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Players: 1-4 local, 1-10 online
Online Trophies: Newtron, Race Leader
Online Pass Required: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 30 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: Almost two full World Tours, 40 Time Trials, 10 Grand Prix
Collectible Trophies: No
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: None reported as of yet

[top]Required Equipment

This platinum is impossible without 4 controllers! You need them for House Party of the Dead and Team Sonic

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • Land-scoper: Take the time to learn a track. Knowing what lies ahead will benefit you.
  • I See You Back There!: Pretty much any weapon can fire backwards.
  • Trick-Star: Whenever you get lifted into the air a bit, try for a trick with . If you can't make the stunt, keep that in mind for the next time to reach that area.
  • See Any You Like?: If you aren't succeeding, try a different character or mod. Some can act very different from others.
  • Fly Like a Bird: Some maps have shortcuts that transform you early. Look out for these, as the transformation made is probably a quicker mode of transportation.
  • Secret Weapon: You can be gifted an All-Star Move in a match, but don't worry about the All-Star move rating on a character's stats. No matter whose move it is, it will benefit you to get it.
  • Save Room for Seconds: Press to stow an Item, opening a slot for a second to be held.
  • Switch!: You can continue your drift in another direction by quickly switching direction. You will keep your drift level, but not your progress to the next level.


  1. World Tour To Expert: Start off with a basic run-through of World Tour Mode. You don't need to play on anything specific at the start of your playthrough, as you still need to unlock Expert difficulty. Just play on Easy (or Normal if you rather) and enjoy.
  2. Redo World Tour: After unlocking Expert, you need to go back to the first tour and play every event on Expert, essentially orking your way back up to the top. Buy characters and Console mods as you gain enough stars.
  3. Expert Grand Prix: Now that you've been able to sufficiently learn the game's basics and hopefully find the perfect character-mod combo for you, try testing your mad skills at the Grand Prix races, you should be ready.
  4. Time Trials: If you are able to do everything up to this point, you should be prepared enough to tackle the Expert time trial ghosts.
  5. Clean-Up/Online: Mop up your remaining trophies, whether they be the two online trophies or certain weapon-specific trophies.


Ultimate All-Star
Earn every Trophy in the game

Racing Transformed
Go All-Star!

When in a race, usually in any place up to 3rd, you have the chance to pick up an All-Star Move from an item capsule, which will be the star icon. Just use it for the trophy. Remember, the farther behind you are in the race, the better the chance for an All-Star Move.

Parts Shop
Win an event with a Mod equipped

To get a Mod in the first place, you need to rank up any character by getting 5000 XP with them. Once you do, you unlock your first mod for that racer. Just equip it and win any race for the trophy.

Sonic Drift
Do a 10 second Drift as Sonic

This is easier than it sounds. A handy manuever in Racing Transformed is the Switch-Drift. When drifting, quickly change drifting direction to continue the drift. You can easily do this for a 10 second drift in lots of races, the first chance being Ocean View track. The first lap starts with plently of Switch-Drift opportunities, perfect for the trophy.

Do a Level 3 Air-Drift

The longer you hold a drift, the more of a boost you get. You can get up to a level 3 drift, and this trophy requires you to do that in flight mode. You can do this in really any course, you can get it easily in most ring challenges in World Tour.

Magic Second
Finish 0.5 seconds ahead of an opponent in a Race

This will most likely come without any effort. You just need to finish a race very close to an opponent, and end ahead of them. You don't have to be in first place, so you can just sit by the finish line and cross just ahead of someone, if you somehow don't get this naturally.

Spin Dash
Do a Boost-Start in each vehicle mode

By each vehicle mode, it means in car, boat, and plane modes. To Boost-Start, at the beginning of the race, hold (or if you're in the "advanced" control scheme) each time the screen turns to black. Your boost should then max out at 3. There's many tracks that start by car, but head to Dream Valley for a plane start and Adder's Lair for a boat.

Scud Racer
Finish 1st in a Race without getting hit by weapons

You will probably get this naturally if you play on Easy mode, the enemies are real pacifists on Easy. Just win a race without being hit. Remember, boosting can help you evade homing attacks.

