Players: 1
Online Trophies: Yes (1) Contender
Estimated Time to 100%: 8-12 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 2
Collectible Trophies: Yes (3) The First Chaos Emerald , Collector , Super Sonic Genesis
Missable Trophies: None, act/stage select after first act/stage has been completed
Glitched Trophies: N/A

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • It's best to start acquiring the Chaos Emeralds from the later zones (Lost Labyrinth and Mad Gear) since it'll be easier and faster making it to the special stage during the earlier zones.
  • If it wasn't obvious already, always have a bundle of rings in case you get hit by an enemy or hit some spikes.
  • You lose 1 ring per second for every second Sonic is transformed into Super Sonic so keep collecting rings.
  • After acquiring a Chaos Emerald go to the special stage select and complete it on time attack mode directly after so you will know exactly what to do.
  • If you do not know where to go follow the rings as they will lead you to safety.
  • Only special stage 1 can be replayed if you didn't collect the emerald.


Be advised there is a trophy that requires an internet connection therefore before installing the game be sure to check if the leaderboards are still being updated. Also by doing the act/stages on score attack and switching to time attack directly after, it could help you complete the act without dying which will provide lots of help by having the fresh memory.

Step One: Complete the game on score attack killing as many enemies as possible while attempting to earn the Chaos Emerald's.
The Story Begins
Crush Dr. Eggman
The First Chaos Emerald
All Stages Cleared!

Step Two: Acquire all the Chaos Emerald's and earn 99 lives.
Super Sonic Genesis

Step Three: Complete all acts and stages on time attack.
Golden Flash

Step Four: Meet the requirements of the miscellaneous trophies that most likely will not come from the above steps.
Enemy Hunter
Ring Collector
Speed's My Game


The Story Begins

Complete the first act of Sonic the Hedgehog: Episode 1 in either time or score attack modes. Doesn't matter if you die and need to use a continue just as long as you accomplish this at some point.

Take your time learning the control scheme and how to do the spin dash in addition to homing attack on your enemies.

Crush Dr. Eggman
Defeat a boss for the first time.

After you have completed Slash Hill Zone, Act 1 the remaining three zone will open allowing you to venture into any act you want besides the special stages, boss fights, and the E.G.G. Station Zone.

In order to defeat a boss you must first complete the three acts in the zone. Once all three acts in a zone have been completed in score or time attack mode the boss fight will then unlock only for that specific zone so naturally you can defeat any of the four bosses in any order.

After defeating your first boss this trophy will then unlock. Please refer to Untouchable for details on how to defeat each boss.

The First Chaos Emerald
Acquire a Chaos Emerald.

Please refer to Super Sonic Genesis below for more details.

Enemy Hunter
Defeat 1,000 enemies.

You will not earn this during your first playthrough and possibly not even your second if you're just running through the acts as quick as possible. You can kill enemies by doing the spin dash, jumping into them if they are not looking toward you, the invincibility (which allows you to run through enemies and stand on spikes), and the homing dash which is a variation to the jump method (press an extra time once in the air and locked onto an enemy).

Golden Flash
Clear all Acts as Super Sonic.

All Chaos Emerald's must be acquired before you can play as Super Sonic therefore please view the Super Sonic Genesis below for more details on the special stages and earning each of the 7 emeralds.

To activate Super Sonic you must press or once you have collected 50 rings. Know that you need to continue collecting rings once you made the transformation as you will lose 1 ring per second as Super Sonic.

This can be done in either game mode, but score attack is obviously your best bet as you can die towards the end and come back from a checkpoint instead of replaying the entire act. Doing this directly after you have completed the game will give you some knowledge of when the level will end so you can transform just before the end.

Meeting the requirements of this trophy means you need to clear the three acts in each of the four zones as Super Sonic (as you finish the end gate you need to be Super Sonic). As you would expect the special stages and boss fights cannot be completed with Super Sonic as there are not enough rings. Once you have completed all 12 acts your trophy will unlock.

All Stages Cleared!
Defeat the final boss and view the ending.

The final boss is hidden until you have cleared each of the four zones in any game mode. Once all 12 acts are completed in addition to the 4 bosses the E.G.G. Station Zone will become accessible where you will then proceed to take on each boss from the four zones as well as a final boss which is one you haven't defeated thus far. The trophy should pop shortly after you defeat the boss and the credits begin scrolling.

The Untouchable has some tips and explains what will be happening during this boss stage if you need some help with any of the segments.

Upload your recorded scores and clear times for all stages.

An internet connect is required for this trophy.

You will need to complete every act, special stage, boss, and the E.G.G. Station Zone while playing on both score and time attack modes. This can be done while playing as Sonic the entire time or while playing as Super Sonic since they both will count towards the stage completion. To switch between Score and Time attack mode you will need to press which will switch the game mode out seen in the top left in the level select area.

To upload your score and time you will press from the level select which will take you straight to leaderboard rankings. As this happenings in the bottom right of the screen you will see your stats registered and saved (you may not see your name). You can press or to switch between stages so you know each one has been updated appropriately. In addition to going to the leaderboards from the stage select you can also enter it from the main menu screen. Once each act, boss, special stage, and the E.G.G. Station has been completed in each of the two game modes you will be awarded with this trophy.

