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1 offline, 2-12 online

Online Trophies: Yes (11) Bloodstreak, Pure Ownage, The Sniper Elite, Kill That F**ing Band!, Blood And Tears, Unhappy Camper, U Can't Touch This, Wrath Child, Death Dealer, Everything But The Kitchen Sink, World Warrior
Online Pass Required: No
Estimated Time to Platinum: About 10-12hrs if following guide and boosting MP (15-20 without boosting and multiple playthroughs).
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: Yes (3) Poking the Bush, Keepsakes Of War, In Search of Enlightenment
Missable Trophies: Yes (2) Can't Hurt Me, I Never Bleed
Glitched Trophies: Nerves Of Steel is known to be glitched for some people.
Mission Related Trophies: Yes (5) Laugh This Off, Back To School, Guardian Angel, Karma Chameleon, Sandman

[top]Tips & Strategies

The difference between casual and expert is that when you're playing on expert it doesnít give you any hints on how and what to do or who to kill compared to casual difficulty walking you through the steps as well as giving you a circular red ridicule of where your bullet will end up. Also in casual difficulty you are given the enemy location with the way they are facing in your radar. In expert you will have tracer rounds that if you hold in after youíve taken your shot you will visualize where the bullet hits.

You can see which collectibles you have by selecting EXTRAS from the main menu and the clicking on secrets. It is separated by Act and mission to make it easier to locating your missing secret items.

There is 40 collectible secrets throughout the game, 4 in each mission so be aware of them as they are listed and shown below.

All MP trophies can be earned in a private match.
The fastest way to win matches and meet the trophy requirements is by setting your game settings to start the limit with only 2 players, 10 minutes and set the score to 500 making each match last about 2 minutes. In order to play with 2 players you must pick different teams (blue or orange). Just for a heads up to those using headsets, you cannot speak to opposing players once the game starts.

When sprinting its best to run with your pistol in hand instead of your sniper rifle because it'll increase your heart rate faster not allowing you to sprint anymore. It may also effect you breathing pattern when in zoom.

As you are playing in multiplayer mode and are zoomed in with your rifle know your scope will shine from the light hitting it giving away your position. This will always be a key asset when trying to find the opposing team members.

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Follow the guide and play on expert if you would like to achieve the platinum as soon as possible.

1.Begin by playing the campaign to get a feel for the control configuration and which buttons do what. You can begin on whatever difficulty you see fit due to your gaming capabilities, however the expert difficulty didn't pose a problem.

2. Go back and get any missed trophies you may have missed throughout your campaign run. This may include mission trophies, collectibles, randoms, etc.

3. Finally the last step is to play multiplayer unless this game has become old than you may want to consider doing this step first. The multiplayer earns you a net total of 11 trophies all being able to earn in private matches.


Unlock all Trophies.

Earn this trophy by sniper crawling through the foliage and hiding within the concealment earning every bronze, silver, and gold trophy in the game.

Operation Quarterback
Complete Act 1.

This is a story-related trophy and cannot be missed.

In order to achieve this trophy you need to complete the following missions:

- Communication Breakdown
- From Out Of Nowhere
- Leave No Man Behind

Once you have completed Leave No Man Behind you will achieve your trophy.

Operation Archangel
Complete Act 2.

This is a story-related trophy and cannot be missed.

In order to achieve this trophy you need to complete the following missions:

- Operation Archangel
- And Justice For All
- Ghosts of Sarajevo

Once you have completed Ghosts of Sarajevo you will achieve your trophy.

Left No Man Behind
Complete the game on Casual.

Please refer to Harvester Of Sorrow for more details.

My Rifle Is My Best Friend
Complete the game on Medium.

Please refer to Harvester Of Sorrow for more details.

Harvester Of Sorrow
Complete the game on Expert.

When you begin the game you have the option to choose your difficulty whether it be casual, normal, or expert. After beating a mission or by going to mission select from the single player menu screen you can see the highest difficulty you have completed that mission on by the amount of coins it represents. You get 1 coin for casualÖ 2 coins for normal...and 3 coins for expert.

Note: The trophies are stackable meaning if you complete the game on expert you will unlock all three difficulty related trophies.

Poking the Bush
Collect all secrets in Act 1.

I have added both a text description and video to help you. Use whichever you feel comfortable with.

Below is a video containing spoilers on where the collectibles are within Act I.

Toggle Spoiler

Text Collectibles guide (time displayed in video): All collectibles in Act I are belly dancers.

Toggle Spoiler

Keepsakes Of War
Collect all secrets in Act 2.

I have added both a text description and video to help you. Use whichever you feel comfortable with.

Below is a video of all the collectibles in Act II. Video does contain spoilers!

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Text Collectibles guide (time displayed in video): All collectibles in Act II are film rolls.

