Players: 1 (2-16 online)
Online Play: Yes
Online Trophies: 7
Online Trophies Boostable: Yes
Cheat Codes: N/A
Cheats Affect Trophies: N/A
Trophy Difficulty: 5/10
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Suggested Playthroughs: 1
Time to Platinum/100%: 20-30 Hours (Depending on skill)
Missable Trophies: None

[top]Tips & Strategies

- Some trophies will require you to complete missions online. It is best to log online and create a private room. You don't have to do the challenges with another player, just simply make sure you are in a private room online or with a capable boosting partner and complete any mission you do online, this way it will count towards both the "All challenges completed online" trophies and the "All challenges completed" trophies.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

Glitch Section

Here are a couple of videos that can help receive some of the more difficult and time consuming trophies.

These Glitches are safe BUT it is your decision whether you want to get the trophies legitimately or not.

Respect Trophies for each map and the OMG trophy and online respect

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Infinite Money Glitch (Requires patch to be removed)

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These videos May or May Not unlock other trophies as well such as mathmagician, big run, touchy feely, or other trophies. Use them at your own digression. I neither support nor deny credit to those who use these glitches.


- I suggest that before doing any of the challenges to have fun exploring and collecting the tokens on each map first. This will get you used to the controls and start unlocking "powers" that will make the challenges easier to complete and it will also help get the miscellaneous trophies along the way.

- Complete the challenges using the first tip to unlock the missions trophies.

- Complete the remaining online trophies and challenges. This will get rid of most of the trophies at this point and you are ready for the last step.

- Go for the plat. Simply clean up the rest of the miscellaneous trophies that you have left and earn yourself another platinum trophy to add to your collection.

- There are glitches/exploits for most of the trophies. It's your choice whether or not you would like to exploit these trophies.


Platinum Trophy
Shaun White Snowboarding Platinum Trophy.
- This trophy like any other platinum will unlock once you finish collecting all of the other trophies.

All Park Challenges have been completed.
- This trophy is one of the easier trophies. You do not need to complete every single challenge in the Park City mountain to get this trophy. You need to enter and complete every one of the challenges listed below and receive at least one medal in the event. One medal is usually pretty easy and can be obtained the first time you compete in any of the challenges.

This is the list of the events in Park City you will need to complete with at least one medal in order to unlock this trophy:

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Baron Von C
You have done so much shredding at Park City that everyone adores you. Good Job.
- See Bizzy Bear.

Everyone in Europe thinks you are pretty awesome now. Way to go!
- See Bizzy Bear.

All Europe quests completed.
- This trophy is one of the easier trophies. You do not need to complete every single challenge on the Europe mountain to get this trophy. You need to enter and complete every one of the challenges listed below and receive at least one medal in the event. One medal is usually pretty easy and can be obtained the first time you compete in any of the challenges.

This is the list of the events you will need to complete with at least one medal in order to unlock this trophy:

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All Japan challenges have been completed.
- This trophy is one of the easier trophies. You do not need to complete every single challenge on the Japan mountain to get this trophy. You need to enter and complete every one of the challenges listed below and receive at least one medal in the event. One medal is usually pretty easy and can be obtained the first time you compete in any of the challenges.

This is the list of the events you will need to complete with at least one medal in order to unlock this trophy:

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Earn a tonne of respect in Japan.
- See Bizzy Bear.

All Alaska
All Alaska challenges completed.
- This trophy is one of the easier trophies. You do not need to complete every single challenge on the Alaska mountain to get this trophy. You need to enter and complete every one of the challenges listed below and receive at least one medal in the event. One medal is usually pretty easy and can be obtained the first time you compete in any of the challenges.

This is the list of the events you will need to complete with at least one medal in order to unlock this trophy:

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Bizzy Bear
All the animals in Alaska now respect your snow shredding prowess.
- For each of the respect trophies on each mountain you will need to continuously trick on the mountain. You do not need to do these in one sitting but each one will need a total of 1 million respect points. The best thing to do is save these for last, After collecting tokens and completing events on each mountain you should have at least about half of the total respect points for these trophies. The best way to go about these is to start at the tippy top of the mountain and start heading down and busting out the biggest tricks you can while maintaining a x3 multiplier. Once each mountain has the proper amount of respect points (1 million score total) their respective trophy will unlock.

