Players: 1-2
Online Trophies: None
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: Unknown
Estimated Time to 100%: 15-20 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectibles Trophies: 3 (coin trophies)
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: Unknown

[top]Tips & Strategies

General Tips:
  • Pickpocketing is your best friend. Whenever you see an enemy with a glowing back pocket, don't give up the opportunity. The further you get in chapters, the more the loot is worth.
  • Don't be afraid to die. You lose nothing but a little progress so don't be afraid to die intentionally if you are going into a boss fight with barely any health.
  • The place to purchase any upgrades is in the TheifNet store. That is located in any safehouse by clicking on Bentley's laptop.
  • After completing the game the ThiefNet upgrades that aren't tied to any trophies won't affect you getting the platinum however it may be in your best interest to grind "Dead Men Tell No Tales" collecting coins to purchase all of the upgrades. Some may prove useful in the challenges.

[top]Cheats, Glitches & Exploits

There are cheats for the PS2 version of the game but most just restart levels completely. Other than that there aren't any useful cheats and I son't know if they will affect trophies so use them at your own risk.


Step One:
- Play through the game and collect as many of the gadget trophies as possible. You can go for the Loot! trophy also but if you don't get it you can go for it through step 2 along with any gadgets you may have missed.

Step Two:
- Clean up any remaining gadgets relating to trophies you haven't purchased as well as any of the coin related trophies. I recommend just going to "Dead Men Tell No Tales" and selecting continue story and just run around and pickpocket enemies til you have enough money for the coin trophies you are missing or have enough for the gadgets you didn't get through the story playthrough.

Step Three:
- Going for . The only thing left remaining should be what is required for the 100% Pure Cooper trophy. View 100% Pure Cooper for more information on how to receive it in this guide.


Master Thief
Unlock all trophies for Sly Cooper's final Outing. . . final? Really?

This one like any other platinum will require you to collect every trophy in the game. Once you receive your last trophy this one will pop right after.

The Vault
Complete Prologue

This is the first level of the game. When it loads up you will have to press start to start a new game. Once you complete the short level you will be awarded with this trophy. The end of the level is when Dr. M's giant monkey thing has Bentley hostage.

Intimate Moments
Get close to Carmelita

This is a story related trophy and can't be missed. You will get this in "An Opera of Fear" under the mission "Police HQ". You have to free Dimitri from a cage by sneaking around the police station and getting the key. Once you unlock his cage you will encounter a cut-scene and you will receive the trophy.

Undercover Raccoon
Use a Sly disguise in Venice

You will get this trophy in "An Opera of Fear" during the mission Guard Duty which appears in Venice on Day 2. The job entails you to wear a disguise to fool some guards to receive some blueprints. Once you get the first set of blueprints you will take control of Sly Cooper again. Once you have control of him again the trophy will pop.

Unleash The Guru
Meet the Guru

You will get this after the first mission "Search For the Guru" in "Rumble Down Under". You will have to locate the Guru and talk to him. This is a story related trophy and can not be missed.

Scorpion Cleaner
Dump off the truckload of scorpions

This is another story based trophy you will earn in "Rumble Down Under", it is completely un-missable. You will have to do a job called "Big Truck" where you will control Sly to drill into the ground and than Murray to collect scorpions in the big truck. just remember to frequently cool your tires, especially near the end, because they will start heating up faster and faster. Don't be afraid to squash scorpions of any color to keep your tires cool. Once you have collected all 20 scorpions it will trigger a cut-scene and you will receive the trophy.

True Friendship
Slow down Dr. M as Bentley and Murray

This is another story based trophy. You will get this trophy after reaching the inner sanctum as Sly in "Honor Among Thieves". Dr. M will show up after dispatching enemies as Murray. You will have to grab crystals on towers and attach them to Dr. Ms back while enemies come shooting at you. Take care of the enemies using Bentley's camera. Once you successfully attach all the crystals to Dr. M's back you will receive this trophy and view a cut-scene.

Romantic Boat Ride
Complete the canal boat chase in Venice

For this trophy you will have to control Bentley and do the mission by the Police Station's pier during the mission Canal Chase which appears in Venice on Day 1. The mission will entail you to follow a group chasing Carmelita called the Blue Viper's. You will need to steer a boat through a canal while jumping over boxes and boats and shooting three enemy boats. Clear out all three enemies and you will receive the trophy during the following cut-scene.