Toggle Spoiler

In Search of Enlightenment
Collect all secrets in Act 3.

I have added both a text description and video to help you. Use whichever you feel comfortable with.

Below is a video showing all the secrets in Act III. Video does contain spoilers!

Toggle Spoiler

Text Collectibles guide (time displayed in video): All collectibles in Act III are gold Buddha's.

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Hazardous Materials
Kill three or more enemies by shooting a grenade.

The easiest place I found to achieve this trophy is in Act III mission Bad Karma. During this mission you are asked to shoot a grenade on a walking patrol unit thus giving you this trophy. You can also obtain this anytime you see a group of enemies together where one enemy has a grenade hanging on their side on the waistline. Make sure to hold your breath when zooming in on the grenade.

Also here is a video if you need some help. Video contains spoilers! This video is from Act I Mission From Out Of Nowhere. This will be in an opening after walking down a ridge from sniping 5 enemies. You will see a jeep and a tower on the left side of the level.

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Death's Scythe
Take 50 headshots in single player.

This trophy description can be a little misleading because you are giving the headshot as opposed to taking the headshot. You will without a doubt earn this through your campaign. Just be sure to take your shots slowly and learn how to efficiently use your weapon. Play on casual difficulty if you are having problems getting headshots and be sure to aim by pressing and hold your breath with .

Note: This counts for both pistol and rifle kills.

Nerves Of Steel
Achieve 100% accuracy in any single player mission.

Go into mission select if you haven't put your game onto casual difficulty already and do so choosing any mission you feel your best at. Take your time and move slowly through the level killing of 1 enemy at a time.

Note: Be sure to use your sniper rifle for all kills so your accuracy will not be deducted by using a pistol. Also you can earn accuracy boosts for headshots. Your spotters shots do not count towards your overall accuracy percentage. Remember you can be noticed and have alarms set off that is no problem but it will make it harder for you to achieve the 100% accuracy as you will be getting shot at.

A video walkthrough is provided for those needing help: Video does contain spoilers! This video is from Act I mission Leave No Man Behind.

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Balls Of Steel
Complete any single player mission without using med kits, but taking damage.

On any mission just take a shot from an enemy without pressing to heal yourself and then just complete the mission from there. You should not be using medkits to make it easier to achieve I never Bleed.

Note: The health bar is located on the bottom right in white below your ammo inventory.

Say Hello To My Little Friend
Kill 30 enemies using your sidearm.

Just kill 30 enemies with your pistol, you can switch between your pistol and rifle by pressing . When you are close to an enemy donít go for a rifle kill or do a melee attack as you will have separate occasion for those purposes.

Psst, Don't Look Behind You
Kill 15 enemies with a stealth kill.

At any given time an enemy has their back towards you silently approach them from behind by crouching (pressing ) and go in for a silent kill. The only time a stealth kill counts is when you are close behind to your enemy and it states for a stealth kill press . You should get this naturally while playing through campaign mode.

Kill With Still
Kill 50 enemies while holding your breath.

You can only hold your breath when aiming with your pistol or rifle. You do this by pressing and holding down when you are aiming and shooting. More than likely you will be holding your breath every time you shoot so this should come rather quickly. Just be sure to watch your heart rate because it will start swaying your weapon back and fourth causing it to be hard to aim/handle. Also donít hold in the button to long so you can quickly move onto another adversary near by.

Distance Matters Not
Kill 20 enemies from a distance of 600m or greater.

This will also come naturally while playing through the campaign. All you need to do is kill 20 enemies from a distance of at least 600m. You will know the distance at which you are shooting by looking top center when you are zoomed in on an enemy. If for some reason you are having problems unlocking this trophy switch your difficulty to casual if it isnít already to give you an assist.

Fisher King
Kill 25 enemies using thermal or night vision goggles.

These will come naturally to you during gameplay with the dark levels or the amount of foliage your in. To use your thermal or night vision goggles you must press and you'll know when they are on because you'll either see heat signatures or the screen will be all free.

Note: Thermal or NVGís are capable of being used in every mission throughout the entire missions itís up to you how you use them.

Hangman's Knot
Kill Major Vladic ("And Justice For All").

This is a story-related trophy and cannot be missed.

At the end of the mission you will come to a spot where you are positioned overlooking a school sniping out enemies. You will have the chance to kill Major Vladic once all other enemies have been killed. Major Vladic will be seen in a window overlooking your 10-12 oíclock.

Kill Maddox once and for all ("No Loose Ends").

This is a story-related trophy cannot be missed.

You will achieve this in Act III mission No Loose Ends. Throughout the level you will be avoiding and evading Maddox as he attempts to kill you and your spotter. You will be asked to do numerous tasks before you get the chance to kill Maddox such as kill a mortar team and several snipers. Try to kill Maddox in 1 shot so you can achieve the Laugh This Off at the same time.

