Players: 1

Online Trophies: No
Online Pass Required: Nope
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 30 ish hours. Depending on how well you do on each mission
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: Yes
Missable Trophies: None as you can reply missions
Glitched Trophies: Chief Inspector for a few people, but can be fixed by replaying a Martial Art Fight Club

[top]Story and Review

You play as Wei Shen, an undercover cop, infiltrating a Triad Gang, the (Sung on Yee) for the Hong Kong Police Department. Or in a short, a Badass MotherF**ker!
You'll have to tread carefully as each move you make can result in you building up respect for the Police... or Triads. So if you're doing a Police Mission and you hit a lamppost, you'll end up losing points. Obviously killing an innocent bystander, is alot of lost points.
But if doing a Triad Mission and you decide to grab someone and throw them through a fish tank, you'll gain points and respect from the Triads.
These points help you with your skill levels. These range from being able to break into a car without the alarm going off, to releasing devastating elbow smashes to your enemies.
Being a getaway driver, a karaoke singer, bugging peoples phones, stealing priceless statues and street racing are just a few things that await you in the vibrant, bustling city of Hong Kong... OH, and a whole load of martial art ASS kicking that would make Bruce Lee bow in respect.

In short, this game has an amazing storyline where I actually felt for the characters, especially Wei Shen as he fights for his sanity as his two worlds start to blend into one.
I could happily have played this game as a never ending story..

The graphics are pretty amazing, although they don't stretch too far into the distance, which is a slight let down.

Music wise, there's a variety of different genres, but I always found myself just flicking between two stations.
The audio throughout was very decent, with the sounds effects, voices and attitudes of the characters being spot on. With a nice mixture of English and Cantonese that seemed to blend seamlessly.

The controls were fine, although the camera could be abit fiddly with some of the fight scenes.

Overall, this game turned into everything that wish a Grand Theft Auto game would be....

For a full review, head to here Sleeping Dogs Review

[top]Tips & Strategies

Read the guide

Counter Attacks: These will become your best friends. They give you quite a nice Triad score and stop you getting your ass handed to you. Initially just press when an enemy turns red, to block his attack then press to give him more of a beatdown.
Later on, once you've handed Master Kwok Jade Statues, you'll be able to learn Dim Mak, which is a more powerful counter.

Triad/Police/Face Levels:
Basically try to do as well as you can on each mission, as this will build up your levels quicker. By doing this, you gain access to better moves and perks. Also saves you from repeating missions.

  • Fighting: Mix it up abit; use the environment, different attacks etc. As this will help increase your Triad Level.
  • Foods: Try every food vendor you can see, as this works towards Foodie
  • Weapons: Everytime you come across a weapon, whether you think you've used it or not... kill an enemy with it, just to make sure.

Try and build up your Face Level enough to buy a Class A car, then use it as much as you can. You don't want to be driving around for 30 minutes at top speed, all in one go... just to get Pure Gold

Miscellaneous: Look at Pure Gold in the guide, and try to include everything there into your natural story progress. This helps going back and grinding out "Disarm" etc

Collectables: Collect them as soon as you see them, this goes for Health Shrines, Lockboxes, even Security Cameras. This again, saves you from driving around the map WAY more times than you need to.

Dates.. and Other Contacts: When you get anyones number, phone them as soon as you can. You can benefit straight away in different ways; seeing collectables on your maps, different sets of jobs etc. This helps to work towards Event Planner and Chief Inspector etc


1. Play through the story and enjoy the game. Complete all the Triad and Cops missions. It's nice to alternate between the two and it will build up your Triad and Police skill tree.
Also, do any Favours, Street Races etc as you come across them. It's alot easier than doing them all at the end, as some can be a pain to find.
Make sure you "date" all the woman, as this will unlock the ability to see collectables on your mini-map.
Definately do the Health Shrines, Jade Statues and Lockboxes too. As these can help nicely, as the Health Shrines add to your maximum health, Jade statues help you with martial arts training and Lockboxes give you money and can give you weapons.
Quite a few of the lockboxes have enemies near, so you can work towards Pure Gold too.
Something else to do along the way is the Drugs Busts, as this will add nicely to your Police level and you'll be working towards Hong Kong Super Hacker.

