Players: 1
Online Trophies: None (Challenge related trophies CAN be done online to post rankings however it does not affect the trophy whether you play them online or offline.)
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: None of the ones provided in this guide affect trophies, however I still advise you not to use them
Estimated Time to 100%: 15-20 Hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 2+ clean-up
Collectibles Trophies: Holocron Hunter
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: Unknown

[top]Tips & Strategies

Here are some general tips about playing the game. For specific tips on specific trophies (including Jedi Grand Master) please check the designated trophy for better tips.
  1. The game is very short and can be done fairly quickly. However, take your time when you get to some of the more difficult parts in the game.
  2. Don't worry about dying, the game is more than generous with it's checkpoints throughout the game.
  3. Play on Hard difficulty for your first playthrough, this will make some of the tougher parts a cake-walk on Unleashed.
  4. Don't forget to utilize your Force Powers. They are a big key to this game and can make some enemies ridiculously easy.
  5. Grabs are useful on enemies such as the Imperial Guards and Saber Wielding Guards.
  6. Knock as many enemies as you can off of high platforms to make short work out of them.
  7. Dashing to another room you already came from can help you out in a real pickles when getting surrounded by multiple tough enemies.
  8. You have the Force....USE IT!!! Unleashing your Force Energy can turn a tight situation around because you will take minimal damage if at all and all of your Force Powers and Saber attacks will do an exponential amount of more damage.
  9. Deflecting missiles may not always be the best way to do things. Sometimes grabbing their rockets and throwing them at other enemies may be the smarter thing to do.
  10. Your Saber Crystals all hold a different ability. Don't be afraid to switch them out and mix and match them to get through different types of situations.
  11. And finally, May the Force be with you, Padawan.

[top]Cheats, Glitches & Exploits

I tried each and every one of these cheats codes on an alternate account right at the beginning to test out if these cheats would disable trophies. I input every one of these cheats and I was still able to get The Jan Stakross Trophy of Excellence trophy and there was no trophy disable warning, so I can assume they are alright to use. To be completely honest I wouldn't use ANY of the Saber codes until you at least have the Holocron Hunter trophy so that if you missed a Saber Crystal you can locate it by looking at my guide, but the choice is yours.

To input a cheat, start up your file and press start. Click on options and than scroll all the way right and click "Cheat Codes" where you can enter the following codes:

LIBO - Unlock the Dark Green Lightsaber Crystal (Healing).
SOLAR - UInlock the White Lightsaber Crystal (Wisdom)
MAREK - Unlock Force Repulse.
TRAYA - Unlock Lightsaber Throw.
YARAEL - Unlock Mindtrick.
MANDALORE - Unlock the Boba Fett costume.
VENTRESS - Unlock the Dark Apprentice costume.
NOMI - Unlock the Experimental Jedi Armor (good apprentice) costume.
RAHM - Unlock the General Kota costume.
AJP400 - Unlock the Jump Trooper costume.
GUNRAY - Unlock the Nemoidian costume.
SPECFORCE - Unlock the Rebel Commando costume.
REBELSCUM - Unlock the Rebel Trooper costume.
MORGUKAI - Unlock the Saber Guard costume.
HARPER - Unlock the Scout Trooper costume.
HAAZEN - Unlock the Sith Acolyte costume.
HOLODROID - Unlock the Sith Training Droid costume.
TK421 - Unlock the Stormtrooper costume.
SHADOW - Unlock the Terror Trooper costume.

All of these cheats are for things you can unlock through normal gameplay and completing challenges.