Note: Maddox kills you in 1 shot so stay low.

Laugh This Off
In the final duel with Maddox, kill him with the first shot ("No Loose Ends").

Act III Mission 4 No Loose Ends

I suggest doing this on casual difficulty because it gives you the red reticule (aim assist) therefore you know exactly where to place it when shooting at Maddox. Maddox will be located from your 10-12 o'clock direction. Before you kill Maddox you will kill a mortar team and then several snipers. When you are placed behind the Beret .50cal you do not need to hold in or because it is automatically being done.

Note: If you miss on the first shot do not shoot again simple just press and reload from last checkpoint and do this until you kill Maddox with 1 shot.

Back To School
Kill all enemy snipers in Sniper Alley without being hit ("Ghosts of Sarajevo").

Act II Mission 3 Ghosts of Sarajevo

During mission Ghosts of Sarajevo in Act II you will come across 2 pedestrians that get sniped from behind as they are trying to run in your direction. You will need to take caution from this moment on as there are 6 sniper across two separate sections the highway in the building high and low. Both section have 3 snipers each trying to take a shot at you. To make it easier to locate the sniper pull out your binoculars by pressing and have them not magnified so you have a wider area to search. Once you have found your snipers one a time take them out making it easier to negotiate the rest of the mission. Make not that after you killed the 1st three snipers you will reach a checkpoint and could restart at any moment if you get shot at anytime from the next set of snipers.

Here is a video that should help you out if you are in need of help. This video contains spoilers!

Toggle Spoiler

Guardian Angel
Rescue the friendly ("From Out Of Nowhere").

Act I Mission 2 From Out Of Nowhere

During the mission you will be sniping while your team clears out a house of enemies and 1 man takes a hostage to the roof where you need to shoot and kill him before he eliminates the hostage. Make sure you donít accidentally kill the hostage somehow instead of the adversary.

A video is provided below.

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Karma Chameleon
Retrieve your weapon without being detected ("Burning Bridges").

Act III Mission 2 Burning Bridges

In Burning Bridges you have dropped your rifle and need to identify and retrieve it. During this time you are given your pistol to kill any enemies that could potentially spot you without alerting any other. Listen closely to what your spotter is saying as he is walking you through the mission 1 step at a time and you will receive your weapon without detection.

Note: When you discover your rifle Do Not go running for it as there is a spotlight circling the territory. Also if you get noticed you can press and reload from your last checkpoint.

Also here is a video for a better understanding:

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Worlds Apart
Take a successful shot from a distance of 1 km or greater.

This may prove difficult to some on expert difficult while having no aiming assist (round red ridicule). In order for the shot to count as successful you need to get a 1 shot kill therefore it will not make the enemy aware of your presence. There are a few locations within the campaign you can earn this trophy so just casually play and you will earn this.

If you complete the campaign without earning the trophy you replay Mission From Out Of Nowhere in Act I where you will have to over watch the 2 teams in the valley. There are a few shots you can take at this spot that will net you this trophy.

Note: For those that may not know 1 km = 1000 m.

Provided is a great location in Act 1 mission From Out Of Nowhere:

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Solid Sandman
Kill all enemies in the beach houses without causing an alarm ("Leave No Man Behind").

Act I Mission 3 Leave No Man Behind

Achieve this trophy in Mission 3 Leave No Man Behind in Act I.

During the first step of the mission you will have to kill 6 enemies. 1 walking around the top of the beach house, 2 on the bottom level of the beach house, 1 on the beach perimeter, and one more on the side of the beach house. You must kill them without alerting them, once you do let them kill you so you can start over. You will know if you caused and alarm to go off by your radar will remain blinking red.

Here is a video of the trophy in action:

Toggle Spoiler

Bullets Can't Hurt Me
Complete any act without using medkits.

This trophy is missable:

This trophy is easy even on expert; however playing on casual is the best option to make sure you earn this without worry. All you need to do is complete all the missions within an act without using a medkit to receive this trophy. You should receive this while going for I Never Bleed .

Note: Just be sure to take cover and donít be afraid to die because youíll start off not to far from where you currently were.

I Never Bleed
Complete the Campaign using max one medkit per mission.

This trophy is missable:

The campaign has 10 missions in all, 3 in both Act I and II and then 4 in Act III. So in order to obtain this trophy you need to complete the entire campaign without using more than 10 medkits (1 per mission). In personal experience this is easily done even on expert difficulty, however if you want to be on the safe side donít use any medkits at all. If you die during a mission you will be started from the nearest checkpoint, which is never that far away so it isnít a big deal to let yourself die to be positively sure you will earn this trophy. If you donít want to use a medkit you do so by pressing and your medkits will be shown below your ammo inventory with the nationally well known cross. You will hear the ding once you have completed Act III: Mission No Loose Ends.