2. Once you've finished the story, reply missions until you have reached level 10 for your Triad, Police and Face Levels.
Check out the clothes stores to purchase matching outfits, to give you added XP for each of the skill trees. Extra 15% towards Triad points for example.

3. Now go around collecting the rest of the Health Shrines, Pickboxes and hacking all the cameras. You can do the Drug Busts at the same time.
Also do any remaining side events, races etc.
It's a good idea to wait till near maximum health to do all 4 Martial Art Clubs.
Note: Some events wont be available until certain main missions have been completed.

4. Finally go around and buy all the remaining clothes, you can find a suit which gives you an extra 15% off cars and bikes. So put that on and buy the rest of the vehicles.
Finish the remaining trophies, like Foodie, Pure Gold etc. You should have worked your way to near completion of alot of these already.


Hong Kong Legend
Earn all the Sleeping Dogs trophies to unlock this platinum trophy

Get all other trophies and this platinum will be yours. Platinum for a possible 2012 sleeper?.. Nice

In With the Gang
Complete Night Market Chase

Story related, cannot be missed.
This is near the start of the game. This trophy is basically a story marker.

Story Spoiler:

Toggle Spoiler

That'll Show'em
Complete Payback

Story related, cannot be missed.
As above, this part of the story.

Story Spoiler:

Toggle Spoiler

A Big Betrayal
Complete Dockyard Heist

Story related, cannot be missed.
We're getting there!

Story Spoiler:

Toggle Spoiler

Big Smiles All Around
Complete Big Smile Lee

Story related, cannot be missed.
Basically, this is finish the main storyline. Your Police Cases will come to a close here too.

Big Spoilers. No hints, guides, methods etc.

Toggle Spoiler

Minor Face
Achieve Face Level 2

See Great Face

Gaining Face
Achieve Face Level 5

See Great Face

Great Face
Achieve Face Level 10

Your Face Level is basically how members of the public see you.
You increase your Face Level by helping people out with Favours, completing certain events and winning street races.
As you level up, you get bonuses... such as more melee damage etc.
Buying certain sets of clothes also gives you a points boost of upto 15%, which is handy.

Fashion Statement
Change all your clothes in your wardrobe or a clothing store

For this trophy, head over to one of the shops and buy; pants, torso, shoes and hat.
Then change every item of clothing that you start the game with. You can also do this at home in the wardrobe.

Note: Watches, bracelets and glasses aren't needed to get this trophy

Succesfully perform an action hijack

You'll get this during a tutorial as you play through the game, but if you want to do it before then... then here's how.
Get in a car and drive close to the car you want to highjack. Hold to open the door and when you get near a target car a green arrow will flash, quickly press and you'll jump onto their car and take it over.

Thanks to PowerPyx for the video

A Slap in the Face
Kill someone with a fish

Hmm, where have I seen a trophy like this? Uncharted 3?
Anyways. Probably one of the funner trophies, on the mission "Club Bam Bam" you'll go to Club Bam Bam to regain protection over the club. You'll end up having to fight a load of bouncers. Simply throw a guy through one of the Aquariums and fish will be left flapping about on the floor. Pick one up using the button and start slapping bouncers with it.
If for some reason you don't get the trophy, you can replay the mission through the Social Hub in the start menu.

Thanks to PowerPyx for the video

Take A Bite Out Of Crime
Complete a case

Story related, cannot be missed.
The Good side, of the Good Cop, Bad Cop.
Simply complete your first Police Case.

Man Around Town
Visit Aberdeen, Central, Kennedy Town and North Point

You'll get this through natural game progression. Or you can just jump in a car and drive around the map, passing through each district. Quite a good time to collect Security Boxes and Health Shrines along the way and even going for the Safe Driver trophy.