  1. Start your first playthrough on Hard to unlock Unleashed difficulty without having much of a jump in difficulty once you start your unleashed playthrough. Collect holocrons, as well as, as many trophies as you can during this playthrough.
  2. Complete any necessary clean-up (if any) that you have left. Use the chapter select to go straight to any chapter you may have missed any trophies or holocrons on and play them on Easy to make it go by quicker (Please Note that several people tried doing their clean-up run before playing Unleashed difficulty and say that the difficulty disappears so it may be safer to complete these on Hard Difficulty).
  3. Once you have cleaned up the majority of what you wish to clean up than head to the challenge rooms where you will gain experience towards upgrades you will need for Maxed Out and so your Force Powers are maxed and ready for your Unleashed playthrough.
  4. After you complete your first playthrough, start on your Unleashed playthrough using the chapter select feature. Complete the game on Unleashed difficulty collecting as many of the trophies you missed as you can.
  5. Final Clean-up. If by this point you still do not have plat run back using chapter select and grab whatever trophies you are still missing.


The Circle is now Complete
Earn all other Trophies.

Like every other platinum this will unlock right after you have collected the rest of the trophies for the game.

Escape from Kamino
Escape Kamino in Vader's TIE Advanced.

This is a story based trophy. You will receive it during the cutscene after taking out the two AT-MPs and the swarm of stormtroopers at the end of the first level.

The Nemesis in Flames
Destroy the Gunship.

This is a story based trophy and un-missable. You will get this near the beginning of level 3. After you go through all of those barricades in the beginning of the level you will have to fight another Gunship. The best way to take it down is to hide behind the barricades until he stops gunning at you. A prompt will pop up to Sabre Throw the gun. After you take out the guns you are going to want to deflect missiles back at him. There will be an action sequence in which you must hold left and tap . Use the same strategy as the first time to destroy the second engine. You will destroy the ship after your second action sequence and you will get the trophy.

Brong Down the Giant
Defeat the Gorog.

This is a story based trophy and un-missable. This is probably one of the hardest fights in the game. You first start out with him halfway through the floor attacking you. You will need to use Force Lightning on his head while dodging his punches, sweeping hand, and breath attacks until he pounds the ground with both fists. Once he does that you will need to use Force Lightning and Saber moves on his wrist shackles to lock them up. Once both hands are locked up you will need to avoid his breath attack until you can grab his collar. You will need to do this sequences twice. Once that is done you will be placed on a dead-end platform with some stormtroopers, but don't worry about them, the Gorog will smash them. Avoid his punches and sweeps here while using Force Lightning on his head. He will open up a spot where you can climb the tower where you will get to a platform he is holding onto. You will also be greeted by jumptroopers so overload their back-packs to make short work out of them and use your Saber on his hand. When he is about to smack the platform jump to avoid some real damage. You will than have to repeat this same sequence again. Once you have done that you must climb platforms and meet Kota up top. Than you start the free-fall sequence. Try to dodge all of the debris (At least the first sequence of debris for a trophy) and when you dash in close enough you will need to avoid his flailing arms while electrocuting his face some more. You will have to complete this freefall sequence several times before you get to the cutscene where the trophy unlocks.

The Exterminator
Defeat the Terror Walker.

This is a story based trophy and un-missable. In the end of level 6 you will come to a giant open room with a giant Spider Droid that has a shield you can't get through (This is the Terror Walker). There are 4 cylinders in the center you must raise to take down his shields. Once they are down use Force Repulse and Force Lightning on him and the other enemies til he falls. Than start hacking away at his face. Once he gets his shields back you must re-insert all 6 fuses around the room and give them power to get rid of his shield. Once that is done keep using the same method to take him out until you get control of it. Once you do, kill the Terror Biodroids for a trophy. after that you will head to the center of the room and kill the Terror Walker to receive this trophy.

Crack the Sky
Destroy the Star Destroyer.

This is a story based trophy and un-missable. At the end of level 7 you will come to a giant blaster in which you will need to use to destroy the Star Destroyer. Simply follow the action sequences. Once you have done them the blaster will destroy the Star Destroyer and you will get the trophy

Meeting of the Jedi
Reunite with Kota.

This is a story based trophy and un-missable. During level 8 you and Kota will split up. Shortly after the cutscene with the TIE Fighter destroying the bridge you will get to that bridge. Once there, you will have to use your Force Grip to bend a piece of the bridge while he holds up two platforms. Get across before he gives out and drops the platforms. Once across it will trigger another cutscene and you will get the trophy.

