Players: 1-12
Online Trophies: 2
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 3-6 Hours
Minimum Playthroughs: Not even 1
Collectible Trophies:
Missable Trophies:
Glitched Trophies:


Ski-Doo Snowmobile Challenge is, yes, of course, a snowmobile racing game. As bring as it may seem, ski-doo gives video games a new face on snowmobile games. Before, they were no fun racing off mountain games, but now with take downs, stunts, and trophies, this game is pretty amazing. I bought it for the trophies, and found a wonderful party game as well as laughter, because the takedowns can be quite hilarious. The bad part is the online is dead, literally nobody is there, and you must boost for an online experience. The trophies are easy, yet challenging, but hey, if it wasn't challenging, then the game would be lying.

[top]Tips & Strategies

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits



Collect all other trophies.

The end of a quick adventure.

Take down one opponent.

This one is a very easy trophy. Normally, when going around a turn, keep going strait into the side of someone and that's practically the easiest way to receive a takedown.

Take down three opponents in a row without crashing.

This one is also easy yet a bit difficult because when you are slamming them from the side, you don't think, "Oh, how am I to turn", before you crash. So hopefully, you will be smart enough to brake once in a while and be careful.

Take down four opponents in a row without crashing.

As easy as it may sound, it isn't as easy as you may think. Firstly, no crashing. Secondly, be careful and steady. Thirdly, when you hit three, feel free to do the side smash and do it quickly before you lose it because it is hard. Fourth, is you get Bezerk then just try to get this one directly after or when going for bezerk don't do the side smash for your 3rd take down, and then do it on your 4th.

Perform a two stunt combo.

See Wire Fu

Wire Fu
Perform a three stunt combo.

Pretty self-explanatory, yet is a bit difficult, and will take time. First, pick the track "Snowshow" and pull off quick tricks. No superman's or superman seatgrab, none of that, just those lazy boys and strippers. When going off that mid jump, press early and the up on then up on and then again and right on

Adrenaline Junkie
Stay in adrenaline mode for 30 seconds

See Boostaholic

Stay in adrenaline mode for 60 seconds.

This one is easier than it seems, again, pick the track "Snowshow" and just keep doing tricks, and, of course, holding . When turning the corner with the boost, turn early and favorably steady, but if not, then don't hit those jumps and when going off the middle section, hit two tricks, more if possible.

Unlock half of all unlockables in career mode.

See Pack Rat

Pack Rat
Unlock all unlockables in career mode.

Again, self-explanatory, get all of the unlockables in career. The last unlockable is, of course, the last track, so when that opens, you are done with career. Sadly, you have to race every other one

Collect $50000 in career mode without spending them.

If you couldn't figure yourself, you need to do career. And don't buy anything is one way of doing it, but you will be finding yourself wanting to buy to win. You don't need to buy anything to keep winning, but if you crash, you're practically done. So you will easily get this eventually, just either don't buy anything (the hard way) or finish most, if not all of career (the easier way).

Hold a stunt for 2 seconds.

See Frozen

Hold a stunt for 4 seconds.

This one is a bit hard too. Again, do the track "Snowshow" and play around. Make sure you have adrenaline and go off the middle section for the best air. It is fairly easy but normally you will barely hit this trophy when earned (if you look at the time to see how long you were in air or you were holding the trick you'll see what i mean).

Big Air
Stay airborne for 3 seconds.

See Orbit

Stay airborne for 5 seconds.

Compared with frozen this one is pretty hard. Just the second difference kills. But again, go for the same technique and just hope. Much much harder but you'll get it. And remember to hit at the right time too because that gives you an extra jump boost.

Win a career race with your sled intact.

This one is easier than it seems. All this means is don't get hit and win. You should try this on your track, "Duluth SX", after you try getting the easy ones as mentioned above. This includes cones, those padded boxes, fences, people, and of course, other sleds. The only thing you can really hit is the snow. Oh, and you can't crash from my experience. Just a little tip so you don't over trick (if that's even a word).

Perform a backflip.

See Double Backflip

Double Backflip
Perform a double backflip.

This and double frontflip are a bit glitchy because if you do you back(or front)flip uneven just a little bit then it won't count, so just keep at it. The way you do this is by hitting either or and pull back on the to pull of a backflip, and hold it for a double. Make sure you release and balance properly with the time you have (and don't have).

Perform a frontflip.

See Double Frontflip

Double Frontflip
Perform a double frontflip.

Just like double back flip: The way you do this is by hitting either or and flick foward on the to pull of a frontflip, and hold it for a double. Make sure you release and balance properly with the time you have (and don't have).

Head Splat
Land on top of another player in an offline match.

Another one easier than it sounds. You must do a race and about 1 out of every 3 races you will land on someone going off a jump. If you are trying for this, usually you will be behind the person, unless the jump makes you slow down. Position yourself so you will land in the path he is in. Again, this is easy to get not trying, but if you are trying and are frustrated, just keep playing the career because you will get this. And when you do, it will say "stomped" and you will receive 500 points instead of 300.

Collide with 3 trees in a race.

There are (I think) trees in every race. So just hit them three times. This trophy is funny because you may think you hit 5 trees or something but you really haven't so don't give up, but it is REALLY easy.

Collide with the spectators.

Very easy trophy, every race has them. Just go behind the line and run those suckers over.

Online Acrobat
Achieve 20,000 stunt points in a single online match.

When you go online, make sure you do a RACE, because 20,000 is impossible to do if you're not on a race. Pick the 1st race in the US, and then keep running into the side of your partner (and visa versa). Strangely, whoever runs into the other person will crash so his buddy gets the points. Keep doing this until you each get 20,000.

NOTE: This will take 40 minutes-1 hour to do.

NOTE: Tricks give you 5-20 points, so they will not work, but this trophy will only pop up if you do a trick after you get 20,000.[/CENTER]

Invite someone to a race.

For this trophy, you do not even need a friend who has the game or is even online. All you have to do is host the game and send a request, and *bing* trophy.

TIP: Thanks Gamer4Life898

Lead a race from start to finish

This is actually not easy, but I suggest that you wait until you have the best driver, snowmobile, and an easy track because otherwise, you're screwed.

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