Players: 1-2
Online Trophies: None
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 15-20 hours
100% Difficulty: 4/10
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: Tag Collector, Completionist
Missable Trophies: Unkillable, Pacifist
Glitched Trophies: None


Back in the earlier stages of gaming, side-scrolling platformers ruled the market with gamers drooling over each Mario or Sonic game that came out. However, since gaming made the jump into the next-generation, puzzle platformers have been somewhat forgotten or taken for granted. Sure, we still get creative games such as Littlebigplanet, but platforming games haven't been taken back to their roots successfully on the PS3 in a long while. Thus comes Sideway: New York, an ambitious PSN title that attempts to put a unique spin on classic platforming. Its unique style is intriguing, but is it a game worth playing? Well I'm glad to say that it definitely is!

You can read my full review of the game here: Sideway: New York Review - PS3Trophies.com

[top]Tips & Strategies

- Once you've successfully completed a level, you can use chapter select to go back and replay it. This will definitely help with trophies such as Tag Collector.

- For some helpful videos on how to defeat bosses and finding the numerous Secret Tags in Sideways, refer to this playlist on YouTube. Credit goes to FrankNStein for making these videos! Youtube - FrankNStein's Channel: Sideways New York.


1) Play the entire singleplayer campaign, getting all of the story-related trophies, and any other trophies you might be able to get. Mostly just focus on enjoying the game and letting the trophies "pop!".

2) Go back and replay any levels where you didn't find all of the tags for the Tag Collector trophy, and find all of the upgrades for your health and paint powers to get the Completionist trophy.

3) Cleanup time! Go and get any of the missable trophies that you haven't already gotten.

4) Play one level with a co-op partner; it doesn't matter which level, and it can be offline or on.

5) 100%!!!


Gone Sideway
Complete the first mission

This is a story-related trophy and cannot be missed.

Once you complete the first level, which is pretty much a tutorial level, you'll get this trophy. You shouldn't have any trouble with the level, as the game eases you into how to master the controls, enemy attack patterns, and how to traverse the world.

It's kind of a...
Defeat Big Deal

This is a story-related trophy and cannot be missed.

Big Deal is the first boss you'll come across in the game, and he can be a pain in the butt if you don't know the trick to defeating him.

Upon first coming into the boss section, Big Deal will shoot these paint canisters out of his back, which will run after you and do some damage. They're quick little buggers, but you can easily kill them by simply jumping on them. There will only be 4 paint canisters coming at you at a time, but after defeating them they drop the orbs that refill your health and powers, making them extremely useful for the fight.

After clearing out the canisters, Big Deal himself will jump down and start to attack you. Activate the graffiti on the sides of the section by pressing near them, and when Big Deal gets close enough, jump on his head. After a raging yell, Big Deal will then charge in your direction, doing massive damage to you if hit. Time your jump so that you go right over him and he slams his big 'ole noggin' into the graffiti that you activate.

Rinse and repeat twice more and Big Deal will be defeated.

Plinked Slink
Defeat Slink

This is a story-related trophy and cannot be missed.

Slink is a crazy rabbit-like graffiti that will be your second boss encounter in the game. Primarily, he'll shoot these projectiles at you, and you'll want to keep your distance from him, as the boss-section design suggests (it's a large area).

When Slink shoots his projectiles at you, click the button to bring up your Paint Shield. Timing it correctly will cause the projectile to bounce back at Slink, doing damage to him. Once he gets hit, he'll go into rage mode and shoot a seemingly unlimited stream of projectiles across the entire boss-room. Try to stick to the bottom corner(s) of the level to avoid getting hit by these, but sometimes it's inevitable to avoid the attacks. Repeat the process twice more and Slink will go down.

Note that even though the Paint Shield does drain a considerable amount of your power slot, every projectile you successfully dodge drops either a health replenishing orb or a power replenishing orb. These can be farmed if you're having a difficult time.

Bombed & Bumped
Defeat Bomber & Lump

This is a story-related trophy and cannot be missed.

In order to get this trophy, you'll have to defeat Lump, a thug-like graffiti that will be the third boss you'll go head to head with in the game.

Once you enter the boss section, Lump will send down one of his minions to go and do some damage to you. Similar to the Paint Canisters from the Big Deal boss fight, these enemies aren't all too difficult, but they can be a pretty big nuisance. Take them out quickly, and then use the paint splatter on the wall to teleport yourself up to Lump, who's sitting atop a billboard. Get in as much damage as you can on him before he knocks you off of his billboard, and repeat the process. Eventually, he'll become stunned and you can use your jumping ground-pound attack to finally start depleting his health bar. (jumping ground-pound attack can be done by jumping with , and while in the air pressing both and at the same time.)