Blast Processing
Hit 2 opponents with a single Hot Rod Blast

When using the Hot Rod, press to detonate it before it blows you up! You need to catch 2 people in the explosion. Trying activating it near some racers ahead of you and blowing it up. You can always get this in a splitscreen mode if you have trouble in real races.

Fighting Viper
Evade or Block a homing-weapon 3 times in a Race

In an actual race, this can be difficult. Instead, pick a Traffic Attack challenge from World Tour mode. Most of them have a Super Glove pick-up. Once you have a Super Glove, just ram into a ton of cars and you'll get the trophy easily.

Catcher Pitcher
Absorb a weapon with the Glove and fire it back at your attacker

When you have a Glove equipped as a power-up, you get whatever power-up someone throws at it! When this happens, just fire the weapon backwards and you'll most likely hit the attacker. You can't really identify the attack unless you look backwards while they attack, but blind fire will still work for this.

Eyes On The Road
Hit an opponent with a weapon while looking backwards

Pretty much every weapon in Racing Transformed can be fired backwards as well as forwards by pulling back on and pressing . However, you have to be looking back with and firing it for this trophy. This isn't too hard, just when you get a weapon, hold and fire it back with to hit an opponent.

Cosmic Smash
Detonate the Hot Rod at the very last second

When you use the Hot Rod, it will accelerate three times before blowing you up. You need to manually blow it up before that. When you get it, just learn the pattern and fire before the third explosion.

Visit every location in the game

You'll see every track, regular and mirrored, by just playing World Tour and Grand Prix.

Rank B
Earn your B Class License

See SEGA Super Star

Rank A
Earn your A Class License

See SEGA Super Star

Rank S
Earn your S Class License

See SEGA Super Star

SEGA All Star
Earn your Star License

See SEGA Super Star

SEGA Super Star
Earn your Triple-Star License

This will be a hard trophy, given you have to do a lot of playing and pretty much all the hard things to earn it. Basically, you need to reach 100% on your Liscence. However, the 100% can be a combination of many things, it doesn't have to be everything completely done. Here are the fields for your License and their totals:
  • World Tour Stars: 232
  • Characters Unlocked: 23
  • Grand Prix Wins: 10
  • Staff Ghosts Beaten: 160
  • Sticker Collection: 100
  • Mods Earned: 138
As you can see, many of these totals will fill up as you go for the platinum. Mods aren't required for the platinum, so be sure to diversify your character choice. You should get this as you fight for the platinum, but it won't be easy.

Complete a World Tour event on Expert difficulty

See All Stars

Manually select a Random character for a Matchmaking game

When you join a Matchmaking game, your character choice will be automatically random. You need to go to character select, and select Random manually. Once that's done, let the race begin! You'll get the trophy as soon as the race begins.

SUMO Wrestled
Beat your first Staff Ghost in Time Attack

See Yokozuna

Beat all the Staff Ghosts in Time Attack

Definitely one of the hardest trophies in the game. There are 160 ghosts to beat, 4 per track. You'll probably be able to topple the first 3 easily, but the Expert 4th ghosts can be very hard to outrun. Luckily, there is no limit to tries in Time Trial, so go as many times as you please until you have the track memorized. Sonic with Speed mod seems to work well, so pick that and good luck.

De Rol Le Credits
Unlock Superstar Showdown in World Tour

You will unlock Superstar Showdown after completing the Moonlight Park tour.

Takes AGES
Unlock every Character in the game

You start the game with a basic set of characters, but you probably want more. When you play World Tour, you get the chance to unlock new characters. Provided you have enough stars, of course.

Sunshine Coast
  • Amigo: 8 Stars
Frozen Valley
  • Danica Patrick: 16 Stars
  • Shadow the Hedgehog: 35 Stars
Scorching Skies
  • Vyse: 30 Stars
  • NiGHTS: 80 Stars
Twilight Engine
  • Joe Musashi: 85 Stars
  • Pudding: 50 Stars
Moonlight Park
  • Gum: 105 Stars
  • Gilius Thunderhead: 120 Stars
Superstar Showdown
  • Reala: 160 Stars
  • AGES: 165 Stars
Finally, Doctor Eggman (or Robotnik if you prefer) unlocks after beating all Grand Prix races.

