x31 x7 x4 x1
Players: 1.
Online Play: No.
Online Trophies: No.
Minimum Playthroughs: 2.
Suggested Playthroughs: 2 or 3. (Hard playthrough, Speedruns, Cleanup).
Difficulties Stack: Yes.
Platinum Difficulty: .
Time to Platinum: 25-30 Hours.


Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions blends together four universes from the Marvel Comics world, allowing you to take control of the 'webhead' in four different dimensions (Amazing, Noir, 2099, and Ultimate) in order to bring reality back into the balance. The game revolves around an artifact known as the "Tablet of Order and Chaos". When it is shattered into pieces during a confrontation between Spider-Man and Mysterio it causes problems with multiple Marvel Universe realities. Your job is to find and re-unite the pieces, saving all existence as we know it.


Quite simply, your road to platinum will be split into two sections:-

Firstly, you should play through the game on hard difficulty.
Try to complete as many web of destiny challenges as you can whilst playing through (remember you can press to see your progress), also try to perform as many combo's as you can and collect every spider emblem you see. The reason for collecting the spider emblems is not to earn the 'Fanatic' trophy (that will come easily through natural progression), but to try and achieve a platinum rating on each level for the 'Spectacular!!!' trophy.

Secondly, you will have to do speedruns/clean up.
The only trophies you should still need to earn for the platinum will be; 'Spectacular!!!' and maybe 'Manifest Destiny' as well. This includes collecting all 96 hidden spiders (8 on each level), as well as doing speed runs on each level and if you didn't get the platinum medals before, not forgetting the combo stars as well. So technically you will need to do at least 2 playthroughs for the platinum. Just make sure you are completing objectives and platinum ratings on hard difficulty, and you should be fine.


Does whatever a spider can!
Unlock all 42 trophies to earn this.

As with all platinum trophies, this will unlock once you have earned every other trophy in the game. Congratulations!

Easy as pie!
Complete all levels on Easy.

You will unlock this trophy once you have completed all 12 levels and defeated Mysterio on the 'Easy' difficulty setting. I wouldn't advise playing the game through on easy, unless your just playing for fun and don't fancy a challenge. If your looking at it from a trophy hunting perspective, you should just play on hard because the difficulty trophies DO stack, and this will be unlocked along with the respective trophies for 'Normal' and 'Hard' difficulties.

Is this normal?
Complete all levels on Normal.

You will unlock this trophy once you have completed all 12 levels and defeated Mysterio on the 'Normal' difficulty setting. Like I said above, I wouldn't advise playing on this difficulty level if you are trying to achieve the platinum as quickly as possible.

Hard pressed
Complete all levels on Hard.

This is the difficulty you should be playing on all the time, as that will mean everything you do will contribute towards earning the 'Spectacular!!!' trophy. You will unlock this trophy after completing all 12 levels on the 'Hard' difficulty level and then beating Mysterio, the final boss. It isn't as hard as many games, however, don't underestimate it as some levels will definitely prove challenging and after dieing multiple times you may become frustrated. Stick at it, complete the game and this well deserved gold trophy will be yours.

Lead on, M-Dubs!
Complete the tutorial.

Simply complete the Tutorial. No explanation needed here really, if you struggle with this perhaps you should consider trying an easier game? But seriously, just follow the steps Madame Webb tells you, and after learning a little about each Spider-Man, this terribly hard trophy will pop.

End of Act 1
Complete Act 1 on any difficulty level.

This is story related and cannot be missed. For Act 1, you will need to defeat Kraven in the Amazing dimension, Hammerhead in the Noir dimension, Hobgoblin in the 2099 dimension and Electro in the Ultimate dimension. Once you have defeated all 4, you will have completed Act 1 and will earn yourself this lovely bronze trophy.

End of Act 2
Complete Act 2 on any difficulty level.

This is story related and cannot be missed. For Act 2, you will need to defeat Sandman in the Amazing dimension, Vulture in the Noir dimension, Scorpion in the 2099 dimension and Deadpool in the Ultimate dimension. Once you have defeated all 4, you will have completed Act 2 and will earn yourself another bronze trophy.

End of Act 3
Complete Act 3 on any difficulty level.

