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*NOTE: This game requires a mandatory 3.7GB game data install.

Players: Players: 1-2 (offline)
Online Trophies: 6
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 15+ hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Missable Trophies: None


STEP 1: Season Campaign
The bread and butter of this game, and where the majority of the trophies are obtained. Most of these trophies are relative to the Season, and will be acquired after progressing to a certain point. A majority of the hidden trophies will be earned through Season play as well. Whether you try for the Perfection trophy at the same time is completely up to you, but it is not required. All events from past Episodes can be replayed at any time, so if you finish the Season without coming in first in every other event, you can finish them up afterward. I strongly advise completing the Season in its entirety and preferably the Perfection trophy before heading online, as this will suit you up with the games best cars.
STEP 2: Clean-up
This step can be swapped with step 3, depending on your preference. I did it this way so that the only trophies remaining were the online ones, which are quite simple compared to others.

Now that you've completed the Season in its entirety, it's time to focus on any leftover trophies you may have missed. This is in reference to all the hidden trophies, as well as the two "Beat The Team" trophies. Since there are no credits left to earn and cars to unlock, select Quick Play from the main menu and knock them off one-by-one from there.
STEP 3: Online
Ultimately you should choose whichever vehicle(s) you're most comfortable with, but there are 4 in particular that can help you win a lot of races: the Ryback Cyclone RS, Hanzo FX350, Ryback Firestorm, and Elite GT12. Each of these 4 have their own strengths and weaknesses, but they all offer some serious competition. Personally, I went with the Hanzo FX350. It's fast, strong, and corners on rails. This means less drifting and, as a result, less Power Play energy, but you'll be able to blow by those who are drifting and losing speed without ever releasing the gas. If you can master its nimbleness, the GT12 is also a solid choice. It's the fastest of the bunch, but also the weakest. Be ready to correct your steering from Power Play shockwaves.

[top]Tips and Strategies

  • Regardless of the game mode, having Power Play energy at the ready is a must. Try to always have at least one bar full if you're in first place so that you can trigger shortcuts, or wreck an opponent passing you.
  • Route Changes are always useful, but be careful about triggering them if you're in first place. Depending how fast you're going and how close/far away the Route Change is, you might get knocked around from the resulting shockwave, which could either wreck you or slow you down enough allowing others to either catch up or pass you. Ultimately, if you have a comfortable lead and are familiar with the track layout, it might be better to simply keep the Power Play energy.
  • Detonator events. They're pretty much in a class all their own, and are widely disliked. If you're having trouble beating the top times, try this: ease off the throttle and coast around turns/corners instead of braking and drifting. I used this approach with nearly every Detonator event and it helped a lot, greatly reducing my overall times.
  • With vehicle selection, you should generally go with something offering high top speed and acceleration over strength and drift. The only exception here is with Survivor, Air Strike, and Air Revenge events. These events are centered around explosions and Power Plays, and you want a vehicle that will hold its ground and not slide around. Trucks are great for these.


Awarded to players who have earned every other trophy.

Earn every other trophy in the game to unlock the platinum trophy.

Win a round of the Season Championship.

Season Championship races are slightly more challenging than regular prelim races, but not by much. The AI is a bit smarter with their tactics, and they will attack you with Power Plays more frequently. They're also always at your heels if you're in first position, and one crash can drop you down 4 or 5 spots if you're not careful.

While you can progress to the next round finishing in any qualifying position, the trophy will only unlock if you finish in first. Remember, you can always go back and retry these races if you didn't finish at the top.

Qualify for the first round of the Season Championship.

Win the first few races and you'll earn enough credits to participate in the first round of the Season Championship.

Complete round six of the Season Championship.

This is the halfway point of the Season Championship. If you're trying for the Perfection trophy while playing through every Episode, it may take you a while to reach round 6. As long as you unlock each Episode's Elite Race and rank accordingly, you can progress through the Episodes rather quickly. You can always go back and replay races for a 1st place spot, so ultimately it's up to you how you want to go about it.

Made The Podium
Complete the Season Championship.

To complete the Season Championship, you have to achieve a qualifying position in all 12 Elite Races. These races unlock after earning a specific amount of credits from standard Episode races, at which point you can simply participate in the Elite Race, qualify, and move on to the next Episode.

