Players: 1 Player (More player's are possible but no trophies can be earned in 2P battles.)
Online Trophies: Yes
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: ???
Minimum Playthroughs:
Collectible Trophies: N/A
Missable Trophies: N/A
Glitched Trophies: N/A

[top]Tips & Strategies

How to boost online:

- Boosting ranked wins may be the only option for some users to get the online trophies. To boost simply get together with you boosting partner and decide on a title that is not commonly used. Make sure you both know your title well because that is what you will use to find out if you are fighting your boosting buddy. Once that is done, both of you select the same region and search in that region. One of you select left side preferred an the other person is to select right side preferred. Now search for an opponent at the same time. If you find someone and they have the same title in the same region then you may have found your boosting buddy. I recommend placing your markers somewhere on the map in a similar area for reassurance. If it is not your boosting buddy as in they have a different title, opt to keep searching instead of going on to the fight.

How to check progress towards miscellaneous trophies:

- You can check the progress of trophies such as Wall Hits, Number of Steps taken, etc. How you check this is from the Main Menu to click to go into Soul Link. While in Soul Link scroll up or down to check on all sorts of different stats that you have and if you have any rivals registered you can compare your stats to theirs.

[top]Cheats, Glitches & Exploits

Easier wins on tougher opponents:

- Natsu Method - I have found a rather cheap method but it still isn't easy and you will need to play around with it a bit until you figure out when the most effective time to attack is. The method is to pick Natsu, she is very fast and you can be very cheap with her. Simply enter the fight and use literally one move. Up + + or U + . This is a somersault leg drop and for some reason the AI gets very confused by this attack. If you practice enough using this attack you will know approximately how far away from the enemy to stand and use this to deal damage/ The enemy WILL block this attack but not all the time. Once you get them down to a small amount of health and already have your 2/3 wins, use her easiest and most effective Brave Edge move which is a grab. The input is + and immediately hit . This has so far been by far the easiest method without being really good with a specific character but that doesn't mean anything either with how often the AI blocks and cheaps you out.

- Xiba Method - For the Xiba method you simply need to rely on one attack and distance. The opponent likes to block the following attack so you will need to learn when to block and when to unleash this attack to push your opponent away or attack without him catching you midway through the attack as it takes a second to wind up. Usually you can throw a few of these out in a row without having to worry about guarding. The attack is a simple Back + . This will have Xiba poke forward at an enemy from a fairly far distance. and break the enemies armor fairly often enough to throw in a decent combo. This method works best for the higher A ranked fighters versus the B and C ranked fights as it gets time consuming against those enemies. Every once in a while if the enemy is close enough I recommend trying to grab them to either shove them farther back away from you to set yourself up for another attack or to simply land some damage and confuse the enemy by breaking the usual input command.


Step 1 - Complete the Story Mode

Step 2 - Complete Arcade Mode

Step 3 - Complete the Online

Step 4 - Complete Quick Battle trophies

Step 5 - Collect the Legendary Souls trophy

Step 6 - Clean up remaining trophies


Unwritten History
Obtained all trophies.

History Repeats
Battled in SOULCALIBUR V for the first time (excluding training and VS battle).

You will get this amongst your first battle in the game. Once you start either Arcade Mode, Story Mode, or any other mode but Practice or 2P Battle the trophy will unlock.

The trophy is unlocked at the end of the battle once you exit the post fight screen.

A Soul Coalesces
Edited a player license.

You can get this trophy in the very beginning of the game. All you have to do is make an alteration to your Player License in any way shape or form.

To edit your Player License press at any of the battle select screens (Astrai Home, Offline Play menu, etc.). Once you hit start you will get the following options:

Player Card

Head into your Titles section and change your title from its default "Beginner" to any of the titles available. Head back out to the Menu where you originally pressed and the trophy will unlock.

Beginning of Destiny
Registered 3 rivals.

For this trophy you simply have to register any three people you find in Online Mode. To register someone as a rival head into Online Battles and fight against 3 random people. After each battle head into their License. Once you are viewing their license simply hit and it will register them as a rival. Do this three times and you will receive this trophy. Also remember to add one for the Mask Another's Memory .

Proof of a Fighter
Won consecutive matches on PlayStationŽNetwork.

For this trophy all you need to do is win 2 matches on the PSN in a row.

This trophy does not have to be done in ranked matches although it isn't too difficult to do there.

