Players: 1-2
Online Trophies: None
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: About 3+
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: N/A
Missable Trophies: N/A
Glitches Trophies: N/A

[top]Tips & Strategies

See which ship fits you. Know where the ship hitbox is. It is really small. If you have played Gradius V before, the hitboxes are in very similar spots. Don't be discouraged if you can't do a challenge. Some take time to master and complete. And even doing challenges increases your user level so if you need to earn more credits before completing a challenge, do it. Good luck and have fun.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits



Ready for the Junkyard
Complete the first stage ('Zeus Sector') at any difficulty level.

This trophy is obtained after you beat the first boss. If you saved your shockwave for the fight, use it after he rushes at you the first time and before he disappears. Use your limit attack whenever he starts saying "Systems damaged. Energy low". Easy fight here.

Piece of Rock
Complete the third stage ('Ethia Ruins') at any difficulty level.

This trophy is obtained after you beat the third boss. When fighting this boss, watch out for his hand that will pop up at times to attack you. Avoid it; this does major damage on higher difficulties. Save your shockwave and limit attack for the second phase of the fight. The second phase begins when he says "I will crush you, puny human".

System Liberated
Complete the fifth stage ('Turady Deep Sea') at any difficulty level.

This trophy is obtained after you beat the fifth boss. This is one of the more tougher bosses if you don't know what to do. You must hit the eye-looking thing in the center of the enemy. To speed up the second phase (he will go to the center of the screen and then ground control will say that you almost did it), use the limit attack when he first begins his attack (He goes to the right corner of the screen). Then finish him off.

Not that Difficult after All
Complete the seventh stage ('Van Krist Labs') at any difficulty level

This trophy is obtained after you beat the seventh boss. He has 3 phases. In the 1st phase, the tubes have little enemies that pop out to shoot at you. Once they are defeated, the second phase begins. You must navigate the drills and go to the far right of the screen to attack the enemy. After enough hits, the screen opens up and the drills can be attacked. Destroy the drills to finish off the boss.

Clear challenge 'Survivor'

You must complete the Survivor challenge. This challenge has you completing Levels 1-3 without losing all ships. This isn't that difficult. It should take you a few tries.

NOTE: You must go to the challenge Survivor for it to count. Clicking start game and doing it from there will not count.

Clear challenge 'Collector'

You must complete the Collector challenge. You must collect 999 chain rings on Level 2 ONLY. Easiest way to do this is to make all big enemies stay on screen as long as possible. Ensure that you have at least 700 rings by the boss fight. Go really slow on the boss fight because he is generous about giving rings.

Action Fan
Clear challenge 'Action Fan

You must complete the Action Fan challenge. You must complete all seven stages with the play rank (the letter in the upper right corner of the screen) fixed at B. With a little practice, you can do it. I recommend that you play on Normal.

Chain Expert
Clear challenge 'Chain Expert'

You must complete the challenge Chain Expert. You play Level 4 and get at least 16 chains. You know when you have a chain if you hear a little ring noise, the announcer says "chain" and the object is floating slowly upward. Very tough challenge but doable.

Clear challenge 'Profiler'

You must complete the Profiler challenge. You can't allow any enemies to leave the screen when playing on Level 4. You are allowed three misses. This is one of the more frustrating challenges, especially because of the massive number of small enemies. The enemies after the floating islands must be killed as well. Your best bet is the bow weapon. To kill the floating enemies (they shoot green globs) after the island, continue with the bow or spread weapon. The Mexxus II is the best ship for this challenge.

Rating Expert
Clear challenge 'Rating Expert'

You must complete the Rating Expert challenge. Complete Level 2 and get a B rating or higher on the victory screen. To quickly get this, save your limit attack for when he begins the bullet ring attack. Attack with your shots while the limit animation is going on. If done fast enough, you can defeat the boss and achieve a B or higher with a few attempts. Remember to kill a lot of enemies and get the keys as this helps with your rating.

Lucky Number 7
Collect an accumulated total of 77777 chain rings

You accumulate 77, 777 chain rings. Just play the game and challenges and this will come eventually.

Key Explorer
Collect all 35 secret keys

Collect all 35 keys in levels 1-7. This will take you the most time because some keys require certain conditions.

Level 1 Key 5: Right before the boss fight and after the miniboss, it is in one of the enemies in the center of the screen, not in any of the big enemies in the screen corners. Your play Rank must be B or higher.

Level 3 Key 5: After you kill the miniboss, enemies will appear in the center of the screen. One of them has the key. Your play rank must be B or higher. NOTE: It doesn't always show up here. Keep trying this part until it does.

Level 5 Key 4: In an area with the fleet. Your play rank must be B or higher. It's at a part of the fleet where you can go to the lowest part of the screen.

Level 5 Key 5: You must chain at least 15 times to get this one. Get the key before killing the boss. Otherwise the key won't factor into the score for the level.

Level 6 Key 5: A stalagmite that points out of the ground has this one. This one is so close to the boss that it can be easily missed. It is right before you kill the final 2 or 3 enemies before the boss fight begins. Stay low to get the key. Your play rank must be B or higher

Level 7 Key 5: By far the most frustrating key. Right after the miniboss (the one who is blocking the exit) go forward a little and you will see a box similar to one that contained key 1 and 2. Your play rank must be B or higher. In addition there is only a 1/200 chance of the key actually showing up. Good luck with this one. It took me about 10 or so tries. Easiest way to ensure a B rank is to begin the game on extra hard and approach it that way.

Tip: Use a continue after the miniboss to ensure that your play rank is S. This may take practice to do but it is not too hard to do.

Can't Hide from Me
Shoot down a rare enemy

Defeat a rare enemy. When the announcer says "rare enemy", one is about to show. Just kill it and the trophy is yours. Your play rank must be B or higher for one to show. Don't expect one to show up every time you play though.

Challenge Master
Unlock and successfully pass 12 or more challenges

You must complete 12 challenges. Pick 12 challenges and complete them to earn the trophy.

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