Celebrating 20 years of Sonic the Hedgehog! A mysterious force sends Sonic and his friends back in time, and Sonic must work alongside his past self to save his, er, their friends and time!
-Play through in two different ways! Play through classic levels like the Green Hill Zone, Dreamcast levels like City Escape, and modern levels like Planet Wisp as Classic Sonic in classic 2D, then blast through as Modern Sonic in super-fast 3D!
-Face notorious bosses like Perfect Chaos and the Death Egg Robot, and battle rivals such as Shadow and Silver!
-Over 90 challenges and dozens of unlockables!


Players: 1
Online Trophies: Join the Ranks, A 30-Second Test, Time Attacker
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 15-20 hours, depending on skill
Minimum Playthroughs: 1+cleanup
Collectible Trophies:Red Ring Collector, (Hedge)Hogging It All Up!
Missable Trophies: None; chapter select
Glitched Trophies: Join the Ranks, Time Attacker
Special Equipment Required: No
PSN Pass Required: No
Achievement videos used with permission of of artibeus86, Red Ring videos used with permission of SadFaceGaming11. Be sure to check out their channels!

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • All trophies are in XMB order, as is required format for all guides
  • You can play your own music in-game
  • Collectibles are mostly on the higher paths
  • Sonic's friends can give tips on finding Red Rings
  • Practice makes perfect with S ranks
  • Using the 'Start Over' option takes up a life every time, so watch out
  • Starting Over with a Red Ring will lose the ring, so be careful.
Classic Sonic
  • Use to spin dash at a very fast rate
  • When in doubt, jump! It can often bring you to higher paths
  • The higher road is often the fastest
  • Spin Dash () can destroy foes, not just clear paths
  • Repeatedly pres for faster Spin Dashes
  • Drifting with or can make some quick turns
  • During jumps, move the left stick in any direction to perform a trick, and press + to perform a finishing trick
  • The Homing Attack (,) not only homes in towards enemies, but springs and rails
    Ways to get boost power

    • Drifting
    • Collecting rings
    • Defeating enemies
    • Pulling off tricks

To unlock bosses, after completing the three corresponding zones, complete missions to unlock Boss Keys. Three Boss Keys to three mission to complete.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits


1.Beat the Game: First things first, beat the game, finish the rivals, the whole shebang. Get S ranks as you wish, but beating the game gets you a special power-up, which will make them easier.
2.S Ranks: Clean up any S ranks you may have missed with the power-up.
3.Challenges: Complete all 90 challenges to learn the layouts of levels.
4.Collectibles: Now that you've learned the courses, time to use that knowledge to do some good old-fashion collectible huntin', and getting the Ring trophies.
5.Online: Time to get those three online trophies out of the way.
6.Miscellaneous: Finish them miscellaneous trophies for plat.


All Trophies Collected!
Collect all Trophies.

The Opening Act
Race through the first stage.

This is a story-related trophy, therefore it cannot be be missed
When the game starts up, the first thing you'll do is start up a Classic zone: Green Hill. This will be awarded at the stats screen when you finish the stage. The adventure begins!

GREEN HILL Restored!
Restore the GREEN HILL Stage Gate.

This is a story-related trophy, therefore it cannot be be missed
After the cutscene with Sonic's birthday, you'll enter the hub, where you'll be prompted to enter the nearby zone. This will be Green Hill Act 2. Complete the stage to get the trophy.

Restore the CHEMICAL PLANT Stage Gate.

This is a story-related trophy, therefore it cannot be be missed
The next zones will be from the Chemical Plant. This time you'll have to choose both acts and complete them to make the zone all colorful again. Use to switch Sonics, or use to switch Acts at the Zone menu. Complete both Chemical Plant Acts to free Amy and get the trophy.

Restore the SKY SANCTUARY Stage Gate.

This is a story-related trophy, therefore it can't be missed
Sky Sanctuary is the third zone. Be careful here, as there are many pitfalls scattered about. After both acts are complete Knuckles will be freed and the trophy received.

Restore the SPEED HIGHWAY Stage Gate.

This is a story-related trophy, therefore it can't be missed
Speed Highway is the fourth zone. There's a lot of platforming here, and more moving platforms. After Cream and Cheese (clever names, right?) are free, the trophy will unlock.

Restore the CITY ESCAPE Stage Gate.