Frequent Flyer
All the challenges on each mountain have been completed.
- For this trophy you will need to complete almost every challenge in the game. You will not need to complete every challenge on each map unlike the description states. You will need to complete each of the challenges located in the spoilers on each respective mountain as well as the triple slam contests and ultimate competitions. Once you have every one of the specific mountain challenge trophies, the trophy for all ultimate challenges and the triple slam trophies, this one will come with the last one of the four you obtain.

Ultimate Ultimate
You have completed every Ultimate Competition.
- To get this trophy you will need to complete the ultimate challenge on each map. The ultimate challenges are unlocked by completing every other challenge on each mountain. (See respective mountain challenge trophies for specifications on what challenges need to be completed). There are only four of these challenges and you will need to win first in each event which will unlock them for multiplayer and unlock the trophy. Winning first in each of these challenges isn't really challenging and can be completed in usually about 1 or 2 attempts.

These are the challenges you will need to complete to obtain the trophy:

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You've earned a ridiculous amount of respect!
- This trophy is just about THE most time consuming trophy in this game. You will need an overall respect count of 10,000,000. Unless you trick all of the time and they are big tricks you will be nowhere near this amount of points total. You will need to continue tricking down the mountains and busting some big tricks. There really isn't that much involved with this trophy, just time consuming and rather boring. Just keep at it and it will come in due time.

Slammy McSlammerton
You've won the Triple Slam!
- To get this trophy you will need to have finished collecting all of the tokens on each map. There are 3 on each mountain but can be a pain to find. Simply find the tokens approximate location using the mini map and follow any yellow markers. You will need to use your focus jump to collect most of these but you will also run into a few that you will need to use your other focus powers. Once you have collected all 12 of these tokens, head back to Alaska and use your map and head to see Shaun White. He is located at the big orange Shaun White head on the map much like your other focus trophies. Once you see Shaun, you will see a cutscene where he tells you there is a competition in Park City, Europe, and Japan. Complete all three of these competitions placing first in each competition and you will receive the trophy.

Incredible! You've beaten Shaun White!
- Once you have completed the triple slam, head back to Alaska and go to Shaun White's headquarters, located at the same spot as it was where you returned to Shaun with the tokens. Once you are there Shaun will challenge you to a one on one match. This is probably the most difficult trophy to obtain and can become very stressful. In order to beat Shaun in his halfpipe you will need to master scoring between 20 and 30 thousand points per run. It may seem like you are never going to be able to beat him because he seems to only have a bad run when you happen to and when you have a great run he will have an even greater run, but keep at it. He gets worse after a few runs and scores in the lower 20 thousands. That is your chance to take him down. To be safe try to get at least about 25,000 points. The easiest way to score big is to start fast, I did about 5-6 double backflips on each of the four stretches of halfpipe while tweaking a grab. Spins will also get some decent points while combined with tweaked grabs. Once you have taken him down you will view a cutscene of him claiming you beat him by the game glitching and you will receive the trophy.

Supa Bounce
You've earned the Big Air focus power.
- To get this trophy you will need to collect the US Dollars (tokens) on each of the maps. There are a total of 3 on each of the 4 maps. Keep following the Yen on the mini map. You will need to collect most of these by following the blue markers and will need to use the speed focus power to get to all of them. Most of these are easy to locate with a little bit of searching. Collect all 12 and head to Japan and give them to Shaun and he will teach you how to focus jump. Once the cutscene is finished you will obtain the focus power, the trophy, and your final token collecting quest.