Simply go in and try to win two matches in a row. After your second win in a row the trophy will unlock once you exit out of the post match menu.

If you are having trouble with spammers or just aren't the greatest at the game this trophy can easily be boosted (If you want to boost this in ranked matches please view the how to boost in ranked matches part of the Tips & Tricks section).

Mercenary of War
Fought 30 times on PlayStationŽNetwork.

See Hero Carved in History .

Strategist of War
Fought 75 times on PlayStationŽNetwork.

See Hero Carved in History .

Hero Carved in History
Fought 100 times on PlayStationŽNetwork.

Just as the description describes, you must fight in and complete the fight for 100 battles online. It doesn't matter whether the battle is ranked or a player match, it all counts together.

You can either go at this in an attempt to reach your 50 online wins or you can take it to a player match and boost with a buddy.

Carry Out Your Beliefs
Won 5 times in one style on PlayStationŽNetwork.

For this trophy you must fight online and win against 5 enemies in either ranked or player matches using the same style. If you are using created characters then all five must have the same style, such as Voldo Style, Nightmare Style, etc. This trophy will be obtained regardless after winning five times as Ezio Auditore while going for the trophy for winning ranked matches as him 10 times.

Courageous Warrior
Won 20 times on PlayStationŽNetwork.

See Conqueror of the Arena .

Conqueror of the Arena
Won 50 times on PlayStationŽNetwork.

For this trophy you must participate and win 50 matches online. It does not matter whether it is player or ranked matches. Once you successfully win 50 matches online between player and ranked you will receive this trophy.

You will possibly attain this trophy whilst going for the D1 ranked trophy. If not simply find yourself a boosting buddy and exchange wins in player matches until you both receive this trophy.

Synchronize DNA
Used Ezio in a player match.

This is another one of those self described trophies. Simply head online and go into any player match lobby and during the character selection screen choose Ezio Auditore. Fight through the battle and regardless if you win or lose you will receive this trophy.

Awakened to Violence
Reached E4 rank in ranked match.

You will get this trophy after you have ranked up for the first time in Ranked Online Battles.

See First Step of a Legend .

Reason to Fight For
Reached E1 rank in ranked match.

This trophy will unlock after the post battle screen of the battle you rank up to E1 on.

See First Step of a Legend .

First Step of a Legend
Reached D1 rank in ranked match.

Without boosting, this trophy can become the bane of some people's existence due to all the cheap players playing in the ranked category of online.

You gain experience to level up whether you win or lose a ranked match on E rank. However once you reach rank D you will start to lose points for losing fights.

If you are going to attempt boosting this trophy, head to the Tips and Tricks section to find out how to boost ranked matches.

Sings Own Praise
Uploaded a replay of your win.

For this trophy all you have to do is simply upload a replay of you kicking your opponents ass.

To upload a replay head into the Playstation Network Battle and find yourself some easy prey. Once you have found someone and have completed a battle where you won go back to the Playstation Network Battle's Main Menu. Scroll all the way down to the option "Replay". Once it has loaded up, you will be brought to a set of empty replay slots all saying "No Data".. Press twice to take you to the Battle Log tab. Once there press and this will put a crown next to the winner of the match. Hover over one of these where the crown is next to your picture indicating that you had won the match. From there press the start button to "Save" and you will be brought back to the "My Battles" tab. Once there click over any of the "No Data" slots and press . This will save your replay to your battles.

Head back to the My Battles tab by pressing again. Highlight the video you just saved to your "My Battles" section and hit the button to "Upload" your video. Once your video has been uploaded head back to the PSN Battle menu and the trophy will pop there.

Notes on Rivals
Play backed another player's replay.

For this trophy you are going to need to download any other players replay that they have uploaded and watch it.

To do this head into another person's license. They do not have to be your Rival to access their replays. Once you are looking at another player's license. Press the button. This will bring you to their uploaded replays. Simply highlight one and click to select it. Once it is loaded you will be brought to your replay data under the "Other Players Battles" section. Go to a slot the says "No Data" and hit again. Return to the PSN Battle Main Menu screen and scroll down to "Replay". Once loaded press once to bring you to the "Other Players Battle" section and simply hit once you have highlighted another players replay that you have downloaded to replay their battle. As soon as the replay starts the trophy will pop. You do not need to watch the replay in its entirety to receive the trophy.

Path to Glory
Quick Battle: defeated 50 warriors.