Season Champion
Complete the Season Championship in first place.

The same rules with Made the Podium apply here as well, except you need to finish the Season in first place. By the time you've reached the halfway point in the Season, you'll have already gotten a feel for many of the races and how to perform well, so this trophy shouldn't give you too much trouble. One thing I noticed is that the AI starts playing dirty the later into the Season you get. Not only will they bombard you with Power Plays (especially if you're in the lead), but they also become more physically aggressive with their vehicles. A common tactic they use is to draft right up behind you and clip either of your rear tires, causing you to spin out and potentially wreck. On tracks like Canyon, where it is possible to drive off the road and wreck, they will get right beside you and try to force you off. Be wary of these maneuvers, but also know that you can do it to them too.

Both this trophy and Made the Podium will unlock if you can finish the Season in first place.

Complete every event and Season Championship in first place.

Refer to Season Champion for tips on the Season portion.

The biggest relief is that you can go back and replay any past events at any time, so whether you want to try for this trophy during your initial Season run, or wait and finish certain events afterward, is completely up to you. Detonator events seem to be a thorn in most peoples sides, and require precision and, above all, patience. Refer to the General Tips section at the top for help with Detonator events.

Right On Track
Win your first Bonus Round.

Bonus Rounds unlock after wrecking a certain amount of rivals in an episode. Highlighting the Bonus Round will tell you just how many you need to get. The actual event-type varies from episode to episode (Air Strike, Survival, etc.), so check the specific trophies for those events below for tips.

Moving Ahead
Win 6 Bonus Rounds.

While this trophy can be unlocked in Episode 6 if you've earned first place in the previous 5 Bonus Rounds, it is not necessary. As long as you win 6 total Bonus Rounds, in any order, you'll get the trophy. As with regular races, Bonus Rounds get harder and more challenging the farther into the game you progress, so don't expect a cakewalk.

Leading The Way
Win every Bonus Round.

Unlocking this trophy depends more on how you're approaching the Perfection trophy. Remember that you need to wreck a specific number of rivals (usually 30) per Episode to unlock a Bonus Round. More often than not, expect a Bonus Round to be a Detonator event.

Race Winner
Win your first Race event.

Unlocking this trophy is pretty much a given if you expect to get anywhere with this game. All races in Episode 1 are rather easy and shouldn't offer much in the way of trouble winning.

Win a Race event without crashing.

This can be done at any time and in any mode, but is significantly easier in Episode 1's events. As you progress through the game and get better and more accustomed to the tracks, you'll pull in several flawless runs, so don't fret.

If you're still having trouble with this trophy, go to Quick Play, choose a race event, and set the AI difficulty to easy.

Win a Race event by less than a second.

Much easier than it sounds. The AI in this game is like a rubber band, and will always be right behind you by no more than a few seconds if you're in first position. Much like you do to them every race to gain Power Play triggers, the AI will draft you at every opportunity as well - more so on the final lap and closing in on the finish line. You don't even need to try, really, for this trophy; it will come naturally.

Win your first Elimination event.

These are your standard-fare elimination races, where the racer in last place is eliminated after a certain amount of time, continuing until only one remains. Your best bet in all Elimination races is to hang back for a bit, earning Power Plays by drafting, drifting, and dodging rival-triggered Power Plays. Try to have enough stored for Level 2 Power Plays, using them strategically against rivals when necessary. Triggering Route Changers can be helpful as well if you're in the middle of the pack, but be wary if you're the leader as everyone behind you will obviously be using it as well.

Overall, the best rule of thumb with Elimination events is to always keep at least one Power Play stored and ready to use, be it for wrecking a rival and saving yourself from elimination or triggering a shortcut.

Eliminator Efficiency
Win an Elimination event by being in 1st place at each elimination.

This is best done by choosing an Elimination race from the Quick Play menu. The AI isn't as aggressive here as they are in Season races, and you'll probably find yourself in first place at all times without too much effort. To make things even easier, wait until you've finished several Episodes in Season mode and unlocked more vehicles. The better the vehicle, the more dominant you'll be.

