Players: 1-4 offline co-op
Online Trophies: No Online
Online Pass Required: No Online
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No
Estimated Time to Platinum: 10-15 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: None Level select
Glitched Trophies: Sea warrior

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • Requires 4 controllers to get the platinum trophy
  • Characters don't share money each character starts at 0 and you have to get all the money on that one character. In other words you can't bank up a bunch of sprockets on Spongebob and then go unlock everything for Patrick.


  1. Beat the campaign to get the three story line trophies. This should also get you a large number of the trophies
  2. If you didn't do it before get the Coral Skydiver trophy for completing a free fall section without taking any damage
  3. If you weren't playing co-op through the story mode now would be the time to do the finish a level with 4 players trophies and the 20 revive trophies on the "rainchild" level
  4. Last but not least the only trophies you should have left are all the Master "insert name" trophies so go to Anemone Avenue and start the grind for all the required sprockets to buy every upgrade and gizmo
  5. Enjoy the trophy that's now sitting your collection


Platinum SpongeBob
Unlock all trophies

Pretty self explanatory this will unlock after unlocking every other trophy just like any other platinum trophy.

Complete the Dutchman's Triangle levels.

Shipwreck Reef

Toggle Spoiler

Dutchman's Hollow

Toggle Spoiler

The Bone Yard

Toggle Spoiler

Davey Jones' Locker

Toggle Spoiler

Rainchild (boss)

Toggle Spoiler

Hard Rock
Complete the Rock Bottom levels.

Stonefish Street

Toggle Spoiler

Barracuda Boulevard

Toggle Spoiler

Anemone Avenue

Toggle Spoiler

Leviathan Way

Toggle Spoiler

Clem (boss)

Toggle Spoiler

Beach Head
Complete the Bikini Bottom levels.

Anchor Way

Toggle Spoiler

Barnacle Road

Toggle Spoiler

Coral Avenue

Toggle Spoiler

Conch Street

Toggle Spoiler

Plankton (boss)

Toggle Spoiler

Master Sponge
Unlock all Gizmos and upgrades for SpongeBob.

Every character has the same weapons and the same cost to for each upgrade. The best way I've found to do this is play the "Dutchman's Triangle" level until you can buy every upgrade for the "Pickle Blaster" as soon as you have it fully upgraded go back to the title screen and go into level select. Once there go into the whirlpool that leads to the Rocky Bottom level and pick Anemone Avenue. This is the best level I found in terms of getting a lot of sprockets quickly a full run will get you around 4300~ sprocket per run and a run takes right around 10 minutes to complete.

Pickle Blaster
  • Cost-free
  • Upgrades- 600 --->900 --->1200
Condiment Cannon
  • Cost- 750
  • Upgrades- 900 --->1050--->2250
Exploding Pie Launcher
  • Cost- 750
  • Upgrades- 900 --->1050--->1500
Portable Tartar Sauce
  • Cost- 750
  • Upgrades- 1500 --->2250--->3000
Neptuning Fork
  • Cost- 750
  • Upgrades- 1500 --->1800--->3000
Bubble Gun Blaster
  • Cost- 750
  • Upgrades- 1150 --->1500--->3000
Reef Blower
  • Cost-750
  • Upgrades- 1100 --->1500--->3000

Master Squirrel
Unlock all Gizmos and upgrades for Sandy.

See Master Sponge for the details on how to get this and what it'll cost you.

Master Star
Unlock all Gizmos and upgrades for Patrick.

See Master Sponge for the details on how to get this and what it'll cost you.

Master Squid
Unlock all Gizmos and upgrades for Squidward.

See Master Sponge for the details on how to get this and what it'll cost you.

Master Crab
Unlock all Gizmos and upgrades for Mr. Krabs.

See Master Sponge for the details on how to get this and what it'll cost you.

Bot Wrecker
Players destroy 250 enemies.

This will come through normal progression just make sure you kill all the robots as you go along and it'll unlock I got it in the very beginning of "The Bone Yard" part of the "Dutchman's Triangle".

Seaweed Squashed
Win the first encounter against Plankton.

The first Plankton Battle occurs in "The Dutchman's Triangle" this battle is easy enough for a guide on it see the Shipwreck Reef part of the Pirateer trophy.