Here is a video in case you are having any problems with this:

Toggle Spoiler

It's Halloween
Defeat mask-powered Carmelita

You will get this one in "Rumble Down Under" during the last mission "Operation: Moon Crush". You will have to do some prior mission related things before Carmelita gets the mask attached to her but once she does you will have to use Bentley to shoot Carmelita with a few sleeping darts from afar. Next stage is controlling a crane on the big truck to throw explosives back at Carmelita. Once her health is drained you will have to use Sly to climb up either side of her to release clips holding the mask on. Once you have removed both the left and right clips you will view a cut-scene and receive this trophy.

I Think She Likes You
Ask Penelope for help

You will get this trophy during the Chapter "Flight of Fancy" during the mission "Cooper Hanger Defense". This is a story based trophy and cannot be missed. You will need to take out Muggshot and his goons and than play a minigame of the sewers. After that you will have to control Penelope in a helicopter to take care of some outside thugs. Once you have completed the mission the trophy will unlock.

Last Call
Finish the bar room brawl

You will get this trophy during "Rumble Down Under" in the mission "Lemon Rage". In this mission you will need to out drink your enemies by hitting in any order (I recommend doing a pattern of ease like and so on) to out drink the enemies. Once they have been out-drunken they will cal you cheats and start a fight. You will have to take turns between your 3 players beating some sense into these guys. Once you have cleared the room a giant mask wearing enemy will appear. To beat him, simply run around and let the other two stun him and you hit him til he gets knocked down and than start to run again. Repeat this process until he is finished. Once finished you will be rewarded with this trophy.

Vampire Exterminator
Stop the vampires

You will get this in the Chapter "A Cold Alliance". This is a story based trophy and is un-missable. The trophy will sound after completing the mission "Vampiric Demise". In this mission you must use Sly to get to the fireworks cache. From there you will be taught how to use the Panda King; the rest of the mission is done with him. Than you must get the fireworks from all 3 caches and get back to the gravestone where the vampire grasshoppers are coming from. Once you are there you will have to fight off some vampires and when you can target the big gravestone and nail it a few times with full impact. Once you complete this part the mission will be done and you will receive the trophy.

Hug It Out
Complete Dynamic Duo

This trophy is a story based trophy in the chapter "Dead Men Tell No Tales". The mission is called "Dynamic Duo". You play as Bentley here, you and Penelope go and steal a treasure map from LeFwee and while doing that Penelope gets blinded. You must use Bentley's cam rigged with a cannon on it to steer the blinded Penelope back to the Safehouse. Once she arrives there you will receive the trophy.

Late Sleeper
Purchase the Alarm Clock

For this trophy you will need to save up 200 coins and see Bentley in his shop. Scroll all the way left and enter his "shop". Once you are there, there will be several selections. Purchase the alarm clock and you will receive the trophy. You can get coins by destroying objects during the levels and from some of the tutorials making this an easy trophy to obtain early in the game.

The Bends
Collect Dimitri's diving gear

You will get this story related trophy in "Dead Men Tell No Tales". The mission corresponding with this trophy is "X Marks the Spot". You will need to use Sly to capture a boat and steer it into the open ocean. Once there you must make your way to Dagger Island. On the way there you will have to sink an enemy ship, just get beside it and take it out using your cannons. Next you have to head to the opposite side of the island when there is a little totem-like statue. This is where your treasure hunting begins. Once you start there use the clues on the treasure map to point you to the treasure. Once you get to it you will trigger a cut-scene and will be rewarded with the trophy.

Penny Pincher
Collect 500 coins

See Loot!.

Raccoon Paraglider
Obtain the Paraglider

This is basically a story based trophy because you have no choice but to purchase the Paraglider when it first becomes available in "Flight of Fancy" in order to continue the game. The Paraglider will cost you 300 coins. Once you purchase the Paraglider from the shop you will receive this trophy.

