go away and George and the horse will fall. On the horses stomach there is another red orb, go around and shoot it. They will then get up and jump onto the top of the fountain statue. Again, aim for the horses stomach and continuously shoot at it. Do this routine a few times before phase II.

Phase II:
Now George has turned into a giant. He has red orbs on his body now, one on each heel, one on each shin, one on each shoulder and three on his back. You will need to shoot each one multiple times to destroy them. When you hit one of them and destroy it, George will get down on one knee, this is the perfect time to shoot some of the areas that may be a bit hard to get when he is standing and moving. The only attack he has is a stomp attack if you are to close to his feet, so just stay clear of them. If you happen to get caught in a shock wave he sends out from a stomp, simply roll around to avoid damage. When all of the red orbs have been destroyed, the fight will be over.

Don't Fear the Reaper I
Defeat Maras Grim (Sister Grim) Boss

When you come to the end of 3-1, you'll find yourself in an opened area. First you will need to fight off a wave of demons first before the boss, Grim sister Maras comes out. The fight isn't to hard. You will want to dodge her scythe throwing attacks first. Soon she will bring upon Darkness. When this happens, she will turn into an orange color. This is the time you want to use a light shot on her, exposing her red orb. Shoot at the red orb until it breaks, this will also bring back the light. (If you find yourself running low on health, use a light shot on the goat head). Do this a few times until she is defeated.

Don't Fear the Reaper II
Defeat Kauline Grim (Sister Grim) Boss

After you have ran away from crazy Paula, you will come to another cleared out area where you will fight the second Grim sister.
The same concept you used for the first Grim Sister is the same as now. Avoid the scythe attacks until she hits the ground, bringing out the darkness. This time though, Pauline will make duplicates of herself and circle you. Find the one with the brighter orange chest and light shot it. Exposing her red orb now, fire away until it shatters. There is a goat head here too if you need it. Repeat this over and over until she is defeated.

Annoying Mosquito
Defeat Elliot Beast Boss

This fight takes place on the bridge you need to get across. After a small cutscene, the fight will begin and it comes in 3 phases.

Phase I:
When the crow is close to the bridge, you will want to take fire at the red core on his chest. Watch for his attacks and dodge the spike/tongue. Every so often he will shoot two red feathers out and this will turn the bridge into darkness. Just shoot a light shot at it to get rid of it.

Phase II:
This time you will want to aim for his wings. He has a few new attacks as well, such as throwing a boulder at you and knocking you off the bridge. If this does happen, just hit repeatedly until you are back up.

Phase III:
Now the crow is on the bridge with you. You will need to open up his chest with a light shot thus exposing the red orb. Fire away on the red orb while also dodging his attack. Sometimes he will attack you with his claws, which is easy to just roll out of the way and if he flies over you just hit to turn around and face him.

Don't Fear the Reaper III
Defeat Giltine Grim (Sister Grim) Boss

As you will notice, the Giltine Grim has a red orb for a face. You will first want to shoot at that until it breaks. When that happens, she will call upon Darkness. At this time a new red orb will appear on her stomach. Shoot it continuously until it shatters. This will bring back the light as well as the red orb on the face again. Do this three times to defeat her. Take note though, that each time you shoot the orbs, they become a bit stronger and bit more harder to break. Occasionally, after the darkness comes, 3 demons will come out as well. Ignore them until the light is back. If things get to hectic in the darkness, you can shoot the Goat head on the wall to bring the light back. There is also a vending machine in the corner that you can buy drinks from when there is light.

  • Scythe Throw - She will throw a scythe at you, one at a time that will come at you. Simply dodge to the side to avoid it.
  • Scythe Throw II - She will throw both of her scythe into the air in which they will separate into 6 different ones. They will then come shooting down at you, so just roll out of the way.
  • Shock wave - She will send out two shock waves across the ground, roll to avoid.

Flat Lust
Defeat Justine Boss

This fight is the only boss fight that is played as a side scroller. It comes in 3 phases.

Phase I:
You will want to aim and shoot at the three red orbs on her face. Avoid the green drops that are continuously falling down. You don't have to keep avoiding them as you can shoot them as well.

