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Ah, Söldner-X! I picked up this PSN title expecting a quaint trip down memory lane to the days of yore, of side-scrollers and arcades. And did it deliver! ESPECIALLY in the "eyes bleeding out of sheer frustration" difficulty level! Yes, the most common feature you'll ever hear about Söldner-X is its challenging difficulty. That might make these some of the hardest 13 Trophies you'll EVER take the time to earn. But they may just secure a very special place on your virtual trophy mantle, because of it!


Kettenfahrzeug Destroyed
Complete the first world

Having fun trying to pronounce this boss's name? Well as easy as this trophy is (compared the rest to follow) it's much easier said than done. Think of the first world (level) as a tutorial for the rest of the game. It features many different sections that you'll revisit (in greater quantity and complexity) throughout the rest of the game. Simply replay this level as many times as you need in order to adjust to Söldner-X's controls, gameplay, and yes, difficulty, and you'll ultimately reach the end.

The boss, Kettenfahrzeug, has 2 phases. In his initial stage, you'll need to aim for the 2 cannons on his hull. 3 Rockets will finish them in seconds. Once destroyed, a missile pod will deploy and lower. While it's exposed, fire at the center of the pod (the orange "eye"). 2 Rockets can destroy this. Once you beat this second phase, Kettenfahrzeug is destroyed, you move onto the next (possibly most punishing) level, and the trophy is yours!

Windgeist Defeated
Complete the fourth world

Considering it's only the second "beat this level" trophy, there's A LOT between this and the last! This is effectively a "finish the game" type of trophy, even though the 4th world is NOT the last. For the most part, this level is pretty straight forward. LOTS of enemies, a couple physical barrier sections, a mini-boss here and there. Nothing you haven't dealt with before.

When you reach Windgeist, stay as close to his center as you can, without getting damaged, and he'll unveil his weak spot (another "eye"). Windgeist will move erratically in a variety of patterns, enough before cornering you to allow you time to anticipate his next move and maneuver around him. Since he can effectively take up the majority of the screen, when he slides left and right, while spinning, fly between the "spokes" in the direction of his spin, until you get behind him. Rinse, and repeat... and repeat... and repeat. This battle will test your patience, but despite its length, it's really simple. Dodge anything he fires at you, don't get sucked into his vortex, keep close to his center while he slowly spins, and shoot his eye! Ta-daa!

Top Scorer
Reach a score of 2,000,000

Oh, ye players following after the latest update, be ye thankful for Beginner Mode! Seriously, many players earned this, and other, harder trophies, WITHOUT the benefit of a specially tailored, easy-as-pie difficulty setting, which was recently released in a patch for Söldner-X. Several of these trophies I HIGHLY recommend you attempt while on Beginner Mode, since you hardly take any damage, unless you're deliberately being careless. At the end of each level, you'll see all the various factors counted into your score. Just aim for as much of each as possible!

The reason I stress the use of Beginner Mode is this.. If you lose all your lives, and are forced to use a continue (credit), your score is reset to 0! You'll need to make it from the first world to the last, 5th included, without using any continues, to reach a score of 2,000,000. Either start a game with your credits set to 1, or if you need to use a continue, just say no and try a new game. Leave this trophy for one of your last, however. Since you really should keep playing as long as your credits will last you, in order to rack up kills for Galaxy Superstar, and find any stray Secret Keys you haven't yet located for Ultimate Key Collector.

Combo Mania
Complete an accumulated total of 3,000 chains

Rather easy to earn, this trophy is all a matter of time. As the tutorial will explain, when you kill a certain number of enemies without changing weapons, the Chain Energy bar on the lower right of the screen will fill up, and change from blue to green. While it's green, change weapons, and you're Chain Level goes up! Do this BEFORE your Chain Energy bar overheats, or you'll have to start the Chain Level over again. A sound effect accompanies each transition when you can increase your Chain Level, so ignore the bar at the bottom right, focus on the level itself, and when you hear the distinct noise telling you to change weapons, DO IT! Do this 3,000 times, and you got the trophy!

Master the Menace
Complete the second world on Rank "S"

BEGINNER MODE!!! Disregarding the type of player that enjoys the punishingly difficult challenge that Söldner-X can offer, Trophy Whores (and let's be honest, you're reading this guide, so you qualify) want a quick and easy reward. This is one of the hardest trophies to earn in Söldner-X, so be patient. To qualify for it, you must kill at least 700 enemies, and beat the boss in under 2:30. Remember, these numbers, like your score, are reset if you use a continue, so you'll need to survive the entire second level without using continues! This also means you'll need to beat the first world without dying, since you will acquire several rockets, weapon upgrades, and shockwaves that you'll want to head into this world as fully stocked up as possible!