This is a story-related trophy, therefore it can't be missed
City Escape is the fifth zone. There's some skateboarding to be done here, and a bunch of enemies along with that. Once Rouge is freed, the trophy will unlock.

Restore the SEASIDE HILL Stage Gate.

This is a story-related trophy, therefore it can't be missed
Seaside Hill is the sixth zone. There's a ton of secret/alternate paths in both acts, so be find your inner ninja master. Speaking of which, freeing Espio by completing both acts will earn the trophy.

Restore the CRISIS CITY Stage Gate.

This is a story-related trophy, therefore it can't be missed
Crisis City is the seventh zone. Lots of enemies are present, and quite the amount of fall deaths. There's also that darned wind at the end of Act 1. Once Blaze is freed, the trophy will unlock.

Restore the ROOFTOP RUN Stage Gate.

This is a story-related trophy, therefore it can't be missed
Rooftop Run is the eighth zone. There's a bunch of platforming here, lots of balloons to bounce on too. Once Vector is freed the trophy will unlock.

PLANT WISP Restored!
Restore the PLANET WISP Stage Gate.

This is a story-related trophy, therefore it can't be missed
Planet Wisp is the ninth zone. Both acts use Wisps, aliens Sonic absorbs to use special powers. Act 1 uses Spike, which makes Sonic a giant ball of spikes, Act 2 uses Rocket, which propels Sonic upward and through designated panels. Once Charmy is free, the trophy is yours.

Sunny Side Up
Defeat Death Egg Robot.

This is a story-related trophy, therefore it cannot be missed
The Death Egg Robot is the boss after completing the first three zones (Green Hill, Chemical Plant, Sky Sanctuary)
The key is to dash under his jump and attack his backside. Dodge the target he'll set to punch, then zoom under his jump with to get behind him. Do this twice.

Stage 2 is a little tricky. You'll have to jump on a switch, then stand by the bomb it sets out so he'll punch the bomb. Then jump on his arm, run across, then jump on the head. Repeat for a second time to win the fight. Be careful not be be close to the bomb however. If Sonic takes damage, the hit won't stop the robot. Once the robot is down the trophy is received.

Perfect Punisher
Defeat Perfect Chaos.

This is a story-related trophy, therefore it cannot be missed
Perfect Chaos is the boss after completing the next three zones (Speed Highway, City Escape, Seaside Hill)
The first area of Perfect Chaos is navigating across a series of floating platforms. Don't stop on water, Sonic can't swim and you'll fall to your doom. Once you get Chaos in eyesight, boost right into him to deal some damage.

Second area starts of 2D, requiring you to get across, goes 3D for you to bounce to the next 2D segment, where you'll climb up a series of rising platforms and bouncers to the top, where you'll be catapulted at Chaos. Homing Attack when prompted to deal some more damage.

Third area: more island to navigate across. There's more water, so boosting is required to survive. Boost into Chaos again for more damage.

The final stage requires you to navigate through a series of aerial platforms without falling to reach Chaos. Once you can get across, homing attack him for the final blow, and the trophy.

Boom Boom Dragoon
Defeat Egg Dragoon.

This is a story-related trophy, therefore it cannot be missed
How does Eggman build these? Egg Dragoon is the boss after completing the final three zones (Crisis City, Rooftop Run, Planet Wisp)
The first part of the battle, Eggman will launch blasts at the floor to jump over, and use a laser-spinner where you jump over the lasers. Try to get to at least one of the ramps in the hall. It will bring you to a rail sequence. At the end of it is a spring which will launch you at a good height to attack Eggman. There are two in the hall, so if you miss one don't fret.

The main part where you can damage it is when it goes all 2D-like. Eggman will blast the floor, you'll need to jump over them. Eventually, he'll box you in with two walls to jump off. Wall jump between the two (avoiding the attacks) for a chance to Homing Attack. Repeat both processes mentioned.

Time for the body. Dodge the attacks until you're back in 2D, then get close enough to Homing Attack while dodging the blasts. You'll then be flung into free-fall, where you'll boost towards the Dragoon with while dodging his projectiles. Get close enough to Homing Attack him. Repeat the process and the Dragoon will be down and the trophy yours.

Scrap Metal
Defeat Metal Sonic.

This is a story-related trophy, therefore it cannot be missed
After unlocking Challenge Acts, Metal Sonic will be available to battle above the Chemical Plant Zone.
Keep running to avoid falling. When Metal Sonic attacks with his drill maneuver, jump on him to deal some damage. He'll then hover above you, and jump to hit him again. Hurry though, he won't float forever.