Phase II:
This requires you to only use the light shot ( ) and aim at her mask. You will notice there is some green inside the head, so keep shooting the light shot and you will see the green start going down. When all the green is gone, the mask will come off. Again, either avoid or shoot at the green drops falling.

Phase III:
This time, you will shoot at her face, but she will be coming at you. Eventually she will reach out and grab you, you can not avoid this. When she has you in her hands, just keep shooting. The green drops are still falling, so alternate between shooting them, and shooting her face. Every so often a bigger gun like the teether will show up on the top of the screen, so go up and get it and just keep shooting her face.

I Defeated the Last Big Boss!
Defeat Fleming Boss

This is one of the last boss fights you will have taking place at the top of the tower. Again, this fight comes in 3 phases.

Phase I:
During this phase, Fleming will have two main attacks. A laser beam, you will know this is happening when you see his eyes glow and go back, and a shockwave, which you will know is happening when he spins around before slamming down on the ground. Every so often he will open his cape and either spill out darkness (there is a goat head swinging above you) or reveals Paula, in which you don't want to shoot because it will be game over then. Once you have gotten some hits in, Fleming will become dazed and you will see some glowing cracks on his coat. Use the Hot Boner to break his coat. This will split his body into three sections. The three body sections will circle around, trying to come back together. One of them will be glowing red, this is the one you want to shoot at it.

Phase II:
This is the same technique as above, only this time, it takes a bit more to damage him and then stun him. When he is stunned, again, fire at him with the Hot Boner to break him, scattering him into three pieces. Look for the red piece and shot.

Phase III:
Now things get a bit more complex. This time around he has a few more attacks and protections. He now has a second laser attack then when shot out will follow you around the area. He will also form a green barrier that protects him from your bullets accept when you use the demon skull to shot into one of the three openings. When he opens his coat, he will send out a dark hand in which you want to avoid before it pulls you into the darkness. (If pulled in, blow up one of the three doors with the hot boner to exit). He still uses the attacks from before such as opening his coat to either show Paula or send out darkness. The goat head above does swing faster, just to keep in mind. When he is finally stunned, be fast with the hot boner and break him. Again, when the three pieces are flying around, look for the red and shoot. This will finally defeat Fleming.

Love Suicide
Defeat Paula Boss

This is your final fight of the game, your beloved, Paula. This fight will happen in two phases.

Phase I:
First and foremost, grab the key in the middle of the area and go to each of the doors until you find the one that opens. Now turn your full attention to Paula, who is flying above you. Wait for her to turn colors and aim for the wings, which should be red. Your best gun for this fight is the Dentist with its lock on feature. Her attacks are easy to dodge, so be sure to just dodge them. Other demons will come into the area, so you can either still focus on Paula until she is defeated or take out the other demons.

Phase II:
Once you have destroyed her wings in phase I, the fight will take place outside. Darkness will keep covering the area behind you, so keep moving forward. Focus on Paula's wings again, this time, it's four. Use the Dentist again with its lock on feature to make it a bit easier. Her attacks are a bit more this time but still easy to avoid. She will keep spitting out one demon, so either take it out or just leave it be. When all four of her wings have been destroyed, the battle is over.
At the very end, you will need to go over to Paula and press for the game to end.

Lemon Hunter
Complete all chapters on Easy difficulty setting

Does NOT Stack
See Legion Hunter.

Demon Hunter
Complete all chapters on Medium difficulty setting

Does NOT Stack
See Legion Hunter.

Legion Hunter
Complete all chapters on Hard difficulty setting

Unfortunately, difficulty does not stack in this game nor is there a NG+. So you will need to play the game from scratch a total of three times. No weapons, upgrades or gems carry over. Each difficulty trophy will pop when you have completed the game on the respective difficulties during the credits. Lemon = Easy, Demon = Medium and Legion = Hard. None of the difficulties are to hard though, just a little bit different. On hard, things just tend to take a few more bullets or move a bit more faster.