Rope A Dope
With 5 seconds or less on the clock, escape from last place and certain elimination.

This can be done during any Elimination event, and is much easier to do during the beginning of the race when 8th place is first up for elimination. Keep your eye on the countdown timer at the top of the screen, and when the race starts keep your car tucked behind the rival in 7th place. This will fill up your Power Play meter rather quickly for drafting. Once the timer reaches 10 seconds and starts flashing red, ease off the throttle and let the driver ahead of you gain some ground, but not too much - just enough for a triggered Power Play to wreck him and not you in the process. When you're at 5 seconds, trigger the first Power Play that's available. Rivals at the back are not as cunning and relentless as those up front, so more often than not they'll wreck at every Power Play you trigger.

Power Up
Trigger your first Level 1 Power Play.

Power Plays triggered in the tutorial do not count toward this trophy.

Drifting, drafting, air time, and dodging rival-triggered Power Plays earns you points toward triggering your own Power Plays. Fill up the first bar and press or for a Level 1 Power Play. Note that opening shortcuts do not count.

I Have The Power
Trigger your first Level 2 Power Play.

Refer to Power Up trophy. All 3 bars need to be full to trigger Level 2 Power Plays. Press to use them.

Follow Me
In an event, change the track twice with a Route Changer Power Play.

Nearly every track offers multiple routes/shortcuts. Make sure your Power Play meter is completely full and keep an eye out for flashing orange arrows - these are your Route Change indicators. Press to activate them.

Races with 3 laps are easier in triggering multiple Route Changers as opposed to those with 2, as you have more time to build up your Power Play meter. Note that some route changes can be affected more than once (i.e. Airport Terminal), so experiment what works best. Once you've used 2 Route Changers the trophy will unlock.

In an event, wreck every rival with a Power Play.

The overall goal here is quite simple: go nuts with Power Plays! Use them like they're going out of style, show no mercy, and this trophy shouldn't give you any problems. Remember that you can take out multiple rivals in one shot if you activate Power Plays in the early going when many of them are still grouped together and battling for position. As long as every rival wrecks from Power Plays you triggered, the trophy will unlock.

Use a shortcut that a rival has triggered.

I found that other racers used shortcuts more often later in the Season, as opposed to early on. Keep playing and you'll probably get this trophy without even realizing it. Remember that shortcuts only stay open for a few seconds, so you have to be quick.

Better Luck Next Time
Get wrecked by a shortcut that a rival has triggered.

Pretty much the opposite of Cheapskate. Here you want to try and access a shortcut knowing full well you're not going to make it. Make sure you wreck as a result, or the trophy won't unlock.

Zero To Hero
Use a route changer to go from 8th to 1st place.

This trophy can be a bit tricky. I was able to cause Ultimate Wrecks (wrecking every opponent at once) using route changers on several tracks and cruising from 8th to 1st, but the trophy didn't unlock. I finally got it after using a Route Change to blow up the dam on Canyon. The Canyon track doesn't unlock until late in the Season (Episode 10), but I'd recommend trying it there if you're not getting it on other tracks.

Frequent Flyer
In an event, wreck 3 rivals by crash landing a plane.

Track: Airport Terminal.

The earliest this can be done is on the second lap, because you need a Level 2 Power Play to trigger the Route Change just after the gas station first. This is the Route Change that drops the large tower onto the track, forcing you to drive left along the runway instead of straight up the ramp. Once you've done that, do whatever possible to fill your Power Play meter up again. The spot to crash land the plane is the exact same as the Route Change. If there aren't enough rivals ahead of you, slow down and let them pass you. One or two might get through without getting wrecked, so it's best to try this when in 5th or 6th place.

Swept Away
In an event, wreck 3 rivals by destroying a dam.

Track: Canyon.

The dam is located shortly after the start. It's hard to fully build up your Power Play meter prior to on the first lap though, so you're better off attempting it on the second lap. Once there are a minimum of 3 rivals ahead of you, trigger the Route Change and hope they all wreck.

The Pain Train
In an event, wreck 3 rivals by derailing a train.

Track: Expressway.

