Release Date: 1/25/2011
Players: 1 or 2 co-op
Online Trophies: Yes
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 5-8hrs
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectibles Trophies: Yes
Missable Trophies: Not really missable but for the ship engineers trophy you need 2 controllers/players

[top]Tips & Strategies


Alert: For some of the ship parts a second player/ controller is needed to obtain these parts. For the exact parts refer to the Ship engineer's trophy description.

First Complete Tutorial:
Once you start the game the computer will instruct your robot to the training room. The room is to your right in the ship. Go through the door and go all the way to the back and press the button to activate the jumping and fighting training course. Once you are finished this you will get both First Action Part collected.[/trophyinfo][/h] and Tutorial finished.[/trophyinfo][/h] trophies.

Second Complete the Story Levels:
Play through the game and do a quick playthrough. Try to get as many credits and parts that you can. The main game takes about 2-3 hours to finish and isn't very difficult. After you have finshed the game you'll have most of the trophies.

Replay any of the levels that you have missed any parts in to get the Ship Engineer trophy. You can replay any level you want by going to the mission select in the ship.


Platinum Trophy
Earn all other trophies .

Simply collect all of the other trophies in the game to get this.

Doing My Part
First Action Part collected.

Once you are finished the jumping and fighting course in the training room the computer will give you this reward. This will be a boost for your punching and hitting power.

Tutorial finished.

This will be your very first trophy that you get in the game. The tutorial starts you off with jumping, then double jumping and lastly concludes with fighting and a few fighting combos. Once you finish this tutorial that takes about less then 2 minutes you will get this trophy.

Jungle Master
Jungle Approach finished.

Story Based Trophy

Cave In
Monkey Caves finished.

Story Based Trophy

The Sky is a New Shade of Doom
Vista Cliffs finished.

Story Based Trophy

Ancient Temple finished.

Story Based Trophy

All Systems Go
All Action Parts found.

Below are where all the action parts are located.

Power Arms - This part is located in the tutorial.

X-Scanners - This part is in the Jungle Approach level in Zone 1

Magno Boots - The part is in the Monkey Caves in Zone 4.

Rocket Boots – The last part can be found in the second zone of the Vista Cliffs level.

Game completed!

Story Based Trophy

Final Boss Tips:

When you go back into the Cargo Bay, you'll see Lord Krung. He is trying to get to the entrance to the engine room. If he gets in it you lose. To stop him from getting in you have to scan him to find his weakness, and then hit him with that action.

Below is what to do:
- Scan him and hit him.

-Use your Magno Boots to activate the pad in the rear left corner.

-Scan him and hit him.

-Use the Nano Trigger on the console on the left of the door.

- Scan him and hit him.

-Use the Power Arms on the push pad in the rear right corner.

-Scan him and hit him.

-Use your Nano Trigger on the raised console to open the airlock.

-Use the Magno Boots to walk around Krung and punch him.

-Use the Magno Boots to walk back to the console and close the door. .

1,000,000 credits collected.

In the game there are many ways to earn credits. Doing differnet tasks allow you to get credits. By the end of the game you should have about 600,000, just replay any levels via the level select and earn anymore credits needed for the trophy.

What gives you Credits:
Credits are scattered all around the levels
Hidden areas that you break into
Killed enemies
Breakable areas

Present for the purchase of all unlockable concept art.

Once you have gotten the credits trophy you will have enough credits to buy all the concept art. Below are all the concept arts and the prices for them.

Toggle Spoiler

Better Stronger Faster
Present at the purchase of all Action part upgrades.

Alright you can only upgrade action parts that you have unlocked during gameplay. There are 5 Action parts with 2 purchaseable upgrades for each. So that is a total of ten upgrades which you will have to buy to earn this trophy. I would suggest waiting and buying the upgrades upon need or at the end of the game. The total of credits needed to get all of the upgrades in less than 430,000 credits.

Power Arms – Upgrade to Level 2 = 8,000 / Level 3 price = 20,000

Magno Boots – Upgrade to Level 2 = 20,000 / Level 3 price = 40,000

Nano Trigger – Upgrade to Level 2 = 60,000 / Level 3 price = 80,000

Rocket Boots – Upgrade to Level 2 = 40,000 / Level 3 price = 60,000

X-Scanners – Upgrade to Level 2 = 40,000 / Level 3 price = 60,000

Ship's Engineer
All 100 Ship Parts collected.

Below are videos of the locations of all 100 ship parts.

Jungle zone 0 and Zone 1

Jungle zone 2, Zone 3, Zone 4 , Ship and Monkeys cave zone 1

Monkeys Cave Zones 2 and 3, and Jungle zone 1

Monkeys Caves zone 4, Vista Cliffs Zone 1, Zone 2, Jungle Zone 0

Written Locations Just in case videos are hard to follow:

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