Try 10 different foods or drinks

This involves you trying all the different food and drink that Hong Kong has to offer (if only you could taste it )
You'll see Vendors around the city and drinks machines. Simply buy each different type of food and drink.
Dragon Kick gives you full health and greatly increase your melee damage. Herbal Tea gives you full health and damage reduction, making you slightly harder to kill. Whereas all food gives you full health and temporary full health regeneration.
They also stack ontop of other perks.
The list of foods and drinks are:
  • Chicken on a Stick
  • Curry Fish Balls
  • Dragon Kick
  • Fish Dumpling Skewer
  • Herbal Tea
  • Ice Cream
  • Noodle Bowl
  • Pork Bun
  • Roast Duck
  • Spicy Squid
  • Waffle Eggs

Note: I just got food at every place I saw and got the trophy, so there's no hidden vendor, I got the trophy without searching.

Perform 5 unique environmental kills

Something new to the table.
Grapple someone by pressing and hold to run with them and smash them brutally into objects that glow red, such as fish tanks, electrical boxes, telephones boxes etc
Smash them into 5 different objects to get this trophy.

Pick a lock, plant a bug, trace a phone, crack a safe, and take over a spy camera

You'll get this through game progression, because not only is Wei a badass fighter, he's also quite handy... with help from his phone.

Pick a Lock: Occasionally you'll have to pick locks on doors. This is pretty simple. Use the analog stick to move the pin until it turns green, hold it in place and use the analog stick to move to the next pin... and repeat.

Plant a Bug: Use the stick to move the cursor around until it flashes green and hold it there as the bar fills up. Next do the same thing with the stick.
Finally, you have to do both at the same time.

Trace a Phone: Very occasionally you're ask to Trace a phone call or phone number. First drive to the center of your phones view, to triangulate the signal.
Next you'll see a few green people on the phone, go from each satellite and the person markers will change. Find the person marker that is the same for all 3 satellites and press on the marker.

Crack a Safe: Probably the most tedious of tasks in the whole game, though incredibly easy. For safes and some lockboxes you'll need to crack the lock. Simply rotate the stick clockwise until the first number lights green, then turn anti-clockwise until the second number lights up, then finally back clockwise for the final number.

Take Over a Spy Camera: Follow the yellowish/orange cable to find the terminal box for Spy/Security camera.
Quite a few of these hacks are required for side quests, like drug busts.
When you hack a camera, you have to guess a 4 digit code. If you get a red number, it means that the number is incorrect, a yellowish colour means you have the right number but it's in the wrong place and then green means you have the right number... in the right place.
You only have 6 attempts to get this right, before it resets.
I found the easiest way is to choose: 0 - 2 - 4 - 6. Then I just to flick the numbers up one if they were wrong.

Safe Driver
Cruise for 2 minutes straight without damaging your car

This was alot easier than I thought it would be. Once you're over a certain speed, a counter in the bottom right will start ticking. You've then got to reach 2 minutes without dropping below that speed or hitting/damaging your car. So don't it any cars, trees, road cones etc.. Not even pedestrians (sadly).
Your best bet is to use a slow car or van, as they will be easier to control. Bare in mind though, that if you come to a hill, you'll have to accelerate harder to keep your speed up.
I used a fast car and just kept my finger loose on the trigger. This way if I came to a tight gap, I could quickly accelerate to get through. And I'd have that power in reserve to get up hills without losing speed.

Tip from Avro_Vulcan:
On the way to Sonnys Mission, there is a small circular road with no traffic on, if you keep you finger lightly on the trigger and the analogue stick to the to the left, it is no problem.
This is at the very top of the map. Confirmed that it's incredibly easy to get over 2 minutes.

Or use this video as an example. Obviously the highway is another good option:

Thanks to PowerPyx for the video

Gun Nut
Use 10 different firearms to defeat enemies

Simple enough, everytime you come across a weapon, shoot and kill and enemy with it. The game has more than 10 different guns, so you'll pick this up through natural progression.
  • .45cal Pistol
  • .45cal Pistol w/ Taclight
  • .45 SMG
  • .45cal SMG w/ Taclight
  • Gold .45cal SMG
  • 9mm Pistol
  • Gold .50Cal Pistol
  • Silver .50Cal Pistol
  • Anti-Riot Shotgun
  • Anti-Riot Shotgun w/ Taclight (Story Mission - Civil Discord)
  • Assault Rifle
  • Assault Rifle w/ Taclight
  • Assault Rifle w/ Grenade Launcher (Story Mission - The Funeral + Civil Discord)
  • Machine Pistol
  • Pump Shotgun (Obtained from Trunk of Police Cars, requires Cop Upgrade - Police Trunk Key)