This is story related and cannot be missed. For Act 3, you will need to defeat Juggernaut in the Amazing dimension, Goblin in the Noir dimension, Doc Oc in the 2099 dimension and Carnage in the Ultimate dimension. Once you have defeated all 4, you will have completed Act 3 and this trophy will be yours.

Survival of the fittest
Defeat Kraven on any difficulty level.

This will take place in the Amazing dimension.

You will have to fight Kraven twice, the first time in a giant caged area (Thunderdome reference FTW), and secondly in an open air arena, with walls of fire. Kraven's main technique is to charge you. I would advise you to hold throughout the battles and strafe him, be cautious and when he does charge, roll away with .

During the first encounter in the cage, once you have him down to about half health, he will jump to the perches above. Quickly zip-kick him using to knock him down, and at the same time avoid the spikes protruding from the floor.

The second battle isn't much tougher, he jumps to columns this time, it is virtually the same except has learned a new move, and teleport's around. Continue strafing him and dodging with , be sure to capitalise with some heavy attack combo's () when he is down.

Something CAN stop Juggernaut!
Defeat Juggernaut on any difficulty level.

This will take place in the Amazing dimension.

The first fight with Juggernaut will be right at the very beginning of the level. There isn't much strategy to this, just trade blows with him, making sure you dodge his attacks. He is very slow and you should be able to get off a few quick attacks before dodging his heavy punch with and . When he is sitting on the ground, use to trigger the attack and you will take a fair chunk of his health. After a short while he will begin throwing large objects at you, so continue to dodge, and keep on attacking him.

You will then have to fight him a second time. During the second fight, use the same strategy as in the first encounter for the most part. He has a few new techniques that may give you some difficulty. Juggernaut is very slow, like in the first battle, you can get a couple of hits on him before he manages to finish his stomp or punch. Remember to keep dodging, otherwise if he connects he will take a significant amount of your health. Another one of his tactics is to jump really high in the air and when he lands, he sends rubble towards you. A good way to combat this is to jump and then hold so you web jump. This will give you enough height to get over the attack. Whenever he begins hitting the ground, stay well clear. Just hang back until he is finished and avoid being hit.

Here's mud in your eye!
Defeat Sandman on any difficulty level.

This will take place in the Amazing dimension.

The first time you encounter him is right at the beginning of the level. You will need to throw barrels of water at him or release the valves in front of him, this will make him muddy, and once he is muddy you can attack him with a heavy combo () to do some decent damage.

The next time you meet him, he will be much bigger, and it's just a case of having to dodge his hand smashes with and . He will smash one of the water tanks, and you'll be able to attack his hand. After doing this twice, water barrels will be released from the conveyor belt to your left. Just grab one with and then throw it at him with again, this will make him vulnerable once again and you can finish him off. Pretty simple.

The final battle is not so tough. You will be flying in the middle of a huge tornado with 3 faces. The objective is to zip along (using ) and grab the water barrels to throw at the faces. Some faces may take more than one barrel before they turn muddy. Once they are vulnerable, just beast them and before long you will have defeated Sandman.

Now there's a shock
Defeat Electro on any difficulty level.

This will take place in the Ultimate dimension.

The first time you fight Electro, he will be in a big room with a central arena, surrounded by electrical pylons. This fight is pretty simple. When he has a shield up, don't attack, when it's down, attack him. He will occasionally jump to the pylons surrounding him, just use a zip-kick () to knock him down and continue the assault on him. Rinse and repeat until he is defeated.

The second encounter will be outside. This fight is also straightforward. When he sends a charge of electricity towards you, simply roll away using and , after releasing the charge, he will be temporarily vulnerable. Use rage mode and do some serious damage on him, then back away before he counters. Make sure that when he tries to regain health (when he floats in the middle of the area, absorbing electricity) you quickly stop him by zip-kicking him using .

The final fight will be against a huge looking Electro, he'll create beams with his hands, all you have to do is jump over them. Once you get the timing down this move is easy to avoid. He'll then turn around and absorb some electricity from nearby pylons. All you have to do is webzip around the flying debris with , so that you are in front of him once again. He will then try to smash you with his hands, and spawn some minions, but basically the fight is over. Every time he smashes the dam, he is hit with water and so before long he is weak, and you will be prompted to press to finish him.

Defeat Deadpool on any difficulty level.

