Sly Cooper® and the whole gang return with an epic, brand new adventure for the PlayStation®3 system. The pages of the Thievius Raccoonus are disappearing and Bentley, now keeper of the ancient master thieves' book, must round up the gang and save the Cooper Clan legacy from being destroyed forever.

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Players: 1
Online Trophies: None
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 10 - 15 Hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies:
  • Clue Bottles: Play It Safe, Put It In Your 401K, Savings Account, Zenny, Gil, or Just Loot, Check Please
  • Secret Sly Masks: Cooper Calling Card, Mark Your Territory
  • Treasures: Arcade Operator, Clockwerk Collector, Quarter Cruncher
  • Pickpocket Items: Oh Look It's Shiny, Hassan Would Be Proud

Difficulty Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: None, all missions can be replayed.
Glitched Trophies: None

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The Sly Collection Review by Luckay

Overall: 7.5 / 10

The Sly Collection features three classic games that most people have played on the PS2. I thought the first was mediocre but the second and third (especially the third) make up for it. It's not the best collection and some may get tired of it after the second game, but if you like games like Ratchet and Clank you may like this collection as well. Click here to read the full review.


[top]Complete the Campaign

Simply play through, completing all the jobs and enjoying the game. You'll also want to make sure to keep up with these goals:
  • Follow along with the masks walkthrough.
    As there's no way to go back and see which jobs you're missing masks in, you'll want to follow along with the guide so you don't miss any.
  • Collect all clue bottles in Episode 3.
    Episode 3 is a very important episode to collect the bottles in, as unlocking the associated Cooper Safe will net you an item that shows all other clue bottles on the map and minimap. Either resolve to collect them all manually, or use the walkthrough in this guide to make sure you don't miss any. Once you have this item, it's easy to go back and collect missed bottles in other episodes, so don't feel forced to scavenge for them until you're done with the campaign.
  • Keep checking your map!
    The trophy Navigate Like Drake can be a real pain to go back for, as you have no way of even narrowing down what episodes you're missing maps in. Because of this I highly recommend you follow the included checklist of required maps.

Feel free to also shoot for any of the job or episode-specific trophies you want to now.

[top]Collectibles Cleanup

Now's the time to pick up all the treasures you might have missed, as well as any extra clue bottles. You'll need all 60 treasures for the next step. Use the treasures guide and Clockwerk's Eye to assist you as needed.

[top]Beating Bentley

Now it's time to take on the turtle in the six arcade games you unlocked in the last step. There are tips for getting high scores in all three game types under the 8-Bit Bentley Style trophy.


The home stretch, the all-encompassing cleanup stage. You've gotten most of the work out of the way at this point, now simply use the job replay option from the various era hideouts to knock out any job or episode-specific trophies you may have left. Congrats on your new platinum trophy!

[top]Tips & Strategies

AR Treasure Hunting
Players with a PlayStation Vita, in addition to receiving the PS Vita version of Thieves in Time for no added cost, also gain a bonus feature which makes gathering treasures, bottles, and Sly masks much easier. Here's everything you need to do to try out the AR treasure finder.
  1. Download the Vita version
  2. Go to 'Options' part of Pause Menu on PS3 version
  3. Go under 'Game Options' and turn the AR Server to 'On'
  4. Select 'AR Treasures' from Vita version's main menu
  5. Once in the world, hit [R] on the Vita to turn on the locating goggles.

Keep in mind, if you're in a hideout or another area you don't have control of a character, the connection will fail. Try this in the hub instead.


Mask and Stripes Forever
Collect every bronze, silver, and gold trophy

Collect every other trophy for this, same as any other platinum.

Once you've earned this trophy, replay and complete the final job in Paris for a secret, bonus ending.

Family Matters
Rescue Sly's long lost Cooper relative in Episode 1

This is a story-related trophy and cannot be missed.

This trophy will unlock after completion of the Breakout! job in Episode 1.

Low Calorie Sushi
Complete all the jobs and beat the boss in Episode 1

This is a story-related trophy and cannot be missed.

To earn this trophy, you must complete all jobs in the first episode. The jobs to complete are:
  • Photo Op
  • Breakout!
  • Sushi House Startup
  • Something's Fishy
  • Pretty in Pinker
  • Tiger Tail
  • Spiked Sushi
  • Altitude Sickness

For how to beat El Jefe, the boss, see Cloud City.

Play It Safe
Unlock the Cooper Safe in Episode 1

This Cooper safe is located in the very top left corner area, on the porch of a house on the river. Collect all 30 bottles to be able to crack the safe and unlock Coopergiwa's Gold Magnet and this trophy. The magnet does exactly what it implies: it magnetizes coins to you.