Supa Flash
You've earned the Speed Boost focus power.
- Much like Supa Powa this one will require you to collect ten more tokens. Instead of being orange they are now brown, but nevertheless there are still 12 of them in the game, 3 on each map. Much like the Euros they are located on the mini map and really obvious in which direction they are in. To get these though it is a bit trickier than the Euros. You will need to use your Power Shove technique to get to these tokens. In case you skipped how to do a power shove, you enter focus mode with and that will slightly slow things down for you. While you are in focus mode and approaching a breakable object simply hold down and you will power your way through the object. You will notice riding down the mountains big red demonic looking heads, these will show you the path you must take to collect the tokens and there is a breakable object you have to break through to get to the token. I suggest that for these you place session markers at demon heads to prevent you from having to either take a chairlift back to where you need to be or even unstrap yourself and run back up the mountain. Most of the tokens you will be able to break through the breakable object and immediately remove your board and run to the token in order to collect it. Once you have collected all 3 from each map and have your total of 12 head back to Europe and meet up with Shaun. He is located at the giant Shaun head on the map. You will have to use a power break to get to him. Talk to him and watch the cutscene on your trip to Japan, afterward you will learn a new technique and will receive a trophy.

Supa Powa
You've earned the Power Shove focus power.
- To get this trophy what you are going to have to do is simply collect all the Euros on each mountain. There are a total of 3 Euros on each of the mountains and aren't hidden very well, most of them are in plain sight heading down the mountain. Start in Park City and ride the helicopter all the way to the top of the mountain where the first one is located and simply start riding down the mountain and solely focus on collecting these tokens. Start heading down the mountain and keep an eye on your compass as it will show them no matter how far from them you are. head in the direction of the token and start slowing down when you see that the token isn't on the edge of the compass anymore, that means it is getting close. If you overshoot any tokens or pass right by them stop as soon as you can and take your board off with and simply run towards the token back up the mountain. If you need to hit a jump to get to the token simply run up past the jumps location to where you can earn enough speed to hit the jump and collect the token. The same principles apply to each of the other 3 mountains. Once you have collected all 12 Euros off the 4 mountains head back to Park City and head to Shaun White's secret hideout. It is located mid way down the mountain on your left hand side (Right if you are looking at the map). Use select to view the map to make sure you are heading in the correct general direction. Shaun White's hideout is located at the giant Shaun White head on your map. Once you get to Shaun's place you will see a cut scene and you will be taught the power to shove and the trophy will unlock.

Dr. Air
You've done an incredibly sick air trick!
- For this one you will need to catch some big air. You will need to go to the top of any mountain and and catch air off of the biggest mountains you can. You will probably inadvertently receive this trophy during normal gameplay. If you do not than you could head to Alaska and take the helicopter to the very top of the mountain. Once you are there head to the left. Right after you pass the event heading to the left there will be a ledge on your right. Follow that ledge to the end and use your focus jump to catch some big air time and the trophy.

Dr. Butter
That was one gnarly ground trick!
- The easiest way to obtain this trophy is to do a lot of butterspins. Simply hold slightly back downward and to either the left or right to start spinning. An 1800 degree butter spin should be more than sufficient to obtain this trophy. If it is not simply try again and keep the spin lasting longer. A really big grind on a lower rail will also net you this trophy but they are harder to find and you can butterspin anywhere.

Dr. Jib
That was jibbing at its finest. What an impressive score!
- This one may come to you on accident through the progression of the game. If not I highly recommend getting this trophy while collecting the Yen for Shaun. In Japan you will have to break through a wall and start grinding a seemingly endless line of pipes. You are going to want to get on a long rail and keep grinding. There will be at least one place on each map you can go to receive this trophy. Another good spot you can get this is at the construction site in Alaska. Please view the video for details on how to get Dr. Jib from the location in Alaska.

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High Stakes
You sent those other chumps to the poorhouse, and now you're the richest person I know.
- To get this trophy you will need to be online a win a betting event with the bet to be at least $40,000. The best way to do this is to find someone to boost with that has $40,000 also. Once you have found someone simply back up your save data and let your opponent win. Once you have lost the bet simply restore your save data so that you can bet 40,000 again. Win back your original 40,000 in another betting event and you will receive the trophy.