This will take place in the Ultimate dimension.

I personally found this very difficult. It might be due to my playstyle, but this was one of the more challenging boss fights in my opinion, especially on hard difficulty. Also it didn't help that I was doing it wrong.

For Deadpool there will be two fights. Firstly you will fight him on the roof of a new platform. He will teleport around and you just need to follow him and press when standing next to him. Don't web-zip him, because he will just teleport away, you have to be standing directly next to him when you press it. Be wary of the fanboys, because they can hit pretty hard. Dodging is the key in this battle. You won't be able to go at it all webs blazing, you'll have to be cautious. Also you should utilise rage mode when there is a bunch of enemies together, and remember to collect the golden spider emblems which will give you full health. There are 3 on the level, one on each 'wing' and one on the adjoining bridge.

Secondly you will be in a massive cage with 3 Deadpools. All 3 are different. One will have swords, one will have guns and the last will have grenades. Target one at a time! I struggled because I was just going for all 3, but if you focus on one, it will be a lot easier. I would suggest going for the one with grenades first, because he deals the most damage and it's nice to get him out of the way, followed by the one with guns, and finally the one equipping swords.

Between rounds, bombs will be dropped. These are very easy to avoid, just watch the shadows and move quickly to avoid them. Also a nice tip, you can actually just jump onto the north wall and scale it with your 'stick-em powers' if your finding them difficult to dodge, that way the bombs will not hurt you.

Minimized Carnage
Defeat Carnage on any difficulty level.

This will take place in the Ultimate dimension.

The first time you face Carnage, there really isn't much too it. Just attack him like you would a normal enemy. Watch out for his attacks; I would advise strafing him with and then dodging carefully. There really isn't much strategy here. Use your Spidey senses to track down Carnage when he is evading you and you should be fine. Whenever he perches on the reactor, use your web zip to reach him quickly. When he activates his pulse charge ability, avoid him until he stops, because he is invincible whilst doing it and you will take a lot of damage.

The main fight is very similar, just use the same techniques you did in the first one. The only change is when Carnage goes into a huge egg, and you must protect the slayer's long enough for them to burn it down with their flamethrowers. Once the egg is broken, you will have to do some first person fighting, followed by some more normal fighting. When your attacking Carnage, remember to use rage mode with whenever you can, as it will significantly increase the damage of your attacks. Another move that carnage will use is to suck your health. Don't let him do so, because it will make the fight much longer, also you should be aware that most of his attacks are much faster.

Clipped wings
Defeat Hobgoblin on any difficulty level.

This will take place in the 2099 dimension.

Personally, I found this to be very easy, so I doubt it will give you much trouble either. Hobgoblin is predictable, during your first encounters, his only attack will be throwing pumpkin bombs at you. To begin with he will only use one, so just press and catch it with your web, then use to throw it back for some decent damage.

During your second encounter, he will use a pathetic move where he blows wind at you, pushing you back, if you stay far back enough it doesn't even effect you so you shouldn't worry about it. Continue to web the bombs back at him as before.

Finally you will face him on a roof. He will spawn multiple gargoyles using the machine in the middle. Just use and web-zip the clones. It will kill them in one hit, even on hard, and you can take all of them out with ease. He will also use an air strike type attack, where he drops a line of bombs. This move is easily avoidable, he misses you every time, and if he does manage to drop them near you, just roll away with and .

Took the sting out of him
Defeat Scorpion on any difficulty level.

This will take place in the 2099 dimension.

Scorpion is predictable, his moves are limited and easily countered. During your first encounter, you will have to just dodge his tail swings with , and then when your spidey-senses flash, use to roll away and avoid the final tail smash. He will be stuck in the ground, and you can go to town on him with a heavy attack combo . He will jump to the walls, and fire eggs at you. You don't have to dodge the eggs, just keep moving and they wont hit you. Web one with and then fire it at him to dislodge him from the wall. When he falls, run at him and mash for a nice chunk of damage.