Everyone Needs A Foxy Lady
Carmelita to the rescue again

This is one of the final storyline trophies you will receive. This trophy will pop once you are fighting Dr. M for the last time and you get him down to sliver of health. Carmelita will come rushing in and what you want to do is stay on the outside perimeter of the "arena" and keep shooting at Dr. M until that little sliver of health is gone. Once you do that, enjoy the end movie right after this trophy pops.

Slytankhamen Approved
Purchased Shadow Power 2

The first time you will be able to purchase this item is in the beginning of the chapter "Dead Men Tell No Tales" as long as you have purchased Shadow Power 1. The power-up will set you back 1,600 coins. Simply loot yourself enough coin to buy this and head to Bentley's shop. Once you purchase this the trophy will pop.

Bentley Plumbing
Destroy pumps

You will get this trophy after the first part of "Operation: Tar Be Gone". You will have to sneak into the opera house as Sly and get Bentley in. Once he is in you will have to control him and put bombs on the pumps. It will take several bombs to do this. To avoid being damaged by enemies while you focus on the pumps, drop a bomb and head to the next pump and keep going in a circle til they are all destroyed. Once all 6 are destroyed you will receive the trophy.

Beat Down
Defeat Octavio

This is the final trophy that is story related to "An Opera of Fear". You will get this at the final part of "Operation: Tar Be Gone", after the third boat chase, where you play as Murray and have to take down Octavio. During this boss fight you want to run around and wait for the chance to run over the small tar pit in the middle. Once you run over it Octavio will slow down. I recommend running up between his attacks and punch him twice and double jump out of the way and keep repeating this process until he gets to half health. Moves to watch out for are his fast punches, throwing tar ball, Uppercut kick (which you will be avoiding with the double jump between punches), and his ground slam. Any time he jumps give him a second and double jump to avoid his slam. once he is down to half health you will have to let him chase you to the police station. On the way break any tables or chairs to help replenish health. For the next part you will need to essentially do the same but he has a new attack which he sings red discs at you. run left or right to avoid them. He also uses his slam attack more frequently here so keep an eye out for that. Once you have beaten him you will get this trophy.

Mayday, Mayday
Defeat Black Baron

You will get this trophy for defeating the Black Baron at the end of "Flight of Fancy". After you do Sly's, Bentley's, The Guru's, and Murray's part of the final mission in the level, you will get to control the airplane for the finals of the plane fights. The main thing you want to do here is locate Black Baron's plane, it is the biggest black plane there and it is uniquely designed. Focus on that plane but don't be afraid to knock anyone getting in your way out of the sky. Once you deplete his health down to zero it is time to fight with him on the wing of an airplane. The best method to taking him out is to wait for his uppercut and give him two jabs quick and back off and wait for another uppercut. Once his health gets to 2/3 he will be hanging on for dear life while pigs come out of the door to the wing. simply knock them off the immediate right or left of the door and off the wing. Once he gets back up he will have a new technique where he jumps and slams on the wing several times damaging you each time he lands. Simply double jump up and get near him so once he makes his final land you can give him 1 or 2 quick whacks. Once he gets down to 1/3 health he will do the same as at 2/3 so take care of the pigs. Once he is back up the pigs will continue to come one by one and will be infinite in number. Once you kill one another will show and so on. Don't worry as much about them but keep an eye on them so they don't light you on fire. Once you defeat the Black Baron you will be shown a cut-scene and you will receive this trophy.

Digging Up A Bone
Defeat Muggshot

This is a story based trophy that you will receive in the Chapter "Flight of Fancy" after the mission "Beauty and the Beast". You will have to use Bentley to pick a fight with Muggshot to lure him outside. Once he is outside you will need to use Sly to lure Carmelita to the town's center to meet up with Muggshot. Once you have done those two things you will control Carmelita and fight Muggshot. The approach I took to defeating him was to stay on the opposite side of the well and continuously blast at him while dodging his bombs and gunshot. It isn't that difficult as long as you have some distance between the two of you. Once he is defeated you will be rewarded with this trophy.