If you die at any time while playing on attack mode you will be given the option to retry the stage from the beginning or return to the level select area since there are no checkpoints so be cautious at all times and have a supply or rings in case you do get hit by an enemy.

Ring Collector
Collect all the Rings in 'Special Stage 1' and Clear the stage.

Special Stage 1 is relatively easy except when you need to collect all the rings and clear the stage at once. Do your best of handling the way Sonic moves around while collecting the time boosts as they will be needed to complete the stage. Time boosts do not need to be collected, but they are advised to benefit you at the end.

At all times beware of the candy cane looking circles because if you pass that it becomes a gate that you cannot cross back over so it you missed a ring you cannot go back for it unless you restart the stage. Also do your best to avoid the bumpers as they can be troublesome and get you stuck in one place for awhile.

If at any point you feel you will fail before time runs out you can always press and click on retry to start the special stage from the beginning with no penalties. Don't try doing this if you hit a trap (red exclamation point) as it will be late and already sending you back to stage select.

Build up 99 or more extra lives.

As you know when you die you lose a life which can be done by running out of time (10 minutes score attack), being dealt damage when you have no rings, being squashed, or falling into empty space in certain locations. There are numerous ways you can gain extra lives and they are as follows:
  1. Act 2 of the Casino Zone cards will rotate as you have touched them and will give you a face value or extra lives or rings which in turn provide extra lives (THIS IS THE QUICKEST WAY)
  2. When you collect 100, 200, 300 rings in one act each 100 will give you an extra life.
  3. Ending a act with a high score which is given by defeating enemies, finishing the act with a abundance of rings, and time. You will be given an extra life if you manage to get a minimum score of 10,000.
  4. The perk box with the Sonic logo head on it (found in the acts leading up to the bosses).
  5. In the special stages a 1up will replace the emerald if you have already collected it.
  6. Collecting 50 rings in a special stage.
If you have completed special stage 1 and want to go after the Ring Collector do so before you have already earned 99 lives as you will continue to increase your lives from attempting to gather every ring and clear the stage. The special stage is the only stage you can go into when you haven't collected the emerald.

Super Sonic Genesis
Acquire all seven Chaos Emeralds.

The Special Stage is the stage in which the Chaos Emeralds are and you cannot get into those stages unless you have jumped into the large golden ring at the end of the act if you have a total of 50 golden rings or more in score attack. Each special stage is setup differently in which they provide different time points and dangers. There are 7 different stages so you cannot earn 7 emeralds in the first stage and this is why it's best to get into the special stages during the later zones as it will be easier and faster to end the level with 50 rings allowing you to enter the special stage.

Special Stage 1 - Starts off with a countdown time of 1:30. No real puzzles or areas you will get stuck on, but there are a few traps (red exclamation points) so beware of those. Rush through the level as quick as possible while collecting the rings and your path will lead you directly to the emerald. There is a chime sound that goes off once you have collected a particular amount of rings that unlocks a gate allowing you to then progress past it. If at any point you want to restart the stage from the beginning or feel like you won't collect the emerald in time press and hit retry.

Special Stage 2 -
Starts off with a countdown time of 1:30. Stick to the center and collect all the rings and time boosts in the bundled areas will open up all the gates for you and provide you with enough time to complete the stage. You will be introduced to gems in which they need to be hit in order for them to disappear, the small ones takes less time to get rid of then the larger ones so keep this in mind when choosing your pathway in the center of the stage.

Special Stage 3 -
Starts off with a countdown time of :30. Follow the directed path while avoiding traps and bumpers. Stay in the center of the pathways to quickly add rings and time to your counters.

Special Stage 4 -
Starts off with a countdown time of 1:30. You begin in a boxed in area with lot of rings which is good, but there are different gates that open giving you plenty of options of collecting what's in them (time boost or rings). Its best to collect as many rings as possible here to make it easier on you later as you will be dealing with a lot of bumpers along the way. There are plenty of open traps that will send you out of the stage in which they don't give you much notice.

Special Stage 5 -
Starts off with a countdown time of :30. Most likely the hardest special stage out of all as you need to be super quick and collect the time boosts. There are a lot of areas that can block you with those transparent candy cane walls so you will need to watch out you do not go past those since it will waste critical time. Be quick and smooth as you're trying to learn the layout of the stage.

Special Stage 6 -
Starts off with a countdown time of 1:30. Can be difficult at first as there are many different pathways that open up as you collect the rings. Just follow the arrows collecting rings and time boosts until you reach the center where the emerald will be awaiting.

Special Stage 7 -
Starts off with a countdown time of 1:30. This stage is relatively easy as you are in a box with different rooms so to speak. Each room has its own dangers and provides different time boosts. Once the required rings have been met to open the center you will go directly to the center and collect the emerald. The one dangerous part of this stage is the area with all the bumpers as they will surely slow you down or sending you into the red exclamation points on the side. You can choose to do this first as more than likely you shouldn't have any issues with the coinciding areas or last to collect as many rings in other places first.