The Gambler
That wasn't much of a gamble. You beat those other riders easy!
- This one is a lot like high stakes but won't require as high of a gamble. You will however need to score a LOT more points than your opponent and blow them out of the water. Either that or get with a boosting partner that will let you shut them out. Simply make a bet with someone for $1,000 and do the best tricks you can to get a high multiplier. Use the multiplier to your advantage and score as big as you can. Double Backflips score really well so be sure to make the most out of the tricks you can.

Generation 2.0
Thanks for putting a video online. I bet it will totally be the best one on the internet.
- To obtain this trophy you will need to press down on the D-pad and hit to save any random replay. Press start and go to "Replay Gallery". Simply use the replay that you saved and upload it to the servers. Once the upload has completed you will get a thanks from Shaun White in a message and you will receive the trophy.

Mardi Gras
Played all challenges online in Park City.
- See Ice Worm.

Played all challenges online in Europe.
- See Ice Worm.

Played all challenges online in Japan.
- See Ice Worm.

Ice Worm
Played all challenges online in Alaska.
- To get these trophies you will need to complete all of the events on each map online. You can do most of the challenges online alone. Simply press up on the D-pad and hit to start a private session. Do all the events you do single player on each map that you can and earn at least one medal in them. Than find a boosting partner and complete the "Rat Race" and "King of the Hill" on each map since these are the only 2 events on each map that need to be done multiplayer. Once you have finished each challenge on any of the maps, the corresponding trophy will pop. You must do the triple slam competitions as well on each of their perspective maps online. If you feel you have missed one you can look at the leaderboards by going to your player log and hitting . Each event should have a leaderboard ranking for you. If there is no leaderboard record for you on a certain event you must complete the event still.

New Kid on the Block
You've won an event online! Let's hope this victory is the first of many.
- To get this trophy you will need to actually be playing with another player. If you are boosting either the betting trophies or the rat race and king of the hill simply have your partner let you come in first at least once during the events and you will receive the trophy. If that isn't the case than simply go online and find someone and make a betting challenge for a minimal amount of money and do whatever you can to outscore your opponent. Boosting or skills will be the key to unlocking this trophy.

Mecha Shredzilla
You have gained a ridiculous amount of respect while playing online!
- This trophy will require you to obtain a total of 1,000,000 total points on any map (or combination of maps) while playing online. I recommend while going for any of the other respect trophies that you do them online until you receive this trophy. Go to the top of any mountain and bust some big tricks while heading down the mountain.

You make a strange looking helicopter when you spin that much.
- This trophy is easier to obtain once you have the super-bounce focus power. Simply go off of any ledge that will net you enough hangtime to pull off either a 1080 spin or triple/quad backflip. Once you have completed the spins land as smooth as you can and the trophy will pop up. A good spot for this is in Alaska due to the fact that is best mountain to obtain some good hangtime.

You've mastered each Style Bonus!
- There are a total of 14 different style bonuses you can receive while playing this game. You will know you received a style bonus by it popping up on the side saying you got the style bonus for whatever bonus you have completed. You should get these all through the natural progression of the game because all of the challenges are spread out and make good use of the majority of the mountain. Here is a list of each style bonus and a brief way on how to achieve them.