Thanks to tima022790 for the video

Whatever's Handy
Use 10 different melee weapons to defeat enemies

Use any of the objects below, to kill 10 enemies. These can be pedestrians also... which makes this alot easier.
  • Baton
  • Briefcase (pedestrians, in Central)
  • Cooking Wok (next to vendors near your Aberdeen house)
  • Crowbar ("Stick Up and Delivery")
  • Fish
  • Grocery Bag (pedestrians)
  • Kitchen Knife (off random thugs. "Stick Up and Delivery")
  • Knife
  • Lock Cutter (automatically acquired during "Dockyard Heist")
  • Machete (automatically acquired after completing "The Election")
  • Meat Cleaver
  • Purse - (female pedestrians)
  • Tire Iron (trunks in any vehicle)
  • Umbrella (pedestrians, when it's raining)

Thanks to tima022790 for the video

Win a bet on a cockfight

Throughout the cities there are Cock Fights, marked as on both maps. Simply go to one and place a bet on the Rooster with the most wins.
Best place to go is the Cock Fight in the docks on the very left of the map in Kennedy Docks.
Save the game before entering and the minimum bet is HK$50,000. If you win you win also unlock the "Infowlable" trophy.

Thanks to "MuzzledEmperor" for the location information.

Win 50,000 on a single cockfight

As with the "Tourist" trophy. Head over to the Cock Fight in the Kennedy Docks on the very left of that map.
The minimum bet is HK$50,000, place that bet or higher on the Rooster with the most wins. If you win, you'll get HK$50,000 extra back.
It's a good idea to save before entering, as you could stand to lose alot of money if you go through an unlucky streak.

Thanks again to "MuzzledEmperor" for the location.

Hijack 5 trucks and collect their cargo

Jackie will phone you after you've learned how to perform action highjacks and will let you know how to earn some spare cash.
He'll want you to hijack any Knox, armoured security trucks and deliver them to a nearby garage. These are relatively easy to spot... as they'll be blue trucks with an orange shield floating above them.
These are easy to steal once you've seen them, either do a action highjack and climb around the truck to the door. You may have to press occasionally to stop yourself falling off.
OR, ram him into a parked car etc and just throw the driver out that way.
That's the easy part, the slightly harder part is that this will give you a Heat Level (these heat levels rise the more of them of you steal)... meaning you've got cops on your ass... possibly ALOT.
Do what any good armoured truck driver would do... ram them till they crash or shoot out their tyres.
Once you're free of them, take it to the nearest garage to gain a nice little profit.

Shoot out a cop's tires while fleeing in a police chase

As simple as it sounds, get a gun and shoot a police cars tyre as they're chasing you.
First, obviously equip yourself with a firearm. Then commit a crime infront of a police officer. Or just flat out, nail him in the face... This will get you a 1 or 2 Star.
Then jump in a car and wait for police car to start chasing you. Lean out your window by pressing then aim for the police cars tyres and press to shoot and watch the devastation unfold
This is also good practice for general chases.

Thanks to PowerPyx for the video

Case Closed
Complete all cases

This is story related and cannot be missed. Head over to a police case marked as on your map.
There are four cases to complete. If a case hasn't shown up, you'll need to complete more Triad missions to unlock the rest of the police story line.

Mr. Nice Guy
Complete all Favors

This is a really good way to build up your Face Level. Around Hong Kong, are ordinary people... and a few unordinary people that need your assistance, these range from helping someone fix their car, to being a getaway driver that decides that shooting up a store is a good idea.
These are marked as on your map and show up randomly if you're in the right area.

Event Driven
Complete half of the open world events

See Event Planner for more details.