See Savings Account.

Reunite with Sly's long lost Cooper relative in Episode 2

This is a story-related trophy and cannot be missed.

This trophy unlocks during the job Jailhouse Blues, after the level switches to Sly and you first come to meet the ancestor.

Dust Bunnies
Complete all jobs and beat the boss in Episode 2

This is a story-related trophy and cannot be missed.

To earn this trophy, you must complete all the jobs in the second episode. The jobs to be completed are:
  • Under Arrest
  • Jailhouse Blues!
  • Cooper For Hire
  • Saloon Bug
  • Blind Date
  • Jail Break
  • Grand Key Larceny
  • Operation: Gold Digger

Boss Battle

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Put It In your 401K
Unlock the Cooper Safe in Episode 2

The Old West's safe is on the rooftop of a large building vertically centered on the map, but horizontally lower. It's located right below the job start for Saloon Bug. After collecting all 30 bottles in the area, crack it open and grab Muggshot's Coin and the trophy. Muggshot's Coin gives you more coins from defeated enemies and broken objects.

See Savings Account.

Bigfoot For Real
Track down Sly's long lost Cooper relative in Episode 3

This is a story-related trophy and cannot be missed.

This trophy will unlock partway through the third episode job Unexpected Ties.

Complete all jobs and beat the boss in Episode 3

This is a story-related trophy and cannot be missed.

To earn this trophy, you must complete all the jobs in the third episode. Here are the jobs:
  • Stone Age Reconnaissance
  • Unexpected Ties!
  • Getting Stronger
  • Going Up
  • Starving Starving Hippo
  • Ice Ice Bentley
  • Duty Calls
  • Operation: Jurassic Thievery

Boss Battle

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Savings Account
Unlock the Cooper Safe in Episode 3

The safe in the Ice Age is at the bottom of the map, in the cave at the end of the river. After collecting the 30 bottles, unlock it to obtain Clockwerk's Eye and the trophy.

Because Clockwerk's Eye reveals the location of both clue bottles and the level safe on the map, rendering walkthroughs useless and the task of collecting them much easier, we have only provided a walkthrough for this set of clue bottles. After you've obtained all thirty bottles in this episode and retrieved Clockwerk's Eye, simply travel back to the two earlier episodes and pick up any bottles you may have missed.

Episode 3 Clue Bottles

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Introduce Sly to his long lost Cooper relative in Episode 4

This is a story-related trophy and cannot be missed.

You will unlock this trophy after completing Juggling Act, the second job in this episode.

I Believe the Time is Now
Complete all jobs and beat the boss in Episode 4

This is a story-related trophy and cannot be missed.

To earn this trophy, you must complete all the jobs in this episode. They are:
  • Shopping Spree
  • Juggling Act!
  • Cane Swipe
  • Eye in the Sky
  • Mechanical Menace
  • Short Supply
  • Shell Shocked Heart
  • Hard Target
  • Operation: Mousetrap

Boss Battle

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Zenny, Gil, or Just Loot
Unlock the Safe in Episode 4

You can find the safe for this episode on a ship on the east side of the map. After all 30 bottles have been collected, unlock it for the trophy and Sir Raleigh's Frog Hat, which prevents you from taking damage from water.

See Savings Account.

I Need a Mouse Trap
Meet up with an old adversary

This is a story-related trophy and cannot be missed.

This trophy will unlock after completing the Episode 4 job Shell Shocked Heart.

Keep Your Turban On
Make friends with Sly's long lost Cooper relative in Episode 5

This is a story-related trophy and cannot be missed.

This trophy unlocks after completing Lost and Found, the first job of Episode 5.

Home Sick
Complete all jobs and beat the boss in Episode 5

This is a story-related trophy and cannot be missed.

To earn this trophy, you must complete all the jobs in Episode 5. The jobs are:
  • Lost and Found
  • Open Sesame!
  • Rug Rats
  • Up In Smoke
  • Copy Cats
  • Heavy Metal Meltdown
  • All Rolled Up!

Boss Battle

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Check Please
Unlock the Cooper Safe in Episode 5

After the 30 bottles in this episode have been collected, the safe is directly left of the hideout, behind some palm trees. Crack it open for the trophy and The Guru's Staff Piece, which reduces damage taken by 50%!

See Savings Account.

Online Shopping
Make your first purchase on ThiefNet

ThiefNet is a thief's This shady website allows the Cooper gang to use their hard-"earned" coins to purchase powerups and abilities for themselves. It can be accessed in any hideout by pressing the triangle button; and Bentley's laptop will glow when there are new items available for purchase.

