Number of Players: 1 – 2 (Maximum of 8 players possible (because there is a game-mode where they have 1 vs 1 battles up to 8 people, but you can only sing with 2 microphones!)
Online Trophies?: Yes
Glitched Trophies: Gallary Gazer can be glitchy but it will pop up eventually if you done the requirements.
You need to sing with the name SingStar makes for you, this will be your PSN accountname or the name from your PS3 user-account. Trophies and 9000+ songs won't count if you sing with any other name(s).
Cheat Codes: N/A
Accessories: You need 2 microphones (PS2 of PS3 microphones) and a PS2/3 Eyetoy or camera that is compatible with your PS3 for certain trophies.
Total amount of Trophies: 21x || 8x || 5x || 1x
Total amount of Offline Trophies: 12x || 6x || 3x
Total amount of Online Trophies: 9x || 2x || 2x
Trophy Difficulty: 9.5/10, This is gonna be a tough platinum even when you're an amazing singer.
Time to Platinum: 50-150+ hours, it could take you a week (if you don't have a life, are an amazing singer and SPAM a lot of SingStar profiles and different PS3/SingStar related websites) but it can also take you months and months for some of the online trophies!
Time Consuming Trophies: It Takes Two || In It To Win It || Obsessive Singer || They Really Love Me || SingStar Celebrity
Hardest Trophies: They Really Love Me || Super Singer Gold || Beat Bravo!


SingStar is a game for PS2 and PS3 that lets you sing to your favorite artists along with their actual videos. The game scores you on how good (or bad!) you are, either singing on your own or with friends. Enjoy sing-off battles, party games and songs from a variety of musical genres. Get your mates round, get competitive and have an absolute blast!

[top]General Tips:

  • All trophies are listed in XMB order. This will make it easier to navigate through the guide.
  • Keep your eyes at the note bars so you know when the tune changes and you need to change yours. If song goes too fast for you, just start humming, because you really need that points.
  • If you're a bad singer, keep practicing and you will eventually keep getting better. PRACTICING DOES REALLY HELP, YOU WILL REALLY GET WAY BETTER!
  • Short versions of the songs will most likely give you more points, short versions do also count torwards the 9000+ score trophies on all difficulties.
  • Keep your mouth near the microphone and try to sing like the artist of the song does. You probably need to sing the song a few times to get better scores on the song. The more you practice on a song, the better scores you'll get on that song.
  • Sometimes it will help a lot to get higher scores if you're standing instead of sitting on a couch.
  • Humming is easier than singing, we all know that! And if it's easier, than that means more points!
  • Try to upload media to the SingStar Servers as soon as possible, because the online trophies will be the hardest trophies in the game to get. Also join different clubs and visit different SingStar profiles and ask them all to rate your media 5 Stars (5 Stars for 5 Stars).
  • Visit the official boosting thread:
  • There is a glitch to get "views" on your media, check out Center Of Attention for more information.

Question 1: Which SingStar does have trophies?
All SingStar games do have the trophies but there is only 1 general trophy list. So no multiple platinum trophies you SingStar Trophy Whores .

Question 2: So, I can earn trophies while using multiple SingStar games?
Yes, for example: You got SingStar Vol 2 with 40% of the trophies and you buy SingStar Vol 3, you can now earn the trophies that you still need on both SingStar games. You can even use multiple SingStar games for certain trophies, like for getting the 9000+ scores, you can get 2 songs 9000+ on SingStar Vol 2 and 3 9000+ songs on SingStar Vol 3.

Question 3: Can you use PLAYSTATION 2 SingStar games for getting trophies as well?
Yes, that is true. If you have any SingStar games for the Playstation 2, you can use them on your Playstation 3. All SingStar games on the Playstation 3 have an ability to read Playstation 2 SingStar Games disks. The best part is that you even can earn trophies while playing a Playstation 2 SingStar Game on your Playstation 3!

Question 4: Can you get trophies using Singviewer?:
No, you can't get trophies by using Singviewer but you can get the requirements for some of the online trophies by using Singviewer. When you're on Singviewer you can visit profiles, watch videos, listen to music, look at photos and visit the SingStore. For some trophies you need a X amount of views and when people go visit your profile or media by using Singviewer, it does count forward for the trophies. The only problem is you can only get 1 profile visit, media view and rating per PSN. Be sure to keep that in your mind!