Tips to help with ALL runs:
  • Save your white gems. Unless you absolutely need to by alcohol, don't buy it. Save your white gems for red gems for both the High in Las Vegas trophy as well as just red gems for your upgrades.
  • On Legion difficulty, just take your time and aim accurate.
  • When you are upgrading your weapons, try to upgrade the damage first to make it easier to kill enemies.
  • When on hard, conserve ammo by opening boxes with your light shot.
  • Again, to conserve ammo, or if you are running low, light shot a demon and do a brutal kill.
  • When upgrading, try to stick with just your weapons. Don't touch your ammo or Health unless you really want/need too. When you upgrade them, it fully restores your health and restocks your ammo. If you save this for during a fight where you have no drinks and your health is low, it will make it fully restored.
  • If you get cornered, run to the opposite side of the area to give yourself time to heal and reload.
  • Aiming is terrible in the game, so take your time and aim the best you can to conserve ammo.

Blood on the Dance Floor
Defeat 10 enemies with the Stomp Attack

To do a stomp attack, you must first shoot the demons in the legs to make it so they can no walk. When they are down and they start to crawl towards you, go up to them a press to stomp on them. Sometimes you can continuously press for multiple stomps though this will still only count as one. You just need to do this to 10 enemies. They do not have to be in a row, so you can slowly do it throughout the game is you wish. You might even get it without even trying for it.

The Talkative One
Defeat 20 enemies with the TEETHER

Need by the end Chapter 3-3.
This is the second weapon you will get in the game. The Teether is the blue weapon and you will need to collect the blue boxes for the Demon Teeth which is your ammo. You can find the boxes scattered throughout the levels or you can buy them from Christopher. Getting the 20 kills before 3-3 shouldn't be that difficult if you remain using this weapon for most of the time. You need to get this before beating 3-3 because the Teether will automatically be upgraded to the Teethgrinder.

Meatballs Lover
Defeat 30 enemies with the SKULLCUSSIONER

Need by the end of Chapter 3-4.
This gun is unlocked at the end of 2-4. This is your shotgun of the game. The gun is covered in green and the ammo source is Demon skulls which is found in the green boxes around the area. You will need to kill 30 enemies with this weapon before the end of chapter 3-4 as it will automatically be upgraded.

That's So Hot!
Defeat 20 enemies with the HOTBONER

You will unlock the Hot Boner at the end of 3-1. This is just an upgraded version of the previous gun you had. This time though, you will be able to put out bombs with and (hold it). The bombs can be blown up by simply shooting them. Just kill 20 enemies with the Hot Boner before the game is over.

The Orthodontist
Defeat 30 enemies with the TEETHGRINDER

Need by the end of Chapter 4-4.
This gun is unlocked at the beginning of 3-3. This gun will now be able to shoot the Demon Teeth faster. Kill 30 enemies BEFORE 4-4 because the gun will be automatically upgraded.

Now That's a Big Fuckin Gun
Defeat 40 enemies with the SKULLFEST 9000

This gun is unlocked at the end of 3-4. This is the second upgrade of the green gun. Simply kill 40 enemies with the gun to get the trophy.

A Hole in Your Head
Perform 5 headshots in a row with the BIG BONER

Only chance is in 4-1. This is kind of like a little mini game you will need to complete. After you take Johnson over to the phone, he will turn into the Big Boner, a rather big gun. There will be several streets that you will need to watch, so press and to switch between roads and hold to aim. Aim carefully at the enemies. When their heads are in your laser sight line of point, shoot. You will know you have gotten a head shot when you see blood come out and they die. There are 3 rounds to this, so it's not to hard to miss out. I would recommend going for it though the first round because after that, things get a bit more chaotic, with more enemies coming down the streets and more streets to watch.

Orthodontic Pleasures
Defeat 50 enemies with THE DENTIST

You will get this gun at the end of 4-4. It's the upgraded version of the Teethgrinder. Kill 50 demons with the Teethgrinder to get the trophy.

Skullblaster Master
Defeat 50 enemies with the SKULLBLASTER

This gun unlocks at the end of 4-6. This is the upgraded version of the Skullfest 9000. Kill 50 demons to get the trophy.