For this trophy you will only have to buy one item from the ThiefNet store. This can first be done in the hideout following the Paris Prologue.

See PayDay for a full list of upgrades.

Sparrow Approves
Use the compass many times to navigate

For this trophy, you will need to use the compass - - to find your way many, many times. It seems that you will need 500 clicks of the L3 button, and that you must have a job objective or other objective for the click to count.

If you miss this trophy through normal completion of the story, just replay any job and click the button until the trophy dings.

Wardrobe Malfunction
Unlock your first change of clothing

This is a story-related trophy and cannot be missed.

During the Episode 1 job Breakout!, you will be tasked with pickpocketing three guards to get the pieces of the Samurai Armor costume. Pickpocket the guards, but don’t kill them until their loot is plundered. Once all three pieces are assembled, the costume and trophy are yours.

Costume Party
Obtain every costume in the game

This is a story-related trophy and cannot be missed.

You will get this trophy after completing the Episode 5 job Open Sesame. You need to steal three Flawless Gems from around the area, then bring them to the trader for the Thief costume and the trophy.

Cooper Calling Card
Collect your first hidden Sly mask

You can get this trophy very early in the game, during the Paris Prologue. Sly, after arriving at the museum exterior, will be tasked with shimmying around and then climbing to the top of the museum. Once you reach the roof, you'll find what looks like a rooftop greenhouse. Climb on top of it using the bundled crates to the left, and head to the other side. On the ground in the middle of this area is a spinning token shaped like Sly's head - dodge the helicopter's light and grab it for an introduction to Sly Masks and this trophy.

See Mark Your Territory for a complete text walkthrough of mask locations.

Oh Look It's Shiny
Pickpocket 10 unique items

For this trophy you will need to pickpocket ten different items from the various enemies you'll encounter on your travels. Since all time periods have three unique items, including the Prologue's present day, the earliest you could get this trophy would be after pickpocketing your first item in Episode 3.

See Hassan Would Be Proud for a complete list of pickpocketing items.

Child Of the 80's
Beat the top high score of one hideout arcade

When you collect all treasures in an episode, you'll unlock an arcade game for playing back at the episode's hideout. These games are all based on the various hacking minigames you'll have experienced with Bentley during the main story. Bentley holds the high score you'll need to beat in each game.

For this trophy, simply beat Bentley's high score in one of the unlocked arcade games.

See 8-Bit Bentley Style for tips on conquering each high score challenge.

What's Behind Door Number One?
Unlock a costume gate in any episode

Costume gates are one of the many ways Thieves in Time keeps you from accessing treasures. These are a group of particular decorative doors that only open when approached by someone with a particular costume. You will unlock this naturally as you collect treasures throughout the game.

See Quarter Cruncher for help finding every treasure.

Arcade Operator
Repair any arcade machine

To repair an arcade machine, you need to collect all the treasures in an episode. You can't do this until you've obtained all five costumes, as every episode has treasures that can only be accessed by one with the final costume. After you steal all the treasures for an episode, the arcade machine for that hideout will be fixed, which will pop the trophy.

See Quarter Cruncher for help finding every treasure.

Clockwerk Collector
Collect over 20 treasures

Treasures are special, one-of-a-kind pieces of loot found out in the open world. They sparkle like clue bottles and can be found either in the open or hidden behind costume-specific challenges. When you find one, you'll have the option to leave it alone or pick it up and begin a race to your hideout. If you fail to make it there in time, you'll lose the treasure and have to return to where you first found it for another chance. If you make it to the hideout you'll receive a coin reward and the item will become viewable on your treasure shelf in the hideouts. Unlike previous Sly Cooper games, you can bring these to the hideout during a mission without interrupting the mission, so long as you don't actually enter the hideout.

You will need to obtain 20 treasures across all episodes for this trophy.

See Quarter Cruncher for help finding every treasure.

Apollo Wins
Have the perfect workout during the Training Montage

In the Episode 3 job Getting Stronger, you have to complete parts of all the Murray Games in a whole montage. There are six total types of events in this sequence:
  • Balance: Tilt the controller to keep the egg from falling off your log.
  • Reaction Time: Press to hit the penguins when they're right in front of you.
  • Reflexes: Move the left stick to dodge flying penguins.
  • Accuracy: Slingshot penguins at targets held by pterodactyls.
  • Strength: Sumo wrestle a giant penguin. Push him back by mashing and , then slap by mashing when prompted.
  • Coordination: A whack-a-mole game, hit , , , or to hit the penguins depending on where they are. Don't hit the decoys!