Question 5: Do I have to use an official "Singstar" microphone?:
No, you can use any microphone that has a USB connection(PS2, RockBand, Konami) or an official Singstar wired or wireless microphone but so far it has shown that wired microphones have better response when singing songs.

[top]Currently Available Playstation 3 SingStar Games + Tracklists

SingStar (1):

Toggle Spoiler

SingStar Vol 2:

Toggle Spoiler

SingStar Vol 3:

Toggle Spoiler

SingStar Abba:

Toggle Spoiler

SingStar Pop Edition:

Toggle Spoiler

SingStar Take That:

Toggle Spoiler

SingStar Motown:

Toggle Spoiler

SingStar Queen:

Toggle Spoiler

[top]Recommend Songs:

Me and Allenbird will both post all our 9000+ songs in here, although that doesn't guarantee you will also be able to get those songs 9000+.


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Toggle Spoiler


Toggle Spoiler


You Are A SingStar
Collect every trophy in the game

This platinum trophy is one that may be easier for some (most likely not) and impossible for other depending on whether you are tone deaf or not and the online trophies. In any case it is almost like LBP where you have to put media online that others will like and vote for in order to get trophies.

If you get the platinum trophy for this game, you will automatically join the site's SingStar Platinum Club:

Sing your first song

Just sing any song either the short or the normal version on any difficulty to get this trophy.

You need microphones to play this game, if you don't have microphones that are compitable with your PS3 you can't play this game!

Super Singer Bronze
Score over 9000 on 5 different songs on Easy (Unlocks a PlayStation®Home reward)

See Super Singer Gold

Super Singer Silver
Score over 9000 on 5 different songs on Medium

See Super Singer Gold

Super Singer Gold
Score over 9000 on 5 different songs on Hard

To score over 9000 points on any song on any difficulty, you have to sing the song almost perfectly. The margin for error in keeping tune for every song decreases the higher the difficulty. Practice will help in learning the songs and what the tune is. For the harder difficulties try to learn songs that have less variations in the notes of the song. Also you should take a look at our recommend songs, because we were able to get 9000+ on that songs and you also might be able to get a score like that.

Keep It Cool
Achieve a ‘cool’ ranking on every line of a ‘normal’ length song

To get a "Cool" ranking on one line, you have to be in tune for the majority of the line. The rating system goes : "Cool" "Good" "Okay" "Awful". This means you need to get the highest possible rating on all lines. This might takes some practice as this can be quite hard. Just look for an easy song on easy difficulty. You will end up getting at least around 9800+ points for this trophy. Be sure you do this on a normal length song and not on the short version! A great song to get this trophy easily on, is Do Wah Diddy Diddy - Manfredd Man while singing as the background.

Your Golden Moment
Fill every bonus note in a ‘normal’ length song

The bonus notes are the ones that sparkles gold. There isn't one on each line, they are spread through each song. You really don't even have to sing the entire song well for this as long as you completely fill the "Sparkly" bonus notes. If you will end up getting 500 Sparkly bonus, you will get the trophy. This will take you a few tries but this shouldn't be too hard. You also have to do this on a normal length song!

Beat Bravo!
Beat our resident SingStar! – score over 9344 on hard mode on any ‘normal’ length song

This is one of the hardest trophies in the game. Singing any song and getting over 9000 points on hard is difficult enough, so for this you really need to do very well on a song. Some suggestions are "Mr. Brightside" by the Killers or Do Wah Diddy Diddy by Manfred Mann or Beep by The Pussycat Dolls. All of these songs have long stretches of the same notes which makes it a bit easier. Also one big thing to point out which would be good to think about is that the game recognizes humming as well as singing. The notes and being in tune is more important than actually getting words right. Another point is that you also need to do this on a normal length song, which makes this trophy even more harder.

At Least You Tried
Achieve a very, very low score

This is easily achieved by getting less than 1000 points on any song, short or normal version.

