Players: 1
Online Trophies: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 2-4 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectibles Trophies: Holocron Hunter
Missable Trophies: Yes
Glitched Trophies: No, but the some of the trophies have some serious lag before they unlock

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • The Battle of Endor DLC takes place following the events of the Hoth DLC from the original game. This is available on the Sith Edition of the original game or from the PS Store. If you find yourself thinking, "Why are these events unfolding like this?" or "Where is Luke during this battle?" Do yourself a favor and pick up this DLC to play. Not only does it have an Epic story and ending to it, you will learn how the events of THIS DLC came to be.
  • Play through the original campaign FIRST that way Starkiller is stronger and has more powerful weapons to use as you play through the Unleashed difficulty on the DLC.
  • If you have the Light Green Regeneration Crystals found in the original game, I recommend using them to help keep your health raised on the Unleashed difficulty.
  • The Unleashed difficulty is much easier on this and the regular campaign than the Sith Master difficulty on the first game so don't be afraid to tackle it head on.
  • the two best Force Powers are the Lightning and the Dual Lightsaber Throw. Also if you need to destroy something from a distance I recommend turning everything you pick up into a Lightning Grenade.


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[top]Hoff's Path to 100%

  1. Play through the game on Unleashed difficulty picking up all the Holocrons and all Kill Trophies.
  2. Play a speed run through the game on Easy difficulty to get the One with the Force trophy.


Yub Yub
Complete the level defeating 20 Ewoks or more.

This one ISN'T part of the main story level, but it shouldn't be missable. You will first encounter the Ewoks in the Forest of Endor after you use the logs to make a way across the chasm. When you get to the Ewok Village they Ewoks will attack you and you have to kill a handful of them, which may be 20 or more I didn't count, before you can continue on the main path. Simply kill all these Ewoks and AFTER you have completed the game, during the credits the trophy will unlock.

For anyone that has lived in the Outer Rim and has no idea what an Ewok is I have included a picture below in the spoiler for you.

Toggle Spoiler

Returning the Favor
Defeat a grenadier with his own grenade.

You will encounter the Grenadiers in the very first encounter with the Rebel troops. They will almost always appear in a group and never by themselves so that they can stand back and throw their grenades at you while the other Rebels shoot at you to distract you. The Grenadiers will be the Rebels that throw small flashing red bombs that explode when they hit you. When they throw one, use the force with to grab the grenade, then wait for the flashing and beeping to get faster and move it over and drop it near the Grenadier. As long as the Grenade kills the Grenadier the trophy will unlock. This trophy has some lag in it so after you complete the task don't be surprised if it takes a couple minutes to unlock.

One with the Force
Complete Endor without dying.

In my opinion this is the most difficult trophy of the DLC pack. If you are very good at this game, you can get this in your Unleashed playthrough, but if you are like the rest of us, I suggest a second playthrough on Easy to get this trophy. If you speed run through the DLC it will take 30 minutes to an hour to finish the DLC on Easy. If you have already played the Regular campaign, equip the Light Green Regenerative Lightsabers and your energy will never even get lower than 3/4. Really the only place on this difficulty that you have to be cautious is in the Reactor itself. As you are moving throught the reactors from ramp to ramp, if one of them electrocute you you will die with one hit even on Easy and need to start over. You CANNOT reload checkpoints if you are going to die, you will need to start the DLC over if this happens. Once you finish the game on any difficulty without dieing the trophy will unlock during the credits

Sith Kicker
Drop kick 10 Ewoks.

This one ISN'T part of the main story level, and is missable if you don't complete this before you finish the battle with Han and Chewie. You will first encounter the Ewoks in the Forest of Endor after you use the logs to make a way across the chasm. When you get to the Ewok Village they Ewoks will attack you in a big horde. To Drop kick an Ewok, wait for them to get close to you and press the + to kick them across the map. When you first encounter them, watch out for the Ewoks flying by dropping bombs and either count off 10 Drop kicks or just Drop Kick the entire horde. Once you Drop Kick 10 of them the trophy will unlock. This trophy has some lag so don't be surprised if this takes a minute or two to unlock.