These minigames will be played at random, each individual game getting shorter and harder as the montage rolls on. For this trophy, you cannot fail a single "move" in any game. This means no red X's in your score, no damage taken, no targets missed, etc. There are no checkpoints mid-montage, so if you mess up and must restart the checkpoint, you'll start from the very beginning. Once you pull off a perfect montage, you'll earn this trophy.

Get To the Chopper
Don't take any damage during Up In Smoke

The Episode 5 mission Up In Smoke tasks you with controlling Bentley's good old RC Chopper to drop smoke bombs on the targets so Sly and Salim can go undetected. To land a bomb, drop it with when you are directly over the target. While doing this, you need to avoid being hit by the mine defenses. Fly away from any mines that come close, and you can boost for extra measure with . You can try to get the mines to collide to keep them from hitting you if you want, but make it a priority to stay away from them. If you get hit, just restart the checkpoint. After all three areas are bombed, the trophy will unlock.

The Cooper Open
Have a 20 hit rally with Bentley in each hideout

In every hideout, in the section with the arcade machine, there is a table tennis setup where Sly and Bentley are perpetually playing. For this trophy, you will need to play a game of table tennis in all six hideouts - the five episode hideouts plus the Paris hideout - that includes a 20-hit rally. This simply means the ball is hit 20 times before someone scores a point, easy enough to do. Once you accomplish this feat, you're free to exit the game the next time you serve.

Note that there is no winning this game, it is just a continuous cycle of points, so you will eventually have to manually leave.

Don't miss a single glass of sarsaparilla in Saloon Bug

In the Episode 2 mission Saloon Bug, you start as Bentley posing as a bartender. You need to treat the thirst of 30 cows. You move to different isles using left and right and slide down some sarsaparilla with . You can use the directional keys if the stick just isn't working out for you. It starts out innocently enough with one cow at a time asking for one drink. Then more cows appear. Then they want more than one sarsaparilla. Pay close attention to the bubble above the cows' heads to see how many sarsaparillas to send down their way. By the end you'll be swarmed. Be very careful not to send a glass down an empty isle, or you'll fail the trophy. You also need to make sure no one goes without sarsaparilla, or you'll be busted. If you mess up the toss, restart the checkpoint. Once all 30 cows get their beverages, the trophy is yours.

Navigate Like Drake
Take a look at every map in every episode

This trophy is in no way difficult, but it can be frustrating to keep remembering. You need to look at every map in the game by hitting in any place. Here are all the maps you need to admire:
Paris [Prologue and Epilogue]
  • Cooper Gang Hideout (The Hideout)
  • 1 during the Sly portion of Prologue
  • 1 during the Bentley of Prologue
  • 1 during the Murray of Prologue
  • Le Blimp (Epilogue)

Feudal Japan [Episode One]
  • The Hidden Shuriken (The Hideout)
  • Feudal Japan (The Hub Map)
  • Imperial Prison (Breakout)
  • Rioichi's Sushi House (Sushi House Start-Up)
  • Sashimi Caverns (Something Fishy)
  • Madame Geisha House (Pretty in Pinker)
  • Emperor's Palace (Altitude Sickness)
  • Face to Face (Altitude Sickness, El Jefe fight)

Old West [Episode 2]
  • Hootenanny Clock Tower (The Hideout)
  • Cottonmouth Bluff (The Hub Map)
  • Saddle Sore Correctional Facility (Photo Op, after meeting Kid Cooper)
  • Budd Stagg Caverns (Cooper For Hire)
  • Bar Dynamite (Saloon Bug)
  • Cackling Jackalope Canyon (Blind Date)
  • GoldDigger Express (Operation: Gold Digger)

Ice Age [Episode 3]
  • Iced Campsite (The Hideout)
  • Gungathal Valley (Hub Map)
  • Lair of the Bear (Unexpected Ties)
  • The Murray Games (Getting Stronger)
  • Frostbite Peak (Going Up)
  • Cold Storage Caverns (Ice Ice Bentley)
  • Purple Paw Paint Factory (Operation: Jurassic Thievery)
  • Purple Paw Paint Factory Grizz Arena

Medieval England [Episode 4]
  • The Major Oak (The Hideout)
  • Medieval England (Hub Map)
  • Stirring Up Trouble (Shopping Spree; Tavern)
  • Into the Fire (Shopping Spree; Bakery)
  • A Total Fabrication (Shopping Spree; Shoemaker)
  • The Amazing Cooperoni (Juggling Act)
  • Belly of the Beast (Mechanical Menace)
  • 2nd Floor Bakery (Short Supply)
  • Assembly Line (Shell Shocked Heart)
  • Mousetrap (Operation: Mousetrap)

Ancient Arabia [Episode 5]
  • Sneaky Snake Hideout (The Hideout)
  • Ancient Arabia (Hub Map)
  • Lazy Trunk Spa & Lounge (Secret area, found via crawl space near the palace)
  • Wise Monkey Lamps (Lost and Found)
  • Honest Hassan's Carpets (Rug Rats)
  • Honest Hassan's Carpets [Caverns] (Rug Rats)
  • Honest Hassan's Carpets [Tower] (Rug Rats)
  • In a Jiffy Yellow Cab (Copy Cats)
  • Crabby Guy Paperbacks (Heavy Metal Meltdown)
  • The Underground Docking Bay (All Rolled Up!)

