Players: 1/2
Online Play: No
Online Trophies: No
Cheat Codes: Yes
Cheats Affect Trophies: No
Trophy Difficulty:
Minimum Playthroughs: 3
Time to 100%: 10-20 hours


Hey guys, I had a lot of fun playing Shank. I do have to say it was quite a challenge on hard difficulty but I made it through. Now while I was playing I found out some very useful tips, and strategy's which I listed below for you all. I also made video's of every boss fight to make it easier for you. I hope you guys will enjoy this game, and my guide. Good luck!

[top]General Tips

Shank Basic Tips:
  • Blocking - This move will be used a lot on hard mode, at least if you want to survive. When an enemy attacks you, Shank is able to counter that attack when you press at the right time. The timing is very strict, so I suggest you practice this a lot. You can also evade an attack by pressing forward and at the same time, you will then jump right through an enemy, bullets, and even those pesky rockets in one of the last levels.
  • Grapple - This is one of the best moves Shank has, well in my opinion. You can use this grapple attack to pick some up, and throw them right back into a crowd of enemy's, thus making the others fall too. When you grapple onto someone you can also execute them in a couple of ways:
    • Press when holding someone to execute them with the gun you have equipped.
    • Press when holding someone to execute them with the heavy weapon you have equipped.
    • Press when holding someone to make them eat a grenade.
    • Press when holding someone to jump up, and throw them into a crowd

  • Pounce - The pounce move is one of my favorite attacks of Shank, because you can take out normal enemy's within three seconds. Press to jump up and land on an enemy, now you can use and to take him out. When there are other enemy's walking towards you, shoot them with while sitting on top of the other one. The weird thing about this move is that enemy's 80% of the time won't attack you while sitting on top of one of there friends.
  • Jump + - Use this move when your surrounded by enemy's, or just when you feel like it. I really love this move since it is quick, and does quite a bit of damage. I suggest using this while you're in a combo, and you see an enemy start to flash yellow, now jump up, and evade that attack, without interrupting your combo.

Shank Enemy's
  • Normal enemy's - These are the enemies you will be fighting most of the time. In the beginning it will be just enemies with knives. Once you get further down the story, you really gotta watch out for enemies with Uzi's or Ak47's. I list a couple of tips below to help you take out normal enemies a bit quicker.
    • Now when in the heat of the fight it's probably hard to see, but every enemies flashes yellow right before they use there strongest attack. Use this to your advantage, and counter, or evade the attack.
    • When there is a guy or girl with automatic weapon, aim to take them out first. If you don't they will interrupt your combo's very easily with gun fire, plus they do a lot of damage with there big guns.
    • Pounce on normal enemies I said it already in the basic tips, but for some reason normal enemies almost don't attack you once your sitting on top of one of there friends. I suggest you use this to your advantage on hard difficulty.

  • Big Enemy's - The Big guys will start to show up pretty earlier in the story mode. Now they are not really to difficult to take out, but if there is more then one they can be annoying. I will list some tips below to make it easier for you to take them out.
    • The Big enemies will also flash when they use there most powerful attacks, use this to your advantage and get out of the way. If you somehow can't walk away, try to evade the attack.
    • Big enemies cannot be pounced, so do not try it.
    • A very easy way to take out a big enemy is with grenade's. Now you can throw them towards them but there is another way. Hit them a couple of times with your basic, and heavy attacks. Grapple onto them and press to shove a grenade inside there mouth. This will take a big chunk of there health away, plus if there are any other enemy's around they will get hurt too.
    • While you can grapple onto big enemy's, you cannot throw them away. You can how ever execute them with or or like I described above with
    • When I encounter a group of small enemy's and there are two or three big enemy's too, I suggest you take out the small ones first. Now this seems weird I know, but the big enemy's are really easy to evade while the small ones are quite a bit harder. If you choose to attack the big ones, most probably the small ones will interrupt your combo's, and leaving you open to attacks from the big enemy's.

  • Dog's - Well what I can say? I hate them. They are so annoying but also very easy to kill. Here a couple of tips to help you take them out quicker.
    • When a dog is running towards you, press to block at the moment he hits you, if done correctly you will throw them away.
    • Dogs can pounce too, do not try to evade there pounce attack, because you can't! Simply try to jump over them, or shoot them.
    • Your guns will make very short work of the dogs. Especially your pistols, and shotgun, I suggest you always try to shoot dogs from a distance so they cannot even get close to you.
    • When ever your fighting a group of enemy's and there is a dog walking around, he should be your number one target to take out. If you don't he will only annoy you by interrupting your combos and pouncing onto you.