Take your time with this challenging trophy. Move around the platforms, hunting down each enemy you come across, and move back to catch any others that escape you. If you get swarmed by multiple waves that zoom passed you, shockwave! Reserve that for last resorts, however. When you reach the mini-boss at the end of the first half of the level, you CAN delay killing the mini-bosses in favor of wiping out the extra normal enemies that fly by. After a certain period, the level will resume, so you WILL have to finish the mini-bosses before you miss your chance. They may only be 2 kills, but when aiming for 700 on Industrial Menace, every kill counts!!!

Kill an accumulated total of 50,000 enemies

Like Combo Mania, this is simply a matter of time, and playing over and over again. It should be noted, however, that you'll do best to unlock the 3rd and 4th worlds, since they contain HUGE numbers of enemies to decimate. Don't expect to get this trophy if you haven't even gotten passed the 2nd world!

Hidden Passage
Collect at least four keys in each world

See Ultimate Key Collector for the full list. Just collect 16 out of the 20, 4 from each world, to unlock the 5th and final world, the real ending to the game, and this trophy!

Fierce Fighter
Play for five minutes without losing any health

This one may be tough, but if you have ANY hope for earning Impossible unlocked and Nightmare unlocked, you'll have to earn this trophy along the way. Naturally, the first level is your best bet. Start a new game, and try not to get hit by ANYTHING. If you take damage, start a new game. The levels get much too tough for you to try for this anywhere but the start of the 1st world, so unless you need to keep playing for more kills, more keys, and more chains, start from scratch. 5 minutes into the first level is almost 3/4 the way through. You'll be in the jungle, after the cutscene, but nearing the exit. After dodging enemy fire for 5 minutes without a scratch, the trophy is yours!

Mankind Saved
Complete the fifth world

To even TRY to earn this trophy, you need to earn Hidden Passage and unlock the 5th and final level. This world will challenge you in ways the rest of the game hasn't. It will play with your head, confuse the crap out of you, AND throw hordes of enemies at you. The nastiest section in this level, as far as I'm concerned, is the second half, where almost every enemy you destroy will leave behind a speed debuff, or worse, instant death "boost". You may want to fly through these enemies and take a few hits, rather than destroy them, and leave yourself nowhere to go without dying instantly.

Once you reach the end of this world, you'll face a challenging, but predictable boss. He has no weak spot to target. Rather, when the icon at his center becomes a heart, this signifies that he will become vulnerable for a period. Get off as many shots as you can on him while he takes damage. When the icon becomes a water droplet, be prepared for Hell. He'll duplicate himself, and send his double after you, while he keeps spawning enemies and trying to ram into you, himself! Keep a close eye on what his next phases will be, and react accordingly. Once he's down, pat yourself on the back, you won!

...Oh, and the trophy is yours, too.

Ultimate Key Collector
Collect all 20 secret keys

See this Secret Keys Guide for the location of all 20! *I'll replace it with my own later on, more concise guide, if popular demand requests it.

Impossible Unlocked
Complete the fifth world on "hard"

Easily the second hardest trophy to get, in this game, following behind Nightmare unlocked. You don't have the luxury of playing on Beginner Mode for this, for obvious reasons. You're forced to leave all handicaps behind, and test your skills. There will be more enemies, they will fire a LOT more projectiles, and the damage you take will be HUGE! Staying alive will prove challenging, let alone staying alive all the way till the end of the 5th world! Alternatively, you can wait till AFTER reaching Rank 15 before attempting this, because the 9 credits that Galaxy Superstar grants you come in handy for making it to the end of the game at Hard difficulty. 8 continues makes this EASIER, but by no means easy.

Nightmare Unlocked
Complete the fifth world on "impossible"

See above, and good luck!

Galaxy Superstar
Reach ultimate rank 15: Galaxy Superstar

Think of this as earning Destroyer 6 times over... In fact, that's EXACTLY what you'll be doing! To reach level 15, you need to accumulate 300,000 enemies killed. This will take you a LONG time. And unlike Destroyer, you will probably end up farming for this one, rather than acquiring it while playing through the game. The 3rd and 4th worlds are your best friends for this trophy, since they contain such a huge wealth of enemies to obliterate. You can even delay finishing off Windgeist and stand back to destroy the waves of enemies that fly around him for some more, almost limitless kills!

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