Betrayed By Rage
Complete the game and choose the Dark Side ending

This is a story based trophy. After taking down the final boss you will have to make a choice using either or on whether you want to view the Light Side ending or the Dark Side ending. To get this trophy you will have to select for the Dark Side ending. Enjoy the final movie and your trophy. To get the opposite ending (and the corresponding trophy) you can either view the opposite movie on your second playthrough OR just choose the opposite option during your second playthrough.

Complete the game on Easy difficulty.

See Jedi Master.

Jedi Master
Complete the game on Hard difficulty.

As long as you play on Hard this trophy along with all other trophies with lower difficulties will unlock after the trophy unlocks for whichever side ending you picked. The game on Hard isn't really that difficult in full. There are a few parts where you may run into a snag in the road however. Keep in mind to use your Force Powers whenever you can and don't be afraid to just start tossing enemies off of sides of the buildings and whatnot to make short work of them.

A Measure of Mercy
Complete the game and choose the Light Side Ending

This is a story based trophy. After taking down the final boss you will have to make a choice using either or on whether you want to view the Light Side ending or the Dark Side ending. To get this trophy you will have to select for the Light Side ending. Enjoy the final movie and your trophy. To get the opposite ending (and the corresponding trophy) you can either view the opposite movie on your second playthrough OR just choose the opposite option during your second playthrough.

Jedi Knight
Complete the game on Medium difficulty.

See Jedi Master.

Jedi Grand Master
Complete the game on Unleashed difficulty.

To get this trophy you will need to beat the game on Unleashed difficulty. Everything will carry over to your Unleashed playthrough so long as you do your unleashed playthrough via Level select.

Tips for completing the game on Unleashed Difficulty (Other than what is provided in the Tips & Strategies section:
  • Enemies will be dealing out a lot more damage this playthrough so don't let that catch you off guard.
  • Make an attempt to try to keep Healing or Life Drain as a primary on your Saber Crystal selection when you can so that you don't run out of health mid battle or use the Protection Saber Crystal to cut down damage taken.
  • Checkpoints are located throughout the entire game quite frequently so if you are running low on health and are pit up against numerous enemies, don't be afraid to die to respawn at a checkpoint with full health.
  • When it comes to Saber Wielding enemies and Imperial Guards try to focus on one at a time while still keeping an eye out for incoming attacks. Throw the enemies either off a platform to their death or just onto the ground and dash over to them and while they are laying on the ground give them an instant kill by stabbing into the ground through them.
  • Imperial Guards can't have Force Powers used on them to damage them unless you make them vulnerable first and it still doesn't last long. I recommend giving them a bit of Force lightning when they are attacking to stop the attack and make them vulnerable to a grab.

Kill 10 enemies with the lightning towers.

On level 8 You will come to a part where you are meeting up with Kota. After the cutscene following that you will have to go down an elevator and defeat some enemies. After these guys you will be heading back outside. Once outside you will have to drop a few levels to the main pathway. There will be a Terror Biodroid and waiting for you as well as some snipers on the far end. Take care of the Biodroid but leave the snipers alone. Kill any snipers that remain on the lower platform but leave the ones up above alone. Instead jump up and look to your left and there will be a tall tower filled with electricity. Zap the tower quickly with Force Lightning but not too much. This will overload the tower and zap nearby enemies. Keep zapping at it with short pauses in between until the snipers are dead. Before jumping down take care of the two AT-MPs below. Once they are done head along the path not killing anyone. Heading down about midway you will see another tower to your left. Let the enemies surround it and do the same as before. You may or may not get the trophy depending on how many enemies were killed from the towers. If you didn't get the trophy and there are only bigger enemies left I suggest changing your costume to restart from the previous checkpoint to get more because these are the only two towers like this in the game. Once the total is 10 altogether you will get the trophy.

Kill 5 enemies with the fans on Kamino.

