Players: 1-2
Online Trophies: None
Online Pass Required: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No
Estimated Time to 100%: Anywhere from 8 to 20 hours depending on skill.
Minimum Playthroughs: You'll need to complete Tutorial Mode and all 8 character story modes. The rest can be done in Arcade/ Online/ Versus mode.
Collectible Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: None

[top]Tips & Strategies

The Basics & Controls

It is important to learn the controls of this game immediately if you ever wish to complete it to its full extent. There is a high learning curve that needs to be nearly mastered in order to obtain most of the trophies on this list. The buttons can be mapped as you see fit but the required combos will be the same. L stands for LIGHT, M for MEDIUM, and H for HEAVY, corresponding to the type of punch or kick that needs to be executed.

Just like in the Capcom vs. games, in Skullgirls you can have tag team teams which will allow you the ability to pick up to 3 characters for a team. Unlike the other games though this is optional, and the number of teammates can determine the amount of health and power your characters have, being weaker the more numbers you have. Here is the chart for figuring the statistics to building a team:

Also like the Capcom games, you can choose assist moves your allies can perform, one of the options being the ability to customize a combo to use as an assist. This is essential for one of the trophies and also a very unique and fresh take on the assist system. In order to utilize it you will need to have a very good understanding of the above statistics and the button mapping. Any additional information is best gathered at this site.


Training/ Leaning Controls
I would suggest practicing whether in Arcade mode or Training mode before tackling anything in this game as it will help to learn all the characters at least to familiarity before tackling the trophies. It is also best to get Breaking The Cycle now as it is the easiest and quickest trophy you can obtain.

The Story Mode
Go for Threads Of Fate and beat the story mode. The preparation beforehand will help you in your fights against Marie as you will have to fight her with every character. It is best to tackle this on Sleepwalker mode because even then it can be tricky.

The Tutorial Rooms
The most frustrating trophy and one you'd think would be first, but save yourself the time until you've come to realize this is a fun game, otherwise obtaining Sküllgirlsmight kill your enjoyment early on.

Character Trophies & Grinding
Now that you have the two mode specific trophies it is time to start grinding, so have a friend or at least a second controller and prepare to grind out the rest of the trophies if you haven't already earned them playing the game at its natural pace. Its not as bad as some fighting games and you can still have fun through it all, just don't expect anything to come fast and free.


Threads of Fate
Follow all threads of fate to their inevitable conclusions.

Probably the most straightforward trophy on this list, you must complete Story Mode in its entirety with all 8 characters. This can be done on any difficulty and I would recommend Sleepwalk mode if you find the game A.I. to be tough to handle. The initial story mode will only take you through 6 of the characters story arcs to fight Marie. After you beat the story mode you will unlock Valentine's story and then you will unlock Double's once you complete Valentine's.

The only real issue obtaining this trophy is the multiple times you must fight Bloody Marie. She can be a real hassle even on the easiest difficulty. A useful strategy is to set the game timer to 30 seconds and deal damage to her without triggering her second form, allowing you to beat her by time victory. I recommend this strategy due to the ridiculous amount of chip damage she deals even when blocking later in the fight.

Graduation day has arrived at last! Mrs. Victoria’s so proud of you.

To earn this trophy you must complete the first four chapters of Mrs. Victoria's Tutorial Rooms in the Tutorial section of the main menu. This can be a real hassle because some of the later tutorial rooms are akin to the notorious combo challenges of other fighting games and can cause a lot of frustration and headache for those who lack the patience and dexterity to perform the required moves to complete a room. Persevere and complete every room needed and you will earn this trophy and feel proud of it too.

Words are fun - expand your vocabulary.

To earn this you must earn exactly 60 different types of combo words. To unlock combo words you simply create chains. For example, a 2 hit combo and a 3 hit combo will award different praise words just as 30 and 31 earn different words. There are at least 80 different words you can collect so try out different combos and try to keep track of what numbers you've made so far if you feel like you're gonna have trouble getting this naturally over time. Using team combos and supers are a good way to rack up words in the 20+ range, but some of the higher numbers you'll have to get a little creative and lucky. It is not as hard as it sounds.

An exploit you can use is performing Double's Super Catellite Lives and knock your opponent into the corner and begin spamming light punches and/ or kicks to rally up the numbers to the desired combo chain.

An Ensemble Cast
There may be no I in “team,” but there is in “variety.”

This trophy is a little tricky to pull off but very doable once you know what you're doing. You will need to use different custom assists during several matches of various team sizes and then some. The requirements are as followed:
  • Play 10 matches with a single character.
  • Play 10 matches with two characters using custom assists.
  • Play 10 matches with three characters using custom assists.
Make sure you play these matches out for them to count.

