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This is a guide for Shatter and will detail every trophy. I will provide strategies where appropriate. I would like to thank my bud Chupalo for helping me on the strategies for a couple trophies.

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Balls Galore
Launch multiple balls into play.

Shatter allows you to release multiple balls at any time. Press to get this trophy.

Storm Warning
Trigger a Shard Storm.

Pretty simple, as you collect fragments, the meter in the upper left fills. When it is full it will glow orange. Press to release a Shard Storm, and you will get the trophy.

Kinetic Harvest
Complete World 1 in Story Mode

There are 7 waves, then a Boss. Boss strategy is in The Boss.

Complete World 2 in Story Mode

There are 7 waves, then a Boss. Boss strategy is in The Boss.

Granule Extractor
Complete World 3 in Story Mode

There are 7 waves, then a Boss. Boss strategy is in The Boss.

Krypton Garden
Complete World 4 in Story Mode

There are 7 waves, then a Boss. Boss strategy is in The Boss.

Complete World 5 in Story Mode

There are 7 waves, then a Boss. Boss strategy is in The Boss.

Amethyst Caverns
Complete World 6 in Story Mode

There are 7 waves, then a Boss. Boss strategy is in The Boss.

Neon Mines
Complete World 7 in Story Mode

There are 7 waves, then a Boss. Boss strategy is in The Boss.

Argon Refinery
Complete World 8 in Story Mode

There are 7 waves, then a Boss. Boss strategy is in The Boss.

Xenon Homeworld
Complete World 9 in Story Mode

There are 7 waves, then a Boss. Boss strategy is in The Boss.

The End of the World
Complete World 10 in Story Mode

You get this trophy for completing the game. Boss strategies are in The Boss.

Destroy the last brick with a fresh Shard Storm

Relatively easy. It's best to do this on the early levels, although if you save Shard Storm it can be done on later levels as well. Basically you want to get it down so that there is only 1 block left in play, then use Shard Storm to destroy it ().

I have heard rumors that it has to be a stationary block (blue or red), as some people have not gotten credit for the trophy when destroying a mobile (yellow) block. This is another reason to do it on the early levels.

Collect 95% of all fragments on any wave.

Fragments are released when you destroy blocks. They are what you collect to fill your meter. Collect 95% on any wave to get this. Use Suck if you are having issues. This is actually very easy to get on the first level, the construction of the level is so simple, you can pretty much lay on Suck the whole level without worry.

Old School
Complete a wave without using Blow, Suck, or a Shard Storm.

Basically complete a level without pressing , or any of the shoulder buttons. I have heard of some people having issues with shield () too, so if you are having issues don't use shield either.

Master Batter
Complete the entire game in a single game session without using a continue.

This trophy is more of a time commitment than it is difficult. Shatter is very forgiving with 1ups when your reserves get low. The difficult part of this is that you have to beat the game in one sitting, which to the average player can be a 4+ hour commitment easily.

There is a "trick" you can do to stockpile lives in the early levels. Shatter awards 1ups based on how many balls you have in reserve. In the early levels, where the waves are very simple, you can release multiple balls into play so that you have 1 or 0 in reserve (below your Power bar), the game will award you 1ups with some regularity, and you can easily get to 5-6 balls in reserve before you leave the first world.

Once you get to the later worlds though, I would not recommend using this "trick." When you start getting mobile blocks that use Suck and Blow, this can really come back to bite you in the butt.

Also, the boss strategies below are all modified. When going for Master Batter, throw time out the window, you need to play conservative. Use the same strategies I mentioned, but avoid releasing multiple balls to keep your reserves high.

The Boss
Defeat Boss Rush Mode in Under 10 Minutes.

This is the most difficult trophy. The major key seems to be to beat the first 7 bosses in less than 4 minutes, giving you more than 2 minutes a piece for the last 3. This will take A LOT of practice and some luck, below I have the strategies I have seen regularly work on each boss. If you are having trouble with the individual worlds, you can use the strategies down here as well.

World 1) Bosss: A snake looking dork. This guy is pretty easy, to beat him quickly release as many balls into play as you feel comfortable with, and try to bounce them behind him. Use suck to grab fragments and spam Shard Storm.