Shank Boss strategy's
  • AVP - The second boss can be a bit difficult since if you get hit by a grenade you lose almost 50% health. This boss is easy to figure out since he only uses two attacks. One of them is shooting the grenades towards you, the second one will be shooting rockets. Once the boss battle starts try to stay on the upper left platform, this is where you stay most of the boss battle anyway. Wait for the two enemies to appear and shoot the one who is close to you, the other one should be killed by the grenades, if not shoot him too. Now just wait for the boss to stop throwing grenades, once he does run towards the end of the train (do not jump down!), all you have to do now is jump up and press to throw your grenades. Once you have thrown all you grenades towards the boss, run back towards the platform and hug the screen on the left side, so you won't get hit by rockets. Rinse and repeat to destroy the AVP.

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  • Denny - The fifth boss called Denny can be a little annoying due to the fact you also need to watch out for two other enemies, which you do need to take out Denny. When this fight starts Denny will charge towards you evade him by pressing and forward, when done correctly you should jump right through him. Now climb the wall on the right side, and wait for Denny to get closer, once he's close enough, jump over him. There should now spawn a new type of enemy out of the metal cage hanging from the ceiling (right side of the screen). Once the slave is spawned try to keep him always between you and Denny, use your pistols to slow them down. If you do this correctly Denny will again use his charge attack, but instead of targeting you, he will target the slave who is between you and him. Now walk up to him fast and press to grapple onto him, and damage him hard. Repeat this process while keeping the slaves between you and him at all times, and you shouldn't have a problem taking this big guy out.

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  • Toro - The seventh boss is called Toro, and he is a very strong dude. This fight takes place in the middle of a level, but don't worry he isn't to difficult. In this boss fight its really important that you keep your distance, Toro will only use his running attack if there is a small distance between you and him. Once the fight starts, unload your pistols into him. He will then start walking towards you, as soon as you see him prepare an attack, evade it. Now just run towards the other side of the boss arena, and start unloading your pistols again. Toro should now use his running attack, he flash yellow before he uses it. Once he starts running evade his attack, and if done correctly he will smash into the wall and get stunned. Watch out for when he falls down on the ground after hitting the wall, cause it will do a lot of damage to you. Once he stunned walk up to him and press to do massive damage to him. Rinse and Repeat and you will have taken out before you know it.

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Costume Requirements:

There are multiple unlockable costumes which you can aquire by doing the follwoing things:
  • Grindhouse - Unlock this costume by completing the trophy for 100 chainsaw kills
  • Any-s Suite - After completing the single-player campaign, input a slight modification to the classic Konami code: +++++++++.
  • White Ninja: Get an 100 Hit Combo
  • Yellow Jumpsuit: Get 1000 kills
  • Wildman: Complete the Single Player Campaign on Hard
  • Spartan: Complete the Backstory
  • Dance: Complete the Single Player Campaign on Normal
  • Deathspank - Beat the game and input:+++++++
  • Red Ninja - 150 hit combo

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I didn't get any of this information about the costumes, all credit goes to:
  • Johnny_Sparx
  • Kruasa
  • malicepoo

If you want to go the thread these guys made click here


And it Continues
Complete Single Player Campaign on Normal Mode

This trophy requires you to complete the single-player campaign on normal. This isn't really hard, just have fun and enjoy the story.

I'm just that good
Complete Single Player Campaign on Hard mode

This trophy requires you to complete the single-player campaign on hard mode. The single-player mode on hard can be pretty difficult. You probably have to memorize some of the harder platform levels, and retry a lot. The big difference between normal and hard is there are no checkpoints in hard mode, and the enemies seem to take more hits to kill. If your having problems watch the boss battle videos, and the read the tips section.

*note* Playing the hard campaign mode will not unlock the trophy for normal, like in all other games.

Complete Co-op Campaign Mode

This trophy requires you to complete the co-op campaign mode. This co-op campaign is offline only, so ask a friend over and enjoy the game together. The co-op campaign mode is on the same difficulty level as the normal single-player campaign.

The Wrong Guy
Defeat El Raton

This trophy requires you to defeat El Raton, he is the first boss in the single player campaign. This fight takes place in a very small environment, so try to keep you distance from the boss and attack him with your pistols. To defeat El Raton you have to use his own attacks against him, this is fairly easy. El Raton will use a charge attack to do a lot of damage to you, how ever before he uses his charge attack he will flash yellow for a second. When he uses his charge attack quickly climb the cage behind you, and wait for him to get close to you. Once he's close enough jump over him so your standing behind him. If this is done correctly El Raton should now be stunned and holding his head. Now all you have to do is press and watch how you do some massive damage, repeat this process and you will have him defeated in no time.

