Players: 1
Online Trophies: None
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 3-4 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 (2 is recommended)
Collectible Trophies: Chaos Emerald + Chaos Master
Missable Trophies: All but the clear stage trophies
Glitched Trophies: None

[top]Tips & Strategies

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

Exploit -

The Save Exploit
The save exploit will make this 100% very easy. The exploit is that you can save anywhere at any time. You get three different files for saving. Use this to your advantage. If you die, simply reload last save, if you were too slow, reload last save.


Playthrough 1 -
Use playthrough 1 to collect all of the trophies except for the Fast Win trophy. Meaning collect every other trophy in this playthrough.
Playthrough 2 -
Use this playthrough to focus solely on the Fast Win trophy.


Get 100 or more rings.

I recommend going for this one as your first trophy. Simply start a new game and the first level is going to be Green Hill Zone, Act 1. I recommend going for this trophy here, there are very few hazards in this level and not many dangerous creatures. Simply collect yourself 100 coins and as soon as you do you will get a 1-up and the trophy.

Clear Green
Clear the Green Hill Zone.

The Green Hill Zone is the very first zone in the game. You will simply just have to complete all 3 Acts to receive this trophy. In Act 3 you will have to fight Dr. Robotnik. In this fight you will have to use two platforms for cover and to jump high enough to hit him. Start the fight by hitting him three times before he drops his wrecking ball. Hide under the right platform and wait for the ball to clear the platform, jump on top and hit him again, then seek shelter under that same platform. Repeat this cycle until he has been hit a total of 8 times and he will go down. Once he does jump on the vault. After that the Marble zone will appear and so will your trophy.

Fast Green
Beat Green Hill Zone Act 1 in under 35 second

See Fast Win

Fast Marble
Beat Marble Zone Act 1 in under 80 seconds.

See Fast Win

Star Light Zone
Get to the Star Light Zone.

For this one you are going to have to clear the Labyrinth Zone' Acts 1-3. In the Labyrinth Zone make sure you make good use of the air bubbles, and say persistent. The levels aren't nearly as difficult as they may seem. In Ac 3 of the Labyrinth Zone you are going to have to fight Dr. Robotnik yet again, although this time isn't exactly a fight, more along the lines of a game of cat and mouse. You will have to climb up a tunneling path following Dr. Robotnik. Once you get to the top and out of the tunnel you will go to the left and see the vault. Pop the vault and you will be heading o the Star Light Zone and you will receive the trophy.

Spring Yard Zone
Get to the Spring Yard Zone.

To receive this trophy you must complete Acts 1-3 of the Marble Zone. In Act 3 of the Marble Zone you will have to fight Dr. Robotnik again. There will be two platforms with lava in the middle. He will alternate sides setting them on fire sarting with the left one. Simply hit him wice before he makes it over to the left pad while remaining on the right one. Then you are going to want him to set the opposite pad on fire and while he is on his way to the pad you are on hit him once, then jump to the opposite platform and keep that cycle going until you hit him a total of 8 times. Once he blows up, hit the vault and the Spring Yard Zone will pop up along with the trophy.

Labyrinth Zone
Get to the Labyrinth Zone.

For this one you are going to have to complete Acts 1-3 of the Spring Yard Zone. In Act 3 of the Spring Yard Zone you will have to fight Dr. Robotnik again. In this fight he will try to kill you by crushing you with a giant spike or completely take the ground out from under you. What you are going to want to do is go to the block that is farthest left. Once he is over you the spike will come out and he will drop, dodge his drop and he will pick up the block and crush it. Then he will continue flying until he is over top of you again. Stay as far left as you possibly can so when you beat him you can get to the vault without dying. You are going to want to try hitting him while he is on his way down with the spike from his side and while he is rasiing back up again in he very least. Continue staying left the whole time and he will go down after 8 hits. Once he is down open the vault and you will be brought to the Labyrinth Zone and you will receive your trophy.

Chaos Emerald
Get one Chaos Emerald.

See Chaos Maser

Chaos Master
Get all the Chaos Emeralds.

For this one you are going to have to collect 6 of the Chaos Emeralds awarded through mini-games. To gain access to the mini-game you will need to collect AND complete the level with a minimum of 50 coins. When you get near the end of a level where the Dr. Robotnik flag is that you have to flip around you will notice a giant ring floating up behind it. Be careful not to go rushing through the flag because you will not make it back in time to jump through the ring. Jump through the ring and you will be transported to a special mini-game where you must navigate puzzles and get to the Chaos Emeralds, but be careful not to land in any of the goal zones or it will end your chance to receive that emerald.