Event Planner
Complete all of the open world events

There are a total of 28 Open World Events. They are: 17 Drugs Busts and 11 Hidden Events. Hidden Events being, Hit and Run, Junk in a Truck and Shoplifter.
The Drug Busts show as on your maps. These are simple enough.
You'll need to beat up a set amount of thugs at each location. (They're usually by a lockbox too, so remember to get that)
Next you'll have to find and hack the security camera. They will glow, so then you just need to follow the orange electric line back to the box to hack into it.
Finally you'll need to head back to your apartment and check out your TV to get into the HKPD's CCTV network. Simply work through the system, following the "Triad Activity" labels and you'll end up watching through the hacked camera at the drug area.
Highlight and select to arrest the Drug Dealer, who will be dressed in a suit and standing by himself. OR wait 15 seconds and a pink shield will point him out to you.
Note: Some of these Drug Busts are in Sewer Treatment areas, so you'll need to steal a boat to get access to these.

The Hidden Events only appear when you're relatively close to the start of the event area. They will then show as on your maps.
These might not show up, depending on the time of day, the weather etc. The best time is when it's not raining and between 10am and 3pm

Use this for locations, as they are fixed... not random

Thanks to PowerPyx for the video

Martial Law
Defeat all 4 Martial Art Clubs

First you'll have to go on the date with Amanda. She'll be waiting outside your apartment early on in the game. Once you've completed that "Mission", you'll unlock the Martial Arts Gym and all the fight "Clubs". I wouldn't necessarily call them "Clubs" in the legal aspect as they seem more like illegal underground fights. Nevertheless, in each district is an Underground "Club", marked with on your map.

You are pitted against 6 waves of fighters. They start off simple with just one guy, then they throw in different types of fighters, and finally you'll end up fighting what seems like half of Hong Kong... well, about 12 people at once. Some will also bring in weapons, so probably best to try and disarm them quickly and use the melee weapons to take out as many as you can before it breaks.

Once you complete all six waves, you can move onto the next district. After beating each "Club", the difficulty also increases and you might start to struggle. So I suggest leaving this trophy until you have returned all 12 Jade Statues to the rightful owner (Master Kwok), as the moves he'll teach you for each statue definately give you the upper hand.
Having gone to a significant amount of Health Shrines to build up your Maximum Health is a huge plus, as well as eating some food and having a Dragon Kick drink beforehand.
A High Face Level, Police Level and Triad Level also help, as you get the bonuses from certain skills you'll unlock.
Use the surroundings to help, as you can throw the enemies out of the "arena" in certain locations.


Wei of the Road
Complete all street races

To have access to all the races, you must have a car from each class (A, B, C for cars and A, B for bikes). Some cars/bikes cant be purchased until you have a high enough Face Value.
Races will show up when you're near to them, they'll be marked as an orange chequered shield.

Note: Two races are unlocked during the story. The Mission "Fast Girls", will give you access to Sandra's number. Call her up for a date and you'll unlock another street races, "Fast and Hot Sandra"

Ultimate Fighter
Unlock ten Triad Upgrades

After completing Missions, you'll get given Triad and Police XP. Basically the more badass you are, the more Triad XP you'll get.
When in combat, use varying moves as this will keep giving you fresh points. Decent counters, finishers, environmental kills, headshots etc.
If you start repeating the same move, you'll start getting given lower XP.
You can give yourself upto 15% added Triad Bonus by buying a full Triad Outfit.

You should have this by the time you've finished the story. If not, go into > Social Hub and reply one of the Triad Missions. You will only get XP if you achieve a higher score than previous attempts.

Super Cop
Unlock ten Cop Upgrades

After completing Missions, you'll get given Triad and Police XP.
You will start off with a set amount of XP/score. If you start misbehaving (ignoring police rules), by crashing your car, injuring pedestrians, killing pedestrians etc, you'll lose score.
Doing Police Cases and Drug Busts will help your XP greatly, even more so if you wear sets of clothing that can give you an additional 15% Police Bonus.
You should have this by the time you complete the story. If not, you can reply mission from the Social hub. And again, you'll only gain XP if your score if better than previous attempts.

North Point Scavenger
Unlock every lockbox in North Point

Around Hong Kong are hidden... or not so hidden, Lockboxes. Most are easy to get into, some require you to crack the safe. Inside you'll find money, weapons or clothing.
On completing "Important Visitor" you'll get the chance to take out Ilyana on a date. After this, all the Lockbox locations will show up on your map. A white Lockbox means you've already opened it and a grey one means you haven't.