Racing Hero
Get a Podium Finish in every Grand Prix tournament

See Welcome To Victory Lane

Welcome To The Fantasy Zone
Finish 1st in a Grand Prix tournament

See Welcome To Victory Lane

Unlock Mirror Grand Prix mode

You unlock Mirror Grand Prix mode after beating the regular Grand Prix races.

Gale Racer
Get a Podium Finish in every Grand Prix tournament on Expert difficulty

See Welcome To Victory Lane

Race Leader
Win a Matchmaking game

Simply load up a Matchmaking game and hopefully you get to pick your favorite charcter. Attach your favorite mod and good luck to you.

House Party Of The Dead
Complete an event with 4 local friends

This is done in World Tour. Just turn on four controllers and complete an event. This one can be done with idle controllers while you finish.

Virtua Trickster
Roll Left, Roll Right, Backflip, Forward Flip and land as a car or boat

To do any of these stunts, move in any direction in the air. I was able to get this trophy near the end of the Adder's Lair track. There's a huge lava waterfall drop you drop down as a boat, you should be able to put all four moves in and stick the landing.

You can also get this on Graveyard Dig. Just perform the stunts while transforming into the boat over the river for this trophy and also Genesis

Link Chain
Complete the Dream Valley Ring Race and pass every Ring as NiGHTS or Reala

In the Nightmare Meander Challenge in the Superstar Showdown tour, pick NiGHTS or Reala (depending on who you have unlocked), and just don't miss a ring. You should be able to get this on any difficulty. While Easy allows you do practice finesse, you need to hit every ring pretty much on Expert, so make your call.

Vyse The Legend
Beat 01:11.16 in Time Attack as Vyse in Rogue's Landing

First things first, you need Vyse unlocked. You can unlock him in the Scorching Skies tour for 30 stars. Once you have him, go to Time Attack and pick Rogue's Landing. 1:11.16 is actually a pretty easy time to beat. Do so and ping, trophy.

You Got The Horn
Level-up a character

Whenever you finish a race of any sort, you get XP. Getting enough XP ranks up a character to their next level. The first level costs 5000 XP. Just keep playing the game and you should get at least one charcter to level 2. In fact, you need to get all characters levelled, so this will come naturally.

All Stars
Collect every Star in World Tour

Before you start World Tour mode, know that playing on Hard at the get-go won't get you all the stars in one run. you need to first unlock Expert difficulty, which is found at the end of World Tour mode. Just beat the World Tour mode first on any difficulty, then go back to Sunshine Coast tour as soon as you unlock Expert and do all the events again on Expert. The events you come across can be very different:
  • Race: A good old fashioned race to the end!
  • Battle Race: You have two options: win the race by natural racing or hitting enemies with items, forcing them to lose all three of their lives.
  • Drifting Challenge: The longer you drift in the designated zones, the more seconds you get. Run out of time and it's over!
  • Boost Challenge: Whenever you're not boosting, you're losing time. Keep boosting to stop the clock.
  • Versus: You'll get waves of one-on-one races, each about 45 seconds long. Either be ahead of your rival when time runs out or race so far ahead that you stop early.
  • Traffic Attack: Basically you have to weave through lines of traffic. Green cars stay stationary, yellow move left to right, and blue seek you down specifically. Choose a good Handling character/mod.
  • Sprint: Beat a lap time of a computer ghost in three tries or less.
  • Boost Race: Win with nothing but good old speed, no weapons!
It will take some patience and a lot of perserverence, but eventually you should get all 232 Stars.

Battle Outrunner
Do 5 overtakes in a single Drift

This will probably come naturally, basically you need to pass five cars with one drift. It's not too hard, try to do this near the beginning of a race before the racers spread out. A good example is on the Carrier Zone track, at the beginning in Plane mode.

