Players: 1 - 2 Offline
Online Trophies: None
Online Pass Required: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No
Estimated Time to Completion: Approximately 30 Hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 Story Mode Playthrough & Replaying Stages
Collectible Trophies: Emblem Collector,
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: No

[top]Tips & Strategies

General Tips
- Almost everytime you complete a stage, a story side, a chao race, etc; you will get a Sonic emblem. There are 176 emblems total but only 90 are required to unlock Emblem Collector.

- You can check your emblem results from the Help/Options Extra menu.

Adventure Tips

- You can play the HERO story or DARK story in any order.

- Sonic/Shadow levels are a foot race to complete each level. Each have jumps, events, & other stunts to help your score.

- Knuckles/Rogue levels are a treasure hunt for 3 pieces of usually, the Master Emerald.

- Tails/Dr. Eggman levels are simliar to Sonic/Shadow level, except both Tails & Dr. Eggman ride in machines that can target & shoot enemies.

- If you collect 100 rings without losing them by being hit or dying, you will gain a life.

- When you kill the many GUN enemies across each stage, they will drop different colored chaos drives. The colors are based off of the stats they boost for the Chao pets. The stats are Swimming (Yellow), Flying (Purple), Running (Green), Power (Red), and Stamina. Stamina is based off of the fruit Chao eat. There is no powerup for Stamina. There are some enemies that drop diffrent types of animals. Also, hidden across every stage (except kart racing stages) are more animals. These powerups are for boosting your pet Chaos stats. Once you visist a garden you can give these to your Chao. You can hold up to ten animals or chaos drives. After you aquire 10 of either you can still pickup more powerups but the oldest will be lost.

- There are three hidden Chao boxes across every stage (except kart racing stages). The first one you break will give you a key to Chao world.
You will stop by Chao World after the stage is complete when you have the key. The second box is a bonus box with four animals inside. The third is another bonus box with one rare mythical animals. You only need one of the boxes to get the key whichever box you break first.

- After you have completed at least one level, you are free to revisit levels and roam Chao World freely from the Stage Select menu. You can visit stages, get powerups, and visit Chao world afterwards without getting a key. Animals and chaos drives are all shared between characters on each side. The HERO have their 10 powerups and the DARK have their 10. You could complete a Dr. Eggman stage and collect powerups but visit the Chao Garden with Shadow and drop off the animals/chaos drives Dr. Eggman collected. You don't need to finish a stage to keep your powerups. You can collect any 10 you want and exit the level and just vist Chao World.

- After you complete the first of either Tail's or Rogue's race stage (Route 101 or Route 280), you will unlock the 1 player races. After you complete the second race stage (whether it's Tail's or Rogue's stage), you will unlock 2 player races.

- There are 5 stages per actual level for you to complete. You'll play stage 1 on every level when you playthrough the story mode. Every other stage is accessed by the Stage Select menu. As soon as you complete a story mode stage, that stage is available in Stage Select. Each level is given a rank based on how well you did. You can go back to any level and replay stage 1 or continue to play stages 2 - 5. This applies for each level for every character. You'll need to complete 5 stages across 31 levels for two trophies - Mission Complete & You Are The Legend

Action Stages
In most cases, the stages will have these objectives
Stage 1 - Story Stage
Objective - Complete level like in the Story mode. Lots of rings, good scoring, and a fast time will get you the A rank.

Stage 2 - Ring Grab
Objective - Collect 100 rings as fast as you can. You do not have to complete the level, just attain 100 rings. The faster you collect 100 rings, the better your chances for an A rank. Score does not affect the rank for this stage.

Stage 3 - Lost Chao
Objective - Find acienct shrine and activate Mystic Melody. The Mystic Melody is an upgrade every character gets. They are hidden well on character's specific stages. The faster you find the Lost Chao, the better your chances for an A rank.

Here are the locations of the upgrade for each character -

Toggle Spoiler

Stage 4 - Time Stage
Objective - Much like the Story Stage but timed. Lots of rings, good scoring, and a faster time will get you the A rank.

Stage 5 - Hard Stage
Objective - Much like the Story Stage but more difficult. There are more enemies and the levels have changed to be more difficult. Lots of rings, good scoring, and a faster time will get you the A rank.

The Kart Racing levels (Tails/Route 101 & Rogue/Route 280) have different stages then the Action Stages
Stage 1 - Story Stage
Objective - Complete level like in the Story mode. Lots of rings, good scoring, and a fast time will get you the A rank.

Stage 2 - Ring Grab
Objective - Collect 100 rings as fast as you can. You do not have to complete the level, just attain 100 rings. The faster you collect 100 rings, the better your chances for an A rank.

Stage 3 - Traffic Stage
Objective - Finish the level without hitting any other cars. The faster you finish, the better you chances for an A rank.

Stage 4 - Wall Stage
Objective - Finish the level without hitting any wall. The faster you finish, the better your chances for an A rank.