Lock and Load
Unlock the Pickle Blaster.

This is the first trophy you'll receive in the game in the first mission "The Dutchman's Triangle". It'll unlock for free as soon as you use the little console where you buy your upgrades.

Complete the first freefall section.

Free Fall sections occur when you jump into a whirling vortex that has a bunch of lit up arrows pointing at it and free fall through it while collecting the sprockets and attempting to avoid the debris in them. The first one happens in "The Dutchman's Triangle" on the shipwreck reef part so this will come very early in the game as well.

Coral Skydiver
Complete any freefall section without any players taking damage.

This is the only "difficult" trophy and the easiest free fall section to do this on is the very first one that occurs during the first part of the mission The Dutchman's Triangle-shipwreck reef. There really is no trick or cheat to do this, just keep in mind that your character never actually stops moving he will always keep moving in the last direction you moved him even if only a little it's still enough to mess you up. Also hugging the edges is a very helpful strategy for the first bit of it but towards the end of the fall it won't work out as well.

Sea Warrior
Complete a level without being defeated or revived.

This trophy is obtained by completing any of the 5 parts to a level without being defeated or revived. Being revived can only be done while playing on co-op and the term defeated" is handled pretty loosely in this trophy as far as I can tell because I obtained the trophy after defeating the first level and I was "defeated" during the boss battle with Plankton. So it's possible it's glitched slightly.

Master Overloader
Players defeat 50 enemies by overloading them.

The wording is weird on this because the only enemies you can actually overload are the turrets and the dashing robot that you don't find right away, I got this before the dashing robot started to spawn. To overload them just hold and the meter will fill up on them until they blow up. This will come early in the game so enjoy another quick trophy.

Field Medic
Players revive allies 20 times.

This requires you to be play co-op. In co-op mode when one player dies he'll just stand there with a green circle around him and a little meter above his head to revive that player you have to just stand inside the circle until the meter is full. Do this 20 times and this trophy is yours. The best way I found to do it is start up a dummy controller or 3 if you have them available to you and go to level select "Dutchman's Triangle" and pick the "rainchild" selection this level is only a boss fight and you can just let the dummy controllers die to the bosses lasers and revive them quickly after while you just keep jumping the bosses laser beams keeping yourself alive. Don't hurt the boss though just let it keep using the same basic attack to make it easier until you get the trophy then feel free to move on to other things once you get the 20 revives.

Not Defeated Yet
Players revive an ally.

See Field Medic for details.

Decked Out
Unlock and fully upgrade any Gizmo.

Upgrading can be done in the middle of a level if you come across one of the consoles that allows it or in between parts of a level it'll give you the opportunity to spend your sprockets on upgrades. Easiest way to get this done is to unlock Spongebobs pickle blaster which is actually given to you for free in the first level and upgrade it. See Master Sponge to see the cost.

Armed to the Gills
Unlock every Gizmo on a single character.

To earn this trophy all you have to do is buy all the guns (gizmo's) for a single character. Each one cost 750 sprockets to unlock and there is only 7 gizmo's in total one of which is even free. So in total you'll need 4500 sprockets to earn this.

Team Sponge
Complete a level with 4 players.

This trophy requires 4 controllers.

Simple enough trophy if you have 4 controllers if not your out of luck. Go to level select and pick "Dutchman's Triangle" and then select "Rainchild" this is a level that requires 0 platforming of any sort and can beaten quickly with a single controller and 3 dummy controllers. As soon as the level starts just focus on your player 1 controller and shoot at the boss with the gun of your choice until the health bar is depleted. After you beat the boss and go through the talking part after the boss it'll unlock for you.

Note this cannot be done with the controller trick, as soon as you change the controller number it'll remove the player from the number two controller and replace it with what ever number you set that controller to.

Here's a quote regarding some controllers that do and don't work I haven't personally tested this however.

Quote Originally Posted by Yoo_Hoo_Sniper View Post
Just wanted to throw this out there that I read about the Move Controller being able to work for the 4 player trophy but mine didn't. I did however get my Artist tablet and fishing rod from Rapala's fishing to work with movement for the trophy.

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