This trophy can be obtained in the hallway after the three laser machines where you find the second holocron. Go down the hallway away from the laser machines and a door on the right hand side will open up and 3 stormtroopers will come in. Simply pick up those three stormtroopers with the Force Grip one by one and throw them into the fan straight ahead. Than a saber-wielding stormtrooper will come running in; Force Grip him and send him flying into the fans also. You will turn the corner out of the small hallway and there will be more stormtroopers. While still in the doorway, grab one of the stormtroopers with your Force Grip and send him into the fan as well. The trophy will pop shortly after your fifth stormtrooper has been sent into the fans.

Imperial Painball
Throw 10 enemies into the Kamino generators.

After you regain control of your character from the cutscene where you learn Mind Trick you will have to jump down into a field with red forcefields all over. Pick up enemies using your Force Grip and throw them at the red things sticking out of the ground (Those are the generators). Once you throw enough enemies at them they will break and you will have to find a new one. In this field there are 3 generators and after you fight the cryo-mech there will be another one. After you have thrown 10 enemies into these generators the trophy will unlock.

Droid Rage
Control the Terror walker and destroy all the Terror Biodroids.

Once you finish taking down the Terror Walker in level 7, you will have an action sequence that lets you take control of it. There will be 4 Terror Biodroids that spawn at this time. Use the Terror Walkers moves with , , or to destroy the three enemies to obtain this trophy. I found it easiest to lock onto the Terror Biodroids with and use the to shoot rockets at them ( shoots his lasers but they have barely any range and does the Terror Walkers stomp).There will be one in front of you, to the right side of you, behind you, and on the other side of the laser but he stays over there. You have to walk over to the fourth one making sure that each time the Terror walker tries to kick you off that you complete the action sequence correctly to make sure that you either don't get kicked off or the droid doesn't head into the laser by itself.

Kill three enemies with a single 'bowling' ball.

After collecting the second holocron on level 2 you reach a point with a cutscene where you remember how to use your Saber Throw and will have to use it twice to continue. When you get into the room defeat the two stormtroopers waiting and you will see a display on the screen saying you can pick up objects and use lightning on them to increase damage to enemies. Grab the ball and throw it down the hallway to the left and kill 3 enemies with it to get the trophy. It is easier to kill the enemies if the ball is wrapped in lightning. There are several more times throughout level 2 where you can get this trophy so keep trying and you will get it in time.

* Tip from purestchaos:

If you wait behind this ball the enemies will come down the hallway making them easier to hit.

Shatter 10 enemies frozen in carbonite.

For this trophy you will want to try to get cryo-mechs to freeze other stormtroopers. The best way to do this is any time you are fighting a cryo-mech and there are stormtroopers near you simply get close enough to the cryo-mech to have him spray the enemies with carbonite. they will freeze much quicker than you so keep dashing around. and kill them as they become frozen. Once you have gotten 10 kills on frozen enemies the trophy will pop. You are able to get this as early as level 3.

Break the Bank
Smash up 10 game machines.

This occurs in level 2. Once you use your Saber Throw to be able to jump down the elevator shaft you will appear in the casino where there are probably around 50 game machines. Simply use any power desired to destroy any 10 of these. You can use your sabers to hack through them, Force Lightning, Force Pulse, or even Force Gripping them to throw them into one another. Once you have destroyed 10 machines and they have disappeared the trophy will unlock.

Use Vader's TIE Advanced to destroy the AT-MP.

At the very beginning of the second level you will be placed on a platform with Vader's TIE Advanced and surrounded by stormtroopers. Take care of the stormtroopers and an AT-MP will appear on another platform. It will tell you to block the AT-MP's rockets at the last second to send them back at him but DON'T. Instead just go behind the TIE Fighter and use your Force Grip to pick up and crush the Tie Fighter and simply throw it at the AT-MP. It will kill him in one shot and you will receive this trophy.

Stay On Target...
Get to the falling Gorog without crashing into any debris.