Stage 5 - Hard Stage
Objective - Much like the Story Stage but more difficult. There is more traffic and you have less time between checkpoints. Lots of rings, and a faster time will get you the A rank. You can hit walls and traffic all you want without losing this stage.

- Some of the stages require a high score to get an A rank. You can gain extra points by basically being flashy &

On Sonic's & Shadow's levels you can combo kill enemies with the dash, do stunts on the ramps (pressing jump at the right time), grind railing, collect rings, & finish quickly to help boost your score. If you string those together in any combination, you can get some good points. (Example - As Sonic/Shadow - kill enemy - grind rail with rings on them - jump to kill enemy = AWESOME +1000) Some stages have events that give points. For example, Sonic on Metal Harbor has to race to get to a rocket. The faster you complete the event, the more points you gain.

On Knuckle's & Rogue's levels you can try to combo kill enemies, collect rings, and find the emeralds/keys/finishing the level quickly. If you find any of the pieces quickly (I think it's within about a 30 seconds window), you'll get a PERFECT + 2000.

On Tail's & Dr. Eggman's levels you can combo kill enemies, collect rings, and finish the level quickly. The more enemies you kill with one shot, the more points you can gain.

Chao World Tips

- The Chao part of the game is a huge part in itself with the breeding & raising of Chao. There are a bunch of different types of Chao to raise and plenty to do with them. These little creatures are your friend and you need them for your trophy success. They can be named and have a 5 stat system that determines their actions within the garden and their effectivness in Chao races. They live in Chao Gardens that you can visit between story missions and from the stage select menu. They eat fruit and sleep like normal beings. Be sure to feed them a lot of fruit as it raises Stamina and keeps them full. Every now and then a Chao will lay down to sleep. Let it sleep as waking it upsets ot and makes it cranky. Each affect different actions during races and general living. If your Chao has a high running stat, it will start to walk and even run one day. With flying, you could see your Chao flying around the garden willy-nilly for fun. With swimming, you will see them overcome their flailing in the water and trade that in for backstrokes.

- You can work on beefing up your Chao for Chao Raiser & Heaven & Hell during you story playthroughs by finding and breaking the Chao boxes throughout each level.

- There is the Chao Kindergarten across from Chao World. You can take your Chao there to take school lessons, get named, and get a checkup from the Chao Doctor. The principal will explain Chao tips and features. The Fortune Teller will give your Chao a name but you can type your own if you wish. Also, you can find a little cabinent named the Black Market. You can buy fruits, seeds, different types of Chao eggs, hats, and other Chao stuff. The amount and rarity of the items available is based off how many emblems you have collected. School lessons in the Classroom will teach Chao cool little things they will do within the Chao Garden and lessons will make them more focused in Chao Races.

- Chao have little clock's hooked up to them to determine transformation & death. Their clocks ONLY count time within the garden. If you take your Chao to Chao Kindergarten or another garden, time isn't counted towards their inner clock.

-Chao over time will mature and eventually evolve into their mature form. It takes approximately two hours of time within the garden for them to start transformation but it can vary depending on the Chao. The shape of their head and color should be quite different than the standard Chao shape right before they enter transformation. Their appearance and skills will be determined by their strongest stats. If a Chao is stong it one stat, when it evolves it will become that type of Chao. So if you gave green animals and chaos drives to a Chao over other types of animal/chaos drives, you may end up with a Blue or Green, Spiky Head, Running Chao. The same can happen for other stats resulting in Swimming Chao, Flying Chao, & Power Chao as well.

- Chao also have good or evil alignment. When you pet, hold, feed, or give things as a HERO character (Sonic, Knuckles, Tails), your Chao will lighten up a little bit until after enough actions from a HERO character, the Chao will be almost all white with some blue. If the Chao evolves while it's so "good", it will be a Hero Chao + whatever stat was dominant. The same applies for DARK characters (Shadow, Rogue, Dr. Eggman) but the Chao will darken a little bit with each action. Eventually the Chao will be almost all black with a squigly point on its head. If that Chao evolves while being so "evil" it will be a Dark Chao + whatever stats was dominant. If no alignment is dominant, the Chao will evolve into a NEUTRAL Chao + whatever stat was dominant.

- It is quite difficult to actually pick up your Chao. The reason I mention this is that you may want a Chao to stay neutral/hero/dark but keep petting it by accident with whatever character you are using. You'll need to pick them up if you want to take them to Chao Kindergarten or to a different garden. There seems to be a circular range around your Chao where you can perform two actions - Pet & Pick Up. If you are within the range you will pet them. If you are on the outer rim of this range, you will pick them up.

- Sadly, one day (about ten hrs but it can vary), your Chao will pass. It can, if it was well fed, treated nicely, and loved, be reincarnated as a baby Chao with it's previous live's stats. Pretty cool if you get attached to a Chao or two. If you haven't treated it nicely, and ignored it, it will pass on for good. Hopefully you treat these guys nicely.