If by some chance you miss a map, you can use the job replay menu to get it. You do not have to complete the job for the map to count.

Hubba Hubba
Don't miss a beat in the Carmelita dance game

In the Episode 5 mission, All Rolled Up!, you start the mission by distracting the guards as Carmelita doing a bellydance. The way this is played is you hit the button shown as it hits the zone at the end of its row. After a complete set, you have to shake the controller to, ahem, wiggle your hips. The minigame start easy, but can get harder as it progresses, adding multiple button taps in a row and buttons pushed right after one another. If you mess up a step, restart the checkpoint. It's a long minigame, but you can tell how far from the end you are by how many guys are working on that door. Salim will be the last one before it opens. By soon you'll be able to fall into the rhythm and earn the trophy.

Quote Originally Posted by SlyCooperFan1 View Post
I think it's worth pointing out that you don't need to succeed on shaking the controller for the Hubba Hubba trophy. No matter what, I can never "shake it" properly, but the shaking doesn't count. You just need to press all of the right buttons.

Lunch Money
Slam 100 enemies with Murray

The Murray has many ways to dispose of his opponents. This trophy asks you to dispose of them in a specific way: slamming them. To slam enemies, press to pick up a small enemy or an unaware or dazed big guy, then hit to slam them to the ground for an instant kill. Do this 100 times and the trophy is yours. A good place to farm this is the Episode 4 mission, Short Supply. Some enemies will just keep spawning, and they're the little guys you can always pick up with .

Unexpected Package
Place 60 bombs in enemy pockets with Bentley

To place a bomb in a pocket with Bentley, simply get behind the enemy, hold , then move to them. Bentley will slyly place a bomb in their pocket, only for them to notice too late. Now while you can kill multiple enemies with the bombs placed, this trophy isn't about kills, it's about pockets. After your 60th pocket, the trophy is yours. Remember, you can only do this as a stealth move, open conflict won't work. Any type of bomb will work too, Explosive, Sleep, whatever. You can farm this out on one enemy by using Sleep Bombs over and over again on an enemy if you like (and of course, if you have bought Sleep Ammo).

Waddle Waddle
Shoot 40 penguins with Carmelita

Throughout the hub area in Episode 3, there are these prehistoric penguins running about. You just need to shoot 40 with Carmelita for the trophy. You don't unlock Carmelita in Episode 3 until after the mission Duty Calls, but after you have her, go nuts on the little guys. Note, if you're going for this in one sitting, return to the Hideout every now and then to refresh the penguin spawns.

Paraglide for at least 10 seconds without using any geysers!

In Episode 3, head to the fort area on the west side of the map. Climb to the highest ledge with the vines on it, and paraglide into the distance. You should get the trophy soon after.

Ancient Warfare 3
Crackshot 10 enemies in 65 seconds

Tennessee Kid Cooper has the special ability known as the "Crackshot". To use it, hold and move the right stick around to aim the reticle. You can highlight up six things, and releasing will cause Kid Cooper to quickly shoot all of them. You can only Crackshot with a full gadget meter. For this trophy, you'll have to kill 10 enemies with Crackshot in a little over a minute. You can easily grab this on the mission Blind Date. You'll need to clear the path for Carmelita's carriage, and lots of enemies will be around at the second point. Crackshot all of them quickly, then Crackshot the others that come out. Keep killing the enemies and this trophy is easily yours.Note, this has to be done in Episode 2 no matter what, Kid Cooper is only in Episode 2.

Crazed Climber
Scale the dragon lair in under 90 seconds

In the Episode 4 mission, Mechanical Menace, the first thing you do in the level is climb a giant tower, shown to you by the cutscene. You need to climb that whole thing in 90 seconds. This trophy can be frustrating, as if you make even one fault, you can be set back quite a distance, which makes it hard to make up for that lost time. Not only that, but you can't just restart the checkpoint if you fail, you need to restart the job. Remember, your Catapult Crash launch will automatically hook onto other hooks you launch to. When the aura of the next hook goes to gold, you're locked on. Also, kill the little dragons around you so they don't torch you and make you lose time, as time is very precious now. If you launch, remember, you can grab other hooks on the way down. This is useful for things like the last few hooks with the fire orbs. If you can move quick enough, the trophy will be yours.