The ground will also break out under you, so keep moving. When Metal throws street lights at you, move out of the way. Once the attack is done, Metal will be exhausted for a minute, and use that opportunity to attack. When he does his drill maneuver, run to avoid electrification. Try jumping onto the above platform to dodge. Afterwards, he'll be open for attack again. Attack him to finish him off and get the trophy.

Shadow Boxing
Defeat Shadow.

This is a story-related trophy, therefore it cannot be missed
All Hail Shadow! Time to show him who the faker is. To reach him, after unlocking the area 2's challenges, jump onto the City Escape words, then jump to the alcove on the left to find a boost pad. Ride it to reach Shadow's little niche.

This is more a race match than a rival brawl. You'll have to run faster than Shadow, then catch up to the pink ball of energy up ahead. You'll need to stay boosting to reach it. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to get boost energy. They include:
  • Multiple rows of rings around the track
  • Performing tricks off the ramps
  • Smashing through meteorites
If you can boost into Shadow when he takes a break, he'll lose rings. It sounds unimportant, but trust me, it is. You'll have to reach the pink orb twice to unleash your ultimate attack, same for Shadow. If Shadow gets it, he'll unleash Chaos Spear, which will put energy spears into the ground, which you avoid with Quick Step ( and ) If you get it, you'll be in an ultimate boost. When so, knock into all the meteors to slow down Shadow (use Quick Step), and when you get close enough, boost onto him, causing him to lose a ton of rings. Repeat as necessary. Once you ultimate-boost into him when he has no rings total he'll fall and the trophy will be yours.

Silver Got Served
Defeat Silver.

This is a story-related trophy, therefore it cannot be missed
Stop dreaming of an absolution and get ready for some fast-paced rival action!
To get to him, go to the platform left of Crisis City, and use the flagpoles.
Chiefly, make sure you're adept at Quick Step. It'll benefit you in the fight.
Silver will begin by throwing a car at you. Use homing attack to knock it aside. Silver will then summon multiple objects to throw at you. Use the Homing Attack to jump from one to another, until you can hit Silver. He'll take 4 hits to defeat, like the other bosses.

Silver will have many different attacks. He will summon three cars above you to slam down. One will wobble a bit before falling. Move accordingly to avoid the first, then move where it fell to avoid the other two.

Another attack is actually an attack window if you're fast enough. Silver'll accumulate a mass of random stuff and form a large mass. You'll have to jump on it and run across it. If you have enough boosting power, you can jump/boost your way to Silver and get a hit in. It's tough, but entirely possible.

An easy attack to dodge is the Psychic Knife. A wave of psychic energy will run across the ground and you'll have to jump it. A similar move will happen vertically, and is to be avoided with Quick Step.

When all four hits are landed, Silver will make a HUGE ball of assorted city parts, and will roll it towards you. Run ahead of it, and when the icon appears, Homing Attack Silver for the finishing blow and the trophy.

Treasure Hunter
Collect all the Chaos Emeralds.

This is a story-related trophy, therefore it cannot be missed
You will get Chaos Emeralds upon defeating rivals and bosses. Below are the ways to get each emerald:
Purple: Defeat Metal Sonic
Green: Defeat the Death Egg Robot
Gold: Defeat Shadow the Hedgehog
Dark Blue: Defeat Perfect Chaos
Red: Clear both Planet Wisp stages
White: Defeat Silver
Teal: Defeat the Egg Dragoon
Once all seven emeralds are gotten the trophy will pop.

All Stages Cleared!
Clear Sonic Generations.

This is a story-related trophy, therefore it cannot be missed
Apparently, all that running fast paid off, because now it's time to face the final boss, Time Eater. Save some time for me...
This boss fight consists of three stages, all the same really. There's also scarely a strategy as well. The goal is to chase down Time Eater. When the enemy's in the tube of time, switch to Modern Sonic to chase him down. When he's outside, switch to Classic to chase him down. You can rhythmically boost every one or two seconds to move faster.

First things first, stay vigilant for rings. You MUST have rings to stay Super. Boost into lines of rings to attract lots, but keep looking for rings to survive.

The boss's attacks will include homing shots (it looks like a homing shot) and warping arms. Simply boost around to avoid the shots, but it's easier to avoid the arms by switching Sonics.

