Players: 1-2 Local co-op / 2-4 Online Co-op
Online Trophies: Make Many Friends & Number One Tugnut
Estimated Time to 100%: 15+ hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 on Normal difficulty and at least 1 mission on Hard difficulty
Collectible Trophies: Greetings, Earth Citizens & Dominate at Fatherhood
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: None

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • Hold while firing. This will root you in place and make accurate aiming easier.
  • You can press to melee (or to slide underneath) non-humanoid robots with red health bars to flip them on their backs, making them easier to kill.
  • Some enemies lob round grenades at you. Melee the grenade with to send it away from you and damage robots in its blast radius.
  • All red bullet projectiles can be deflected by pressing just before it hits you.
  • Missile projectiles with yellow tips explode on contact or when you shoot them.
  • The fuel tank on the back of most of the larger non-boss enemies is their weak spot. Aim for it to destroy them quickly.
  • The red "screaming" robots explode if you touch them. You can jump on top of them and quickly jump away to detonate them easily.
  • The large box-looking robots will spawn multiple waves of robots; kill it after it stops spawning robots to earn extra nuts, items, and weapon coupons.
  • When a flying robot crashes to the ground, it will damage any robots it lands on.
  • Playing the same mission multiple times can earn you new coupons for weapons and equipment to purchase in your RV.
  • If you find a particular mission to be too difficult, consider backtracking to previous stages for more nuts and potentially better equipment.
  • You may notice red barrels scattered around the levels. Shoot them to aid in destroying nearby robots.
  • You can continue to shoot some enemies (mainly mini bosses like Hot Rod and Dirt Screw) after they're dead to make extra nuts appear.
  • Know your powerups: Secondary Ammo, 100% Critical Damage, Speed Boost, Increased Melee Damage, Juice (HP)
  • Don't forget to use The Official Shoot Many Robots Boosting Thread to make some of the trophies more manageable.


Simply play through the game on Normal difficulty, keeping your eyes peeled for the Baby Carrier, Astronaut Helmet and E.V.A. Pack equipment coupons to earn:

  • Shoot Some Robots
  • Greetings, Earth Citizens
  • Dominate at Fatherhood

Next, time to hop into multiplayer and earn:

  • Lower Carbon Footprint
  • Get Over It
  • Make Many Friends
  • Number One Tugnut

Lastly, prepare to clean up miscellaneous trophies and grind out stars, kills and XP to earn:

  • Shoot Many Robots
  • Happy 50th, Walter
  • Lookie, Many Stars
  • The Dry Run
  • Punch Many Bullets


Shoot Many Robots
Kill 10000 robots!

This is one of the more lengthy trophies in the game, but thankfully the kill count is cumulative across all missions and difficulties.

Most missions have multiple branching paths. Explore each path and kill all the enemies. This will also help you towards reaching level 50.

The easiest stages to rack up kills are the later survival levels, like [6-2] Journey to Muddy Bottom - Downtown Roadblock II. Completing all waves can net you around 800 kills, especially if you follow the tips section of the guide and allow the box-looking robots to spawn all their available enemies before killing them.

Yo dawg, I heard you like robots, so I put robots in this robot so you can shoot many robots while you shoot many robots.

Shoot Some Robots
Kill 100 robots!

This will be the first trophy you earn in the game, unless you immediately start playing co-op after the tutorial level to earn Make Many Frends, in which case, this will be your second trophy.

You'll earn this on the first mission [1-1] Happy Nut Road - Farm Town. Simply kill 100 robots.

Happy 50th, Walter
Reach level 50!

You'll level up by...you guessed it, shooting many robots.

As you progress through the campaign on Normal difficulty, you'll most likely reach the mid-20s or even possibly level 30 depending on how frequently you backtrack to previously completed missions. Replaying missions you've already completed wont give you much additional experience, so it's best to push forward into the next mission. As you'd expect, the experience on the Hard and Insane difficulties is much higher than playing on the Normal difficulty.

Once you reach level 50, you'll be rewarded with this trophy.

Greetings, Earth Citizens
Beat a mission wearing the astronaut helmet and backpack!

You'll need both the Astronaut Helmet and the E.V.A. Pack to earn this trophy. Both items will come from areas of Metal Slag Trail, with the stages [3-1] Farmland Siege and [3-3] Factory being the most useful for finding them.

You need to be level 12 to purchase and equip the Astronaut Helmet (13,990 nuts), and level 15 for the E.V.A. Pack (13,580 nuts). Purchase and equip both items, then complete any stage to earn this trophy.