Golden Arrow
Complete the archery minigame without hitting any friendly targets

During the Episode 4 job, Hard Target, you'll have to win an archery minigame to win some Merlin Magic Powder. You need to get the 120 necessary to win without hitting any friendly targets. The targets that award points are usually a darker green while the friendly ones are a kind of pink. You'll know if you hit a friendly target if you get a point deduction of -2 and a buzzer sounds. If you happen to hit one, restart the checkpoint and try again. Going for moving targets seems risky, but it awards more points, and the faster you're done with the challenge, the less chance of messing up the trophy. Keep at it and you'll earn the trophy in no time.

Complete any alter Ego without leveling up once

Alter Ego is a hacking minigame of Bentley's. It's a 2D shooter with a Rambo Bentley as your character. In the minigame, collecting stars will level your guys up, making him more powerful. You can't do that for this trophy. You can only use your regular unleveled character. It's easiest to do this in the first Alter Ego in the Episode 1 mission Something Fishy. Avoid the stars as best you can. The Pow meter in the bottom left corner shows your proximity to the next level. You need 5 stars to level up. Try to keep below 5. Remember, getting hit restarts your level, so use that to your advantage. Grab lots of logic bombs for the segment's boss, though it's an easy boss. Stay away from the red stars that level you automatically. And finally, you can still die and unlock the trophy.

Radical Ninja
Stealth kill 15 enemies without alerting anyone

This trophy is easier than it sounds. With Sly or his ancestors, you have to kill 15 enemies with the Stealth Slam (, then ) in a row without being caught. This can be easily accomplished within the first episode, just run around Stealth Slamming big guards on the ground or little guys on the roofs. Kill 15 enemies and the trophy is yours. The upgrade Silent Obliteration can make this even easier, as you can then run around without guards hearing you.

Purchase every item on ThiefNet

For this trophy you will need to purchase every item and upgrade available on the ThiefNet store. The complete list of upgrades, with price in coins and ordered by availability, is below.

Episode 1: Turning Japanese
Paraglider: 100
Cane Swat Combo: 200
Mega Charge Attack: 400
Silent Obliteration: 800

Episode 2: Go West Young Raccoon
Rail Sprint: 400
Steerable Cane Spin: 200
Smoke Bomb: 500

Episode 3: Clan of the Cave Raccoon
Meter Recharger: 1,000
Run While Charging: 600
Flash Bomb: 600

Episode 4: Of Mice and Mechs
Moving Pickpocket: 500
Sprint While Charging: 800
Cane Push: 600

Episode 5: Forty Thieves
Paraglider Dive Attack: 400
Silent Sprint: 1,000
Air Smash: 700

Total: 8,800 Coins

Episode 1: Turning Japanese
Sleep Ammo: 100
Adrenaline Burst: 300
Bomb Kick: 200
Shock Ammo: 300

Episode 2: Go West Young Raccoon
Trigger Bomb: 600
Heat Seeking: 900
Confusion Ammo: 500

Episode 3: Clan of the Cave Raccoon
Multi Bomb: 800
Throwing Shield: 400
Bomb Blast v2.0: 1,200
Shrink Ammo: 700

Episode 4: Of Mice and Mechs
Scorching Hover Pack: 700
Bomb Drop v2.0: 300
Bend it like Bentley: 400
Homing Darts: 600

Episode 5: Forty Thieves
Meter Recharger: 1,000
Adrenaline Burst Plus: 400
Moving Pickpocket: 500

Total: 9,900 Coins

Episode 1: Turning Japanese
Elbo O Drop’o Combo: 200
Mega Charge Attack: 400
El Drop'o: 600
Looty Shake: 200

Episode 2: Go West Young Raccoon
Steerable Fist Spin: 200
Clothesline: 400
Juggernaut Throw: 1,000
Fists of Flame: 200

Episode 3: Clan of the Cave Raccoon
Run While Charging: 600
Raging Inferno Flop: 600
Light as a Feather: 400
Dukes of Dynamite: 400

Episode 4: Of Mice and Mechs
Sprint While Charging: 700
Clothesline a lo Macho: 700
Diablo Fire Slam: 800
Licks of Lightning: 600

Episode 5: Forty Thieves
Cuffs of Confusion: 800
Meter Recharger: 1,000
Mega Stomp: 400
El Drop'o a lo Macho: 800

