Spartacus Legends is a free to play game and it will offer various equipment options for purchase. Spartacus Legends players will experience the life of a gladiator, from practicing on training grounds to participating in battles in the arena. Players will be able to fight as Spartacus, Crixus, or a user-created gladiator and take part in fights with friends locally or via online multiplayer. The game also sports a worldwide leaderboard, as well as the voice and likeness of Liam McIntyre, who plays Spartacus on the TV show.


Players: 1-2
Online Trophies: You can do them all offline, but if you want you can do Rich and Famous online.
Online Pass Required for Platinum: No.
Estimated Time to Platinum: 40+ , mostly because of the leveling up to Fame level 50.
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 - Legends Mode
Difficulty Trophies: None.
Stackable Difficulty Trophies: None.
Collectible Trophies: None.
Missable Trophies: None.

[top]Tips and Strategies

  • Block by pressing
  • Be well equipped when you are going against Legendary Gladiators as they have high threat ratings.
  • Roll with
  • You can taunt with , taunting raises your crowd favor.
  • You can grab and block a grab by pressing
  • For strong attacks press
  • For light attacks press


When you start up Spartacus Legends go into Legends Mode. You'll then be taken into a tutorial, just follow the instructions and when your done with the tutorial An Educated Lanista will unlock.

After completing the tutorial now you want to complete the Legends Mode. Here you will be completing Primus Fights and Legendary Gladiator fights. There are a total of 6 districts and each district has Primus Fights and Legendary Gladiator fights, complete each one them as at the end you will get The Champion of Capua .

In order to unlock each district you have to reach Fame level 10. Make sure you have fought 1 fight in each district as it would unlock you Opened Gates, Bloodied Sands .

Whenever you unlock the Insulae district make sure to go after Beat Strong, Bloody Heart which requires you to get 5 wins in a row. When you do this I'd recommend using a gladiator with a Two-Handed weapon as it is easier to get more damage on your opponent.

When you are done doing all that by the end you should have:

Well-Versed in Weaponry
Hardened for Battle
Beat Strong, Bloody Heart
Rejected by Hell
Vidi, Vici, Veni
Without Mercy
Legendary Victory
Opened Gates, Bloodied Sands
The First of Many Conquests
The Champion of Capua

It's grinding time. Now it's time to reach Fame level 50. I'd recommend you to go to districts like Insulae, Oscan Capua or Spectacula as they give you a lot of fame per fight and it will level you up a lot quicker. Good luck!


Well-Versed in Weaponry
Win at least 1 match with each style (including unarmed).

For this trophy you need to win a fight with each of the following fighting styles:
  • Sword & Shield
  • Unarmed
  • Dual Daggers
  • Two-Handed Sword
  • Two-Handed Hammer
  • Dual Swords
  • Spear & Shield
  • Two-Handed Trident

All you have to do is recruit a gladiator for each type of style and win a match with them. To make the matches easier and faster once you have the gladiator with the fighting style you need go to the first district to get quick wins.

Hardened for Battle
Defeat an Opponent of Threat 100 or higher.

In the singleplayer fights the threat ratings for opponents is noted underneath the fighters name and their fighting style. The only ones that have threat ratings are the ones with opponent names. In the Mercatus district after your second opponent all of your other opponents will have a threat rating of over 100.

You can also do this online but I would recommend doing this in the singleplayer fights since it's much easier.

Beat Strong, Bloody Heart
Win 5 consecutive fights in the Insulae district.

To unlock the Insulae district you have to reach Fame level 6. For this trophy you have to win 5 fights in a row in the Insulae district. Since your opponents are going to have high threat ratings I'd recommend using a Two-Handed weapon or the Dual Dagger and just repeatedly pressing .

Rejected by Hell
Revive a dead Gladiator for the first time.

You can revive your gladiator after any match that you get executed by an opponent and for the first time revival is free for each new gladiator. When your executed you will be asked if you want to revive your gladiator or move on, if you want this trophy you'd choose revive.

If you purchase a new gladiator which is 420 silver coins just take him to Insulae district, the match won't even last 20 seconds because the opponents have really high threat ratings.

Vidi, Vici, Veni
Drive the crowd into a frenzy and win a fight by executing your opponent with a finishing move.

For this trophy all you have to do is execute an opponent with a finishing move. You can execute an opponent with a finishing move by waiting until their health is low and click any of the execution buttons which are . To make this a little easier, when you have 500 silver coins go purchase the "Bulls-Eye" boost which is good for 5 matches with this you will be able to execute your opponent by stabbing them in the eye. Play a match with this boost equipped and wait till your opponents health is low and he's dizzy and press one of the execution buttons which are .

Without Mercy
Perform 25 executions or slaughters.

Keep in mind that you can only execute an enemy when your fame meter is full. The fame meter is located in the top left corner with the golden leaves. To execute an enemy you have to have the execution boost which costs 500 silver coins but you start off with 5 in the beginning of the game. Execution and slaughter are different because to execute an enemy you have to purchase the execution boost but to slaughter an enemy all you have to do is remove a limb. You'll know you have executed an enemy opponent when it changes to a cut-scene during the fight.

Legendary Victory
Defeat a legendary gladiator.

For you to be able to fight a legendary gladiator you have to first finish up all the Primus fights in the district your playing in. There's a legendary gladiator in each district but you just have to complete all the Primus fights first in order to unlock that fight. When you defeat the gladiator you get to unlock him as a playable character but you have to purchase them using your gold coins. Legendary gladiators have high threat ratings so fight them when your well equipped with the right armor and weapons.

Here's a list of the legendary gladiators:
  • Oenomaus
  • Acolytus
  • Masonius
  • Ixion
  • Crixus
  • Spartacus

An Educated Lanista
Complete the Tutorial.

When you first start up the game, head to Legends Mode and then you will start off on your first fight. This fight will teach you how to use combos and such so all you have to do is follow the button combinations on the screen and win the fight, after you win this trophy will unlock.

Opened Gates, Bloodied Sands
Unlock all arenas and fight in all arenas at least once in Legends Mode.

For this you have to unlock all the arenas. In order to unlock all the arenas you have to reach Fame level 10. Once you unlock all the arenas, complete a match in the district and this trophy will unlock.

Rich and Famous
Reach Level 50 Fame.

This is going to take a while since you need to reach LVL 50 fame. If you want to level up faster I'd recommend playing in districts like Insulae, Oscan Capua or Spectacula because in these districts when you win a fight it gives you more fame making your leveling up faster.

The First of Many Conquests
Conquer your first district.

Refer to The Champion of Capua.

The Champion of Capua
Conquer all districts.

There are a total of 6 districts:
  • Extemus
  • Mercatus ( Fame 2 to unlock)
  • Domus Nobilium (Fame 4 to unlock)
  • Insulae ( Fame 6 to unlock )
  • Oscan Capua ( Fame 8 to unlock)
  • Spectacula ( Fame 10 to unlock )

In order for you to conquer a district you have to defeat all the Primus fights and Legendary Gladiator fights. Once you defeat all the fights in each district this trophy will this pop up. There are fights that you have to be a certain level to fight so keep that in mind and don't go hopping around from district to district so you don't get confused with the fights you have fought and the fights you have yet to fight.

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