All item drops are random, but playing with additional players will increase the number of enemies and thus your chances to get item coupons.

Some players have spent many hours trying to get this equipment. If this is your last trophy needed for 100%, consider starting a new save file and replaying the two missions mentioned above, since it may drop more quickly for a lower level player.

Lookie, Many Stars
Get 75 stars!

There are a total of 305 possible stars to earn across 3 difficulties. You can earn up to 5 stars per map, depending on how many nuts you were able to collect while ripping through robots. It's possible to get all required stars on Normal difficulty, but the equipment necessary to make this happen will come from playing on Hard difficulty.

The key to earning stars is to quickly kill robots and pick up the nuts they drop. This will keep your multiplier high and give you more nuts in return, making achieving 5-stars on each level easier.

You will earn this trophy by just naturally playing the game and progressing through the story into Hard difficulty. If you find yourself unable to push forward, then it's time to go back through Normal difficulty and replay any levels with fewer than 5 stars. Once you've earned your 75th star, you'll earn this trophy.

Dominate at Fatherhood
Beat a mission wearing the baby carrier!

This useless (but cute) equipment can be found in the early stages of the game in Happy Nut Road, mostly [1-1] Farm Town and [1-2] Cliffs Survival. You'll need to be level 4 to purchase this item for 1170 nuts, then complete any stage while wearing it to earn this trophy.

All item drops are random, but playing with additional players will increase the number of enemies and thus your chances to get item coupons.

Some players have spent many hours trying to get this equipment. If this is your last trophy needed for 100%, consider starting a new save file and replaying the first two missions, since it may drop more quickly for a lower level player.

Cowboy Jason Statham takes baby Rob Ford to shoot his first robot

The Dry Run
Complete a mission on hard or insane without dying or drinking juice!

The trophy formerly known as "Slotally Tober Saughter".

While you can't drink "juice" (we all know it's beer) by pressing , you can pick up the green juice power-ups dropped by enemies and still earn this trophy. You'll need to take your time and be cautious while going through the first level of the Hard difficulty. Of course, you can do this on any level on either Hard or Insane, but the first level on Hard is going to be the easiest. I earned this around level 38, but if you're having difficulties making it through the level, you should consider coming back later once you've purchased more powerful weapons and equipment to reduce your frustrations.

You could also run through a mission with someone who's better prepared and have them take care of all the heavy lifting. If this strategy seems like a better idea, then try heading over to The Official Shoot Many Robots Boosting Thread.

Punch Many Bullets
Punch two bullets, killing two robots, with one melee swing!

This tricky trophy requires you to melee two red bullets simultaneously, and have each of the two bullets connect with two different robots, destroying each of them. The bullets don't have to hit the robot that fired at you, but it must kill whatever robot it connects with after punching with .

There are many places throughout the game where red bullets will come flying at you, but an easier stage to try is [1-2] Happy Nut Road - Cliffs Survival. Near the end of the initial wave, several groups of flying enemies will come from the top right. With good timing, and a little patience, you'll earn this trophy. If you fail during the first wave, the first Bonus Wave will have more opportunities. More flying enemies will come from the right and stationary enemies will be positioned on the left, giving you plenty of opportunities.

Here's a video of this in action, provided by rasganha.

Lower Carbon Footprints
Destroy a robot overlord in multiplayer!

The Over Lord boss is essentially a giant wall, with lasers and raising platforms beneath the floor that spew fire out the side. You can find this boss in [2-3] Dirtfield Drive - Foundry, or any of the following stages named "Factory" or "Foundry". Simply defeat him with at least one other player in either local or online co-op and this trophy is yours.

Anyone else feeling a Contra vibe?

Get Over It
Revive other players 8 times!

When one of your co-op partners is downed, go over to them and press to revive them. Do this a total of 8 times, and this trophy will unlock at the end of the current mission during the results screen.

This can be done through either online or local co-op.

Avenge...me. . .

Make Many Friends
Have someone you invite join you in an online game!

After completing the tutorial level and reaching your RV, press and choose "Invite Friends" and select your friend's PSN ID to invite them to your game. This trophy will unlock once they have joined.

No friends to invite? Try The Official Shoot Many Robots Boosting Thread

Number One Tugnut
Come in 1st in a four player mission!

At the end of each mission, you'll see the results of who killed the most robots. Be the one on top, and this trophy is yours.

While you can get this while playing with 3 other players online, an easier way is to get a partner and each of you use 2-controllers. If you're unable to earn this trophy normally through online missions, try a visit to The Official Shoot Many Robots Boosting Thread.

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