Total: 11,000 Coins

Episode 2: Go West Young Raccoon
Auto Fire: 100

Episode 3: Clan of the Cave Raccoon
Charge Shot: 300

Episode 4: Of Mice and Mechs
Stun Shot: 500
Triple Shot: 700

Episode 5: Forty Thieves
Super Jump: 1,200

Total: 2,800 Coins

Grand Total: 32,500 Coins

Hero Tech
Battle with a secret weapon

This trophy is tied to the Sly mask collectibles. At 50 and 60 masks respectively, you can unlock two PlayStation universe skins for Sly's cane - Ratchet's Wrench and Cole's Amp. Simply equip one of these in the Extras menu, then go seek out an enemy. Hit him in any way you prefer, and you'll earn the trophy shortly after.

See Mark Your Territory for a complete text walkthrough of mask locations.

Cloud City
Defeat El Jefe on each tower without losing any health

El Jefe is the boss of the first episode. For this trophy, you have to go the whole fight without losing health. If you get hit, immediately restart the checkpoint. Each platform fight counts as a checkpoint, so you will not have to start from scratch if you get hit midway through.

Start by getting to El Jefe. Run across the beams and ropes to weave your way to the tiger. He will launch fireballs at you as you do this, but as long as you keep moving, he'll shoot wide. When you finally get to him, he'll jump away. Run across the rope to reach the wooden stairs. El Jefe's shots will be more accurate here, and he will destroy the stairs into three chunks, so be on your toes for that. Climb up the pole to reach the first real fight.

It's important to notice how El Jefe will attack. If he's giving off sparks and orange, don the Samurai Armor. It'll be a fire attack, and the suit is fire-impervious. Switch to regular Sly for the blue, electric attacks, though. Also, getting close to an unstunned Jefe is bad. He'll grab Sly and uppercut a quarter of his health away, and we like having health, don't we? The fight will start with a fire attack: he will plunge his swords into the ground and release a ring of flame. The Armor protects you from this. El Jefe will also create a giant electric blade and slam it into the ground. He'll then drag it across the ground to get you, so run in a circle around him as normal Sly. El Jefe will also sweep with his blades, so be prepared to jump over that.

One of El Jefe's setups will involves him swiping his blades on the ground while glowing orange. When he does this, don the Armor and reflect the fireball he launches. When you do, he'll be stunned. Close in as regular Sly and beat him up with . He'll retaliate with two fire slams, but then resort to his electric blade attack pattern. Reflect his second fireball and beat him up again.

Now you have to chase down El Jefe again. Run across the bridge and jump across the bridge pieces, all while dodging his fireballs. Jump onto the bamboo rails and slide down, then climb up the pole to begin round 2. El Jefe will greet you with a powerful fire slam, but once again, the Armor protects you. This time, before he uses his blade-drag attack, he'll throw out electric traps. Still circle him to avoid the blade, but jump over the traps. Jump over his blade swipe, then reflect his fireball. Close the gap and beat on him, then repeat the process twice more, remembering the second time includes two blade swipes, not just one.

One last chase! Run across the fallen crane and jump to the nearest bamboo spire. Wait until El Jefe launches his fire barrage, then jump. Wait, then jump. His shots will go wide when you just sit still. Navigate to his platform, then climb up the pole to finish this.The first round of the third platform is just like any other El Jefe round: Fire wall, blade drag with traps, two blade swipes, fireball, beatdown. The second stage changes things up. Instead of dragging after the fire wall, El Jefe spreads his blades out like a fan. Jump over them as they pass you by, but remember, not towards El Jefe. Jumping in place is the best strategy. Dodge his next two blade swipes, then reflect the fire. Beat him down, repeat if necessary. If you went the entire fight without getting hurt, the trophy is yours.

Hassan Would Be Proud
Pickpocket a full collection of every item in the game

For this trophy you must pickpocket every unique item on this list at least once. Every era - including the present day's rat guards - has three unique valuables for your greedy paws.

To pick an enemy's pocket with Sly, Bentley, or any Cooper ancestor, you simply need to sneak up behind them and press the circle button. You can tell which enemies have a special item by looking for a glow around their pocket. Enemies without this glow will only yield coins when pickpocketed. The item is always the last thing in an enemy's pocket, so you will have to pickpocket them a few times. Keep in mind that the item each special enemy holds is chosen at random, so you may get a few repeats before finding all three items of an era.

Murray can also pickpocket enemies, although his method is different. As Murray, sneak up behind an enemy and press circle to grab them. Once you're holding them, shake them using the circle button. You will receive the normal rewards of pickpocketing: first coins, then a special item. You will need to purchase the upgrade Looty Shake from the ThiefNet store before this is possible.