All three regular rounds will consist of chasing him down as Modern Sonic, then switching to Classic, then back to Modern. When you finally reach Time Eater, move around to avoid being slammed by his hands. Once dodged, close in onto the core to give him a tummy tickle of doom. Repeat the chasing and attacking twice more.

Once he's fallen three times, you'll be prompted to hold + to combine both powers and defeat Time Eater once and for all!

Greased Lightning
Clear GREEN HILL Act 1 within one minute.

First off, take the high roads. They're faster. Second, make sure you have the right skills for doing this. Power Sneakers can give that fast edge, while Time Brake can make you more precise. It's up to you, just be quick about it. If you can beat the level within a minute the trophy will be yours.

Bright Star
Get Rank S in an Act.

See Big Bang

Shooting Star
Get Rank S in three Acts.

See Big Bang

Blazing Meteor
Get Rank S in seven Acts.

See Big Bang

Blue Comet
Get Rank S in twelve Acts.

See Big Bang

Big Bang
Get Rank S in all Acts.

The S Rank. The highest rank. To get this, you'll have to get S Ranks, but only on all of the regular stages, so challenges and bosses don't count.
To get an S rank, you must:
  • Get a final score of 50,000 or higher
  • Do not die
Most earlier stages will be easier to S rank, but the later levels may give a little trouble. Remember, upon beating the game, Time Brake is unlocked, slowing down time, which could help getting to higher, faster ground. Here are other tips:
  • Your score mainly relies on time, but getting a lot of rings helps give bonus points.
  • Practice makes perfect. Keep replaying and soon you'll know the level's layout.
  • The highest ground is often the fastest
  • Quick Step makes for good dodging.
  • Try to find a set of skills that will benefit
  • Don't forget Super Sonic! Remember though, you'll need rings to be Super Sonic
  • Try getting S Ranks apart from everything else, such as Red Rings. Focusing on the goal makes it a bit easier.
  • You can play your own music, so if you feel stressed about it put on some music. Stress won't help.
Once all 18 normal stages have an S rank in them, the trophy will unlock.

Pull off a seven or more trick combo or six trick combo ending in a finishing trick.

To perform a trick, you must be Modern Sonic. When you enter Rainbow Rings or use Rainbow Ramps, move the left stick in any direction to perform a trick. Linking tricks create trick combos. You'll want to link a combo of seven tricks, or six with a finishing trick (+). There are three areas good for this. One is in the Seaside Hill challenge where you'll need to perform 35 tricks and get to the goal to win (Dreamcast era challenge). One ramp will lead to a really tall jump. You could easily squeeze 7 tricks in.

Another area is in the Green Hill. On the Rainbow Ramp through the waterfall, do your best to fit in 7 tricks.

Last is in the video below:

Toggle Spoiler

It's also possible in Rooftop Run Act 2. When you enter the rainbow ring at the very top of the clocktower, right before the large grind down, you can easily fit seven tricks in.

Defeat 100 enemies.

In every level, every stage, every challenge, there will be enemies. There will be a lot of enemies, so as long as you keep destroying them this will appear in no time.

Ring King
Reach the goal without dropping any of the rings you collected in GREEN HILL Act 1.

Load up Green Hill Act 1. The goal is to reach the end basically taking no damage. One hit will lose rings. Remember the ways to defeat enemies (, ), judge jumps wisely, and this shouldn't be a problem. You need at least one ring to get this. Once the stage is cleared the trophy will pop.

Action Hero
Perform all of Sonic's moves in Act 2.

You'll have to successfully use all of Sonic's modern moves at some point in the normal stages. They are:
  • Homing Attack (, )
  • Ring Boost ()
  • Slide ()
  • Stomp (, )
  • Jump ()
  • Light Speed Dash ( along a designated line of rings)
  • Wall Jump ( off certain walls)
  • Air Boost (, )
Once all moves are completed, the trophy will unlock.

Can't Touch This
Take no damage from the final boss and clear the stage.

This is a little vague, as there is no damage to take. They mean don't get hit by anything. You can use to launch the other Sonic at things in your way, but be careful, as you can't switch Sonics unless he's there alongside you. Try moving with the directional pad too for cleaner movements. If you reach the end of the fight without getting hit the trophy is yours.

I can confirm you CAN get hit by debris, but not by any of Time Eater's attacks, such as what looks like a homing shot, the warping arm attack, or the laser.