Thanks to iNTiMiDaTeGaming for the video

Central Scavenger
Unlock every lockbox in Central

Collect the 30 Lockboxes in Central.

Thanks to iNTiMiDaTeGaming for the video

West End Scavenger
Unlock every lockbox in Kennedy Town and Aberdeen

Collect the final 30 Lockboxes in the West End

Thanks to iNTiMiDaTeGaming for the video

Bounty Hunter
Complete all of Roland's Jobs

Near the start of the game, you'll be introduced to a guy called "Roland". He'll give you debt collection jobs. So you'll have to chase people down to make them pay, smash their cars to give them the incentive etc.
You can phone him at any time to get given more jobs.
Once you've done all his jobs, you'll have the trophy.
These are worth doing fairly early as you get quite abit of money and a decent Face Level build up.

Karaoke Superstar
Achieving 90% and above for all songs at the Karaoke Bars in HK

In the Mission "Club Bam Bam" you'll meet Tiffany. She'll make you sing karaoke, before you can access the VIP area.
You'll then have to go on a date with her to unlock the rest of the songs.
The final song is unlocked by completing the favour, "Real Men Don't Sing Karaoke"
Once the Karoke starts, green musical lines come from the right side. Move the stick up and down so that your arrow matches each line. They will stay green/blue if you do it correctly, but if you mess up it'll turn red.
You must get over 90% for every song, and have 90% or above at the same time.

Thanks to MichaelXboxEvolved for the video demonstration

Note: If you repeat a song and get a lower score, you'll need to redo that song to get it back above 90% to get the trophy

Hong Kong Super Hacker
Hack every Security Camera in the game

Go around the city and hack every camera you see. Follow the yellowish/orange cable to find the terminal box for each one.
Quite a few of these hacks are required for side quests, like drug busts.
When you hack a camera, you have to guess a 4 digit code. If you get a red number, it means that the number is incorrect, a yellowish colour means you have the right number but it's in the wrong place and then green means you have the right number... in the right place.
You only have 6 attempts to get this right, before it resets.

Fashion Victim
Purchase all clothing

This requires you to buy all clothing in the game.. glasses, chains, everything. And in ALL colours and variations.
You're best waiting till you have completed all the missions, cases etc and have a Face Level 10 as this will give you a 40% store discount.
You can press > Statistics > Clothing to check what you've already bought.
Start off at one corner of the map and work your way across each store, just so you know you're not accidentally missing a shop.

Note: A few items of clothing are story related or in lockboxes

Spiritual Healing
Pray at all of the Health Shrines

Spread around the City of Hong Kong are 50 Health Shrines (Incense Shrines). You need to pray to each one to unlock the trophy.
This is definately worth doing, even if you're not going after the trophy, as each one will regenerate your health and after every 5, you'll get a 10% maximum health boost.
Complete the mission "Amanda" and you'll have the option to call her and ask her out on a date. Once you've dated Amanda and added photo memories to her book (aww), the Health Shrines will become visible on your mini-map when you're within a certain distance, making this trophy even easier.

Thanks to tima022790 for the video

Auto Enthusiast
Purchase all vehicles

I personally got cars whenever I came across a garage, going for the ones I liked.
But it makes sense to get a car and bike in each Class, this will insure that you have access to all the street races.
Once you hit Face Level 10, you'll get a 40% discount. To add to this, check out the clothing stores as you can get an additional 15% discount for wearing the "Master Negotiator" suit.
Despite the discount, you'll need a huge amount of cash. Doing Favours gets you a fair bit of money. Stealing cars for Tran probably brings in the most, as the cars value between HK$20,000 to HK$600,000. This is obviously if you don't crash them on the way back, so drive carefully.
Hijacking the Knox Security Vans, brings in money too, though probably abit more dangerous.
You can check what cars you own in: > Stats > Assets.
There's a total of 28 different cars and bikes to collect.

Prices for each car and bike without discounts:

Toggle Spoiler

Slight Silver
Achieve 5 Silver Stat Awards

See Pure Gold for more information.

Substantial Silver
Achieve 15 Silver Stat Awards

See Pure Gold for more information.

Solid Silver
Achieve 30 Silver Stat Awards

See Pure Gold for more information.

