Players: 1 (Local) 1-4 (online)
Online Trophies: You can do them all in single player or online
Online Pass Required: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No
Estimated Time to 100%: 1 to 3 hours (depending on skill)
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: No
Missable Trophies: No, all challenges can be replayed via the start menu
Glitched Trophies: None that I am aware of

[top]Tips & Strategies

It's a good idea to get the hang of pumping; holding or when approaching a ramp as helps you gain height

Also, check out the in-game trick guide for any specific trick that you may be stuck on (accessible via the menu).

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

I believe that if you kill some challenges in this DLC (and all other DLC packs for that matter), it actually contributes to the trophy 'Mass Murder' in the core game. This really isn't a cheat or anything, but handy if you're struggling for the platinum.


As long as you have unlocked each challenge there really isn't an order you have to do it in, however here is my order of business:
  • Over the Rainbow -Photo
  • Modern Manual - Photo
  • Twin Spires - OTS
  • The corkscrew - Photo
  • Art of Rail - Film
  • Gallery Gap line - Film
  • The Quintessential Stair- Film

  • Bump Riser - OTS

  • Own the lot


I Own all the Classics
Complete the 'Twin Spires' OTS Challenge

The criteria for this challenge is fairly simple, earn 900 points in one trick to own the spot. Bare in mind that this is a own the spot challenge, so you are unable to build up any sort of multiplier, but this shouldn't be a problem

Before approaching this ramp, making sure to pump (hold or ) to gain more height. This should give you extra time to perform longer tricks to achieve more points.
As for what tricks you do, is completely up to you and what you feel comfortable with. Personally I like to use a variety of flip tricks, dark catches, spins and grabs to maximize points.

Play around with different tricks to find what is manageable. However, if you're stuck, feel free to refer to the video provided in the spoiler to see a demonstration:

Toggle Spoiler

Bump and Grind
Complete the 'Bump Riser' OTS Challenge

Similarly to the previous own the spot, owning this challenge is pretty simple, you have to perform a 650 point trick in the spot provided, and again, you can't build up any sort of multiplier prior.

When approaching the spot be sure to pump ( or ) to gain speed allowing you have more height, thus more time to perform higher scoring tricks.

For this spot I would recommend using a variety flip tricks and dark catches ( )

For a demonstration, feel free to watch the video below:

Toggle Spoiler

2 Wheel Rainbow
Complete the 'Over the Rainbow' Photo Challenge

The criteria for this challenge is to perform a manual while over the 'Rainbow' (A.K.A the ledge).

This challenge is very straightforward, push off a couple of times so that you gain some speed and then as soon as you start riding the ledge, pull back gently on the right analogue stick so that you are resting on the back two wheels of your board and then hold this position until the end of the ledge.

There's nothing more to it that then, however if you would like a demonstration, check out the video below:

Toggle Spoiler

Flippin’ Loopy
Complete 'The Corkscrew' Photo Challenge

To complete this challenge you must perform two full loops in the spot provided.

When approaching the loop, be sure to pump (hold or ) to help gain extra speed so that you don't fall off your board midway through. I'd also recommend following the blue line provided as guidance.

Feel free to view the video below for a demonstration:

Toggle Spoiler

Modern Major-Manual
Complete the 'Modern Manual' Photo Challenge

To own this challenge you must gap up to the ledge, and then perform a manual across it.

In my opinion the hardest part of the challenge is actually making the first gap. To help, pull down on the right analogue stick earlier so that you are in the crouching position for longer. This allows you to jump slightly higher, making the gap easier to land.

From here, manual across the ledge to the other side and either drop down onto the pavement or ollie onto it.

To perform a manual, pull gently back on the right stick of your controller so that you are balancing on the back two wheels on your board.

Please refer to the video below for a demonstration:

Toggle Spoiler

Complete the 'Gallery Gap Line' Film Challenge

The criteria to own this challenge is to gap onto the 1st ledge and then to gap to grind the 2nd ledge.

Undoubtedly the hardest part of the challenge for me was to gap the 1st ledge as I constantly fell short, forcing me to bail. If you're having a similar problem I would recommend two things; firstly make sure you pump ( or ) when approaching the ramp. Secondly, if you feel like you are going to fall short of the gap, perform a Foot Plant ( and ) as this increases how far you travel by just a little bit.

From here, just gap to the ledge and grind it. If you are having trouble making the gap, pull down on the right analogue stick for longer before you are about to ollie as this gives you extra height/ distance.