Beginner Singer
Sing 50 songs

See Obsessive Singer

Veteran Singer
Sing 100 songs

See Obsessive Singer

Obsessive Singer
Sing 300 songs

For these sets of trophies, you can sing any song on the track or bought from the Singstar store. Whether it is a short version, or normal length song, all song version count towards these trophies. You don't have to sing 300 different songs, you can just repeat any song 300x if you would like to do that.

In It To Win It
Play 200 songs in Battle mode

Battle mode is where you sing against another person locally head to head to see who can get the most points in the song chosen. You do need two microphones in order to play battle mode. Just sing in battle mode 200 times and the trophy is yours. A suggestion is to keep this trophy in your mind while going for the sings 300 songs trophy.

It Takes Two
Play 200 songs in Duet mode

Duet mode is where you sing with another person on a song and get a score together. You do need two microphones to sing in duet mode. Just sing 200 songs in duet mode and the trophy is yours. A suggestion is to keep this trophy in your mind while going for the sings 300 songs trophy.

Go It Alone
Play 50 songs in Sing Solo mode

This will probably be done in tandem to many other trophies. Simply singing 50 songs, easy, medium, hard, short or normal version in Solo mode will get you this trophy. A suggestion is to keep this trophy in your mind while going for the sings 300 songs trophy, although this trophy shouldn't cause too many problems.

Play 10 medleys

A medley is a combination of several songs that you sing just a short part of each song back to back to get a cumulative score. You can make any combination you like, just sing 10 medleys and the trophy is yours. Again you can sing the same medleys 10 times, you don't need to sing 10 different medley songs.

Window Shopper
Visit the SingStore (Unlocks a PlayStation®Home reward)

You need internet access to get this trophy. Once you do have access to the internet, go to online in the main menu and pick the singstore and this trophy will be yours.

Popularity Contest
Make 5 SingStar friends

Friends really are not hard to get. If you are like me, you should already have several people on your PSN friendslist that have singstar as it is a popular game. If that is the case, the game will automatically add your friends from your PSN list who have singstar accounts to your friendslist on your singstar account. Aside from getting 5 friends in this manner or getting extra friends, you can access the online community and through viewing video playbacks or just searching profiles you can make a request on anyone's singstar profile. Get 5 friends on your Singstar account and this trophy is yours. It does also count towards this trophy if people on your friendlist make a SingStar account through the SingStar Viewer Application in the playstation store.

They Really Love Me
Have a media upload rated 4 stars by at least 1000 ratings

This is probably the hardest trophy in the game. 1000 ratings means 1000 separate accounts have to view one piece of media you have uploaded and have rated that media with at least a 4 out of 5 star rating. The best way to do this is to make a piece of media that will entertain people, not just good singing, but something funny or creative. The most viewed and highest rated videos in the Singstar community are usually video playbacks that make you laugh a bit. Join a club where other people view profiles and rate videos, or just randomly visit people's profiles and view their media and rate theirs. This way you can become popular and people will want to visit your media. Spread the love enough, and enough may find it's way back to you. Boosting does also help although I won't be easy. You can sent people messages on there SingStar profile and ask them if they want to rate your media 5 stars. You can also make a 'boosting' group where each participant should make multiple accounts so they can rate your media multiple times. For example you have a boosting group of 50 people and they all have 20 different PSN accounts. 50 x 20 = 1000 accounts, which means you get the trophy. Another way to boost this trophy is asking any people to download the SingStar Viewer in the playstation store. With SingStar Viewer people can view and rate other peoples online media, without even having the game. This way they don't need to have SingStar to view and rate your media, so this will also be a good way to boost the trophy and of course they can do that with multiple accounts as well!

Center Of Attention
Have a media upload viewed over 100 times in its first week online

This means that a single piece of media must be viewed over 100 times in a 7 day window from when you upload the media(video playback, picture or audio playback). An easy way to do this is to have an alternate account you have created go to your media, push X to access it and press circle to back out. Each time you do this it will add a view to your media and you can reach 100 views in no time, other wise go online and invite people to come view your media.

All Eyes On You
Have a media upload viewed over 200 times in its first week online

This is the same as Center Of Attention, you just need to get 200 views in the 7 day window from the time it has been uploaded to your singstar profile.

