Smash Cars is fun, fast-paced, over-the-top racing game featuring R/C cars. There are 4 championship series that consist of various race types (time attack, race, and elimination), and players must use not only their knowledge of each track, but the ability to boost - and earn boost - to land a top finish. In this guide I will help you in earning gold medals on all races, as well as the best assortment of tricks to use, and shortcut locations. This game has a bit of a learning curve to it, but once you get past it, there's a lot of fun to be had.


Smash Cars Trophy Guide
By dajmer79

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Players: 1
Online Play: Yes
Online Trophies: None
Cheat Codes: None
Cheats Affect Trophies: N/A
Time to 100%: 5-6 hours

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • When playing for the first time, try and earn at least a silver medal in each race. This isn't that hard to do, and will earn you both the Bronze Champion and Silver Champion trophies after the last race is finished. Playing this way will also most likely earn you the following trophies as well: Demolition Master, Air Time Expert, Trickster, and Smash Cars Superstar. Focus on getting the remaining trophies afterward.
  • Of the 3 available vehicle types (Monster, Buggy, and Sport), I find that the Buggy offers the best results. It may not be as fast overall as the Sport, but it controls much better and, as a result, you won't find yourself sliding all over the place. Once you unlock the Buggy Bullet, you'll be cruising.
  • Boost whenever possible. Even when you think you have a commanding lead, all it takes is one tiny mistake and you'll find yourself dropping 3-4 spots. The AI is always on your ass, so use your boost at all opportunities to keep them at bay. Remember that tricks aren't the only way to earn boost; drifting and smashing into objects works too.
  • Shortcuts are always great at bettering your time, but sometimes it's better not to use them right away. The AI will not use any shortcuts until you do first, and you can use this to your advantage if you're on the final lap and sitting in second or third position.
  • The stats page is your best friend in determining your overall progression towards each trophy. Press on any track and it will list every piece of information you could want - highest medal achieved, best times, total stars, tricks completed, shortcuts found, etc.


Bronze Champion
Earn a bronze medal, or better, in every single player level (original content).

See Silver Champion trophy.

Note: This trophy is stackable and can also be unlocked by earning the Silver Champion and/or Gold Champion trophy.

Silver Champion
Earn a silver medal, or better, in every single player level (original content).

Earning silver medals in all races is not that difficult, and should be your primary focus when playing the first time through. The reason being is that some of the faster and sturdier cars won't become unlocked until you reach the later races; these are the cars you'll need to use for the Gold Champion trophy. The only way you'll be able to keep up with the pack, and possibly pass them, is by using boost at every opportunity. Nail those jumps, and drift around tight corners with to keep your boost flowing. If you're finding certain races harder than others in snagging a second place finish, move on to another one. You might unlock new car body parts that will give you that extra edge you need.

Note: This trophy is stackable and can also be unlocked by earning the Gold Champion trophy.

Gold Champion
Earn a gold medal in every single player level (original content).

The recommended vehicle of choice here is the Buggy Bullet. It's got great speed, handling, and can take a beating. More importantly, it can run with the best of the Sport cars and, in most cases, beat them with time to spare. Actual races can be won by boosting as much as possible, and playing dirty whenever possible. Ramming people ahead of you will usually result in them spinning out or going off-track entirely, if you time your hits right before they approach a jump. Always keep a small amount of boost when you're in the lead, for times when an opponent tries passing you. Either boost past them, or into them, and regain your lead.

Winning Eliminator and Time Trial races are a bit trickier, and require you to know each track like the back of your hand. In the case of Time Trials, it is absolutely essential to use every shortcut. Many gold medal times are preset with shortcuts in mind, so you're going to have to use them to beat the time requirements. I've noticed that the AI seems to race a bit faster in Eliminator races, and most of the time you won't catch the leader until the final lap. When you do take the lead, make sure you're boosting as much as possible. One small mistake, or stretch of road that you're not boosting on, and you'll be passed.

One tip that applies to every race-type and ensuring you keep your lead, is the type of trick you perform off jumps. Simple flips and barrel rolls will only earn you a small amount of boost, and a 3-star rating maximum. Instead, perform angle flips to combine both flips and rolls. Two complete rotations will net you 5-stars, and more than half a tank of boost. These can be performed by pressing and holding any of the following directional combinations: up/left, up/right, down/ left, down/right.

For best results: try to beat each track's base lap and race time while you're gunning for gold medals. This will save you time in the end, so you're not backtracking even more. Refer to Lap Champ and Race Ace trophies for specific details.

Demolition Master
Hit 15 objects in any single player level (original content). You must earn a bronze medal or higher in order to unlock the trophy.

There are tons of objects that can be smashed into, or through, in every level. These range from crates, boxes, fruits, people, animals, bottles, barrels, etc. You'll probably unlock this trophy through natural progression of the game, as many shortcuts are hidden by objects, but if you want to get it out of the way early, I suggest replaying the first couple of levels. Just remember to finish the race with at least a bronze medal, or it won't count.

Air Time Expert
Get 75 seconds of air in any single player level (original content). You must earn a bronze medal or higher in order to unlock the trophy.