This trophy will unlock after defeating your 50th different enemy.

See Sudden Temptation .

Road to the Duel
Quick Battle: defeated 150 warriors.

This trophy will unlock after defeating your 150th enemy.

See Sudden Temptation .

Sudden Temptation
Quick Battle: defeated all warriors.

This is a long and somewhat difficult trophy to obtain. In order to obtain this title you will need to go into Offline Play and select Quick Battle. Pick your best character and proceed to the next screen. Here you will find a screen with ranked up enemies much like people you would find online. You must find and defeat all 240 enemies and take their titles to unlock this trophy. There will be a list of four enemies along the bottom that you can fight. It shows their title and their rank, if you defeat them you unlock their title for your own use. The difficulty of the opponent depends greatly on their rank. The higher the rank the more difficult defeating them will be. Once you have defeated and claimed all 240 titles you will receive your trophy. You can check your title progress by pressing at the opponent selection screen, this will show ONLY the titles obtained by defeating enemies in this Battle Mode and it will show at the top how many you have next to your title. You can also refresh the list if you have defeated everyone on the list or don't want to challenge any of the four listed by pressing . Enemies you have not defeated yet will ahve their name in green at the bottom whereas enemies you have already defeated have their names in white.

Please Note however that there are a few enemies that will never show up until you meet certain conditions. These fighters are "Unknown" (Needs a 5 win streak), "MINAMI NAIKOS" and "Daishi" (Needs 3 win streak).

Perfect Trainee
Arcade: cleared Asia route.

For this trophy simply head into Arcade from the Offline menu and under the options change the route to Europe. You can do this on any difficulty, Hard if you want to knock out another trophy at the same time or easy if you just want to knock out this trophy. Simply play through the 6 enemies in this route and you will receive the trophy upon completion. Depending on who you choose will change who the final battle is against. Either way this path is the same as the others and this trophy is fairly easy to accomplish. Don't worry about losing as you can always just continue,

Purge of the Holy
Story: cleared episode 1.

This trophy is story related.

Head into Story Mode and start with the Opening. Once the opening has finished you will be brought to Episode 1. In Episode 1 you will be playing as Patrokolos and you will need to defeat 3 Rebels. Once you have defeated all 3 rebels in a 1 round battle each you will be done with the first episode. After the episode you will receive your trophy.

Shields Come Together
Story: cleared episode 8.

This trophy is Story related.

For this trophy you will have to work your way through Story mode until you get to Episode 8. Episode 8 is a battle between you (Patroklos) and Tira. You will have to defeat her in a three round battle. Once you have defeated her you will have completed Episode 8 and you will receive your trophy once you get back to the Story Missions screen.

Resurrection of Order
Story: cleared episode 16.

This is a story related trophy.

To obtain this trophy you must progress through story mode until you get to Chapter 16. This chapter you will fight as α Patroklos and have to take on Pyrrha Ω. You must best her in three rounds. Once you complete the battle and return back to the mission select screen you will be rewarded with this trophy.

Home is Faraway
Story: cleared final episode.

Alright, this is another story related trophy obviously.

To obtain this trophy you will need to make your way through story mode in its entirety to the final Chapter. The final Chapter is Chapter 20. In this chapter you will be fighting Elysium as α Patroklos. Once you have bested her in three rounds the story will complete and you will receive this trophy.

If you are having any trouble at all with any of the Story Mode's Chapters, don't hesitate to "Try Again on Lower Difficulty" after losing. It will tone down the opponent a bit and make it easier for you. Especially since the characters you are forced to use are rather lame and aren't very good.

War Veteran
Arcade: cleared any route with difficulty set on hard.

I attempted this trophy on all three possible routes and the easiest one seems to be the Asia Route. I highly advise attempting this trophy along this route. The Asia route consist of 5 random opponents and then Kilik as your final opponent. If you have attempted Legendary Souls already you know Kilik isn't someone to just blow off as an easy opponent, however this time he can be harder or easier to defeat depending on luck. He changes weaponry and fighting style to mimic another fighter after each round ends so it will depend on luck for you to get some of the not so cheap enemies for him to mimic to defeat him easier. If you are having a hard time defeating him, try being cheap and using the Natsu method located in the Cheats, Glitches & Exploits section.

Mask Another's Memory
Arcade: cleared a ranking route with a record better than your rival.