Now is the best time to implement the save exploit. As soon as a level begins, save the game. Collect your 50 coins and make sure you aren't in a spot where if you load up you will get hit losing your coins. Once you have a safe zone and your 50 coins save again (Just in case you get hit, it is easier to just load the last save then to restart the level and collect 50 coins again, or in case you pass the flag without jumping into the giant ring). Then save as soon as you jump into the ring just in case you mess up on the mini-game you can always exit out and load the game back up.

The mini-game is offered in the following levels:
Green Hill Zone Act 1
Green Hill Zone Act 2
Marble Zone Act 1
Marble Zone Act 2
Spring Yard Zone Act 1
Spring Yard Zone Act 2
Labyrinth Zone Act 1
Labyrinth Zone Act 2
Star Light Zone Act 1
Star Light Zone Act 2

Beat the game.

For this one you are going to have to complete the Star Light Zone'a Act 1-3 and the Brain Zone's Acts 1 and 2. The boss fight in Star Light Zone Act 3 will pit you up against Dr. Robotnik. You will be on the screen with 3 see-saws and Dr. Robotnik will be flying back and forth dropping bombs onto either side of the see-saw. You have two choices on how to go about this. You can stand in the middle on the central see-saw and wait for Dr. Robotnik to drop a bomb on the opposite side to which you are standing (he usually starts dropping on the left side of the see-saw and swaps sides mid-way through) and time it just right to hit Dr. Robotnik with the mine OR you can send the mine flying to the side you are standing on and run to the opposite side so the mine will send you flying up to hit him. Either way hit him 8 times and head to the Vault.

The Brain Zone has 2 Acts and instead of a 3rd zone he has what is called the Final Zone. In the Final Zone you start off with the final battle. The final battle will be you against Dr. Robotnik. He will be in one of the four chambers used to try smashing you. Two will come up at a time to try to crush you and he will be in either one. It is completely random which ones come up and which one he is in. Avoid getting crushed and jump into whichever chamber has Dr. Robotnik in it. After you hit him 8 times you will win the fight and receive the trophy.

Fast Win
Beat the game in under 40 minutes.

For this one you are going to have to take complete advantage of the Save Exploit. Save before every level and keep replaying the level until you have to be what you think is the best possible time you can get on that level. If you think you can do better then the run you just did on a level then reload your last save.

Don't forget to stagger saves in case you find yourself in a pickle, you can always go to a prior time in the game and set yourself up to not be in that situation later.

I also recommend exiting and loading your last save if you die. Since you are going to be speeding through the levels as fast as possible you aren't going to have enough time to collect enough rings in each level to get extra lives so you are going to want to conserve all the lives you start with.

Do not go for any of the bonus mini-games as they will cut into your time. You will have to complete every Act of every level in under a total of 40 minutes playtime. This means that the number showing in the top left corner (the timer) can't go over 40 minutes total when you combine every level.

Here are my times for completing each level: (The videos I provided were taken off youtube of someone doing a really fast speedrun, I only input these videos to show of where there are either secret passageways or other ideas of how to complete the levels faster)

Green Hill Zone
0:37 act 1
0:37 act 2
1:07 act 3

Marble Zone
1:19 act 1
2:14 act 2
2:01 act 3

Toggle Spoiler

Spring Yard Zone
1:05 act 1

Toggle Spoiler

1:13 act 2
1:46 act 3

Labyrinth Zone
1:17 act 1
1:43 act 2
2:24 act 3

Star Light Zone
0:56 act 1
0:49 act 2
2:07 act 3

Brain Zone
1:22 act 1
2:08 act 2
1:20 act 3

Final Zone
2:00 Final Zone

My final time for the trophy was 28:02. That means you have 11:57 to spare so if you don't get the exact time I get, just deduct it from this time and use it to balance everything out, but make sure you aren't constantly taking away time from this amount as that 11:57 is just a cushion.

Perfect Win
Beat the game without dying.

Nowheres near as hard as it sounds. Simply make good use of the save exploit. Save before every single level and if you die simply exit back out to the Main Menu and load up your last save.

You can save midway through levels if you wish but if you do that make sure you don't save into a place where death would be inevitable (As in don't save as you are falling into a spike pit, bottomless hole, or lava pit). A few levels may take you a couple of tries, but keep going with the save exploit and the trophy will be yours.

For any tips about beating bosses refer to whatever trophy is related to the set of levels.

Also make sure to always have at least 1 ring on you at all times so that if for any reason you get hit you won't die right away.

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