Bonds of Friendship
Complete all Challenge Acts featuring Sonic's friends.

Challenge Acts are unlocked after completing all six Acts in an area.
Friend Challenges will be the ones with icons of various Sonic pals. Simply complete them all to receive the trophy.
You must complete the challenges:
  • Knuckles: Buried Treasure [Modern]
  • Tails: Toxic Skies [Classic]
  • Amy: Taking the Leap Together [Modern]
  • Tails: Way Past Fast [Modern]
  • Knuckles: Horde of Enemies [Classic]
  • Amy: Topsy Turvy [Classic]
  • Cream: Helping Hand [Modern]
  • Rouge: The Temptress [Modern]
  • Rouge: The Bombardier [Classic]
  • Cream: Chao Hunt [Classic]
  • Espio: Master of Camouflage [Modern]
  • Espio: Way of the Ninja [Classic]
  • Blaze: Piercing the Flames [Modern]
  • Vector: Pick Up the Beat [Modern]
  • Charmy: High in the Sky [Modern]
  • Blaze: Chase After Blaze [Classic]
  • Charmy: Don't Bug Me! [Classic]
  • Vector: Through the Storm [Classic]
Complete all these challenges and the trophy will unlock.

Walkie Talkie
Chat with each of Sonic's friends you have saved.

Every time you complete both Acts of a Zone, you will free a friend of Sonic's. After you do so, simply go up to them and push up on the left stick to talk to them. Do this for all his friends to earn the trophy.

Join the Ranks
Join the rankings.

From the main menu, go to Online Mode, and select Ranking Attack. Pick a stage and complete it for your score to be posted and the trophy.
A glitch for this trophy has been reported
The online ranking trophies have glitched for several people. Apparently when attempting to post a ranked time to the online leaderbord a 8002a1a7 error code appears and stops the trophy from unlocking. SEGA is aware of the issue and have openly admitted that the only way to resolve it, is by deleting your entire PSN friends list.

A 30-Second Test
Participate in a 30 Second Trial.

Go to the main menu and select Online Mode, then '30 Second Trial'. Pick a level. The goal is to get as far as you can in 30 seconds. Once the trial is complete the trophy is yours.

Jump for Joy!
Find the spring hidden in GREEN HILL Act 1 and reach the goal with a Red Star Ring.

Load up Act 1 of the Green Hill Zone. Play through the level until you reach the point where you go around a rock with a wooden path wrapping around it. You'll know you're there when you land on a ledge to jump off a buzz-bot to a new area. Jump on the nearest palm tree to find a spring, launching you to a red ring. Just finish the level and the trophy (and the ring) are yours.
Video Walkthrough

Toggle Spoiler

Walk on Water
Clear CHEMICAL PLANT Act 2 without entering the water.

For this, there is no underwater, only on the water. Boost and/or run fast to avoid entering the water, and choose the higher paths. Best explained through video:
Video Walthrough

Toggle Spoiler

Walk on Air
Clear SKY SANCTUARY Act 1 without falling and losing a life.

This is necessary for S rank, so this will come with that. That aside, this can get a little tricky. Remember, to bounce on clouds, come from the top. Take it carefully, but fast when necessary. Stay focused and aim jumps accordingly. Again, I defer to video.
Video Walkthrough

Toggle Spoiler

The Byway or the Highway
Get the Red Star Ring located on the shortcut route in SPEED HIGHWAY Act 2 and reach the goal.

This can get tricky. After running down the building, take the boarded up path on the right in the tunnel. Now, when you come to the 2D area, there will be a large yellow fall-through platform. Above it are walls you can wall-jump off of. Jump up, then navigate up to the missile area. When you let go, run to the ramp where you'll grab it again. You'll be flung into a path, the abruptly stopped by a trick curb. Then jump over to the area ahead to find a red star ring. Now jump boost over the the platform over ahead and complete the level.
Note, this is Red Ring #5 in the video guide

Demolition Derby
Wreck 30 or more cars in CITY ESCAPE Act 2.

This will be pretty easy. Load up Act 2 of City Escape. When the level begins, head to one of the sides of the road, where there are a lot of parked cars. Boost along the sides of the road to smash through the lines of cars. Hitting 30 won't take long. Keep in mind this trophy won't pop until the level is completed.

