Players: 1-6 (Online Co-Op and Vs.)
Online Trophies: Yes
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 20+ hours (With a good co-op group)
Minimum Playthroughs: 2
Collectible Trophies:
Missable Trophies:
Glitched Trophies:

[top]Tips & Strategies

Gameplay Tips:
  • You will die. A lot. Now that that's been said..
  • Learn early on how far down a rope you need to be to jump to a ledge to either side. Being just slightly too high up the rope will cause a loss in life.
  • Learn how to use the Save and Quit trick well (unless you want lessons in frustration). Every time you Save and Quit from the game, it saves your progress and lives in a save state of sorts. It only gets written over the next time you Save and Quit. That being said, if you load a save up and notice that you're dying more than you'd like, quit the game without saving, and you can then load up your old save again. Works like a charm if used properly.
  • If you are dying repeatedly at the same spot, stop for a moment and take a breather. Rushing along and being reckless when you keep dying at jump, rope, steam vent, etc, will only make things worse.
  • The beginning of the game (Areas 1 and 2) tends to have the most hidden pitfalls. These are easily noticed if you are looking for the triangular shaped hole directly beneath a thin layer of ground. Walking over this will kill you. They appear less frequently in the later levels, but they are still there, so be wary.
  • Dynamite (yes, that's what the game calls it, even though it clearly resembles a round black Bomb that you'd see in cartoons like Roadrunner) will make snakes burrow into the ground for a short time. Use this to your advantage (it also gives you points).
  • The Flare is your best friend against bats and the green bat-like enemies that flop into the air and back down. Flares make them temporarily disappear (bats) or stunned (green floppers).
  • Ghosts are more of a nuisance than anything as they simply slow you down. You can pull down on the right analog stick to zoom out of the map and better see if the ghost is coming from the left or right.
  • If you want an easier time (and trust me, you do) beating the game in Solo Excursion, make sure you enable Rope Assist, as that makes it so you cannot move left and right on the rope, but only up and down. This will prevent a lot of accidental deaths.
  • When killing ghosts with your portable fan, remember that after you press or you cannot move until the animation is done.
  • When you come across swinging platforms that rock side to side when jumped on, if you keep moving and jumping as if they were stationary, you will not fall, and it's a good way to get across quicker if you are running out of oxygen.
  • Above all, take your TIME, there is no rush, no time limit (other than your oxygen always running out), and there's always going to be more oxygen items further ahead.
  • If you don't wait for a NA release and play the JP PSN store version, even though it's in English, you "may" find a hard time finding people to play the co-op levels online with.
  • The mosaic picture will likely take the longest time to complete. There are 100 pieces of the picture in Single Player and 100 pieces in online/offline Co-Op. Some of the pieces in the multiplayer mode will require 3-6 people to get as there are colored ropes that lengthen based on how many people are on said rope.

Mosaic Picture Guide:

These links are on a Japanese site, but you only need to look at the pictures, and they show all the areas where the hidden picture fragments are.

Single Player
Single Player Images

Mutliplayer Images

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits



Spelunker King
Earn all trophies

Exactly as the Trophy description says.

Welcome to the Caves!
Played SPELUNKER for the first time

Just play the game and you'll get this.

Spelunking Maniac
Play 50 times

This requires 50 separate plays. I believe playing Single Player counts as one, even if you re-start, or pick a new game. You can choose multiplayer games, but they must finish in order to count. Either way, you can check your progress in the Options menu.

Born for Spelunking
Play 100 times

Same as playing 50 times, only more tedious.

Beginner Spelunker
Reach a depth of 300m

Each level is 100m (10 levels per area and 10 areas in total for 100 levels). You'll get this by the 3rd level.

Eminent Spelunker
Reach a depth of 1000m

By getting to the bottom of area 1, you'll have gotten this trophy.

Elite Spelunker
Reach a depth of 10000m

This trophy is essentially for beating the game, however you can play a multiplayer game on area 10, and once beaten, should (have not tested) earn this trophy.

Get rid of a ghost for the first time

Get used to using your portable fan on the ghosts. No difficulty to get this.

Master Ghostbuster
Got rid of 100 ghosts

Just as above, this will come in time. Well before you beat the single player portion of the game.

Eulogy for the Dark Spelunker
Witnessed the death of the Dark Spelunker

Once you get to area 8, you will eventually come across the demise of the Dark/Black outfit Spelunker. You'll know when you see him, it's actually quite amusing.

Treasure Hunter
Achieved a score of 10,000

Score is gained from items you pick up, monsters you stun, ghosts you kill, depth you reach, etc. Will come in time.

Famous Treasure Hunter
Achieved a score of 50,000

Same as above.

Legendary Treasure Hunter
Achieved a score of 100,000

Same as above two trophies. Not hard to get at all. If you make use of the save & quit tip, your score will never reset, so keep that in mind if you are having troubles getting to 100k.

Item Collector
Acquired 100 items

Just pick up every item you come across. They not only help you get past pesky bats and other baddies, but increase your score for lives as well.