Strike Gold
Achieve 1 Gold Stat Award

See Pure Gold for more information.

Gold Rush
Achieve 5 Gold Stat Awards

See Pure Gold for more information.

Golden Touch
Achieve 15 Gold Stat Awards

See Pure Gold for more information.

Pure Gold
Achieve 30 Gold Stat Awards

This is the trophy that drags out through the whole game. You need to get a Gold Award for all 30 of the stat awards.
You can check your progress in > Social Hub > Stat Awards.
Chances are you'll get alot of these through natural game progression.

Overall - 45(Silver), 75(Gold)

Fluid Striker - 25(Silver), 50(Gold) Freerunning attacks (includes vault attacks, disarms, and kills)
These are fairly simple. Once in cover, use and to jump over cover and land on/disarm an enemy on the other side.
This works for benches, car bonnets etc.
Another method is sprint towards an enemy with and press as you get near him to disarm him.

Thanks to gundiguy85 for another tip

Toggle Spoiler

Headhunter - 25(Silver), 50(Gold) Headshots
You should get this naturally through the game. Use to manually aim and blow off some heads.

Lucky Shooter - 5(Silver), 10(Gold) Blindfire kills
Press while in cover to blindfire, you can aim to an extent by doing this. Even if you die, your score is kept. I found the mission Civil Discord quite a good mission to grind on.

Firestarter - 10(Silver), 20(Gold) Total kills resulting from explosions
This should come naturally over the game. Whenever people are hiding behind cars, blow the cars up. Also dotted around gun fight areas, you'll see propane tans... shoot them.
The Funeral and Civil Discord are good missions to grind if need be, as you'll have a grenade launcher at your disposal.

Sniper - 30%(Silver), 50%(Gold) How accurate the last 50 shots were
This should come through natural gameplay. Use to manually aim and make sure atleast 50% of your shots hit your target.

Gunman - 50(Silver), 100(Gold) Total firearms kill
You'll get this naturally over the course of the game.

Ninja - 5(Silver), 10(Gold) Stealth kills
Approach a pedestrian, police or enemy from behind and press to do a stealth kill. This can be done at anytime.

Bonebreaker - 40(Silver), 100(Gold) Limbs broken.
Use , (Hold) to perform a leg break in melee combat. You'll need to learn this move by Master Kwok after returning a few statues. It is the second upgrade on the bottom skill branch.

Environmentalist - 25(Silver), 50(Gold) Environmental kills.
Another trophy that will come naturally over the course of the game.

Handyman - 25(Silver), 50(Gold) Melee weapon kills.
Use any melee weapons you find and kill 50 enemies with them.

Disarming - 25(Silver), 50(Gold) Disarms.
Once in cover, use and to jump over cover and land on/disarm an enemy on the other side.
This works for benches, car bonnets etc.
Another method is sprint towards an enemy with and press as you get near him to disarm him.

Defence - 50(Silver), 100(Gold) Counters.
An easy way to kill enemies, press when an enemy flashes red, to counter them.

Fast Talker - 5(Silver), 10(Gold) Fast talk success.
When talking to some people (such as bouncers) you'll have to "Fast Talk" to get by... or basically press when prompted.

Deadeye - 5(Silver), 10(Gold) Throw weapon kills.
Best and quickest way is to get a tire iron from the trunk of a car by pressing . Then use to auto aim and to throw it at pedestrians, this is a one shot kill.

Martial Artist - 50(Silver), 100(Gold) Total melee kills.
As with the "Handyman" award, use any melee weapons you can find to kill 100 enemies.

Enforcer - 100(Silver), 200(Gold) Total enemies defeated.
Simply defeat 200 enemies, natural game progression will unlock this.

Safe Driver - 0:15:00(Silver), 0:30:00(Gold) Total clean drive time in a car (above min speed).
You'll get this whilst going for the Safe Driver trophy.

Reckless Driver - 0:15:00(Silver), 0:30:00(Gold) Total time driven at full speed in a Class A car.
Buy a Class A car, such as the Panzer. Then you need to drive flat out for a cumulative time of 30 minutes. Obviously you'll need the main highways for this. You should get near that mark during game progression.