SingStar Celebrity
Get a grand total of 8000 views from all your media ever

8000 Views is a lot. You can have a maximum of 5 video playbacks, 100 pictures, and 5 audio playbacks uploaded to your singstar profile. If you had 100 pictures uploaded and each picture had 80 views, that would get you 8000 views. Of course the method mentioned in Center Of Attention can be used to accomplish this, or you can just go online and visit people's profiles and get them to view your media as much as possible.

Post a single comment on another player’s profile page (Unlocks a PlayStation®Home reward)

All you need to do is go to anyone's profile in the Singstar community and post a single comment of their profile.

Gallery Gazer
View 100 snapshots, 100 audio playbacks and 100 video playbacks

This trophy can be a bit glitchy. I know we and several other people have had it glitch where it unlocks randomly. We viewed all of the requirements checking off 100 of each media a couple times and it didn't unlock, only to have randomly unlock while just viewing randomly media one day. Aside from that media is easily accessible by going to the Singstar Scene on your profile and going to community gallery. My suggestion would be to go to the latest media uploaded, or hot picks of the week. The hall of Fame though is a place you will find a good laugh. Although this can be quite time consuming, the only real boring thing will be the audio playbacks. You don't have to view all the media entirely, you just need to view the media like 3 seconds and you will be fine.

Welcoming Party
Receive 50 visits to your Profile page

You need 50 different people or profiles to view your singstar profile. Joining clubs and having popular media is a good way to have people come view your profile.

Pillar Of The Community
Receive 200 visits to your Profile page

You need to have 200 different profiles to visit your singstar profile. This trophy may take a while as 200 profile views can take a long time. Having popular media or joining clubs is a good way to get people to view your profile.

Star Maker
Rate 30 different pieces of media

Just go to any media in the singstar community and rate it from 1 to 5 stars. Do this 30 times and the trophy is yours.

Meet The Locals
Visit 50 different Profile pages

View your friends, go to the online community, find some media and visit their profile, view one of the top 20's profiles, it doesn't matter who's profile you visit, just visit 50 different people and you will have this trophy in no-time.

Media Mogul
Save 200 pieces of media

If you have a PSeye or EyeToy, every time you sing a song it will take 10 pictures and 1 video playback. Otherwise it will record an audio playback. After singing a song you come to the encore screen where you can view the video playback, audio playback and snapshots. Go to each one and save the media. If you sing 20 songs and save all 10 pictures that are taken during those songs, you will have saved 200 pieces of media.

It’s Good To Share
Upload 1 piece of media of any type to SingStar Online (Unlocks a PlayStation®Home reward)

To upload media, you must have saved media from after singing a song. After saving any type of media, go to "My media gallery" in the main menu, and choose which type of media you want to upload, push square to pull up your upload options, then press triangle when you have chosen the media you want and choose to upload it. Then press triangle to go to the upload screen and press triangle to upload the media. Remember you can only upload 5 Video playbacks, 100 snapshots, and 5 audio playbacks. If you have already uploaded this amount to your profile, the upload option will not appear in the upload options screen until you delete one of the type of media you want to upload from your profile.

Happy Holiday!
Play SingStar on Christmas Day

This means you need to sing a song on Christmas Day. So either you can wait until 12/25 and sing a song to get this trophy or change the date on your PS3 to 12/25 and then sing a song.

Happy SingStar® Day!
Play the game on the day the original SingStar® premiered in Europe

Singstar Day is May 21st so either wait until then and sing a song on that day or change the date on your PS3 to 5/21 and then sing a song to unlock the trophy.

Interior Decorator
Change your wallpaper 5 times

From the main menu screen go to "Play Singstar" - "Options" - "Personalize Singstar" and then choose wallpaper. Change the wallpaper here 5 times and the trophy is yours.

Mirror Image
Complete a song using the camera feed option

From the main menu screen go to "Play Singstar" - "Options" - "Hardware Settings" and then choose camera settings. The default setting is artist video, just change that to Camera feed and then sing a song with that option enabled.

Leagues Apart
Win a battle on hard difficulty, while your opponent plays on easy

You need two microphones for this trophy. Play in Battle Mode and set the difficulty of one of the microphones to hard and leave the other one as easy. Make sure the microphone set to Hard wins the battle and this trophy is yours.

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