  1. Speed Demon - You are almost guaranteed to get this one without really even trying, but if you are having any difficulties with this one simply head to the top of any of the 4 mountains and start heading straight down. Hold up on your left analogue stick while powering your way down the mountain. You should not be using your speed boost focus power for this one but instead just simply finding a smooth enough terrain where you can pick up some big speed.
  2. Near Miss - This is another one that you will probably receive without any effort at all throughout the game. If you want to get it again just to be sure simply head down any of the mountains and get as close as you can to either another snowboarder, a tree, or any piping used for chairlifts. Do not run into the objects but simply get close enough to them to make it look like you just barely skimmed the object. I also found out that sometimes you can run into another snowboarder head on and it will still count for a near miss.
  3. Sick Air - For this one you simply need to get a bit of hangtime off a cliff edge. Simply go to the top of the mountain in Park City and start heading down the mountain. stay straight and start heading up the part of the mountain separating left and right. bear right and once you start up the slope jump off to the right and get as much air as possible. You should get it here, but if not simply keep going down the mountain going as fast as possible and hit as many jumps as you can and you should get this without much effort. This should be one of the first bonuses you receive in the game.
  4. Sick Spin - Simply head up to the top of any mountain and start heading down the mountain and look for any spots where you can catch some big air. Simply get as high as you can and hold L2 to start spinning. You will need to do at least a 540-720. This will net you the bonus for sick spin.
  5. Gap - This one is another simple one. Head down the mountain and simply jump over any of the crevasses and the style bonus should appear on the right hand side of the screen.
  6. Cliff Edge - You will get this one through natural progression of the game by jumping off the edge of a cliff or riding real close to one. This should be one of the easier ones that you don't even have to try for.
  7. Nice Tweak - For this one you will have to jump off any regular jump and simply tweak a grab. To tweak a grab you are going to want to hold R2 while moving the right stick in any direction. You will know you tweaked the grab if you look up in the top left hand corner and it says TWEAK! in red letters.
  8. Grabathon - To get this style bonus you will need to do 3 different grabs off a single jump. Simply find a big enough jump and do any 3 grabs you wish.
  9. Transfer - For this one you will need to be grinding on a rail of ledge and simply hop from one ledge/rail to another. Once you have made the transition you will get the style bonus.
  10. Snowball - This one is another easy one and you will get this while going for the Airmail trophy. Simply pick up a snowball with and keep holding it down until you are locked onto a snowboarder and let go. Once you hit him with a snowball you will receive the bonus.
  11. Lip Slide - This one isn't that hard to obtain. simply go to any halfpipe and start heading down the halfpipe as if it were a normal part of the mountain. Start riding on one of the walls but not heading straight up the wall but rather along side it. Carve against the wall using the right analogue stick and you will receive the the bonus. This will require a bit of speed to accomplish.
  12. Wind Lip - Much like the lip slide you will need to do the same thing but on ice. The best place for this is on the top of the Park City mountain. Once you get off the helicopter head straight and you will see a mountain separating a left and right path. The left side of the mountain is nothing but a sheet of ice. Ride up on the ice and use the right analogue stick to carve against it and unlocking the style bonus.
  13. Slow Spin - This one can be done one of two ways. You can do this with either a spin or a back/frontflip. I found it easiest with a backflip. Simply head off any jump and use the left analogue stick and barely hold it back for a backflip. You will need a bunch of air to complete the rotation. Once you land the trick the bonus will appear.
  14. Avalanche - This one can be rather difficult. you will need to find an avalanche point and initiate an avalanche. Once it starts, slow down a bit and let the avalanche catch up to you. You will need to stay in the red part of the avalanche for longer than 3 seconds for the bonus to appear. Once it appears it won't matter whether or not you get run over by the avalanche.

Here is a visual on how to get each of the style bonuses:

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Living on the Edge
Riding a cliff edge for so long was intense. Maybe not very smart, but very cool.
- There are not many spots to get this and I can't really describe to you where I got it but I got it in the upper regions of the Alaskan Mountain. What you are going to have to do is ride the edge of a cliff for at least 10 seconds without falling off. You are going to need to stay on the very edge of the cliff. The style bonus for Cliff Edge at least 3 times. Just find a cliff edge and follow it back up to the start of the edge and simply ride the edge as far as you can without falling off or until the trophy unlocks for you.

Gravity Allergy
That was a lot of hangtime. You must have legs made out of iron.
- This trophy requires a tremendous amount of hangtime. You will need to receive the sick air style bonus at least 3 times in a single jump. You should wait until you have received the Super Bounce technique and head to Alaska. Go to the left of the helicopter drop at the top and head down that path until you come across a ledge to the right just past an event. Ride out the ledge almost to the end but use your super bounce and before the jump at the end and head towards the concave with rocks all around below. This should net you the trophy. There is however another spot. When heading to Shaun White's hideout in Alaska. On the last platform before the platform with Shaun's hideout on it use the super bounce to the left of the Shaun White sign. Jump into the open below the cliff and this should give you enough to receive the trophy also.