The final fight with him will take place in his 'nest'. There is a nice gold emblem inside the pit section, so be sure to use it if your health gets low. He doesn't have any new attacks, and I found this fight very easy. Stick to the upper ledge, and avoid the pit section. Just constantly run around the circumference of the pit, this way the minions won't be able to hurt you, and he will jump down from the walls. When he does he will be lodged into the ground, and you can attack him. After a certain amount of damage, he will jump to the centre, and fire eggs at you. Just keep running around the circumference, and after 3 sets of eggs, throw one at him. After doing this 3 times he will be crushed by a spaceship and you will get your tablet fragment, and of course the trophy too.

Lay down your arms
Defeat Doc Ock on any difficulty level.

This will take place in the 2099 dimension.

There is only one fight. She shoots laser beams at you, so dodge those. Your objective is to pull out the three cores. Once you've pulled out the cores, you must use to attack her. You will knock her out of her machine and do some decent damage. She will heat the ground, stay away! It will harm you so just avoid this move until she's done. When she is in her shield, she is protected against any damage, so just wait until her shield is gone before you attack her. However, don't jump in straight away. When her shield goes down, she will send a shockwave your way, you have to jump over it. After this attack her and you'll be prompted to use once again to attack her.

The next stage of the fight involves tossing some balls at her. Don't get too excited. There will be lasers and minions too, you must direct the lasers at the enemies. When they are beaten, they will drop the small purple balls. Web them with and then throw them at Doc Ock. Do this until she is defeated.

The caged bird squawks
Defeat Vulture on any difficulty level.

This will take place in the Noir dimension.

You'll only have to fight vulture twice. The first time around, it will be hand to hand combat, you shouldn't struggle. Just make sure you use and to dodge and be wary of his attacks, because they will do a fair amount of damage.

The second, main fight, takes place in a big warehouse. After finding the tablet, Vulture is equipped with new powers, namely the ability to teleport. He will dart around, just keep following him. There are two ways in which you can damage him. Firstly, when he is swiping at you, after the third swipe he will be vulnerable, you'll be able to get 4 or 5 quick attacks. The second way, revolves around when he is throwing molotov's at you. Stand near to the TNT crates, then when he throws one, it will explode the TNT. This will make him jump to higher levels and stand in front of the lamps. You should then turn the lights on with , and he will again move. This will make him vulnerable to attacks once more.

The only tough thing about this fight is the damn first person fighting. When Vulture is has you trapped, he will try to headbutt you. The game tells you to press down on both analog sticks. Simple enough? No. It gives you about 10 nanoseconds to do it, and it got me raging. A little tip for this part, just prepare to press down before he even moves, because it is always that direction. After you've dodged once you can punch him.

The hammer falls
Defeat Hammerhead on any difficulty level.

This will take place in the Noir dimension.

During the first encounter, he will be on a mounted gatling gun, and you must avoid him and stay in the shadows. Once he has lost you (he will fire randomly in another direction) walk in the shadows until your directly behind him, and you'll be prompted to press and you will take 1/3 of his health. Do this 3 times. Be sure you don't walk into the spotlights, because even if your directly behind him and walk into a spotlight, he will somehow spot you, so just stick to the shadows.

The second encounter will take place after he has recovered the tablet. He will have mounted machine guns on his arms and will fire at you without having to reload. You need to press and grab a barrel or a box, throw it at him, and he will then fire rockets at you. Use and to roll away and hide behind one of the big tanks. If a rocket hits the tank it will explode and cause smoke to cover the area. Web-zip up to the perches above using , then locate him (using ) with your spidey-senses. Once you are on the perch directly above him, you will be prompted to press and take a chunk of his health. After doing so 3 times, he will charge at you. Simply roll away and when he hits a wall, engage him with . You will be prompted to do some first person combat and he will be defeated.

Freak show
Defeat Goblin on any difficulty level.

This will take place in the Noir dimension.

There is only one fight with Goblin. Although there will be 3 different phases to the fight. During the first phase, avoid his front at all cost. His yellow breath can be deadly if you aren't careful. The technique here is fairly straightforward. I would recommend using to web-zip him, but when your head flashes press and you will land behind him. Once your behind him you can attack him and do some serious damage.

When you have dealt enough damage, he will convert to his next phase. Before this the lights will go off, and you will have to stay in the shadows. Avoid the spotlights, and press to do the takedown when you are prompted to.