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The Meating
Defeat The Butcher

This trophy requires you to defeat The Butcher, he is the third boss in the single-player campaign. This fight takes place in what looks like a butcher shop, do you see those slaps of meat hanging from the ceiling? Well they are very important if you want to take out this boss. First thing when the fight starts is aim up and shoot with your pistols against the slabs of meat, they should fall down if done correctly. Now The Butcher will be running towards you, but if you press at the right time you will evade his attack. He will then turn around and walk towards you. Keep shooting him with your pistols, and always make sure you have a slab of meat between you and him. He will then probably throws his hook, but because you shot the slabs of meat down he gets stuck. Walk up to The Butcher, and press to start a button mashing sequence. Repeat this process and you will have him defeated in no time.

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Scars from the past
Defeat Cassandra

This trophy requires you to defeat the boss Cassandra, she is the fourth boss you will encounter in the single-player campaign. This fight takes place in a small environment like all boss fights, so again you want to keep your distance from the boss. The only way to take out Cassandra is by evading her attacks, and attack while she has her back towards you. Cassandra has multiple attacks, all are pretty easy to evade once you have the timing down. Now once you evade an attack Cassandra launched she will have her back towards you, now just give her a five hit combo with your shank. If done correctly she will fall on the ground, now just back away, and try to put a few bullets into her while she is walking towards you to attack you again. Repeat this evade, attack process and you will have her defeated in no time.
If Cassandra is low on health and you still have grenades, I suggest you use them. They do not really do massive amount of damage but in my opinion every little bit helps.

Toggle Spoiler

Father forgive me...
Defeat The Priest

This trophy requires you to defeat the boss Angelo, he is the sixth boss you will encounter in the single-player campaign. This fight takes place again in a small environment, which has fire pits on both sides of the room. These fire pits will be used to take out Angelo. There are two ways how you can defeat Angelo, I will describe them below:
  • Option 1 - When the fight starts walk towards the fire pit on the left, Angelo will walk towards you and when he is close he will try to attack you with a sliding kick on the ground. Evade this attack, and you should stand behind him. Now wait for him to get back on the ground and this is important, hit him once with you Chainsaw , then two or three times with your shank . If done correctly you will hit into the fire, and you can then press and do some damage to him. Now if you keep your distance from Angelo he will run towards you make his sliding again, and then starts to shoot at you. Just dodge right through when he holds his guns up, and repeat the process to take him out.
  • Option 2 - When the fight starts select your chains, and walk towards Angelo. Hit him three times with you chains, then evade right through him. If done correctly you can keep hitting him while he wont be able to hit you back, he will just stand there and take the hits. Though do watch out when he starts to do his back flip, then just wait until he gets back on the ground, and repeat the process I described above.

Toggle Spoiler

Revenge is Sweet
Defeat Cesar

This trophy requires you to defeat the boss Cesar, he is the last and final boss you will encounter in the single-player campaign. This boss battle is a little bit different then the others, since you have to counter Cesar to damage him. Once the fight starts Cesar will try to attack you, evade his attack. You should now be standing behind him, hit Cesar three times with your shank, and he will counter the last hit. Press (when the game tells you to) to counter his counter, and do some damage to him. Now Cesar will not always counter your last hit of the three hit combo, but do make sure how ever you always press + forward after the combo so you evade his incoming attack. Rinse and repeat to take Cesar out.

Toggle Spoiler

Just getting started
Take out 20 enemies

This trophy requires you to kill 20 enemies. You should get this trophy in the first five minutes of game-play while playing the single-player or co-op campaign.

Make a name for yourself
Take out 100 enemies

This trophy requires you to kill 100 enemies, it doesn't matter how you kill them, they just need to be taken out. You should earn this trophy without much effort while playing the single-player campaign or co-op campaign.

Mow 'em Down
Take out 1000 enemies

This trophy requires you to kill 1000 enemies.,It doesn't matter how you kill them, they just need to be taken out. You should earn this trophy before you complete the single-player campaign, if your playing on hard.

100 Chainsaw kills

This trophy requires you to kill 100 enemies with a chainsaw as weapon. This trophy should be earned without much effort true out the single-player or co-op campaign. To kill an enemy with the chainsaw is pretty simple, just use your heavy attack while having the chainsaw equipped. You can also hit an enemy a couple of times with your shank, and then grapple onto them with , once your holding him press to execute him with your chainsaw.

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