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Nightmare in North Point is a stand alone DLC for Sleeping Dogs. It takes place after the main story campaign and involves Wei trying to rescue Not Ping from Smiley Cat, a demonic former Sun On Yee who is seeking to become the ruler of North Point.


Players: 1
Online Trophies: Not applicable
Online Pass Required: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: Not applicable
Estimated Time to 100%: 2 to 3 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: 1
Missable Trophies: 0
Glitched Trophies: 0

[top]Tips & Strategies

When driving around between or during missions to not hesitate to kill any Jiang Shi you see on the streets. This will help you build towards the requirements for Cursed Gold. However, killing them with your vehicle will not get you the stat so make sure you exit your car first.

Note: As the DLC is stand alone, your money, clothes, cars and reputation will not carry over from your main campaign playthrough. This means that you will not be able to complete the missions in the DLC to improve your overall status or stats in the main campaign. However, you can unlock cars and new outfits by completing the various side missions. You will also be able to use the martial arts moves which are unlockable in the main campaign.


Step 1

Play through the 7 main story missions to obtain Pet Cemetery and I Can Haz Banishment.

While playing through the missions focus on racking up stat requirements for Cursed Gold including kills for Vampire Hunter, Demon Hunter and Demonic Exorcism and avoiding bites for Hard to Get.

Step 2

Complete all side missions for Ghosts and Stuff, find all the money shrines for Hell Money and finish off any stat requirements for Cursed Gold.

Step 3

Enjoy once more sitting at 100% on your Sleeping Dogs trophy list (assuming you've got the plat).


Pet Cemetery
Send Dogeyes, Ratface, and Ponytail back to Hell

This is a story related trophy.

Once you completed the third mission "Smiley Cat's Army" some of your old foes will come back from the dead for a second shot at Wei. You will take them down by completing the next three missions.

First you need to complete "Clean out the Rats" and "Revenge x2". After completing them the final mission you need to complete for this trophy will be available.

Once you have completed "Ghost of the Past" the trophy will pop.

I Can Haz Banishment
Banish Smiley Cat

This is a story related trophy.

You will obtain this trophy after you have completed the seventh mission "Smiley Cat" and finished the storyline component of the DLC.

Ghosts and Stuff
Complete all secondary content

The secondary content is the 10 side missions included in the DLC. They will all appear on your in game map. However, some will not be avaliable until you have completed a particular mission.

There are three types:

1. Captured Civilian (blue bubble icon);
2. Yaoguai (purple swirl icon); and
3. Jiang Shi (blue swirl icon).

1. Captured Civilian (3 side missions)

In these side missions you simply need to defeat 4 Jiang Shi to release the civilian.

1.1: Jiang Shi Basketball (available after completing "Trick or Treat")
1.2: Jiang Shi Park (available after completing "Chinese Magic")
1.3: Jiang Shi Garage (available after completing "Revenge x2")

2. Yaoguai (3 side missions)

In these side missions you need to defeat 4 Jiang Shi and 1 Yaoguai. To inflict damage on a Yaoguai you either need to have a full magic (face) meter or use a peachwood sword. Peachwood swords can be collected around the city at Yaoguai spawn points or by passing a Jiang Shi side mission. You can find the Yaoguai spawn points by looking out for single red enemy icons on your map. Some notable locations are in front of your apartment and in front of the main entrance to the Night Markets.

2.1: Yaoguai Alley (available after completing "Chinese Magic")
2.2: Yaoguai Parking (available after completing "Smiley Cat's Army")
2.3: Yaoguai Pier (available after completing "Smiley Cat's Army")

3. Jiang Shi (4 side missions)

In these side missions there will be infantly spawning Jiang Shi (but only 4 at a time). You need to throw 3 into the portal to close it. You throw a Jiang Shi in by grabbing it by pressing circle, dragging it to the portal and pressing circle again. Once closed, defeat the remaining enemies to finish the side mission.

3.1: Jiang Shi Court (available after completing "Smiley Cat's Army")
3.2: Jiang Shi Street (available after completing "Smiley Cat's Army")
3.3: Jiang Shi Overpass (available after completing "Clean Out the Rats")
3.4: Jiang Shi Street (available after completing "Ghost of the Past")

Once you have completed all 10 side missions the trophy will pop.

Cursed Gold
Achieve 5 Gold Awards

For this trophy you will need to complete the 5 brand new stat awards which are included with the DLC to gold level.

1. Vampire Hunter

Requirement: Kill 200 Jiang Shi

You will defeat around 100 Jiang Shi by playing through the story and completing the side missions. If you pass the main story, you will be able to find Jiang Shi around the city to reach the 200 kill requirement. They usually can be found around the money shrine locations. However, this can take some time as there will only be around 2 to 4 in any location and you will need to leave the area for them to respawn.

A better method is to save the final Jiang Shi side mission until after you have passed the main story. As the Jiang Shi spawn infinitely during those side missions until you close the portal you can obtain all necessary kills in one place. Simply lure the Jiang Shi away from the portal so you don't accidently throw them in and get fighting. It should take you about 10 to 15 minutes to kill 100 Jiang Shi using this method.

2. Demon Hunter

Requirement: Kill 20 Yaoguai

You will kill around 10 to 15 Yaoguai by playing through the story and completing the side missions. To obtain the remaining kills drive around the map looking for single red dots indicating an enemy. If at the enemy location there is a peachwood sword, pick it up and a Yaoguai will spawn. These locations can be used infinitely, so simply leave the area and return or head to another such location to rack up the rest of the required kills.

3. Demoic Exorcism

Requirement: Kill 15 Yaoguai with a peachwood sword

Peachwood swords can be obtained from the Yaoguai spawn points (such as in front of your apartment and in front of the Night Markets), during the story or by passing a Jiang Chi side mission.

I recommend that you use the method described for Demon Hunter and always bring a sword to the Yaoguai side missions and you should have this one in no time.

4. Hart to Get

Requirement: Avoid 100 Jiang Shi Bites

Avoiding bites is the same as countering an attack during the main campaign. Simply press triangle when the Jiang Shi glows red and you will counter/avoid the bite. You should obtain this while playing through the story and side missions. However, if you find yourself short, complete this at the same time as grinding out the remaining kills for Vampire Hunter.

5. Underworld Offerings

Requirement: Find 10 Hell Money Shrines

See Hell Money.

Hell Money
Find all the money shrines

To collect this trophy you just need to drive around and use each of the Hell Money shrines. There are 10 in total. Often there will be Jiang Shi around them, so you may need to defeat them first. I have prepared the map below to assist. The shrines are marked by a yellow dot (note: the items from the main campaign will not be there in the DLC, they are just included for the sake of detail).

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