This trophy can either be difficult or really easy depending on how fast you are at knocking enemies out. To get a feel for the time frame you are going to need to look for I suggest playing through Arcade Mode's Ranking Route once to get an estimated time of how long it will take you to complete again.

For this trophy you are going to want to record a rival who has completed Arcade Mode's Ranking Route. If they have not completed the Ranking Route they will have a default time of 99'59"99 with the character Mitsurugi. To find out if a rival has completed the Ranking Route simply head into their license after a battle. Go to Page 3 of their License and look at the second category which will say "Arcade. Best Time (Ranking)" and then show a character and their time. If their time is within your range in which you can beat Ranking Route and not the default time, then add them as a rival.

Once they are a rival head back into Offline Mode and head into Arcade Mode. Once you select arcade, head down to "Route" and scroll over to "Ranking". This will show your best time as well as all of your rival's times. Start the Arcade Mode. Select your character and finish climbing through the enemies as fast as you can. Try not to lose to anyone as this creates wasted time and time is a factor for this trophy. Also remember that Ring Outs can play a huge role here as they can make a round last as little as 5 seconds.

Climb your way up the Arcade ladder until you have defeated all 6 enemies in a best of three round match. Once you get to the end it will show your time stats for each fight as well as your rival's times on the right hand side. If you defeat your rival's best time you will earn the trophy at this time. If not then try to find another person who took longer then yourself.

* Note - There is a boosting method to this. The best boosting method is to record your friend's license info as a rival through a player match or however you would like. Then either one of you goes into the Ranking Route of Arcade and takes their sweet ass time making the end time one that can be easily taken down. Once the time is recorded have your boosting buddy or yourself (whoever was NOT the one to set the time) play the Arcade Ranking Route. This time you are also going to take your sweet time but rush it along a bit more then your buddy did, this way the time is beaten but the record time isn't difficult to defeat still. Next the person who originally set the time should go and play again and this time rush through it as fast as they can, this way they beat the time just set by the other person. If the first time is really slow, the second time is just slow, the third time should net the second booster the trophy without any difficulties either.

Usurped True Name
Quick Battle: won against 10 players with titles and used the obtained title on the player license.

This trophy seems a bit glitchy, but it is for the better. To get this trophy to unlock, simply head into Quick Battle in the Offline menu. Defeat ANY 10 opponents and claim their title.

Once you have gotten 10 titles from 10 different enemies here, head back out to the offline menu. Press start to enter your edit license and select title. Next simply use or to get yourself to pages 9-18. Select any one of those titles and use it. The trophy should pop after selecting the first title if it has glitched on you. If not then simply select each of the ten titles for the trophy to pop.

Pursuit of Obsession
Quick Battle: defeated Harada TEKKEN.

For this trophy head into Quick Battle and after selecting your character, hit . This will bring up the options for you to narrow your search. Set the area to japan and the enemy strength to Advanced. Now simply keep hitting to refresh the four shown enemies at the bottom until you come across Harada TEKKEN who is an A3 ranked fighter with the title "Mishima Style Master". He uses the Devil Jin style of fighting so between the punch combos and the eye lasers you may not fair well against him however he isn't nearly the most difficult opponent in Quick Battle. If you are having a hard time with him, head to the Cheats, Glitches & Exploits section near the top to find a cheap method to defeating some of the stronger characters.

Once you defeat Harada you will receive his title and this trophy.

Ranked Match: won 10 times with Ezio.

This can either be done legit or boosted. Either way the requirements are the same. You must use and win as Ezio in 10 Ranked matches online. If you are good with Ezio then this shouldn't be too difficult as he is a very easy character to use according to the game. If you aren't so good with Ezio you might want to consider attempting to boost this trophy, however boosting ranked matches can become quite lengthy in time. If you feel like boosting simply go up t the Tips & Tricks section for info on how to boost ranked matches.

Skills for Duels
Legendary Souls: won with brave edge.

This trophy flat out sucks. It is extremely frustrating because of how cheap the AI is. When going for this trophy head into Offline play and scroll up to Legendary Souls mode. This mode will only be available once you have successfully completed Story Mode in its entirety.

I highly recommend going for this trophy against Kilik as he is the first person you fight. You are going to need to finish off your opponent with a Brave Edge move. Each character has a different Brave Edge move so learn your character's move and know it well. Defeat Kilik however you wish, whether it be ring out or by KO, but duly note that Kilik is extremely cheap and has the potential to KO you in a single combo so never let your guard down when you think you have it in the bag. Once you have won two out of the three rounds you need to win, take out your opponents heath down to a bit lower then when the health bar turns yellow. Next is the most difficult part. You will need to perform and finish off your opponent with your Brave Edge, and yes, he will block like his life depends on it.