Holocron Hunter
Find all the holocrons in Endor.

I know, I saw this trophy and thought, "Great more damn Holocrons", but mercifully there are only 3 Holocrons to find in the DLC for this trophy. There is one Holocron in the Forest of Endor, and the other 2 are in the Reactor Building. Here are the locations of the three Holocrons:
  • Red Holocron/Rebel Grenadier Costume: As soon as you gain control of Starkiller in the Forest of Endor, look around and you will see a very large tree STUMP in the area. The first Holocron is located behind this stump.
  • Red Holocron/Rebel Sniper Costume: As you move through the Shield Generator, you will eventually come to a ramp that you need to use your Lightsaber Throw, + , on to knock the ramp loose. After it's loose use your and the right stick to pull the ramp down and climb up. Destroy all the Stormtroopers and Rebel forces, then follow the walkway forward and to the left. Once you turn left look below you and you will notice a walkway with an electrified current and this Holocron below the walkway. Jump down to the lower walkway and avoid the current and grab the Holocron. I couldn't seem to find a way back up from here, but if you die trying you will still have credit for the holocron when the game respawns you.

    Quote Originally Posted by beam View Post
    For the second holocron you can get back to the regular path by going through the far generator (blasting through w/ push and then using grip like normal).

  • Red Holocron/Rebel Guerilla Costume: The Final Holocron is located in the Shield Generator near the second one. After passing the second one, you will weave through the Generators themselves by blowing a hole in them with the and using to briefly stop the current and get to the other side. Once you have passed through them and are out on the other side you will most likely see the final Holocron on an upper walkway. Continue along the walkway and pass under the upper walkway and move through the next Generator on your left and into the middle again. You will know when you are in the right place because the main pathway has 3 yellow beams going across the path to that you must deal with to proceed. From here, turn around and at the end of the path you will see a small ledge sticking out. jump up to the ledge, then jump up again to the upper walkway. Proceed to the left and collect the final Holocron for the trophy.

Never Tell me the Odds
Complete Endor on UNLEASHED difficulty.

When you start the game you will be given the option of what difficulty you would like to play. Select Unleashed and finish the game on this difficulty to obtain the trophy. If you have already played the regular campaign this will be much easier for you. All your health and powers and upgrades as well as your Lightsaber Crystals collected, carry over from the game campaign to the DLC playthrough. If you have them, I recommend using your Light Green Regenerative Lightsaber Crystals to have quicker health regeneration. Below in the spoiler I will go through the final battle strategy to help you if you need it for the Unleashed difficulty.

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Complete Endor.

You will receive this trophy for completing the DLC on ANY difficulty level. This trophy IS stackable with the Unleashed difficulty trophy so if you make your first playthrough on Unleashed you will receive this trophy as well during the credits. If you are a casual gamer and just want to play the DLC for the fun of it you will still receive this even on Easy.

Don't let the Wookie win
Defeat Han and Chewie

This is a Story based Trophy

At the end of the Endor Forest area, you will face off with Chewbacca in his stolen AT-ST walker and Han Solo. This battle is very straightforward. Stay away from the AT-ST and toss the explosive barrels at it until you run out. Once you run out, pick up anything you can and Electrocute it making a Lightning Grenade, then throw it at the AT-ST. Once the first bar of energy drains, you will have a cutscene and then the battle really gets going. In this part you will get attacked by a swarm of angry Ewoks. Pick them up, electrocute them and toss them at the AT-ST. Keep an eye on Han Solo in this part as he likes to pop out form his defensive position above the doorway and shoot rockets at you. When he does this, grab them with the Force Grab , , then throw them at the AT-ST. As you cause damage to the AT-ST, you will notice it won't move as well. When it shoots the bombs make sure you either grab them with the and toss them back at him, or prepare to jump over the shockwave they create. Once the prompt appears over the AT-ST perform the onscreen actions to end the battle.

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