Also, feel free to jump off you board () to help position yourself if you're having trouble.


Toggle Spoiler

Slow and Steady
Complete 'The Art of Rail' Film Challenge

To own this challenge you must grind the first rail, then grind the second rail (both of which are clearly indicated in game) and then finally to perform a 180 spin onto the third and final grind.

Grinding the first rail is fairly straightforward, approach it at an angle so that it easier to land. For the next rail, you may be aware of a small set of stairs that kill your speed. To avoid these stairs I would recommend turning slightly to the right and follow the raised plant bed back to the second rail instead of just ollieing the stairs. After grinding the second rail, you will need to perform a 180 spin onto the third rail. To help making the spin, try turning both analogue sticks in the desired direction when performing a spin as it is makes you spin far faster.

For a demonstration, feel free to check out the video below:

Toggle Spoiler

Stair Maestro
Complete 'The Quintessential Stair' Film Challenge

To own this filming challenge you have to gap all 5 sets of stairs in one run without bailing.

Just before each set of stairs there is a section that is slightly darker than the rest of the pavement, I would recommend ollieing midway into each section since it's not too early so you'll hit the stairs, and it's not late so that you don't have enough time to prepare for the next gap.
I would also recommend keeping ollies quick and small so that you have enough time to prepare for the next gap.

For a demonstration, check out the video below:

Toggle Spoiler

Complete the 'Marraffa's Skatepark' OTL Challenge

This Own the Lot consists of 8 challenges; 1 accumulation, 3 Gap challenges, 1 Tag the Spot, 2 Solo Shots and 1 Trick list.

Tranny Trench

To complete this challenge you must accumulate a total of 20,000 points in the space of 2 minutes. To be successful here you need to bare in mind that if you use the same kind of tricks (e.g. flip tricks) over and over again in the same line, you'll earn less points. To avoid this, use a variety of tricks from flip tricks, dark catches, grabs, grinds and hand plants; hell, if you have enough height, throw in a Christ air or two to hit the high scores.

Since this is accumulation you can earn up to a x3 multiplier, so at the start of each run you do, try to earn a large multiplier quickly to maximise points as soon as possible.

Also, if you feel like you are coming to the end of a line (losing height etc.), use and to return to the starting position so you can do the same run again.
Remember: Make sure to pump ( or ) to gain speed and height so that you perform tricks for longer.

Raffa's Transfers
(Gap challenge)

To complete this challenge you must transfer to the Pocket Bowel, then the hip and finally to the lower bowel (all of which are indicated in game).

While approaching each section, make sure to pump ( or ) to build up speed so the transfer is easier to make. When you try to make each transfer, be sure to ollie and press forward on the left analogue stick as you go over.

As you land, try to land on the slope on the other side so as you go down, you should keep a fast enough speed to make the next transfer.

Loop Line (Gap challenge)

This challenge is composed of 3 criteria; 'Rock the Loop', Transfer over the rail and to finally perform a 540 spin while transferring the rise.

To 'rock the loop' you must simply loop the inside of it. To do so, make sure you pump ( or ) to gain speed and makes sure to follow the blue line indicated within the game as this is the recommended path.

The complete the second criteria, be sure to pump as you approach the transfer to gain height. Similarly to the previous challenge, be sure ollie and press forward on the left analogue stick as you do the transfer. Height is also really important because if you are too low while perform the transfer you will hit the rail, forcing you to bail.

Finally, while making the transfer be sure to follow the blue line suggested in-game as this is the recommended path you take. As for the spin, be sure to use both analogue sticks as this makes it far easier to spin faster.

Also, bare in mind that once you complete one the criteria, it is now completed regardless if you respawn to your marker, so don't worry about respawning if needs be.

Grass Trap (Gap challenge)

There are four pieces of criteria that need to be completed before completing this challenge.

To complete this challenge, first you must grind the ledge. I would recommend approaching the ledge at an angle to make landing it easier.
From here gap the grass, I would recommend to respawn to your marker when approaching this as you generally don't have all that must speed after the ledge grind.

The third criteria is to now manual revert on the disc. If you are unfamiliar with a revert, I would suggest just trying it on any flat surface without the manual. To perform a revert, as you are moving, perform a circular motion with your left analogue stick so your character spins round (you'll know you're doing it right when you hear the screech on your wheels on the pavement *shudders*). Now just apply this revert technique as you pull back gently on the right analogue stick to perform the manual.