Speed's My Game
Clear SPLASH HILL ZONE ACT 1 in less than a minute.

This can be done in either game mode and with both characters, however Super Sonic makes completing this with ease whereas Sonic will have a hard time and have to make little to no mistakes. Since you need to collect all the emerald's to 100% the game you should do so as it gives you the ability to turn into Super Sonic by pressing or .

Once you collect 50 rings transform into Super Sonic and continue as you would normally and you should definitely make it to the end with time to spare. You don't need to go out of your way collecting these rings as they come fast naturally as you speed through avoiding almost all enemies.

Clear the E.G.G. STATION ZONE without taking any damage.

The E.G.G. Station Zone is not unlocked until you have defeated the 4 bosses and completed each act. The special stages do not need to be completed in order to play in the zone. Once you have unlocked the zone you will be faced with 5 separate battles, 4 in the form of the previous bosses you have defeated and 1 new boss. Rings are not going to matter as you cannot be dealt any damage in order to meet the requirements of the trophy. You will not be able to transform into Super Sonic during this zone as there isn't enough rings to be collected.

If you get hit at anytime press and retry immediately unless you just want to practice the rest of the stages. This should be done in time attack mode so you can take your time going slow and not have to worry about hitting the 10 minute mark and dying! Each of the first 4 bosses only need to be hit 4x to move onto the next stage.

Boss Fight 1 - This boss is the boss from the Splash Hill Zone. There are two platforms above the ground, stand on one of them and do the jump attack while the ball is swinging underneath Robotnik. You can use your homing attack too to make it quicker, but be careful when he swings the ball if he lasts that long as you will want to jump and stay int he corner to avoid being hit.

Boss Fight 2 -
This boss is the boss from the Casino Street Zone. From a personal standpoint this was the hardest stage not to get hit and the most frustrating. Once in the fight stage jump onto the right platform and wait for Robotnik to get near and jump up and on top of him then again real quick. He will go towards the middle of the stage and turn electric so you will not be able to hit hit from below!!! Use your spin dash to reach the required height of hitting him from above or use the triggers handles to get you up in the air.

When Robotnik is in the air you want to stand directly underneath one of the platforms and avoid being on the trigger handles as spikes will rise to the center of the stage. Robotnik will do a tumble around the course and end up on one of the sides of the stage awaiting to be hit so again do this spin dash or use the trigger handle before the spikes rise up.

Boss Fight 3 -
This boss is the boss from the Lost Labyrinth Zone. It is possible to be dealt damage here, but more than likely you will get squashed and die then get hit and survive. Learn the pattern of each pipe line and where Robotnik will be during each sequence. It is suggested you don't risk hitting him twice at once to prevent from getting hit and going through the frustration so take your time and hit him once at a time.

Boss Fight 4 -
This boss is the boss from the Mad Gear Zone. You will be running continuously while avoiding Robotnik's tricks and mini bots. There will be an identical Robotnik that once thrown it will be slow to where you want to go underneath of it. A blue Robnotnik will be rather quick and in the same sense you want to go underneath of it as well. You can always press or hold the analog stick to the left to stop for a brief moment if you need to time your approach. There will be a gold one you can not jump over which takes up almost the entire screen and you only have two areas you can avoid being hit which is real close to Robotnik and close to the left once it bounces off the ground you will want to make it to the other side. Lastly Robotnik throws a spike trap that you need to jump over.

Be cautious and patient not to rush this battle because sometimes you will hit Robotnik and for some reason it will not count possibly because he is throwing out some enemies.

Boss Fight 5 -
The last boss battle is of a huge Robotnik which is relatively easy once you learn the attacks and play in time attack mode to take your time. From the beginning you will want to jump and attack his upper-body unless he has his arms straight out which will be show with the spikes. He may fly into the air and anytime he does this go to the right or left side of the screen and just before he lands jump out of the way (do this everytime he flies into the air throughout the fight). Keep hitting his upper-body until you see the black smoke where you want to run to the opposite side of the screen and prepare to do a spin in the other direction by going under Robotnik as he gets near. He will then come back towards you and fly into the air, once he lands be near his feet as he will shoot his arm out where you will want to put some space from him. Jump attack his arm once it lands 3x and then it will knock Robotnik on his back allowing you to hit him, do so but be cautious for when his arm comes back to him and he is back on his feet. Keep doing this avoiding the fire balls and lasers (you can avoid the lasers by jumping). At a point after Robotnik has taken enough damage, the green homing attack will cross the screen in both directions placing it where Robotnik will land, this is when you want to bear near and jump just before he lands and do a homing attack as you have 1 chance to get the hit. If you are on the ground as he lands you will be dazed giving little to no chance to hit him, but if you do manage to hit him just run to the right side of the screen and soon you will be awarded the trophy.

Video Walkthrough

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Huge thanks to EricVoltage and his Electric Shop for the banner.
Thanks to AH Community for the video used within the Untouchable description.

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