Hijacker - 10(Silver), 20(Gold) Action Hijacks performed.
Action Highjack any vehicle infront of you by holding until the marker goes green, then quickly press again. Do this another 19 times for gold.

Wrecker - 25(Silver), 50(Gold) Total cars wrecked.
Destroy 50 cars. One of the best ways is to keep replaying "Civil Discord" as you have access to the grenade launcher. You can also blow up cars by constantly shooting their engine.

Racer - 10(Silver), 20(Gold) Races won.
Simply win 20 races.

Moful - HK $500,000(Silver), HK $2,000,000(Gold) Total earnings.
You'll make this through game progression.

Big Spender - HK $500,000(Silver), HK $2,000,000(Gold) Total money spent.
Buy all the cars and you'll manage this easily.

Gambler - HK $500,000(Silver), HK $1,000,000(Gold) Gambling earnings (Cockfight and Majhong, winnings - losses)
By far the most tedious. Head over to the Cockfight in Kennedy Town. Here you can bet HK$100,000 each time, giving you HK$200,000 each time you win. Save after every win, then if you end up having a long losing streak, you can reload.
Note: Remember if you reload, you'll end up back at your house.

Completionist - 60.00%(Silver), 100.00%(Gold) Total completion percentage.
Complete 100% of the game, meaning all races, favours, missions etc etc

Explorer - 120(Silver), 175(Gold) Total shrines and lockboxes found, statues returned, and security cameras hacked.
Once you've dated each of the girls, the collectables will show on your mini map
For the Jade Statues:
Rat - Is already at the Martial Art Club
Boar - Central Hospital, go inside and it's on the reception desk.
Dog - During the Triad mission "Listening In" you will have to plant a bug. The statue is on the table.
Dragon - You can get this in the "Club Bam Bam" mission, it's upstairs in the VIP room.
Horse - You can only get this during the Story Mission "Conflicted Loyalties". It is in Vivienne’s apartment.
Monkey - Story related, cant be missed. You'll steal this is "Bad Luck".
Ox - Is on the Gambling Den off the North Coast.
Rabbit - Kennedy Town, inside the building at the front of the cemetery.
Rooster - Is in the K-Bar, near the bar. This is in Central.
Sheep - North Point, inside the Temple.
Snake - North Point, Waterfront. Best time to get this is during "Popstar Lead #3", the statue is on one of the boats.
Tiger - Central. During "Bride to Be", you'll see this statue. Once the mission's over, head back to the Wedding Store to collect it.

Survivor - 0:10:00(Silver), 0:20:00(Gold) Time survived at any heat level above 1.
Just survive over 20 seconds above heat level 1. Just make sure you don't lose the police too quickly.

Rogue Cop - 25(Silver), 50(Gold) Cops killed at any heat level above 1.
Once you have heat level 1 or higher, start killing police. Best bet is to get a gun and start shooting. Make sure you have plenty of cover.

Public Enemy - 100(Silver), 200(Gold) Most kills in one play session.
Kill 200 or more enemies in a single session, without reloading.

Additional information by Cocoasg:

Toggle Spoiler

Complete 10% of all missions, cases, favors, events, jobs and races

See Chief Inspector for more information.

Complete 25% of all missions, cases, favors, events, jobs and races

See Chief Inspector for more information.

Complete 50% of all missions, cases, favors, events, jobs and races

See Chief Inspector for more information.

Chief Inspector
Complete 100% of all missions, cases, favors, events, jobs and races

You can check your progress in > Stats.
Below is a list of things that you need to have done to get this trophy
  • Story Missions (30/30)
  • Cases (4/4)
  • Favors (36/36)
  • Events (28/28):
  1. Drug Busts (17/17)

  2. Shoplifters (4/4) - (Hidden)

  3. Hit and Run (3/3) - (Hidden)

  4. Junk in the Trunk (4/4) - (Hidden)
  • Jobs (30/30)
  1. Tran - Car Deliveries (20/20)

  2. Roland - Debt Collections (6/6)

  3. Martial Arts Clubs (4/4)
  4. Races (17/17)
Use this to find the events/missions that are hidden:

Note: This is slightly glitched for a few people, saying that you don't have 100% even if you do. Going back and completing another Fight Club is supposed to fix this.

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