See that massive bridge to the left of the starting point? That's your goal. Your best bet at doing this is on the first lap. Spend time building your Power Play meter up to the max, and make sure there are at least 3 rivals ahead of you. Right before the end of the lap, on one of the final turns, a Route Change will be displayed which will destroy the bridge and derail the train.

In an event, wreck 3 rivals by launching a ship sideways across the track.

Track: Port Bridge.

Shortly after the start, you'll make a right turn through a set of gates onto the docks. The ship in question is on the far right, and can be unleashed with a Level 2 Power Play. It is possible to trigger the ship on your first lap, just make sure you're drafting and drifting a lot to build up your meter.

High Pipe
In an event, wreck 3 rivals by demolishing a cooling tower.

Track: Power Plant.

Approximately halfway through the lap you'll come to a section with large water tower silos on either side of the track. They're the ones you can use as shortcuts by driving through the base of them. A Level 2 Power Play is required to trigger them. You'll have plenty of time to build up your Power Play meter prior to, so you can do it on the first lap.

Wreck 1000 rivals with Power Plays.

This trophy is time consuming. You still might not have the required amount after beating the Season Championship and playing online to reach form 1, so you're going to have to replay races until you've wrecked 1000 rivals. Remember you can check your statistics from the Extras option at the main menu.

The best track to wreck large numbers of rivals on is Canyon. It's a long, sweeping, track loaded with Power Play opportunities. Select it from the Quick Play option and set the AI difficulty to hard. Stay at the back as much as possible, drafting opponents at all times to keep your Power Play meter up. Avoid taking shortcuts, and if you find yourself leading the pack, wreck purposely to respawn at the back. Keep repeating this process and you can easily achieve anywhere from 15-25 wrecks per race. My personal best was 41.

High Five
Spend a total of five minutes airborne.

Similar to Heavyweight, except this trophy is for total air time. Simply keep playing until you reach the required amount. Go to the Extras option at the main menu to check your total statistics.

Great Explorer
Trigger a total of 50 route changer Power Plays.

Similar to the above two trophies, except this one will (probably) come much sooner. Route Changes work to your advantage in winning races, so don't be shy about triggering them. Once you've reached 50 total, the trophy will unlock. Go to the Extras option at the main menu to check your total statistics.

Going The Distance
Drive a total of 1,081 miles.

Similar to Heavyweight, except this trophy is for total miles driven. Simply keep playing until you reach the required amount. Go to the Extras option at the main menu to check your total statistics.

The Time Is Right
Win your first Season Detonator event.

These events are essentially time trials, where you're trying to get the best time while dodging Power Plays that are automatically triggered. The Power Play locations never change though, so if you're having difficulty with any of them, simply remember their locations and do your best to avoid them in future runs. The first few Detonator events are much easier than most of the later ones, and I'd advise trying this on any of the early Episode's Detonators.

Beat The Team
Beat 1 minute 7 seconds on Construction Site in Detonator.

Watch and listen to the video below for tips on beating this. Make note of the checkpoint times and use them as reference when attempting. Of the two Beat The Team's, I found this one to be much harder. Even the simplest, most subtle mistake can cost you, so you have to make sure your lines are perfect. The key thing to remember is to coast around corners that you can't hit full speed, hammering the throttle down once you're clear and your vehicle is straight. Otherwise your car will end up drifting.

Beat my time: 01:05.74

Toggle Spoiler

Beat The Team II: The Revenge
Beat 1 minute 18 seconds on Power Plant in Detonator.

Watch and listen to the video below for tips on beating this. Make note of the checkpoint times and use them as reference when attempting. Unlike the other Beat The Team trophy, there is room for error here, albeit very minor. As long as you are able to clear the precision areas properly, you can get away with a slight wall rub here and there and still finish under the time requirement. The "do or die" section is the S-curve near the end, which needs to be tackled flawlessly and without drifting. Also make sure to judge the final turn properly - take it too early and you'll clip the barrier; too late and you'll hit the far wall. Find the perfect entry location and remember it.

Beat my time: 01:17.61

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Keep On Truckin'
Win your first Season Survival event.