Nasty Headache
Perform 5 Head Shots in a row with any weapon except Big Boner

This isn't completely too difficult. You will know when you got a head shot because the slow motion effect will happen. Sometimes though, even if you blow their heads off, there is no slow motion and thus it does not count. It's okay if you completely miss an enemy, you just can't hit another part of their body. You can actually get this very early on in the game while you are in your apartment. Here, things aren't so bad and it's a bit easier to get the head shots in. Take your time in aiming, and shoot. There is only a limited amount of demons here, so aim and shoot wisely.
There is a place in 3-2 where you are in the water and 3 demons will continue to spawn. You can keep practicing here as they keep spawning until you reach Paula in the water.
There's a small trick in this level too. You'll come to an area where you have to use the light shot to release on of the demons. Kill it and stand by where you just released it. More demons will spawn out of the hole. If you aim just right, you can get the 5 head shots right here.

The Puppeteer
Perform a Head Shot right after a Leg Mutilation when the enemy is flying back in the air

This can either be difficult, or it can sometimes come naturally without trying. You will need to first shoot the demon in the legs and before they fall to the ground, you will need to quickly kill them with a headshot. You need to be fast and accurate to get it. The Teether, Teethgrinder or Dentist are the best ones to use for this if you are having trouble. You have the whole game to try and get this trophy as there are always demons around.

Fire in the Hole!
Defeat 3 enemies at once using the Barrels of Light

You can get this trophy when you are first introduced to the barrel of light. You will get to an area where you are closed in and darkness will cover the area. First, shoot the Goat head to bring back the light in the area. Use your light shot in the 4 demons first to get the darkness off of them. Then have them follow you over to a barrel and shoot the barrel. If at least 3 of them are close enough and get hit, you will get the trophy.

Fiesta Caliente!
Defeat 5 enemies at once using the Hot Boner

Towards the end of 3-3 you will come to a small cave where 5+ demons come walking out. Shoot one of them with a bomb from your Hot Boner. It may be a bit safer to shoot a few with bombs. Wait for them to all stand near one another and shoot the bomb. This will cause them to blow up and if you catch 5 of them together, the trophy will pop.

Trash'em While They're Out!
Perform all 5 brutal kills on Normal Demons frozen by the Light Shot

To perform a Brutal Kill, you will need to first shoot the demon with a light shot which will stun them. When they are stunned, go over to them and press . The kill is completely random, so you will most likely need to keep doing them until the trophy pops.
The 5 kills are:
  • A headbutt
  • Three knee kick to the Demons head
  • Shoving your gun into their throats.
  • Kick to the groin followed by you swinging the torch knocking their heads off
  • Two punches.

Drunk in Public
Knock back 3 drinks in a row

First things first, you do not need to be hurt to drink. After you have collected 3 or more drinks, hit to drink. Drink three of them in a row for this trophy.

Stingy Bastard
Save more than 300 White Gems in your inventory

This trophy is only missable if you decide to spend the gems. If you just hold onto them and not waste them in the vending machines on booze and other things, you will be able to get this trophy pretty easily. By not spending any gems, you should have this trophy as early as 2-3.

White Gem Farming Location (area 4-3)

Toggle Spoiler

There are several locations where you can farm for white gems. These places are good for getting as many white gems as you want or up to 999 (the max you can carry).

The first spot is in Act 2-3.
After you meet Christopher, you will enter a graveyard. This will be the first time you run into the three-headed spinning demon. Around it is covered in darkness and it will continuously spawn demons until the red cores are destroyed. So you can keep killing as many demons as you would like to collect the White Gems.

The next spot is in Act 3-2.
This is the area where you cross the bridge and the bridge breaks. In the water, 3 demons will constantly spawn in the water. So you can keep shooting them and collecting the White Gems.

The next spot is in 4-3.
This one is a bit more difficult to handle. When you are in the library you will run into an armored demon that will keep attacking you. Light shot him at the right moment and wait for him to fall down. Once on the floor, keep hitting to do a stomp attack over and over. This will keep producing White Gems without killing him.

High in Las Vegas
Recover all available Red Gems in the game

For this trophy, you need to have a total of 80 Red gems. You do NOT only need to find 36/38 Red Gems in the area, but you also need to get the remaining Red Gems from Christopher by paying in white gems. Christopher has an unlimited amount of Red Gems, so it's okay if you miss some of them around the area. This is best done on the Lemon Hunter difficulty because the higher the difficulty, the more the Red Gems cost.

Red Gem Locations:

Toggle Spoiler

Red Gem Farm Exploit:

Toggle Spoiler

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