Players: 1-2
Online Trophies: Yes, Concert debut, Channel surfer and Stars in my eyes
Online Pass Required: no
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: no cheats
Estimated Time to Platinum: 400 songs and/or 50+hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: none
Missable Trophies: none
Glitched Trophies: low rider can be glitchy

[top]Tips & Strategies

10 or more songs must be available on an inserted Playstation3 Singstar disc or on the HDD for trophies to be enabled
Don't get frustrated. Just grind out the 400 songs. You don't need to own 400 songs. Just sing 400 times
Another tip, when playing solo. Have your second mic always on and keep it close to your speaker so that your second player scores a min of 500 points

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

It's rumored that Low Rider is glitched. I personally didn't have this issue. if it doesn't pop after playing a song after 500 points, try being just under 1500


Djungs Road to Platinum
First off, I'd like to say that this game is alot easier than the original SingStar. Trophies are NOT difficulty based
1. Get all the easy trophies by changing you date in the xmb and online media(holiday special, concert debut, low rider, ect)
2. Now we work on the skill trophies (Nailed it, Superstar Quality, ect)
3. Cleanup the remaining trophies, such as Good Vibrations, Gold Rush and Musical Marathon


Collect every SingStar trophy

Get all Singstar trophies to unlock this

Don't stop the music
Perform 40 songs

Perform 40 songs on either short or normal lenghth.

Lyrical odyssey
Perform 100 songs

Perform 100 songs on either short or normal lenghth.

Musical marathon
Perform 400 songs

Simply perform 400 songs in any mode. You don't need to own 400 songs. Just sing 400 times
This will take a lot of grinding. perform 400 songs on either short or normal lenghth.

Perform 15 songs in one game session

This trophy is easy, simply sing 15 songs in one session (without quiting the game)

It takes two
Perform with a friend 30 times

This trophy will come during your road to platinum. Simply sing with a friend (mic 2) 30 times

The home team
Perform with a friend 90 times

This trophy will come during your road to platinum. Simply sing with a friend (mic 2) 90 times

Perform with a friend 300 times

This trophy will come during your road to platinum. Simply sing with a friend (mic 2) 300 times
You can host online matches that will count towards this trophy
Be sure both score at lest 500 points for it to count

Star quality
Earn the "SingStar" score ranking in 10 normal length performances

See Superstar Quality

Superstar quality
Earn the "SingStar" score ranking in 20 normal length performances

You need to earn the rank of “Singstar” on a song, you must earn over 9000 points. You can sing the same song over and over and this will count.
The easiest way i found to get this was by playing "beep" by The Pussycat Dolls, sing as Will and you can literally hum into the mic to get over 9k
Rince and repeat 20 times for the gold

That's a rap
Complete 5 rap performances

To get this, simply perform 5 raps. This can be the same song sung 5 times.
You will see a logo at the bottom left of the songs title screen that says "rap".

Back me up
Complete 5 performances of a duet song with another player

You need two mics for this
Simply sing duet with a friend, can be the same song over and over. Both players must score at lest 500 points

Be number 1
Gain the number 1 position in 10 different score charts

You will earn this while going for Platinum, You only need to get 6000 points to gain the number one position on the charts.

New styles
Perform vibrato for the first time

This trophy pops at the end of the song. See Good Vibrations

Good vibrations
Perform vibrato for a total of 300 seconds

You can get this by playing songs with long notes. You will know when you are using vibrato when you see a white wavy line go through your note

Strong pitcher
Get the highest ranking on 10 lines in a row

See Nailed it.

Nailed it
Get the highest ranking on every line in a Normal length performance

For this trophy you need to score "awesome" on everyline.
The best way to acheive this is to follow Superstar Quality

Play 5 random songs selected by the shuffle button

Simply hit R3 to suffle. Shuffle 5 times and perform the songs getting at lest 500 points

Low Rider
Get the lowest score rank on any song

Pretty simple here, just score over 500 points and under 1000 and this trophy will unlock

Midas touch
Fill every Golden Note in a normal length performance

All you have to do is fill all the gold sparkled notes. I found that The Killers "Mr. Brightside" was real easy to get this.

Gold rush
Complete 500 Golden Notes

This will come natually, just fill the gold sparkled bars 500 times

Improving performer
Accumulate 500 seconds of perfect pitch

See Rule the stage.

Career crooner
Accumulate 3000 seconds of perfect pitch

See Rule the stage.

Rule the stage
Accumulate 10000 seconds of perfect pitch

This is alot easier than it sounds, you'll most likely get this during your road to Musical marathon. Your going to need 10,000 seconds of perfect notes

Holiday special
Play on Christmas Day

Change your date in the XMB to Dec 25 and sing a song

Anniversary gift
Play on SingStar's original launch date

Change your date in the XMB to May 21 and sing a song

Sing me a love song
Perform a duet song on St. Valentine's Day

Change your date in the XMB to Feb 14 and sing a duet with 2mics, both need to score at lest 500 points

Perfect harmony
Sing in harmony with a friend during a Duet

You need two people and mics for this trophy.
Some duet songs have harmonic parts in them, and when this occurs, harmony appears in a large bubble on the screen. Fill both notes in a harmony, and the trophy is yours.

Concert debut
Upload a piece of media

Super easy trophy. Simply sign a song, and upload it to the community gallery

Save it for later
Save 20 pieces of media

After you complete a song, you have the option to either save or upload. Choose save and do this 20 times. for this trophy, you dont even have to actually sing the songs lol

Channel surfer
View 50 pieces of media

Go to the community part of Singstar,now what I did was just look at photos as they are super fast to view. Just look at 50 items, also rate 10 for Stars in my eyes

Stars in my eyes
Rate 10 pieces of media

See Channel surfer.


Thanks to Smashguy for the banner

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