Survival events require you to pass a certain amount of big rigs, increasing your multiplier and score. The trucks drop two types of barrels from their cargo - blue and red. Blue barrels will create shockwaves, knocking your vehicle sideways, while red barrels spell automatic wreckage. There are also groups of Split/Second cars racing around, and you can use them to your advantage by using them as blockers for the barrels.

Overall these events aren't too hard, as long as you can successfully pass several trucks in a row to keep your multiplier flowing.

Overtake 12 trucks in a row without crashing in a Survival event.

Most Survival events in the Season won't last long enough for you to get this trophy. Instead, choose a Survival event from the Quickplay menu. There's no preset score to beat here, only the timer, so you can keep trying until you get it. Remember that the more trucks you pass, the harder it gets, so pay attention to the road ahead and be sure you use the Split/Second cars as blockers.

Overtake 5 trucks in a row during Sudden Death in a Survival event.

Like the Convoy trophy, it's best to attempt this from the Quickplay menu. Sudden death will begin automatically after the timer has expired. Here, you continue racing as before, passing as many trucks as possible, except now the trucks drop only red barrels. Drive a little more cautiously, and once you pass the 5th truck, the trophy will unlock. It might take a few tries to get the timing right.

On The Run
Win your first Season Air Strike event.

Air Strike events require you to race around the track and dodge the missiles that the helicopter is firing at you. It starts off pretty slow, but the better you do, the more missiles you'll have coming your way. You also need to maintain your speed, as driving too slow to purposely avoid missiles will reset your multiplier and award you with no points. As with many events, these races are much easier early in the Season, so your best is to get the trophy then.

Clear skies
Win your first Season Air Revenge event.

Air Revenge events become available once you reach Episode 6 in the Season. They're similar to Air Strike's, except now you can fire the missiles back at the helicopter using Power Play energy. Dodging groups of missiles will grant you Power Plays, as will drifting. Level 2 Power Plays cause more damage to the chopper and will bring it down faster than Level 1 Power Plays, so try and save up your energy and hit it with Level 2 blasts.

Once, Twice, Three times Evasive
Get three Perfect Waves in a row in either a Air Strike or Air Revenge event.

To get a Perfect Wave bonus you have to successfully dodge each missile in the group. The longer you survive, the more missiles you have to contend with, so it's much easier to get this trophy when the race first starts. I recommend trying for this in an Air Strike event as opposed to Air Revenge, since the goal of Air Revenge is to take down the chopper and getting three Perfect Waves would mean you're wasting an opportunity to hit it.

Start Me Up
Win an online event.

Refer to World Beater trophy.

In Good Form
Get an online form of 75 or better.

Refer to World Beater trophy.

Out Of Reach
Get an online form of 25 or better.

Refer to World Beater trophy.

World Beater
Get an online form of 1.

An online form of 1 is the highest you can get. When you first start playing online, your form will be 99. Earning spots in the top 3 will increase your form, whereas finishing in the bottom will decrease your form. Finish in the middle of the pack and your form will remain unchanged. Points are awarded based on how many total participants there are. For example, if there are 8 players and you finish first, you will be awarded 7 points for beating the 7 players below you. 6 points if you finish 2nd, and 5 points if you finish 3rd.

Seeing as these online trophies are largely skill-based, the best tip I can give is to wait until you've unlocked some of the better cars from the Season Championship before competing. Unless you've purchased the DLC which unlocks every vehicle in the game, you won't stand much of a chance racing against other people who are using top-end cars. Knowing the general layout of each track will also work in your favor, as you'll know where the Power Plays, Route Changes, and shortcuts are...not to mention how to avoid getting wrecked by them.

Overall, it doesn't take that long to reach form 1, so long as you're regularly finishing in the top 3. Expect anywhere from 3-5 hours, on average.

Giant Killer
Beat an opponent with an online form of 10 or better.

As with World Beater, this trophy is largely skill-based. Once you enter a game room, you'll see everyone's form number to the left of their name. Simply finish higher than the person(s) with an online form of 10 or better and the trophy will unlock.

Team BlackRock
Beat a member of the development team or someone who has beaten them.

This is a viral trophy, and you'll probably get it at some point while attempting the World Beater trophy. If not, check the Split/Second forum here and see if anyone who has the trophy can help you out.

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