Instant Hair Dash
Let your parasite feel the wind between his tendrils.

To earn this trophy you must use the Air Dash Cancel (ADC) while playing Filia around 60 times. Note that to do this simply hit the opponent in the air and attack them with anything but a Heavy attack then double tap forward to cancel.

Real Circus Damage
And now, for the main attraction... Grappling!

To earn this trophy you must perform around 60 command grab moves while playing Cerebella. The moves you want to use are her Diamond Drop, Merry Go-Rilla, Excellebella, Grab Bag, and/ or Showstopper.

The Kitchen Sink
Throw everything at them, including...

To earn this trophy you must perform Shadow Of Impending Doom with Peacock and drop items on the enemy. They are at random and some of them only appear at higher levels. Drop one of each item and CONNECT the hit with the enemy and you will earn this trophy.

Here is the item list:

Toggle Spoiler

Good Hunting, Commander
A good commander knows how to wield their forces effectively.

To earn this trophy you must perform any combination of moves that summon the Egret Soldier with Parasoul around 100 times. Use the moves Egret Call, Egret Dive, and Egret Charge. Note that all these moves are considered charge attacks and will put you back into a neutral stance when used.

Getting A Head In the Game
Sometimes you just need to relax and take the weight off your shoulders.

To earn this trophy you must spend an hour of game time with Ms. Fortune's head removed. You can detach her head using either the Cat Strike or Cat Spike combo. Simply fight with her head removed or even use it in combos as long as it isn't on her shoulders it will count as time toward this trophy.

My Pain Shall Be Visited Upon You
Sometimes you can take it, and sometimes you just want to lash out.

To earn this trophy you must absorb around 100,000 points worth of damage using Painwheel's various Hatred Guard attacks. This consists of most of her moveset which you can see here. The best way to go about this is to perform the level 3 Blockbuster Hatred Install combo which makes performing the Hatred Guard moves more effective, but entirely optional for grinding this trophy.

Medical Board Will Be Notified
Your opponents aren’t the only ones under the knife.

To earn this trophy you must perform and successfully connect around 50 of the Level 5 Blockbuster Forbidden Procedure: Rebirth Ex Machina as Valentine. You will need to use this in a team of at least 2 (preferably 3) and will need to put a lot of focus in building the Blockbuster meter as it is a costly move to perform. You'll have to perform the move while standing over a fallen teammate to revive them. This can be grinded in Versus with a second controller by utilizing the Sparring Mode option in the start menu during a match to give you the 5 bars you need for the move. It is a tedious undertaking but entirely doable.

Toil and Trouble
A sesquidecemvir of seven simulacra synergizing simultaneously.

To earn this trophy you must perform around 15 combos as Double that cause her character animation to assume the form of the original cast for the game (the other 7 characters). The best combo to use is HP -> LK (Must connect with small window to chain combo) -> MK -> MK -> HK (Quickly) -> jump HP -> cancel into HK. You should see Double become in order: Cerebella, Valentine, Filia, Parasoul, Ms. Fortune, Painwheel, and Peacock. This trophy can be very picky on the number of combos needed, not always registering them as a full combo which is why you need to try and be fast and precise.

Breaking the Cycle
Retaliate against repetition.

To earn this trophy you must activate the Infinite Prevention System mechanic. You will know this by the purple aura surrounding an opponent when you repeatedly spam a single move on them. With the press of a button in this state they will burst you away from them. You can do this ti the A.I. but its best done with a second controller so you can predict when it happens. Probably the easiest trophy in the game so have it.

Call the Wardrobe Department
Make dozens of costume changes.

To earn this trophy you must play using around 60 different color palettes of the characters. Every character starts off with six colors with four that can be unlocked. Note that if you play with a second controller, the colors picked as player 2 DO count towards this trophy. You can use command buttons while selecting a character to pick a color but the easiest way to keep track is to press and choose the color when selecting a character.

Here is how you unlock the other colors for each character:

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World Warrior Princess
Wander the world... unintentionally.

To earn this trophy you must use the random stage select to randomly play on every available stage in the game. This can not be done until after you've completed all of the Tutorial rooms and beaten Story Mode as two of the levels will need to be unlocked. Now once you have done both of those and assured the levels unlocked (there are 11 in all) then have at it.

The levels you need are as followed:

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Happy Birthday
You got a present!

To earn this trophy you must knock out two enemies at once in a team battle and earn a "Happy Birthday!". This can be a little tricky to do but can be done in Versus mode with another controller. It is best to play a single character against two. The easiest method is to play as Peacock and use her assist combo Argus Agony as you have the other two low and using an assist to make them both on screen at the same time.

Here is a video to help out:

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