You will need to take him out with the Brave Edge as a method of defeating your opponent, not just defeating him in a round, but a full match. You will know you have activated your Brave Soul move by noticing your character gains a yellow aura around them. Also try not to use Critical Edge much during the match to ensure you have enough aura on the side to pull off your Brave Edge move.

I have found a rather cheap method but it still isn't easy and you will need to play around with it a bit until you figure out when the most effective time to attack is. The method is to pick Natsu, she is very fast and you can be very cheap with her. Simply enter the fight and use literally one move. Up + + or U + . This is a somersault leg drop and for some reason the AI gets very confused by this attack. If you practice enough using this attack you will know approximately how far away from the enemy to stand and use this to deal damage/ The enemy WILL block this attack but not all the time. Once you get them down to a small amount of health and already have your 2/3 wins, use her easiest and most effective Brave Edge move which is a grab. The input is + and immediately hit . This has so far been by far the easiest method without being really good with a specific character but that doesn't mean anything either with how often the AI blocks and cheaps you out.

Passionate Artist
Creation: created a character with full-on coordination (used everything except for height).

This trophy is misleading. I took an hour trying to figure this one out before actually understanding it because I was attempting to do what the XMB description called for, however, that is not what the trophy wants.

All you have to do to earn this trophy is go into Creation Mode and select Custom. Select anyone you want of either gender. Once the screen comes up, head into Equipment and just place a shirt on the character. Once you have the shirt on them head back out and go into the "Colors/Patterns/Stickers" section and place any sticker on the shirt you put on your character. Now finalize it and you will receive your trophy.

Colorful Illusion
Creation: took a thumbnail by manually setting a decoration frame and background.

Head into Creation Mode and select a blank tablet that says New Data. Choose an original character and style it after whomever you want. Simply throw some stuff on him and when finished, go down to Shoot Picture. Change the background, back frame, and front frame to any of the options you wish, then snap your picture. Once you do this you should receive this trophy.

Fetal Soul
Player level reached 5.

You will receive this trophy during normal gameplay amongst hitting level 5.

See Soul Fullfilled .

Throbbing Soul
Player level reached 50.

You will receive this trophy during normal gameplay amongst hitting level 50.

See Soul Fullfilled .

Soul Fulfilled
Player level reached maximum.

For this trophy you will need to reach a Player Level of 99. This one will be one of your last trophies you will receive while going towards the platinum. once you complete Story, Arcade, Quick Battle, and online you should be around level 60 (give or take). It will be a long grind to the end but there are a few easy methods. One method is to use a turbo controller and the other method is for those who don't have the turbo controller.

If you have a turbo controller change High Attack to the button and turbo that button and hold it down while going through Arcade Mode's Asian Route as Mitsurugi or Raphael. You can get up and walk away for a length of time and rack up 100 points per match and 200 points at the end for completing Arcade Mode.

If you don't have a turbo controller you will actually have to do something towards this trophy. Simply go into Quick Battle and fight a bunch of E ranked fighters. If you want it to go any faster, simply select enemies that are on smaller maps and go for Ring Outs on them.

Stalwart Barbarian
Performed a wall hit 50 times.

For this trophy you are going to have to knock opponents into walls and cause damage because of it. You can use any characters to attain this trophy and you may accidentally get it without really trying for it. However, if you are seeking out attempting to attain this trophy I recommend fighting in Quick Battles against either a Voldo type character or a Xiba type character. The Voldo type will always be in a small arena with walls that knock down when a successful wall hit is performed however, if you hit the wall at a slight angle the cage will not knock down, and even if it does, there are 3 more walls to utilize. The Xiba type arena is a bit bigger but it is surrounded by walls so there are no chances to accidentally ring out your opponent during the process.

Either way each time you perform a successful Wall Hit a pop up will appear under your name saying Wall Hit. I recommend backing an enemy into a corner with Xiba and using your Forward + and . If it hits him the last hit will send your enemy into the wall and you can repeat this attack to do it again 1 or 2 more times. The opponent will not block the second and third time attacking using this attack if they hit the wall the first time.

Adored by Heaven
Performed 20 grapple breaks.