For the final criteria you must now grind the ledge over the grass. You can do this straight after the manual, however it is also accessible if you start from your respawn marker and go in that direction.

The Midas Touch (Tag the spot challenge)

To complete this challenge you must grind all 8 of the golden rails within 3 minutes (all grinds are indicated with arrows in game).

There isn't a lot to this challenge, simply just make sure you give yourself enough room to land to grind.

(Solo run)

To complete this challenge you must perform a finger flip 360 while going over the hip in the space of 3 minutes.

As you start this challenge by jumping into the bowl, make sure you land on the curve so as to gain speed, also pump as you go up the hip. As you go over the hip, I would recommend doing the 360 and finger flip separately, what I mean by this is to do the 360 quickly while in mid-air and then straight after perform the finger flip of your choice.

To make the 360 easier, use both analogue sticks as this makes spinning much faster. Then to perform the finger flip just hold (or ) and then flip trick with the right analogue stick.

Tricky Triangles (Solo run)

To complete this challenge you must gap the space between the orange and grey triangle and then land on the gray triangles grindable edge for the entire length.

When approaching the orange triangle, come from the left hand side so you have plenty of speed that will carry you for the rest of the grind.

Trick List

In my opinion this is the hardest part of the entire DLC, thankfully however there aren't really any trick specific objectives (excluding the tailslide) so it is fairly lenient.1. Gap the Extensions - From the start, turn slightly to the right and drop into the bowl. From here, move towards the first objective, while pumping as you approach. Gap over the extension any onto the other side, landing still within the bowl.

2. Transfer the stepped spine - You should still have momentum from your last objective. Make sure you pump as you approach the spine, and as you go over the spine be sure to perform an ollie as you leave the transfer, also push forward on the left analogue stick to land directly in the lower bowl.

3+4. Transfer to the lower bowel + Do a 540 fingerflip - While still maintaining a fast speed from the previous objective, turn right and onto objective 3. Once you are in the middle of the transfer, use both analogue sticks to spin quickly to perform a 540 spin. While still in mid-air, hold and do any trick with the right analogue stick quickly before you land. This may take a few attempts to get right, but just be persistent to get the routine down.

5. Gap over the Loop - Return back your marker. Now go down back into the bowl and then go up to the elevated ramp directly in front of you. Place a marker here. Drop down towards the loop, when you reach it, perform an ollie while pressing forward with the left analogue stick. You should just be able to make this gap, however feel free to respawn back to your marker to try again.

6. Lateflip over the Golden Mid-rail - After the loop, there should be ramp with a rail on it directly in front of you. You want to be careful so as to not hit the rail on the way over. To avoid this, be sure to pump as well as an ollie at the last possible part of the ramp to gain height. While mid-air do any random flip trick that isn’t directly connecting to any trick you did when leaving the ramp (a.k.a a lateflip)

7. Do a 720 - You should still have some speed from your last objective. There will now be ramp straight ahead of you, as soon as you jump off of it use both analogue sticks to move your character round faster. This may take a couple of tries to get right. Respawn back to your marker.

8. Grind the loop - Similarly to objective 5, approach the loop; however aim for the right hand side so that you ride up onto it forcing you to grind it. Respawn back to the marker.

9. 3,500 point trick - This is in my opinion the hardest part of the trick list. Start off the run normally, go over the loop however when you get to the next transfer try to score a high earning grab trick that gets you a x3 multiplier. Now with this multiplier, perform a trick that consists of spins, flip tricks and dark catches on the ramp in front of you. With any luck you should get 3,500 points. However, if you can’t get that many points in the section I suggested, try different ramps that may work better for you, but make sure you have a x3 multiplier when trying.

10. Tailslide the Far Golden Rail - At the far end of the park there should be a Golden Rail, go just beyond and you will see a black area on the floor. Place your marker here facing towards the rail. To actually do a tailslide you may want to look at the in-game trick book (accessible via the menu) however what you basically need to do it jump earlier when going for the grind so that the curved ends of your board hit the rail instead of the trucks.

11. Grind the Nub Extension - Now make your way over to the Nub Extension, get off your board, run up to the flat surface of the ramp, then just ride and ollie onto the extension so that you grind it.

12. Transfer to the shallow bowl - The criteria for this objective tells you that you need to transfer from the larger bowl to the shallow bowl, however the easier option is to transfer from the shallow bowl to the larger bowl. Sometimes the game allows it and sometimes it doesn’t but the latter way of doing it is far easier.

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