Triple-Stunt while transforming into a car or boat

On the Graveyard Dig track, on the first lap, you will reach a boat transformation over a green river. You can easily perform a triple-stunt here. You can do one of every stunt to also earn Virtua Trickster.

Drift More
Get a Perfect Drift score on a Drift Challenge event

During World Tour, there are Drift Challenges, where you have to drift within the zone for points. You really should do this on Easy mode, as the zones are much thicker, meaning you have less of a chance of accidentally going out of the zone. Also, be sure to pick the Handling mode for your racer, giving you more control to stay within the zone. Just do not let the zone turn red and you're gold.

Mega Jet
Do a Reckless Boost

Also known as the Risk Boost, a Reckless Boost is caused in flight mode. Get very close to an obstacle, and use to suddenly dodge away. This will give you a turbo boost and the trophy. You only need to do one.

Ax Battler
Finish a Battle Race without losing any lives

Simple enough really. Choose a Battle Race challenge in World Tour (or Custom game with an extra controller) and pick C Class enemies. You can't get hit by any weapons in the race. Stay your distance from the other racers and try not to drive straight, or you're easy prey for an Ice shot or a Firework.

Arrow of Light
Freeze an opponent with Ice from at least 100 meters away

This will most likely not come on its own. What you can do is set up a 2-player custom game in a battle mode (Battle Arena, Capture the Chao, etc.), choosing the Creep Courtyard arena. On the bridge in front of player 1's spawn is a Super Pick-Up that always rewards 6 Ice. Postion player 2 at the far side of the side of the arena they spawn on, then park player 1 by the tree opposite player 2. It might take some positioning and getting more Ice, but it's the easiest way, no race has 100m of flat land.

Buzz Bomber
Hit 1st, 2nd and 3rd place with a Swarm attack

The Swarm attack launches giant bees ahead or behind to terrorize the competition. When you are in 4th place at the most, you can pick up a Swarm and launch it. Usually, all three racers ahead will be hit. Your chances for Swarm are better if you aren't exactly super far in the race, but don't be too far back or you'll get an All-Star Move instead.

Lock On Sight
Score 90% accuracy with aimed weapons in an event

Aimed weapons are the Ice and Firework items. To get this trophy, just don't fire them behind you and always make certain your shot is lined up. This should probably come naturally.

Welcome To Victory Lane
Finish 1st in every Grand Prix tournament on Expert difficulty

There are 10 Grand Prix Cups you have to beat on Expert to earn this trophy. You start with the Dragon Cup. You can unlock the next cup with a podium finish (1st, 2nd, 3rd). After you unlock and win the first five cups, the next five are unlocked, which take place on mirrored tracks. Pick your best character and mod and good luck. Remember, you don't have to win every race, just have the best GP score at the end.

Meteor Strike
Collect 10 Stars in World Tour

See All Stars

Justice Shot
Get 10 hits by firing weapons backwards in a single event

This probably won't come naturally. There are two ways of doing this. If you have two or more controllers, you can just start an event and pelt your enemies with backwards shots. The second is to start a race as Gum (after unlocking her). Race until you get her All-Star move, which fires hearts backwards. Keep hitting to throw hearts back. If you don't get it with that move alone, then focus on firing all your other weapons backwards until you get it.

Shadow Step
Do 10 Stunt Combos in a single event

To do 10 Stunt Combos is a tough task in a regular race. Time Trials count ad events, and they go until you stop. Head to Samba Studios and keep doing double flips ( up x2) and you'll get the trophy.

Crack Down
Get a total of 20 hits with weapons in a Race

This trophy should come naturally without forcing it too much, just use all the weapons you can grab in a race and you'll hit twenty soon enough.

The King Of Speed
Finish 1st in a Grand Prix tournament at Expert difficulty

See Welcome To Victory Lane

Team Sonic
Finish 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th with local friends in a 10 player Race.

Now don't you fret, you don't need 6 other players to get this. The latest patch allows the trophy to be achieved in local play. However, you still need three other friends for this, as you'll still need actual players. Once you have the people, just set the difficulty to Easy and all should hopefully go swimmingly.

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