Secret Sleuth
Get the Red Star Ring located in the hidden room in SEASIDE HILL Act 1 and reach the goal.

This can be tough. I recommend using Time Brake here to be more precise in your landings.
At the start of the level, Omochao will say there are lots of secret paths. STOP HERE. You will see a fish jumping up you can jump on. Jump on it to reach the upper level. Get across the upper level to reach a cannon. Use it to blast through a hole. Jump your way over to the moving platforms, and wait for them to lower. Move then to the room on the left to find the hidden Red Ring. Then finish the level to earn the trophy.
Note, this is Red Ring #1 in the video guide

Look Both Ways
Reach the goal in CRISIS CITY Act 2 without being hit by a tornado-carried car or rocks

Near the end of the Crisis City Act 2 level, you'll be running down a road head-on. The road will be in front of a massive tornado. You need to do your best to avoid the oncoming debris. Using Quick Step frequently should help, and the section calls for serious Quick Step, so it shouldn't be a bother. If you can reach the end without hitting any flying debris the trophy is yours. Do note, the debris must damage you to count against, so if you get hit by a lava geyser, then a car flies through you, it won't matter.

To get this easier, wait until the game is finished so you have Time Break. This will slow time significantly, making this easier.

A Quick Breather
Get the Red Star Ring atop the highest spot in ROOFTOP RUN Act 2 and reach the goal.

This isn't tough to find unless you're not looking for it. About halfway through the level, there will be three sets of balloons you need to homing attack between to reach the top (there will be an extra life on the left tower). Head to the life, then boost through the dome structure topping the right tower, and you'll be in a small alcove with a small spike platform rising and falling. Use it to reach the platform on the right to reach the Red Ring, then finish the level to get the trophy.

Color Power!
Get the Red Star Ring by using an Orange Wisp in PLANET WISP Act 2 and reach the goal.

During the level, you'll have to ride on some carts going left. There will be a point with three dash rings between two fire jets. Successfully jump through the rings to the platform, and successfully jump to the next cart. It will lead you to a Wisp. Grab it, and use it at the ring trails to blast up and get the ring. Then finish the level to get the trophy.
Note, this is Red Ring #4 in the video guide

Race through a regular stage as Super Sonic.

You can only become Super Sonic after beating the game. When you do, assign it to it's own skill set (it takes up a full set), and equip it. Now enter any level, collect 50 rings, and press to become Super Sonic. Now finish the level as Super to earn the trophy.

Mad Skillz
Get all Skills.

To get skills, you'll have to buy all skills from the shop, beat the game, finish certain challenges (then buy those skills from the shop), and get all Red Rings (getting all five in a level gets a skill for purchase). Once all of these are completed and all skills are in possession, the trophy is yours.

(Hedge)Hogging It All Up!
Get all collectibles.

To get this, you'll need to collect everything for the collection room. To do so, you must collect all the red rings, finish the game, AND when you finish a challenge, ring the bell that appears above the arch and chase the music note it emits. Once the collection room is complete the trophy will be earned.

A possible glitch!
It's been reported that sometimes the final bell will be shiny, but not send out its note. If you come across this issue, getting all S ranks should help.

Time Attacker
Play Ranking Attack on all stages.

From the main menu, choose Online Mode, then Ranking Attack. You'll have to finish Ranking Attack for all stages, Acts 1&2, for the trophy to unlock.
This trophy can glitch! See Join the Ranks for glitch info.

Red Ring Collector
Get all Red Star Rings.

Red Star Rings are scattered about each level, 5 in each act of each stage. Below are videos for the levels containing the Red Rings. These videos are made by SadFaceGaming11, and used with his permission.
Green Hill

Toggle Spoiler

Chemical Plant

Toggle Spoiler

Sky Sanctuary

Toggle Spoiler

Speed Highway

Toggle Spoiler

City Escape

Toggle Spoiler

Seaside Hill

Toggle Spoiler

Crisis City

Toggle Spoiler

Rooftop Run

Toggle Spoiler

Planet Wisp

Toggle Spoiler

Halfway Point
Clear half the Challenge Acts.

See Mission Accomplished!
This will unlock after 45 Challenges are completed.

Mission Accomplished!
Clear all the Challenge Acts.

Challenge Acts are the purple portals around the hub. There are 90 of them total, 45 for each Sonic. There are various types of challenges, but all differ in a way. Once all 90 challenges are completed no matter the rank the trophy is yours.

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