Kill 25 opponents in multiplayer.

Please refer to The Sniper Elite more details.

Pure Ownage
Kill 50 opponents in multiplayer.

Please refer to The Sniper Elite more details.

The Sniper Elite
Kill 100 opponents in multiplayer.

You will be working on this while you are actively trying to earn the 25 round win for Death Dealer . First go into a map you prefer or are best at and begin killing people with any of your weapons. If you can try to get as many headshots as you can for the Blood And Tears that way itíll be less work for you later on. Remember this can be earned in a private match if necessary with one more persons in your game, but the more you have the merrier.

Kill That F**ing Band!
Take 25 headshots in multiplayer.

Please refer to Blood And Tears for more details.

Blood And Tears
Take 50 headshots in multiplayer.

Getting a headshot can be demanding in multiplayer with any weapon at any range unless you are boosting in a private match because thatís a much more simple task. If an opposing player is lying down it is much easier to get a headshot than those that are standing changing their directional pattern consistently.

In multiplayer you will have a small round red ridicule exactly like the one from the casual difficulty so you wonít need to know how to calculate windage or distance on your own luckily. You can get a headshot by shooting without zooming in on your target first, however this will be very difficult to pull off so I recommend zooming in with and magnifying your scope in or out with or . You can hold your breathe as you are looking through your scope by pressing and holding giving you a short period of time to get the shot off before you need to take a gasp of air.

Note: If your heart rate is above 100bpm (beats per minute) your breathing will become sporadic and you may experience difficulty getting an exact target location on your target.

Unhappy Camper
Kill 10 opponents in multiplayer using your sidearm.

Your sidearm is your pistol and you take it out by pressing . This is very easy if you like to run across the map into your opponents spawn. This should not be used for long distance shooting mainly because you wonít hit your target or will have little to no damage taken from your opponent. Instead try and get in range of your enemies spawn being undetected to make it easier on yourself and scroll through picking off your targets. These are accumulative so don't rush out in the open just to die, you will more than likely earn this naturally working on towards your progression to earn Death Dealer .

U Can't Touch This
Win 5 rounds in a row in Team Deathmatch.

Save yourself the headache from trying to achieve this from naturally playing with teammates you donít know and cannot depend on. If you do attempt to receive this trophy without boosting and donít succeed direct yourself to the Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 boosting thread for some help as there may be others needing help.

Wrath Child
Win 10 Team Deathmatch rounds.

Please refer to Death Dealer for more details.

Death Dealer
Win 25 Team Deathmatch rounds.

This is the hardest trophy in the game not just because it is time consuming, but sometimes you get stuck with the worst players and waste 20 minutes of play.

To get into a Team Deathmatch game first click on multiplayer from the main menu selection and then click quick game and choose Team Deathmatch. Play along and keep track of your wins because it doesnít show your wins in the stats section located in the extras.

If you can manage to run to the other teams spawn you will have a great advantage to win since most people lie down and wait to see a glare off the rifleís scope.

Everything But The Kitchen Sink
In one multiplayer round kill an opponent with a sniper rifle, sidearm and melee attack.

There are two ways you can go about achieving this trophy:

You can achieve this is a private match as well. Doing this in a private match does mean you need another player, as there are no bots included in the multiplayer mode of the game. The fastest way to achieve this would be to set your game settings to start with a minimum of 2 people, time set at 10 minutes, and a score limit of 500.

You can take the long route but one you might feel more accomplished with and thatís by naturally achieving this without boosting. A round is set at 20 minutes automatically so this gives you enough time to achieve the trophy, however the melee attack will be hardest way to kill an opponent. The best way to do this is when the game starts run across the map to your opponents spawn before they setup and begin over watching the area. Creep through the spawn with your pistol out being aware you can kill any opponent that notices you and search for someone in the prone position so you can get an easy melee kill. Do this method until you get both a pistol and melee attack kill then proceed with your remaining sniper kill, which is easiest from across the map so you can oversee the entire map.

If you have decided to play multiplayer mode first instead of the campaign you may need to know pressing switches your rifle from your pistol and is your melee attack. Also if you decide to run across the map know that your heart rate will increase forcing you to walk so be sure to watch your beats per minute to decrease that from occurring.

World Warrior
Participate in any multiplayer match.

In order to play a multiplayer match you must click multiplayer from the main menu screen if it wasnít obvious already then take part in any of the game modes provided. This can also be earned in a private match with 2 people.


The videos presented in this guide were provided by Gametastik and iNTiMiDaTe xX thank you very much.

Also thanks to Joseph-Follows for some trophy descriptions.

Credit to EricVoltage for his banner! EricVoltages banner shop

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