Trans Flat
That was one loooooooonnnnnggggg butter!
- This one is an easier trophy to obtain. You can go for this trophy, Like a Top, and Dr. Butter all at the same time. For Like a top you will need to do an 1800 degree butter spin which will hold the butter spin long enough to receive this trophy. The only problem is simply finding a flat downhill surface long enough to pull this off. I recommend starting at the top of Park City's mountain and riding down until you start seeing other snowboarders and the ground is a lot more stable and hill-less. Hold the spin as long as you possibly can without it getting messed up. If it gets messed up simply try again until you run out of mountain.

Touchy Feely
That was so many grabs in a single jump! Are your hands burning?
- This one is one of the trickier trophies in the game. It requires you to pull off 6 different grabs off the same jump. You will need to go to that spot in Alaska mentioned in a few other trophies with the super bounce technique. Pull off the fastest 6 grabs before landing at the bottom. It may take a few tries so I recommend setting a marker. Here is a video for a better idea of the location and what grabs are fastest to pull this trophy off.

Toggle Spoiler

You've earned a cascade of points from a single avalanche.
- This is sadly one of the most difficult trophies in the game. You are going to have to risk getting consumed by an avalanche over and over again. You will need this one to be planned perfectly. You will need to start an avalanche and let it tail you while you do butterspins. You will need to let the avalanche get close enough for you to be in the red for about 7 seconds, giving you the avalanche bonus twice. With the two bonuses and the butterspins you will have enough points to receive the trophy. The best place to attempt this is either avalanche locations located on the Alaska mountain at the top on the right hand side.

You had the multiplier maxed out for so long I forgot that it changes!
- This one is a bit of a luck based trophy but mostly relies on skill. You will need to obtain a 3x multiplier and not only not lose it, but keep it alive by continuously doing big tricks. I recommend started at the top of the Park City mountain and get a x3 multiplier as soon as you possibly can and keep busting air tricks like backflips and tweaked grabs to keep the multiplier going. When you are running into a spot where you can't air high enough to do a huge trick to get the multiplier to stay juiced long enough, simply start butter spinning until you can get to a decent sized jump to get some air and tricks into the combo.

Big Run
That was a totally impressive run.
- You will more than likely get Mathemagician on your way to getting this trophy. You will need to have a run lasting at least 55,000 points. You will need to start at the top of your favorite mountain and take a path you are familiar with so taht you don't accidentally fall and lose the combo. This trophy relies on nothing more than your skills and there is nothing I can really say that will help you get this trophy any easier. I got this trophy in a big run on the way down the Park City mountain.

You've done so many spins on a single rail, it made me sick just watching.
- This trophy is best received at the same spot as the Dr. Jib trophy. What you are going to want to do is simply get on the rail and hold your right stick to the left or right to start and continue spinning. You will need to continue spinning until you have at least a 1080 degree spin on the rail. Please see the video under Dr. Jib to view the location of a rail long enough to get a big enough spin on the rail.

Like a Top
You do longer butter spins than I've ever seen!
- As noted in the Trans Flat trophy, you will need to get an 1800 degree butterspin. Please see Trans Flat to get a better idea on how to accomplish this trophy.

You've ridden a chairlift from bottom to top.
- This will probably be the easiest trophy in the game you will unlock and it will also probably be your first. While you are in Park City simply hop on the nearest chairlift going up. While you are heading up the mountain you will be given the option to skip the chairlift scene, DON'T. Simply wait patiently for the slow chairlift to bring you to the top of it's destination. This may take a bit of time and you can simply put the controller down and go do something else briefly. Once your snowboarder comes to the top of the chairlift you will receive the trophy.