The second phase involves him using wooden sticks as weapons and trying to attack you. You shouldn't struggle with this phase. Just avoid his assault with the dodge roll combination, and attack him when you get the chance. After dealing enough damage, the lights will go out once more, and you should proceed to do the same as you did in the previous step. Stay in the shadows, and perform the takedown when you can.

The third and final phase is similar to phase 2. Just continue what you were doing, avoid the enemies that spawned and focus your attention on Goblin. Before long you will have beaten him and have another piece of the tablet, as well as a lovely bronze trophy.

Final curtain call
Defeat Mysterio on any difficulty level.

This will take place in all 4 dimensions, and you will control all 4 Spider-Men.

Your first battle with Mysterio will be in the Noir dimension. As with all other Noir missions/battles, you must be stealthy. Stay in the shadows! His main attack is to shoot large destructive balls. When your hidden he will fire them randomly, but when your in plain view and he spots you, you will find yourself under fire. Don't panic and rush, just stay stealthy. Sometimes you will have to leave the shadows, time your movements wisely and be patient. When you reach him, you'll just have to press and mash away to smash his fishbowl.

Second up will be the battle in the Ultimate dimension. This is less straightforward. When he starts sending out the light orbs, he will be vulnerable! Take your opportunity and send them back to him with the web grab (). Continue doing this until he is down to low enough health. Occasionally he will try to lead you off track but just keep up the onslaught and you will be prompted to use his hand to smash his fishbowl some more.

You will then have to do a freefall sequence in the 2099 dimension. This isn't too tough. Just avoid the circular rings. Use to speed up and to use accelerated vision. Not many tips to give here. You'll be prompted to use when you get close enough, continue to smash his fishbowl helmet.

Finally, you will have to beat him in the Amazing dimension. Get ready to kill hordes upon hordes of enemies. This is a good place to earn your Two Hundo trophy if you didn't get it in the Carnage level. After defeating them, you will be prompted to mash and send a pile of rubble right into his face and inflict damage equating to one quarter of his total health. Just repeat this two more times, until he only has a small amount of health left, you will then just have to web swing over and finish him off. Congratulations, you've saved the planet. Hazaar!

Getting warmed up
Defeat 100 enemies.

See 'Ain't no stoppin'!'.

In the zone
Defeat 500 enemies.

See 'Ain't no stoppin'!'.

Ain't no stoppin'!
Defeat 1000 enemies.

This trophy is very easy, and you will get this in your playthrough regardless of the difficulty you are playing on. Every enemy you defeat counts.

Manifest Destiny
Complete the Web of Destiny.

The 'Web of Destiny' consists of 180 challenges. This equates to 15 challenges per level. (Remember to press at any time to view your progress). The more challenges you complete, the more upgrades you will unlock.

Some of the challenges are story based and cannot be missed, others require you to do special combat techniques or find collectables. On every level there is a challenge to find all the hidden spiders, as well as collecting enough spider emblems too. I don't believe that the challenges are too tough to complete, but there are a huge number of them, that's why I've rated it a 4/5 for difficulty.

If you are struggling with a particular challenge, don't hesitate to message me or leave a reply on this thread, I would be more than happy to get back to you and help! However I don't see the need for a complete walkthrough of all 180 challenges, considering most are insultingly simple.

Bug collector
Collect all Hidden Spiders.

To unlock this trophy, you will need to collect ALL 98 hidden spiders in the game. There are 8 spiders on each of the 12 levels. If you miss one, it's not a problem. You can collect it by playing through the level again, also you won't have to collect all 8 again if you just missed 1, you'll only need the one you missed previously. A good tip for you spider hunters is that you will hear the squeak of the spiders if you are near to one, so just turn on your Spidey senses and locate it once you hear the noise.

The videos below are used with the explicit permission of the content owner, savgcom, and I am very thankful for his great videos. Be sure to check out his youtube channel for more excellent content!

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The complete package
Unlock all Character upgrades.

Throughout the game you will earn spider essence, for killing enemies and collecting emblems etc. You will then need to use this essence to purchase upgrades. To unlock the upgrades, first you must complete the required amount of 'web of destiny' challenges.

To earn this trophy, you have to buy all of the character upgrades (available in the menu). Depending on what you upgrade, you may earn this in your first playthrough, but more than likely you will need extra essence, and so you will receive it after replaying levels for your speedruns/cleanup.

Smooth moves
Unlock all Combat upgrades.