Repeat this process twice more in order to defeat Lump and get this trophy. Note that as you do more damage to Lump, he'll summon more minions to attack you. Eventually, you'll have three of the buggers on you at once, and it can be a pain in the butt to defeat these enemies if you don't take them out quickly.

Complete the game

This is a story-related trophy and cannot be missed.

After your final fight with Spray, you'll get this trophy for beating the game.

Spray is definitely a difficult boss fight, but not nearly as difficult as some of the other ones in the game. He has a variety of attacks, but if you make good use of your surroundings (notably the "paint splatters" on the wall that allow you to travel distances via turning into spray paint and avoid all attacks easier), you can dodge most of them. Just focus on laying the put-down on Spray and dodging his attacks, most of which can be done by simply jumping or using the Paint Splatters on the wall. Once you deal enough damage to Spray, he'll become stunned and fall to the ground. This is where you can finally make a dent into his life bar. While he's laying on the ground, do a jumping-pound attack on him (done by clicking to jump, and then pressing both the button and the button at the same time).

Repeat the process 2-3 more times and Spray will be defeated, and you'll finally earn your freedom from the world of Sideway.

Note that spray will always be flying/floating in the air during the fight, unless you hit him enough times that he becomes stunned on the ground. Make use of jump attacks and kicks to do your damage to him for the most efficiency.

Unlock all the paint powers and upgrades

In order to get this trophy, you're going to need to get all of the paint powers in the game, and find all of the health and power upgrades.

Paint powers are come across through natural progression and cannot be missed. Generally, you'll get new powers along the way towards completion, and you must get them before being able to progress. This part of the trophy is easy and very simple to accomplish, but you'll have a decent amount of trouble with finding all of the health and power upgrades.

While not nearly as tedious of a trophy as Tag Collector, these upgrades can be annoying to find. Not all of them are found through natural progression, but rather, some may need to be searched for. While yes, a select few upgrades are found by simply going through a level in the way it was designed, I'd say about half of them are hidden throughout levels, or more difficult to get then your usual tag. You'll know you've collected all of the upgrades when you have seven slots for both your health and powers. You can also click to view your progress towards collecting these while in the middle of a level.

Tag Collector
Collect all the Tags in the game

This is one of the two collectable trophies in the game, and it will probably be the one trophy you have the most trouble with.

Tags are little graffiti objects littered throughout levels. Most can be found through simple progression, with many being in your direct path to the finish, but there are also a ton of tags that are hidden and can only be found through exploration. Generally speaking, many of the hidden tags can be found be exploring places opposite of where the arrows in the levels point you to. The arrows (which are found on the walls and roofs) are primarily used to guide you through the sometimes confusing levels. When an arrow points you to the left, but you think that it's possible to explore in the opposite direction, do so. More often than not you'll find some hidden tags.

Note that secret tags count towards your total. There are five secret tags per level, and they're very easy to miss. Usually you'll find them by exceeded exploration, and they're often extremely hidden and difficult to find.

After completing a level, you will see how many Tags and Secret Tags you've found and how many you've missed. This allows you to use chapter select and/or replay levels to try to find all of them. Alternatively, you can press the button to view your progress mid-level.

Note that when you restart or try a level again, all of the tags will be there once again. Even if you've collected a large majority of them in a level, they'll be back for you to find them all over again upon completion. Secret Tags, however, do not respawn.

Once you found all of the Tags spread across the 13 levels, the trophy will be yours to show off.

Graffiti Partner
Complete a level in co-op

A very simple trophy to obtain; all you need to do is get a friend or family member to play a level with you and the trophy will be yours. This can be done offline, making the trophy very convenient, as your PSN friends don't have to have the game as well.

Levels can generally just be rushed through, so this trophy shouldn't take very long to get.

Complete a non-boss level without dying

This is easiest done in one of the earlier levels, as there are easier enemies, and there are also fewer of them too. Go to one of the first levels and run through it without ever getting killed. If you die once, then just restart the level and go at it again.

It's a pretty good idea to calm down and just take it slow. When you're on edge, it's easier for you to slip up and die, rather than if you're calm.

It's a simple trophy, but not necessarily an easy one. Once you complete a level without dying, the trophy will be in your collection.

Complete level without killing anyone

As the trophy description says, all you need to do is defeat a level without killing any enemies and this trophy is yours. Easier said than done, that's for sure.

The best place to do this is in one of the earlier levels, where enemies are fewer and it's easier to just run right past all of them. While it might take you a few tries, as long as you persevere the trophy will eventually pop.

Just as a tip, it's generally a good idea to stun enemies so that you don't have to worry about them chasing after you and you accidentally killing them. You can stun an enemy by holding down the button, which will cause you to do a slide kick. The enemy will only be stunned for about 1-2 seconds, so be hasty in your progression.

Also note that some levels have enemies that must be beaten in order to progress; similar to mini-bosses. Best to choose a level that doesn't have one of those.

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