This one is pretty easy once you get the idea of what to do correctly. After you vicious fight with the Gorog in chapter 4 you will begin a falling sequence. There will be numerous things flying at you while you are falling including rocks, stormtroopers, and boulders. None of these things can hit you and if you don't get the trophy during the first falling sequence here you will have to fight the boss all over again later on to get back here (You can also restart from last checkpoint by either switching costumes or going to exit game and than going to continue again). The trophy must be obtained without dying, if you die than restart the checkpoint because than the debris needed to dodge to obtain the trophy will not spawn if you dash quickly. You are going to want to maneuver yourself around the smaller rocks and stormtroopers (you can use Force Push to break some rocks but you are going to want to save enough for the unavoidable platform flying up at you). After the first two waves of debris fly by a platform will come flying up at you, you are going to want to blow the hole in the platform to clean it out so you can pass through without taking damage. Once you are out of there simply start dashing at the Gorog while still avoiding the little bit of debris still falling. Once you reach him for the first time the trophy will unlock. If you do not receive the trophy by the time you are free-falling the second time with the Gorog (after you depleted half of his remaining health) than restart from a checkpoint. Here is a video showing what the sequence will look like as well as when you should receive the trophy.

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Master of Disaster
Break all of the coolant tanks aboard the Salvation without dying.

This trophy is obtainable in level 6. Get to the part where you see Juno on the opposite side of a blue force-field. You will have to backtrack to the previous room where you will meet a new enemy that is really fast. Kill him using your Force Lightning and than get rid of the next little wave of enemies. Before moving on take a look around the room, there are 8 tubes (4 in each corner). Use your Saber Throw (+) to destroy these tanks because if you are too close to them you will get electrocuted. (You can also opt to throw objects at the tanks if you wish.) Go into the next room and take care of the 6 enemies in there and use your Saber Throw to destroy the four tanks in there also. Now go into the next room where you will see a coil sitting on the floor straight ahead of you. DO NOT use coil on that access panel. Instead take it down the hallway to the left to a door down there. Once the door opens up you will see 3 more tanks. Use your Saber to destroy these 3 tanks and you will receive the trophy (of course if you weren't standing close enough to have any of them kill you, or haven't had any deaths from enemies between breaking the first and last one).

The Jan Stakross Trophy of Excellence
Destroy 12 lightning pylons on the Kamino dive.

In the first level you start out in a training center learning how to use your powers. After the training sequence there will be a cutscene and you will start a freefall sequence. During the freefall sequence you will have unlimited Force energy so just keep spamming to destroy all of the breakables on the way down. There are a bunch of long pieces of the building jutting out of the side, these are what you want to focus on but if you keep spamming you will get it anyway. If you don't receive the trophy by the time you start seeing TIE Fighters than change your costume to restart from the last checkpoint.

Jedi Bomb Squad
Remove all of the Terror Spider Bombs on the Salvation.

You get this trophy in the seventh level of the game. What you want to do is get to the room with second Pyro-Mech on the level. Defeat him and all the other enemies in the room and head through the door. There will be snipers shooting you from down the hallway but ignore them for now. Instead of heading towards them you are going to want to go into the hallway to the left. When you get to the hallway right before the room with the three tanks in it you will notice all these red things sticking all over the place, these are the Terror Spider Bombs. Use either your Saber Throw, Force Repulse, or Force Lightning to destroy all the eggs in that small hallway and the room with the three tubes. Some people have noted missing the egg above the damaged access panel, behind the broken tubes, and above the tubes. Just make sure you comb the area until the trophy pops for you but the hallway and the room are the only places the Terror Spider Eggs appear.

"No match for a good blaster at your side, kid"
Kill 10 enemies using the turbolasers on the Kamino Drill Grounds.

On level 1 you will learn how to use the Mind trick technique. Once you regain control of your character again the turbolasers will start shooting the windows. Drop down and get rid of the first two waves of enemies. Than the third wave you want to lure back to where you jumped out the window and there will be a yellow spotlight on the ground. Lure the enemies into the spotlight and when it turns red get out of the way. If the lasers connect it will kill the enemies. Get rid of 10 enemies this way and you will get the trophy. There is also another laser after the fourth wave that you can use on the fifth and sixth waves.