Throughout the game you will earn spider essence, for killing enemies and collecting emblems etc. You will then need to use this essence to purchase upgrades. To unlock the upgrades, first you must complete the required amount of 'web of destiny' challenges.

To earn this trophy, you have to buy all of the combat upgrades (available in the menu). Depending on what you upgrade, you may earn this in your first playthrough, but more than likely you will need extra essence, and so you will receive it after replaying levels for your speedruns/cleanup.

Uncle Benjamin
Execute a 100-hit combo (except the Tutorial).

See 'Two Hundo'.

Two Hundo
Execute a 200-hit combo (except the Tutorial).

The best place to get this (perhaps one of the only places) is during the Carnage level. Start the level up, and at the very beginning you will watch a short cut-scene. After the cut scene, you will be left facing a lot of enemies. Now there are two techniques you can use to earn this trophy (and the previous one if you haven't earned that either).

Firstly, you can use the 'Jump and ' technique. What a few moments for the enemies to gather, and when they are in a big group, jump into the air above them, and press to perform an aerial move (if you have it unlocked and purchased). Continue to do this technique, and you will easily earn the trophy. You can get a 999-hit combo if you wish to do so, because the move is incapable of killing the enemies.

Secondly, you can go to the same area, and just use the light attacks. Press to attack the enemies, and just go to town on them. If they grapple you, mash and escape. When you escape, it also contributes towards your combo and hits nearby opponents.

Missed me!
Defeat a boss on any difficulty level without taking damage.

This is zero damage, it doesn't count if you are hit but then regenerate health! Play whatever level you felt most comfortable on, on the 'easy' difficulty setting.

Personally I would recommend the very first fight with Hobgoblin. He is predictable and the first fight is easy as hell. Just do some decent damage on him whilst he is on the ground, and then throw the pumpkin bombs back at him with . On easy mode you should be able to get this no problem.

If you don't find the Hobgoblin level easy, another place you could get this is whilst playing as Noir Spider-Man against Mysterio.

Close call!
Recover 10 times from a critical fall.

This is a very easy trophy. Whenever you are web-swinging on a level, if you fall too low, you will be prompted to press to recover, Spidey will then perform a rather cool animation and you will spring up into the air. You just have to do this 10 times and the trophy will pop. If your in a hurry to earn this, it can be done during the tutorial whilst in the Ultimate dimension by deliberately falling, if not then it will come easily through natural progression.

Complete 4 levels with the highest rank in Hard mode.

See 'Spectacular!!!'.

Complete 8 levels with the highest rank in Hard mode.

See 'Spectacular!!!'.

Complete 12 levels with the highest rank in Hard mode.

This is the hardest trophy in the game!

You are ranked in 3 categories:- Combat, Collectibles and Speed.

You must achieve a platinum rank in all 3 categories on 12 levels. There is a total of 13 levels, if you include the final boss battle with Mysterio. So if you manage to get the platinum rank in the Mysterio level, you will be able to skip one of the other levels which you are finding difficult.

You MUST be playing on Hard mode. You will not be able to get a platinum rank in all 3 in just one run through. It will take a minimum of two, possibly three. Remember that the platinum medal is the whitest in colour, not the gray colour which is silver rank.

I would recommend that you must try to achieve a platinum rank in the 'Collectibles' category on your first playthrough. This is fundamental, otherwise you could end up having to play through the game 3 or even 4 times. 'Collectibles' does not include hidden spiders, it only counts spider emblems. Remember you can locate all the spider emblems in a given area by activating your spider-senses with , also you can look up the maximum amount for any level in the menu.

During your first playthrough you should be aware of hitting high Combo's (although this is not as necessary, because you may find it easier to get the highest rank after upgrading your Spider-Man with higher combat stats). The combat category is based on the variety of combos you perform, not the amount or the damage inflicted. Check the 'combat upgrades' section to see the different combos you have unlocked, then try and do them all. If all goes well, you will have a platinum rank in 'Combat' and 'Collectibles'.

This will then just require you to get a platinum rank in the 'Speed' category. Which shouldn't be as difficult as the two other categories. For your speed runs, avoid all unnecessary combat and avoid collecting emblems, just power through the level as quickly as possible.