A grapple break is nothing more then blocking an opponents attempt at grappling you. You will more then likely get this without trying so there is really no need to explain but any time an opponent tries to grapple you simply attack them or try to grapple them while they are trying to grapple you and you will negate their grapple. Do this twenty times and the trophy is yours.

Like a Flowing Stream
Successfully performed a just guard 5 times.

Just Guards are really difficult to time and need to be precise. If you are just looking to get this out of the way, head into a battle against an E4 ranked opponent in Quick Battle. Simply spam the living hell out of the button. A Just Guard is nothing more then a fancy way of saying Parry. If you guard at the exact moment an attack would land on you, you will get a Just Guard. Your body will glow and a message will appear under your name saying "Just Guard".

Do this five times and you will receive your trophy.

Momentary Pleasure
Successfully performed an impact 100 times.

This one is a bit time consuming. There are two ways to go about performing a successful Impact or as it is called in the game a Guard Impact. The impact MUST deflect an opponent's attack. You will know if you get a successful Guard Impact by when an opponent attacks, you will push them back with a green aura.

One method in Impact is to do it with any character at the cost of your side meter or "Critical Edge Meter" going down by 1/3. To do this simply guard an opponents attack using Back + . The opponent must make contact with you while you glow green. This will result in a Guard Impact and leave them open for an attack.

This method is a bit quicker as it can be done without wasting any of your Critical Edge Meter. Simply pick Xiba and use his + attack where he puts out his staff horizontally in front of himself to prepare for an attack. The words Guard Impact will appear each time you use this attack whether connection is made or not and your staff will glow green for a few seconds. The opponent must attack while your staff is down. This method allows for you to attempt more then a few per round and the window of opportunity with this method is much larger then regular Guard Impacting.

Black Sword of Death
K.O. with critical edge 30 times.

For this trophy you will need to end a round with a Critical Edge attack. Thankfully every character has the same input command for Critical Edge attacks. You will need to build up your Critical Edge meter on the side of your health bar so that the 0 is at least a 1 if not a 2. Once you have at least one full gauge, get your opponents health to approximately the yellow zone and move your joystick in a circular motion forwards to input a Quarter Circle Forward, Quarter Circle Forward and then hit .

The enemy must be K.O.ed with this attack in order for it to have any progress towards this trophy.

Hands of the Abyss
Won by ring out 50 times.

For this trophy you simply have to win a round by Ring Out a cumulative of 50 times altogether. This can be done online or offline and in any mode. You will more then likely get this trophy while going for the story and Quick Battle trophies. If you are looking to get this trophy as fast as possible simply head into a small map such as Kilik's, Yoshimitsu's or Aeon's maps as they are the smallest and beat your opponent to the edge and knock them off. However, as I said before, there really is no need to grind this trophy as it should come naturally.

Parrier of Swords
Perfect won 50 times.

This one is part luck and part skill. You have to know the character you are using in order to achieve a flawless barrage of attacks before your opponent can get in that one cheap hit and the luck part relies on the fact that you have to be lucky enough not to get hit by that one cheap counter.

You may or may not get this trophy naturally, however, if you are looking to grind this trophy out of the way, find yourself an E5 ranked opponent in Quick Battle and beat the daylights out of them over and over. On an E5 rank enemy you should be able to get 2-3 perfects out of a match.

If you are still experiencing problems attaining this trophy then i recommend finding yourself a boosting buddy online and doing these perfects there.

Wind of Battle
Reached over 87,600 m in total movement distance in battle.

This and the highest Player Rank trophies should be the last trophies you need to get the plat. They are both a grind however. For this grind simply pick a match against an E5 ranked opponent in Quick Battle and choose Natsu as your character since she is the fastest character in the game. Simply go into the match with the intent of just running back and forth over and over and over until you reach the number of steps required to unlock this trophy.

There are a few methods people are using to grind this trophy out. One way is to head online and boost it with a friend. This is a decent method however it requires a friend willing to play. This method can take upwards of about 10 hours depending on how many steps you have left to finish off.