World 2) Blocktopus: This guy is a squid/octopus, basically the structural reverse of the last boss. You want to use the same basic strategy as before and release as many balls into play as you feel comfortable with, the trick here is because of his structure it can be difficult to get the balls behind him, so be careful when using Suck and Blow. Spam Shard Storm.

World 3) Clock O Block: This guy is another boss thats all about luck. As you break his barriers he switches forms from breakable to unbreakable barriers. The trick is to get the ball INSIDE him when he switches to unbreakable barriers. The easiest way to do this is to use 2 balls and time them so that when the last breakable barrier is destroyed the other ball is inside him so the unbreakable barriers trap it in.

World 4) Bad Bat: This is another one where you want to use 2 balls and have them on either side of him. Try to use Suck/Blow to bank the balls off the walls and behind him so you can get several hits in. Spam Shard Storm because it works on this boss.

World 5) Cold Shoulder: This boss can be taken down quick with the right timing. Basically use Blow to push his shield away until it is locked up top, as soon as his weak spot is exposed release another ball right at it. You are using Blow this level, so it is easy to control all of them. DO NOT use Shard Storm here, its a waste.

World 6) Death Blossom: At first release 2 balls, and release extra balls (as many as you are comfortable with) when his first set of barriers come down to make sure you are scoring lots of hits. Like the last level, avoid Suck, use Blow to keep your balls under control and away from you. Shard Storm works pretty well here, especially for the barriers. If you saved your Shard Storm from the last boss, it would be a good idea to open with it.

World 7) Over Reactor: This is the opposite of World 5. Use Suck to bring his shields down instead of Blow. This makes the fight harder, and you definitely want to be very careful here. The strategy is basically the same, Suck the shield down, then release the ball so it banks off the back of the screen and smacks his weak spot. Use Suck to pull the ball toward the boss. Avoid Shard Storm, and be very careful releasing multiple balls.

World 8) Electric Avenue: This boss is the first one that can really screw you because of his "beam." Basically release 2 balls at first, one on each side of your bat, and take out the plugs quickly. Then as soon as the plugs are down, release all your spare balls right at him. If you have enough balls you can actually kill him in one pass this way. Use Shard Storm when you get a good opportunity, avoid Suck at all costs, and make sure you put up your shield if you get in a bad spot and have to pass through his beam.

World 9) Xenon Queen: Have 2 balls in play at first, and make sure you are using Blow to keep the balls hitting the targets (If you can get Unstoppaball this boss is SIGNIFICANTLY easier). Once he opens up suck your balls in to hit his weak spot. Save Shard Storm for when he uses his beam to take him down quickly.

Quote Originally Posted by dajmer79
One tip for the Xenon Queen that I found out recently. As soon as you have enough shards to unleash a shard storm, line yourself up in the middle directly opposite her weak spot (after the guns have been taken out). Use your shard storm, and immediately afterward release another ball into play. It will aim at her weak spot as well, and when the shard storm finishes, Xenon Queen will start to close up to protect the weak spot. The newly released ball, however, will just make it through, and actually get stuck inside the weak spot and bounce around like mad. Even at a full health bar, she will only survive a few seconds if you do this, which will significantly help with your time.
The above strategy works very nice as well if you can get your timing down right. Thanks dajmer!

World 10) Bad Bat is Back: This boss can be tricky, basically what you want to do is have 2 balls in play, so that when one ball hits his shield and he gets paralyzed, you will have another ball in play to take advantage. When he does get paralyzed, release the 2nd ball again so you have a 2-fold attack on his weak point. Having more than 2 balls in play can help, but be careful, you can get "in the weeds" quickly with this boss because the layout is stacked against you. Save your Shard Storm for when he is low on health and open up on him right before he starts with his laser.

Fringe Benefit
Get a score of 10,000,000 in Bonus Mode

NOTE: This trophy has to do with Bonus Mode, not the Bonus Round at the end of every world.

This trophy can be painful, primarily because the more hits you get in Bonus Mode the faster the balls move, much like Sum of All Zeros in CoD:[email protected] you just kind of have to bang it out with practice. The third wave is by far the most difficult, so my recommendation is if you don't have about 8 million or more by the third wave, restart.

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