This is a 'best case scenario', it is more than likely that you will have to re-do levels twice or more if you missed the 'Combat' platinum rank on certain levels.

The criteria for reaching a platinum rank for each category in each level are as follows:-

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Collect 125 Spider Emblems.

See 'Fanatic'.

Collect 250 Spider Emblems.

See 'Fanatic'.

Collect 500 Spider Emblems.

This is no where near as difficult as it sounds. Throughout the four worlds you will find silver and gold spider emblems, to earn this trophy (and the other two) you must collect 500 of them. You should easily have unlocked this by the time you finish your first playthrough, as long as your picking up all the emblems you see. If for some reason you haven't found 500, don't worry. This total is cumulative, meaning it counts every emblem you find, so whenever you are replaying levels and finding emblems, it contributes towards your collection. If (suprisingly) you didn't get it in your first playthrough, you will get this trophy during the cleanup, unless your making a conscious effort to avoid them (which would be plain silly).

No harm done
Complete any level without dying (except the Tutorial).

This isn't very difficult. If you are playing on hard, depending on your skill level, you may struggle to earn this. What I recommend is to simply play through all the levels on hard (like you should have been), and perhaps it will come naturally. If it doesn't, then you should replay the level YOU found easiest, on easy difficulty. Personally I found Hobgoblin the easiest, and was very close to earning this on my hard playthrough on that level. Just play the level on easy and be cautious of your health. If your still struggling with this, then leave it till last, when you have fully upgraded your Spider-Man.

The Spider's shadow
Complete a Noir level without triggering an alarm.

This can be tricky, depending on how you go about it. I would recommend playing the Hammerhead level on easy. Easy mode is key because there will be less enemies, and also they are not as responsive and won't spot you as quickly.

You can avoid most of the enemies on this level if you don't want to risk getting spotted. Trick to this one is to take your time, go about it very slowly, sometimes you must wait before you can immobilize enemies, otherwise you will trigger alarms. Just be very cautious and you should get it.

I have been told that if you do set off an alarm, you cannot 'restart level' as it will not count. You must back out to the main menu and start over (tedious I know).

The Spider's bite
Keep Rage Mode active for one minute.

This is easy. I would recommend getting this in the Electro level, because at various points in the level you will have to fight hordes of minions. Just press to activate rage mode, and after 1 minute, you will have earned it. One of the 'web of destiny' challenges for this level is to kill 25 enemies during 1 rage, so you will most likely earn this trophy simultaneously to the challenge. I got it without even realising/trying to.

The Spider's grace
Complete a 2099 freefall section without taking damage.

I got this the very first time I attempted a freefall section. On the Hobgoblin level, the very first thing you have to do is a fairly short freefall sequence, and this is where I recommend you earn this trophy. Be cautious of moving rocks and don't 'dash'! When you dash, Spider-Man will be less responsive, and it will be harder to avoid objects. If you get the chance to grab Hobgoblin, then do so, as whenever you are grappling/punching him, you will be invincible to objects because he takes the damage and not you.

If you didn't earn this on your hard playthrough, then you can simply go back to the level select screen, choose Hobgoblin and play on easy. If you are playing on easy then you shouldn't struggle earning this. If you take damage, you can either restart the level, or continue playing and try your luck on one of the later freefall sequences in the level. Once you have earned the trophy, you can back out because there is no benefit to continuing on easy difficulty in regards to earning other trophies.

Another possible location;
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And I actually have a tip as well, going towards (THE SPIDERS GRACE) Trophy. While your location stated is good, I really think its still risky since there's alot to be hit by. I think its alot easier to do this on the Lizard level, in the 2099 universe. Later on you'll be on the roof, where basically everyone is battling it out. Eventually Scorpion will lose patience and blow the whole roof up. From here Spiderman is put into a Freefall Section. I think this was really easy since I didn't even mean to get it, it just popped up. There's nothing to really hit you, and the Freefall is about 10-12 seconds.

The Spider's web
Defeat 50 enemies using the Amazing Charge Attack.

The Amazing Charge attack can be purchased once you have unlocked it as a reward for completing 20 'web of destiny' challenges. To use the attack, hold , charge the move and then release it. You may need to soften up some of the more difficult enemies before using the attack, but you won't have any problems defeating 50 enemies.

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