The best way I found to complete this trophy is as follows:
Go into Arcade mode and set the opponent to Easy Mode and leave it on the Standard Route. Pick Hilde as your character (Natsu may be fastest, however Hilde takes smaller steps so she gets in about 2 steps for every one step Natsu takes). Once you start you will want your first or second opponent to be Hilde also. Hilde has an arena that is infinitely long. Rubber band your left analogue stick back and let it sit there. Hilde isn't very smart at this level and will attack you maybe once or twice each round so you will get the full timer out of each round. Let your opponent defeat you so that you can keep rematching her and repeating this process. The only downfall to this method is you have to physically be there or remember to hit the button twice to rematch the match approximately every three minutes. I tested this method out versus just playing through Arcade quickly and found that an entire run through Arcade Mode took about 6 minutes and net me 300 steps. So in an hour and a halves time I would have gotten approx. 4,500 steps total. Using this method however I was able to net approx 13,000 steps in the same amount of time. While this method takes a bit of time it has still proven to be among the most effective ones yet.

Quote Originally Posted by Shadow
For those with a turbo controller, you can actually automate this trophy in the same way as Soul Fulfilled. All you do is set your controller settings to have no function for the x button and then set G to one of the shoulder buttons. Then follow the steps exactly for Winds of Battle and now set your turbo button to x, put something on the x button to hold it down and voila! no more 3 minute intervals, you can leave your PS on for the night in this matter and you'll have a nice shiny trophy waiting for you in the morning.

Alluring Kaleidoscope
Landed brave edge 100 times.

Depending on your style of play this trophy can flat out suck. If you are constantly using your Brave Edge then this trophy should appear in no time, but if you rarely ever use it then you will actually have to grind it out.

Each character has their own Brave Edge attacks and input commands, some are easier and some are a pain in the butt. If you are grinding this trophy out because you aren't that good at your characters Brave Edge attacks I recommend using Natsu. Her Brave Edge attack is very easy. Simply build up your Critical Edge bar and once you get 1/3 of a bar full use your Brave Edge attack. The easiest one of hers is to simply grab your opponent with + and hit at the same time. This is a grapple Brave Edge so your opponent would need to Grapple Guard in order to stop you from pulling off the Brave Edge, however this rarely happens. Simply use this method in some Quick Battle's against some lower ranked enemies and you should get this after quite a few matches.

Gale Forces
K.O. the opponent 25 times with an attack after a quick move.

For this trophy you need to quick step and K.O. your opponent. I suggest this gets done against the E ranked enemies in Quick Battle. Simply get their health low enough to be K.O.ed with just one more attack. To quick step simply hit Up twice quickly or Down twice quickly to side step in 3D, then hit your opponent with an attack as soon as you finish moving. If you K.O. your opponent that is one more time towards this trophy. This can be done up to 3 times per match if you are fighting the beginner ranked enemies.

Never Ending Effort
Landed an attack 20,000 times.

This trophy will take quite a bit of time to attain however you should receive it nearing the end of Quick Battle. All you really have to do to attempt this trophy is keep landing attacks on your opponents. It will take a LONG time as 20,000 is quite the large amount of hits.

However, if you don't receive this after finishing Story and Quick Battle, there is still a long grind ahead to achieve this trophy.

Footprints of Soldiers
Defeated 100 male characters.

This trophy is self explanatory and you will undeniably get this trophy if you have completed Story Mode and are making your way through Quick Battle.

Give in to Temptation
Defeated 100 female characters.

This like most other trophies in the game will unlock naturally while going for defeating 240 enemies in Quick Battle. Simply continue playing as normal and it should unlock near the end of your Quick Battle adventure.

Fancy of a Mad King
Guard bursted 30 times.

For this trophy you will have to break the guard of a blocking opponent. You will need to keep hitting them while they are blocking and their life bar will glow in an outline of yellow. Beat them some more whilst they guard and it will turn red. After a few more hits while glowing red you will break through their guard and stun them for a moment. This is a guard break. You may get some normally throughout the game progress but if you are having trouble getting them I recommend going into Legendary Souls and taking out this trophy there. On average Kilik alone should provide for about 2 per match as he blocks a lot. If you can stay alive long enough in the later rounds then they will provide for a bit more per match. Once you break enough guards you will receive this trophy.

Lively Pub
Changed the BGM in options.

This is yet another gimme trophy.

All you need to do is change the BGM of one of the maps. To do this go back to Astrai Home and select "Options".

From there go to Stage Music Settings. This will show all of the maps you have available to you as well as some locked ones. Simply hover over any map and scroll up or down on the D-Pad to scroll through the music. Simply move up or down to a music that wasn't the original for that map and press .

Once you get out of the options menu the trophy will unlock.

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