Dropping the Science
That was an awesome sequence of big tricks!
- For this trophy you will need to bust out four 6,000 point tricks in a row. The best way to do this is to find a high up place where you can get a bunch of tweaked grabs while backflipping and set a marker. Use your super bounce technique to gain the best amount of air possible and start backflipping while tweaking grabs. As soon as you land it, BEFORE DOING ANOTHER TRICK, warp back to your marker and repeat this another 3 times. Once you have gotten all four in a row with a high enough amount of points you will rewarded with a well earned trophy.

Win the CAPiTAŽ SlopeStyle
- This is one of the Ultimate events. To get this trophy you have to participate in and win the Ultimate event, "Slopestyle 1" in Park City. It isn't very hard to place first in these events and especially this one. Simply stick to tricks that you know you can pull off and get as many points as you can before reaching the end or running out of time. Once you reach the end in first place you will receive the trophy.

Demon Sings
You rock! Start headbanging..... now! \m/ \m/
- This one can be a little tricky and is often times finicky. The best way to get this trophy is with a "butter" or if you are more used to skateboarding terms, a manual. You are going to want to attempt this at a 1x multiplier to make it easier to calculate when to let go of the butter. I recommend starting at the top of the Park City Mountain by using the helicopter since this will probably take you a few tries giving us the entire length of the mountain to try to complete. I don't recommend going for it straight from the top of the mountain due to the vast amount of edges on the mountain. Instead you are going to want to use the top of the mountain as a speed gainer. Gain some speed and once you see a nice easy stretch of snow simply tug back a little on the right joystick but not too much. Look in the top left corner of the screen where your points are located. They will slowly start going up (Or quickly depending on how fast down the mountain you are cruising). You are going to want to stop your butter at exactly 666 points. It will take a few tries but once you see your score starting to near the mark simply try slowing down a bit by heading more uphill than downhill. Once you have landed your butter with exactly 666 points you will receive this trophy.

It's Only a Game
Wow. You should be dead right now, nice bail.
- This was sadly the hardest trophy for me in the game. If it doesn't come to you through natural play it may have glitched on you. If that is the case I recommend leaving this for the last trophy and when it is, delete your save data (AFTER YOU BACK IT UP) and try again. To get this trophy you will need to be mid back/frontflip and land your head on a rock or shiny sheet of ice. I got this trophy in Alaska in the area of Shaun's final hideout. Get as much air as you possibly can and land on your head. Keep staying persistent and keep bailing as hard as you can. You will not know if you bailed hard enough to receive the trophy until it pops so even after you think you got it, continue down the mountain and keep bailing until you receive the trophy.

Town Bicycle
You've played every challenge multiplayer. Way to go!
- This one is surprisingly one of the easiest gold trophies you will ever receive as long as you have a good boosting partner. You will receive this trophy once you receive the last of the four silver multiplayer trophies. See Ice Worm for more details on how to make sure you know which challenges you have completed and which ones still need online completion.

You knocked somebody out of the air with a snowball! You jerk!
- This one may take you a few tries but what you are going to want to do is ride down the mountain where there are a bunch of people. Simply reach down and grab a snowball with . Hold onto the snowball and wait for the indicator on another snowboarder completely fills orange and has a skull on it. Keep holding down circle and following the snowboarder down the mountain and await for them to go off of a jump. Once he is in the air let go of and watch as you pelt him with a snowball and goes crashing down to the ground. Oh yeah you will also get the trophy after doing so .

Nice! You nailed a bunch of style bonuses in a single jump.
- This one isn't that hard of a trophy to obtain. You will need to get 5 different styles in a single jump. The best place to do this is in Park City. Head to the top of the mountain and and head straight. When you come to the mountain with the ice on the left and a ledge on the right power your way right to peak off the ledge. The easiest to get are Speed Demon (Which will count towards the total 5 as long as it is received before the jump), Tweaked Grab, Gap, Sick Air, and Sick Spin. Simply grab a tweaked grab off the ledge while doing a 540. Once you land on the opposite side of the crevice you will receive Gap and while you are in the air should receive the other 3.

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