Dragon Punch
Defeat Chinese Dragon

You will get this at the end of the mission "Operation: Wedding Crasher" in "A Cold Alliance". You will need to take out this giant dragon flying around the town. Use rockets stationed all over the town to bring you up to him. Use to land on a spine each time you try to land. When you are far from his face he will spit fire out, simply jump over it and land using until you are close to his head. Once near his head he has two attacks, whipping you with his flaming tongue or smashing you with his front claws. to avoid the claws simply jump 2 spines back and once its clear go back to his head. To avoid the tongue simply double jump over it landing with . each time you get near his head and see an opportunity whack him a few times than get ready to dodge an attack. Some points during the fight he will spin knocking you off of him. Simply use another firework to get up to him. If you are running on the ground don't be afraid to knock some enemies out to get health and coins. He will also be firing fireballs at you but don't worry. They aren't frequent and he has really bad aim. Once you topple the mighty beast you will be shown a cut-scene and you will get your trophy.

Taking Out The Trash
Defeat LeFwee

You will get this story based trophy in "Dead Men Tell No Tales". The mission this is received on is "Operation: Reverse Double-Cross". You will have a quick cannon match with LeFwee and than jump onto his ship and be forced to walk the plank. Than you will use Bentleys boat to navigate back to shore. Once there you will have to climb up LeFwee's fortress one final time to get trapped. Than Bentley will board LeFwee's ship and you must protect him using Crusher and Guru while he breaks Penelope out of holding. once all that is said and done you will have your face-off between Penelope and LeFwee. This is an extremely easy battle. for the first mast you will want to jump over each of his sword swipes and hit him with triangle. Remember how he poses when he is about to strike and his pose when he takes off his cap. On the first mass when he takes his cap off whack him with to make him back up and eventually fall off. For the second mast you will need to duck the entire time and hit him with when he removes his cap. Remember to watch and see how he prepares for his attacks and removing his cap because on the third mast he will mix things up. Duck and jump to avoid his attacks and when he takes off his hat, hit him with either a high attack () or a low attack () depending on which way he removes his cap (if his sword is low use a high attack and if his sword is high use a low attack). After you knock him off the third mast you will get to view a cut-scene and receive this trophy.

Tentacle Terror
Defeat Crusher

In "Dead Men Tell No Tales" there will come a part where you are on the boat again and there are three spots on the map with Red X's. One is called "Crusher from the Depths", another is "Deep Sea Danger", and the last is "Battle of the High Seas". The one you want to go to for this trophy is the mission "Crusher from the Depths". You are going to have to do all 3 to proceed in the story anyways but that is the one that will earn you a trophy.

To beat Crusher you will have to use the Panda King to shoot fireworks at tentacles before they slam into the boat. That is only part 1 though. Part 2 you will have to shoot the Crushers head while avoiding fireballs. I sat up near the front of the ship and as soon as fireworks were released I started charging them up again, running in circles and hitting him with full blasts. Part 3 you will have to shoot tentacles off the sides of the ship to prevent it from capsizing. I recommend leaving no more than one on each side and alternate the side you are knocking them off of, knock too many off on one side and the boat will flip if there are too many on the other side and if there are too many in general, the Crusher will sink the ship. Part 4 is where you play as Sly, you have to whack the tentacles to make them stick to the boat until Crusher gets in close, than shoot him with the cannons. It will take a few hits and each time you will have to stick more tentacles. Just watch for the tentacles shadows so you don't get crushed. Once you defeat him you will be rewarded with a cut-scene and the trophy.

So Gang What's Next?
Defeat Dr. M

This trophy is rewarded Once you defeat Dr. M and will pop right after the cut-scene of Sly losing his memory. To defeat Dr. M in the final fight you are going to want to slide on the electric grid surrounding the place to grab a hold of the helicopter Dr. M is using to bring him down to the platform. Once there he will start shooting a laser. Hide under a vehicle till he blows it up. That is your cue to go in for some damage. The first time you bring him in he will only have a water ball and his fists which the water ball won't hurt you but will trap you. You can probably get in enough hits on him so that he doesn't even get to use the water ball move. The second time you will do the same. The moves to watch out for this time are three electric balls which like the water ball you can damage him enough before he even sends one out if you are close enough, if not than just avoid them and go to town on him. The third time is the same only this time he instantly throws out fireballs. Try to avoid these while beating him down the rest of the way, he will also jump and pound making a bunch of electric driven currents race from where he lands, make sure to jump over these. Once all of that is done he will have a sliver of health left and its Carmelita's turn. Once you get control of her, run around the outside of the platform facing inwards and keep shooting til he is dead. Once he is dead you will get to enjoy one final cut-scene followed by the trophy afterward.