Top of the World
Reach the top of the spire without falling once.

This one is pretty easy to achieve. In level 8 near the end you will come to an open lane with an open platform where there are jumptroopers waiting and than a bunch of Saber Guards and Imperial Guards will come attacking you. Once you defeat them a set of platforms will come emerging from the ground to let you jump to a set of circular platforms spinning in a circle. This is the start so get ready. You won't be encountering many enemies along the way but the ones you do encounter can be dealt with easily. The best advice for this that I can give is to be very cautious along your path, Don't take any unnecessary double jumps or dash that you may not need. also be sure to know where you are heading off of what platform before doing so and know for a fact you can reach it. If you are unsure if you are going to be able to reach it than simply do not attempt it. You can not fall off however you can die just as long as you don't fall off anywhere. Also whenever you jump onto a stationary circular platform with tubes on it, there will be one of those really fast guys that are invisible so each time you jump to one stay in the middle guarding. Once he shows himself fry his ass with some Force Lightning. Once you get to the end where you must head up the elevator is where it ends. You will get the trophy while heading up the elevator. If for some reason you fall than switch your costume right away to restart checkpoint before the game registers you fell and that should work.

Complete the first ten challenges with at least a Gold medal in each.

For this trophy you will need to score at least a gold medal in each and every challenge. Each challenge's gold medal will net you a new Saber Crystal, a new cutscene, some experience, and costume. You more than likely won't be getting a gold medal on any of these the first time you try them, but keep going until you get it so that you don't lose the rhythm of how the challenge works. The highest possible score for each challenge is platinum so there is minuet room for error. The tips provided are my own but I also found some videos that have different ways to achieve the Gold Medal so I added them into the guide. The videos provided in this guide were made by PSNYazter on Youtube. Here are the missions and their requirements as well as some tips, BUT REMEMBER, challenges like this are dependent on skill also:

The Combat Trial:
  • 00:00
  • 00:45
  • 00:55
  • 01:05
  • Tips for getting a : To obtain a gold in this you will need to do the moves almost as soon as the moves appear. You do not have to do the moves on the droid that appears in the middle for them to count and they are easier and faster to complete without doing them on the droid. When you successfully complete a combo you get a bit more time added. You can only mess up a couple combos once. If you are accidentally messing up quite a bit you might as well stop and try again. In the spoiler is all the combos you will need to perform in order. *If you try to play this challenge after completely maxing out your Sabre Power than you will be forced to do more combos making the Gold harder to obtain so I recommend going for this one before fully upgrading you Saber Power.

Toggle Spoiler

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Kamino Drill Grounds Trial:
  • 01:30
  • 02:00
  • 03:00
  • 04:00
  • Tips for getting a : To obtain a gold in this you will need to stop stormtroopers from entering gates on either side of the upper corners. My recommendation is to dash from one end to another and using your Force Lightning on the enemies because they alternate which door they try to go through. I also recommend using dual Focus Saber Crystals so your Force Energy lasts longer. Just keep going back and forth and stopping them, the 3 minutes doesn't really feel like a long 3 minutes so it goes by fairly quickly.

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Deadly Path Trial:
  • 01:00
  • 00:43
  • 00:23
  • 00:18
  • Tips for getting a : To obtain a gold in this you will need to race from one end of a set of platforms to the end. The paths on the left side are faster. I recommend not double jumping anywhere. Just use your single jump and dash technique. Dash as soon as you are sure you are high enough to cut off some crucial seconds. On the second big platform you will notice that there is a large gap between that and the closest platform on the left. To get over this with a single jump and dash is to dash at the very end of the platform and jumping off the end of that dash into another dash (you will be jumping off of thin air but it goes so fast the game can't register you falling, it thinks it is on stable ground if you do it fast enough making it so you can jump and dash again). Keep trying at this mission until you get it, there is no way to really help other than what I have said, Good Luck.