The Fastest Man Underground
Earn first place in the race mode

Play a race mode (must be online) and come in first place. Not too hard as long as you can find people to play with.

A Challenge to the Warriors of the Deep
Entered into the rankings for the first time

Check the rankings menu, and you'll earn this easy trophy.

Courage in Numbers
Played in Group Excursion mode (Online) for the first time

Once you play with some people online for the first time in Excursion, you'll get this, easy (well, if you can find people online that is).

Underground’s Next Top Idol
Play Co-op mode online with 30 people

30 different people overall are required for this. It sounds easy, and it is, the only downside is finding enough people.

Rescuers Down Below
Revived another Spelunker

Can be done offline with 2 controllers, or online. If you are going to 100% the multiplayer mode, it will come inevitably. When the shared lives run out, the next Spelunker that dies will lay on the ground for 20 seconds. Just walk over them, and they will be revived.

Underground MVP
Get MVP for the first time

Get the highest score at the end of a multiplayer match (must be online) and you'll get this trophy.

Picture Fragments
Acquired your first picture fragment

The first glowing orange/gold square-ish object you run into is a picture fragment. Pick it up, and this trophy is yours.

Picture Filling Up Nicely
Completed 25% of the picture

50 pieces collected for this trophy.

Picture Halfway There
Completed 50% of the picture

After finishing Single Player (if you have a keen eye, or have used a guide) will earn you this trophy.

Mural Enthusiast
Collect 75% of mural pieces

150 pieces collected to get this trophy.

Mural Addict
Complete the mural

All 100 pieces from both Single Player and Multiplayer required for this trophy.

Baby Spelunker
Cleared the tutorial

Recommended to play for first timers as it will get you used to the controls and the many ways you can die in this game. Unlimited lives, impossible to fail.

First Steps of a Spelunker
Cleared Stage 1 in Solo Excursion mode

Beat stage 1.

Alone in an Excavation Site
Cleared Area 1 in Solo Excursion mode

See Alone in a Lair of a Mysterious Creature.

Alone in a Cave with a Stream
Cleared Area 2 in Solo Excursion mode

See Alone in a Lair of a Mysterious Creature.

Alone among Ancient Ruins
Cleared Area 3 in Solo Excursion mode

See Alone in a Lair of a Mysterious Creature.

Alone within the Frigid Walls of the Icy Depths
Cleared Area 4 in Solo Excursion mode

See Alone in a Lair of a Mysterious Creature.

Alone among the Fossils of Ancient Creatures
Cleared Area 5 in Solo Excursion mode

See Alone in a Lair of a Mysterious Creature.

Alone in a Cave of Glowing Moss
Cleared Area 6 in Solo Excursion mode

See Alone in a Lair of a Mysterious Creature.

Alone in a Scorching Cave Overflowing with Lava
Cleared Area 7 in Solo Excursion mode

See Alone in a Lair of a Mysterious Creature.

Alone in a Mysterious Mining Facility
Cleared Area 8 in Solo Excursion mode

See Alone in a Lair of a Mysterious Creature.

Alone in a Chamber with a Mysterious Pyramid
Cleared Area 9 in Solo Excursion mode

See Alone in a Lair of a Mysterious Creature.

Alone in a Lair of a Mysterious Creature
Cleared Area 10 in Solo Excursion mode

There are 10 stages in each Area. Clear each of the 10 stages per Area to get the pertaining trophy.

Buddies in an Excavation Site
Cleared Area 1 in Group Excursion mode

See Creature’s Chamber Celebration.

Gushing Cave Celebration
Complete Area 2 in Co-op mode

See Creature’s Chamber Celebration.

Ancient Ruins Celebration
Complete Area 3 in Co-op mode

See Creature’s Chamber Celebration.

Frozen River Celebration
Complete Area 4 in Co-op mode

See Creature’s Chamber Celebration.

Fossil Land Celebration
Complete Area 5 in Co-op mode

See Creature’s Chamber Celebration.

Illuminated Cave Celebration
Complete Area 6 in Co-op mode

See Creature’s Chamber Celebration.

Lava Cave Celebration
Complete Area 7 in Co-op mode

See Creature’s Chamber Celebration.

Ruined Facility Celebration
Complete Area 8 in Co-op mode

See Creature’s Chamber Celebration.

Pyramid Chamber Celebration
Complete Area 9 in Co-op mode

See Creature’s Chamber Celebration.

Creature’s Chamber Celebration
Complete Area 10 in Co-op mode

You can pick any Area to start with in Multiplayer modes which may make this easier. Just find people to play with, or play offline (you don't even need 2 controllers, although it is very time consuming with just 1 person) to get these trophies. The multiplayer maps are MUCH larger, keep this in mind if you are thinking you want to attempt this solo. Playing with 3-5 other people online will be MUCH quicker as long as the others are competent players.

If you are having trouble, just refer to the tips up top. Next to that, this game is pretty straight forward. You just need to get used to the fact that almost everything can and WILL kill you

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