The items which must be pickpocketed are as follows:

Rat Enemies - Prologue, Epilogue, and Various Jobs
  • Swiss Cheese
  • Gas Grenade
  • Tomato Juice Box

Episode 1: Turning Japanese
  • Kabuki Mask
  • Mahjong Tile
  • Ivory Chopsticks

Episode 2: Go West Young Raccoon
  • Gold Nugget
  • Deputy Badge
  • Silver Belt Buckle

Episode 3: Clan of the Cave Raccoon
  • Lava Rock Spearhead
  • Amber Fossil
  • Tribal Penguin Mask

Episode 4: Of Mice and Mechs
  • Pocket Watch
  • Platinum Gear
  • Emerald Dragon Eye

Episode 5: Forty Thieves
  • Pearl Earring
  • Scorpion Tail
  • Red Ruby Ring

Quarter Cruncher
Unlock all 6 arcade machines

A text walkthrough for all the treasures you'll need to find to unlock these games follows.

Remember, the last arcade game is found in the Paris hideout, and it's unlocked after you find every other treasure.

Turning Japanese Treasures

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Go West, Young Raccoon Treasures

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Clan of Cave Raccoon Treasures

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Of Mice and Mechs Treasures

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Forty Thieves Treasures

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Mark Your Territory
Collect all the hidden Sly masks

Sly Masks are a new collectible in Thieves in Time. Collect enough to unlock goodies in the extras menu. Most masks will be in story missions, but a number can be found in the hub areas. If you happen to miss a mask in a level, you can always replay it from the Hideout's van time travel option. Once you pick up a mask, it is saved forever, so you don't need to circle back to it if you die or just return to the Hideout during the mission.

Paris Prologue

1. After Sly reaches the museum’s exterior, you will be tasked with climbing to the roof. Once you’re on top of the museum, you’ll see what looks like a rooftop greenhouse. Jump on some crates to get on top of it, then sneak to the other side. The mask will be on the ground - make sure to avoid the helicopter’s light!

2. During Bentley’s section, you will find some machinery - what looks like a conveyor belt - which you have to destroy via thrown bomb. Do this and then head forward, making a sharp left. In an alcove on this side, behind a destructible box, you will find the second mask.

Turning Japanese Masks

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Go West, Young Raccoon Masks

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Clan of the Cave Raccoon Masks

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Of Mice and Mechs Masks

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Forty Thieves Masks

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Paris Epilogue

53. After Rioichi gets his cane and you control Murray for a small fight scene, you’ll be given control of Rioichi again. Head to the right to the long, rectangular pit. At one end, you will be able to make an awkward corner jump to a ledge. A mask hides behind some crates.

54. When controlling Tennessee, head around through the first “switch” area with the two collapsing pits. When climbing up the steel pole to the next level, jump to the left. The mask sits on this platform.

Once you’ve collected all the treasures, the final six masks can be found in the arcade games. There is one mask for each game, including the game in Paris.

Arcade Game Masks

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8-Bit Bentley Style
Beat every hideout arcade's top high score

Once you've collected all the treasures in an episode and unlocked the arcade game, you still have to beat the highscore. Here are some tips for maximizing your score in all the games you'll encounter.

Take note, the arcade machine in Paris - unlocked after every treasure is obtained - has a mix of all the different game types.

Alter Ego
The absolute most important thing about this game is getting to level ten as fast as possible and then staying there the entire game. Each level up for Bentley not only increases your weaponry and therefore your chance of success in killing enemies and clearing your way, but acts as a score multiplier. If you're level ten, you receive ten points for each yellow bit, but only one point for each yellow bit at level one. These points add up quick and will ultimately decide your fate. Other than this, just make sure you're going out of your way for both stars and enemy kills.

System Cracker
Your goals are simple: destroy everything and don't die. There's no penalty for taking damage unlike in Alter Ego, but the game ends if you die. As to destroying everything, just make sure you smash up all the blue shapes and pink crystals, as these are the only missable sources of points.

Spark Runner
An extremely easy game to get the high score in - shame there's only one dedicated machine for it. You get points for hitting the pink time boosts, sure, but you also get points for hitting bumpers. This means it's easy to simply play a while, build up your allocated time, then smash yourself into a bumper until time runs out.

On that note, it's worth mentioning that you don't have to complete any of these games. If you lose after beating the high score requirement, but before beating the machine, it still counts as a victory over Bentley.

Final Chapter?
Complete every job and beat every boss in all the episodes

This is a story-related trophy and cannot be missed.

This is awarded after completing the last job, Deja Vu All Over Again!, in the Paris Epilogue.

Boss Battle

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