1. Start off by playing the Story Mode. You can pick either the Hero side or Dark side. When you complete your first level on either side, you'll unlock Hello World. You wil get HERO! & DARK! for completing each side respectively.
After you complete both sides of the Story Mode you will unlock the final level for both sides of the story. Completing this will unlock the trophy for the LAST part, Beyond Good & Evil.

2. After you've completed the Story Mode, all of the Kart Racing & Boss Attack stages should be unlocked for you to play. You should go on to complete Boss Attack Mode for Boss Attack & the Expert stage of Kart Racing for Speedy Racer.

3. Now you can enter Stage Select and take trip to Chao World. You can take a Chao to the Fortune Teller in Chao Kindergarten and give it a name for Chao!. If you didn't raise any Chao's stats all to level 10 or have 2 Chaos evolve into HERO & DARK Chaos respectively, you can visit stages and grab powerups for your Chao's stats. Also you'll need to spend two hours with 2 Chao each and have one's alignment more towards HERO and the other's more towards DARK. You'll grab Chao Raiser and Heaven Or Hell.

4. Now here comes the long haul. From Stage Select, you'll need to get an A rank on all 5 stages on 1 level to gain you Mission Complete. You'll need to do this for every single stage for You Are The Legend. While working towards that, you'll aquire 90 emblems for Emblem Collector.



Hello World
Clear stage 1 on either side in story mode.

Whether you pick the HERO or DARK side of the story, after the first level is completed, this trophy will pop. The first level for the HERO side is Sonic in City Escape. The first level for the DARK side is Dr. Eggman in Iron Gate.


Name your Chao for the first time.

If you select Chao World from stage select you can take your Chao out of the garden across to the Chao kindergarten. On the right, there is a door that says Fortune Teller. It's no fortune teller but a name generator for your Chao. You can take the first name she gives or ask for a few more. Eventually you will be able to key in your own name. Either way, once you accept a name, this trophy will unlock.


Chao Raiser
Raise all 5 properties of any one Chao up to level 10.

This trophy will pop when you get a single Chao's stats to level 10 in Swimming, Flying, Running, Power, & Stamina. The easiest way to do this would be to make sure to feed the Chao a lot of fruit everytime you visit the garden to boost it's Stamina and go out to different stages from the Stage Select menu and grab animals/chaos drives of different kinds. Drop off the animals/chaos drives, rinse & repeat. Eventually each stat will level to 10 with enough animals/chaos drives. You can complete this during story mode if you are dilligent and find almost every Chao box.


Clear HERO side in story mode.

You will unlock this trophy as soon as you complete the last boss fight of the HERO side and the credits roll.

Here's a list of the HERO side stages -

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Clear DARK side in story mode.

You will unlock this trophy as soon as you complete the last boss fight of the DARK side and the credits roll.

Here's a list of the DARK side stages -

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Boss Attack
Clear all 3 modes in Boss Attack Mode.

This trophy will pop when you complete all 3 parts in the Boss Attack Mode. You will have to complete the HERO Side, DARK Side , and the ALL section. Just like any classic Boss Mode, have a set number of lives (which is 4) to use across all of the bosses.


Toggle Spoiler


Toggle Spoiler


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Mission Complete
Win all A RANKs (5 A RANKs) in any one stage in story mode.

For this trophy, you have to get an A grade on every stage for one level.

See You Are The Legend also.


Heaven or Hell
Raise a HERO Chao and a DARK Chao with your hero and dark characters respectively.

For this trophy to unlock, you have to have a Chao mature into a HERO Chao and have another Chao mature into a DARK Chao. Chaos transform around 2 hours of time with them in the garden.

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Beyond Good And Evil
Clear LAST part in story mode.

After you complete both the HERO and DARK stories, this part will appear in the Story menu. The LAST part is 1 level with 5 seperate parts, and 2 boss fights. After you defeat the final boss and the credits roll, this trophy will pop.

Here's a list of the LAST part stages -

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Speedy Racer
Win NO.1 in expert level in kart race.

After completing either Tail's or Rogue's Kart Racing level in story mode, you will unlock the Kart Racing mode. All you need for the trophy is to place 1st the Expert race mode. You can complete the Beginner & Standard modes for two easy emblems.


Emblem Collector
Unlock 90 emblems.

This trophy with pop when you've collected 90, about half of the total 176 emblems. You'll get an emblem for completing a stage, getting an A grade ALL of one characters stages, completing a side of the story, winning All of one of the chao races modes, completing a Boss Attack Mode, & completing a Kart Racing mode. You can achieve this from just playing all of the stages from Stage select.


You Are The Legend
Win A RANK in all stages in story mode.

This one takes some work and skill. It's actually misleading that it mentions Story Mode as you'll need to select stages from the Stage Select map. It's just like Mission Complete but with every single stage. Generally to earn an A grade on most stages, you'll require speed & perfection. Grabbing rings and points doesn't hurt either.

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