Coin Collector
Collect 1,000 coins

See Loot!.

Obsessive Raccoon
Complete 75% of the game

See 100% Pure Cooper.

If you are completed the story without doing any challenges along the way and are doing the challenges in order by episode without skipping any, you will get this trophy right after completing "Wolf Rampage" in Episode 3.

Earn Your Stripes
Complete 50% of the game

See 100% Pure Cooper.

Also you should get this around the end of the game if you aren't stopping for any of the challenges.

Whirlwind Of Awesome!
Purchase Sly Spin Attack 3

Sly Spin attack 3 will be available for purchase in the shop right after you compete in the Semi-Finals of the plane fight on "Flight of Fancy". Simply go to Bentley's shop and purchase the attack for 800 coins. Once you do this the trophy will unlock. If you are low on coins simply go pickpocket some of the thugs around, they are usually carrying a bunch of loot.

Jump Kick Like A Plumber
Purchase Sly Jump Attack 3

The first time you will be able to purchase this item is in the beginning of the chapter "Dead Men Tell No Tales" as long as you have purchased Sly Jump Attack 1 and 2. The power-up will set you back 1,000 coins. Simply loot yourself enough coin to buy this and head to Bentley's shop. Once you purchase this the trophy will pop.

Collect 2,500 coins

For this trophy you will need to collect 2,500 coins without spending any at all. These are not cumulative and the trophies for coin collecting will not pop until the number of coins you have on you matches the necessary amount for the specified trophy. There are a few methods to doing this. Either you can grind it out all at once near the beginning and not have to worry about it again or you can just collect coins while playing the game. I found it easier and safer to just get it out of the way as early as possible. The first place you can grind this out is after the "Police HQ" mission where you help Dimitri escape. You will be asked if you want to go to the tutorials and learn new abilities. I recommend doing this before going on to learn how to pickpocket enemies. Once you learn how to pickpocket go back and continue "An Opera of Fear". Once you are on the streets run around the ground and rooftops pickpocketing enemies (try to go more for the ones who have their money pocket glowing, those are the ones that are going to give you more coins in a short amount of time due to the items you pickpocket). Once you have them completely pickpocketed, use the stealthy smash attack ( followed by ) to kill the enemies so that enemy will be replaced by a new one and a new back pocket full of loot to pickpocket. Keep running all around Venice pickpocketing enemies and destroying tables, chairs and planters for a little extra boost. Once you get the correct amount of coins the corresponding trophy will pop.

If you don't spend ANY of your coins from the time you start collecting you will receive this trophy without any grinding. Also the later in the game you get the more valuable the prizes become. If you complete the game and need to grind still than it is easier to use this method in later chapters.

Pink Power Murray Fighter
Purchase Diablo Fire Slam

The first time you will be able to purchase this item is in the beginning of the chapter "Dead Men Tell No Tales". The power-up will set you back 1,400 coins. Simply loot yourself enough coin to buy this and head to Bentley's shop. Once you purchase this the trophy will pop.

OMG A Flying Turtle!
Purchase Hover Pack

This is first available during the mission "Operation: Moon Crash" in "Rumble Down Under". This will cost you 300 coins which is nothing compared to a nice . Simply head to the base and use the Thiefnet store to see what gadgets are available for purchase. Select the Hover Pack and purchase it for an easy trophy.

100% Pure Cooper
Complete 100% of the game

For this trophy you have to complete every story mission in the game as well as every challenge mission. To do a challenge mission select the chapter from the chapter select menu and select which one you would like. I am going to provide some tips I may have found while I was playing through the challenges and they may not be able to be repeated be everyone but its something extra to try and help you out on any you may be stuck on but remember, some are just gonna take some practice.
Episode 1: An Opera of Fear

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Episode 2: Rumble Down Under

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Episode 3: Flight of Fancy

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Episode 4: A Cold Alliance

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Episode 5: Dead Men Tell No Tales

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Episode 6: Honor Among Thieves

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