Most of the tracks early on simply aren't long enough and don't contain enough jumps to achieve this. Because you need to earn at least a bronze medal as well, you can't just jump around the entire time. Wait until you reach the Highway Championship series, and choose either the Coast or Isle tracks. Both races are quite long and offer several prime ramp and jump locations; Isle more-so, as its track covers the entire island. Remember to press at the top of a ramp for extra height.

Star Collector
Accumulate 270 stars in single player mode using your best score from each level (original content).

If you're trying for the Gold Champion trophy, you'll unlock this along the way. The key here is performing 5-star tricks at every jump; this can only be achieved by executing angle jumps (up/left, up/right, etc.), as regular flips and barrel rolls will only get you between 1 and 3 stars. You can average 35-40 stars on each of the 4 tracks in the Highway Championship series, which will contribute to more than half of the total amount. Keep replaying races, and try to pull in 15-20 stars on every track.

Complete 15 air tricks in any single player level (original content). You must earn a bronze medal or higher in order to unlock the trophy.

There are four tracks in particular that are perfect for getting this trophy: Footbridge (Fortress Championship), Circle (Harbor Championship), Coast (Highway Championship), and Isle (Highway Championship). Hit every jump you see at any of these tracks, and you'll get it with ease. Just remember to successfully land each trick or it won't count, and to finish in at least third place.

Lap Champ
Beat all base lap times in every single player level (original content).

See Race Ace trophy.

Race Ace
Beat all base race times in every single player level (original content).

Both this trophy and Lap Champ kind of go hand-in-hand, as beating a lap time will usually result in beating the race time as well. To avoid years of therapy brought on by extreme bouts of frustration, I would advise leaving these two trophies until last. They are, without question, the hardest trophies in the game to get, and definitely warrant being higher than a bronze.

Don't confuse base times with medal times, as they are completely different. Press to bring up the Track Info screen for any track, and you'll see the base times at the bottom. Press and compare these times with your best lap and race times. The majority of the tracks are pretty lenient with base times, until you reach the Highway Championship series. Some of these times might seem impossible, but keep at it and you'll get it eventually. You have to hit every shortcut and use boost whenever possible, or else you won't even come close to beating the base times. I still stand by the Buggy Bullet as the vehicle of choice, but feel free to choose any of the Sport cars if you can overcome the handling issues.

Smash Cars Superstar
Get 30 stars in one single player level (original content). You must earn a bronze medal or higher in order to unlock the trophy.

Earning 30 stars in one race is rather easy on any of the tracks in the Highway Championship series, but can be done on previous tracks if you're determined. Use angle jumps (up/left, up/right, etc.) at every ramp for a quick 5 stars, and don't forget to boost and jump off of ramps for more height. You can pull in 50-60 stars on the last track alone (Isle), so I wouldn't worry too much about this one.

Smart Driver
Find all the shortcuts in every single player level (original content). You must earn bronze medals or higher in order to unlock the trophy.

With the exception of Hopper, Hornbrook, and Circle, every track features at least one shortcut. Note that any reverse tracks with shortcuts will have them in the same spots as the forward version; just approach them from the other end. Read below for every shortcut location. Alternately, click the spoiler boxes underneath if reading isn't your thing and you'd rather watch the videos.

Eight track (2)
  1. Located after the first turn and jump, just before the wood plank leading up. Take the dirt path to the right, underneath the pier.
  2. A little ways after the first one, you'll come to a spot where there is a ramp on the left leading to a higher platform, and a group of red and white caution gates on the right. Smash through the gates and follow it around.

Eight Reverse track (2)
  1. See above. Approach from opposite end.
  2. See above. Approach from opposite end.

Footbridge track (2)
  1. Immediately after the first bridge, look to your left and you'll see some random objects with a caution gate in front. Smash through here.
  2. Same as shortcut #2 in "Eight Reverse" track.

Fishing track (1)
  1. Right before the final turn, there's a group of blue barrels on the right-hand side. Smash through these and it will put you at the finish line.

Fishing Reverse track (1)
  1. See above. Approach from opposite end.

Coast track (3)
  1. Same as shortcut #2 in "Eight Reverse" track.
  2. Same as shortcut #1 in "Footbridge" track.
  3. Just before the finish line, cut through the patch of grass on the left-hand side.

Tunnels track (2)
  1. Right at the start. Either cut through the grass directly ahead of you, or go slightly to the right and hit the ramp.
  2. See "Fishing Reverse" track.

Tunnels Reverse track (2)
  1. See above. Approach from opposite end.
  2. See above. Approach from opposite end.

Isle track (3)
  1. Same as shortcut #1 in "Tunnels" track.
  2. Same as shortcut #1 in "Eight" track.
  3. Same as shortcut #2 in "Eight" track.

Safe Driver
Complete all single player levels without crashing or using any respawns (original content).

Respawns can happen for 3 reasons - pressing to manually reset your car, going completely off-track (i.e. falling into the water), or by exploding due to taking too much damage (watch for black smoke). Getting this trophy boils down to replaying any levels that you crashed or respawned on, plain and simple. Try and race a clean line and avoid taking unnecessary risks. Note that your overall finish place does not matter, so you can take your time on each track if you want.

Tip: Check the stats page for each track to see how many respawns you've used, if any.

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