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Deflction Trial:
  • 01:00
  • 02:00
  • 04:00
  • 06:00
  • Tips for getting a : To obtain a gold in this you will need to deflect missiles back at AT-MPs. This is probably THE hardest challenge of the ten. What you may want to do is position yourself in the left corner since that is the best place to have the camera located. At about 2 minutes and 3 minutes the At-MPs will be joined by an AT-AT. I suggest using your Healing Saber Crystals on this one so you can take an extra hit or two. When the AT-ATs come out you will need to wait for an opening in rocket strikes and grab one and throw it at the AT-AT to put him down. Once he is down focus on deflecting the rest of the missiles to stay alive and destroy the AT-MPs. Here is a video showing how to get it accomplished however this one will come down to skill and practice.

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Retrieval Trial:
  • 01:40
  • 01:10
  • 00:50
  • 00:40
  • Tips for getting a : To obtain a gold in this you will need to race across the moving platforms. grab the holocron and go back to the beginning and through the gate. There isn't much to this one except to double jump and dash and follow that dash up at the end with a Force Push to give you that much of an extra push. Use the video in the spoiler to guide which way you must go to help you out and when to use Force Push.

Toggle Spoiler

Domination Trial:
  • 03:00
  • 02:00
  • 01:30
  • 00:55
  • Tips for getting a : To obtain a gold in this you will need to keep enemies out of a little circle located in the middle of three ramps. The best thing to do here is to make really good use of your Force Repulse here. and Force Push on any stragglers. The idea is to jump in the air and use your Force Repulse so you won't be knocked out of it while you are trying to store your energy to release. I usually held my repulse until it let itself go or gave it until the enemies or were just about to enter the circle and than I Force Pushed any stormtroopers or non-imperial Saber Guards (The white colored ones not red).

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Terror Trial:
  • 02:00
  • 01:40
  • 01:30
  • 01:15
  • Tips for getting a : To obtain a gold in this you will need to take on 5 waves of enemies. Wave 1 is nothing but terror spiders, wave 2 is a single Terror Trooper (The really quick guys that are prone to electricity), wave 3 is a single Terror Trooper and the terror spiders, wave 4 is two Terror Troopers, and wave 5 is two Terror Troopers and spiders. What you want to do is start with a Force Repulse (hold until it releases itself) and do the same again to get rid of the remaining enemies. Wave 2, just Force Lightning him to stun him, use + to grab him, dash over to him and stab him by just hitting while he is motionless on the ground. Wave 3 you want to locate the Terror Trooper first and Force Lightning him to keep him still while you set off a Force Repulse (This should kill him too), than Force Repulse the remaining spiders quick. Wave 4 stun both enemies with Force lightning and Force repulse them both at the same time. Wave 5 you will want to find one (more encouragingly both depending how short on time you are becoming) and Force Repulse him and half the spiders, than find the other one (if you haven't already taken care of him) and stun him and use Force Repulse to finish the mission off (if you already killed both Terror Troopers in this wave at the same time than just repulse the remaining enemies). Platinum medal is easiest obtained on this level.

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The Cloning Spire Trial:
  • 00:00
  • 00:15
  • 00:25
  • 00:35
  • Tips for getting a : To obtain a gold in this you will need to destroy all of the tubes on 3 platforms. The tubes keep rising and falling into the platform so you will need to have a pattern set down. The best advice I can give here is to make sure the last tube you destroy is closest to the next platform. After each platform being completed you will gain another 20 seconds of time. You should have a minimum of about 40 seconds by the time you reach the last platform. The way I did it was to start at the tube that was rising above you and make my way around counter clockwise, than on the second platform, head to the tube between the red breakable panels and work my way around that platform counter clockwise and finally the last platform starting at the closest tube I can reach and working my way around clockwise. you have to be quick and dash between tubes and try to be as accurate as possible. You can only use your sabers here because none of your Force Powers will be strong enough to take them out except Force Push which still needs time to charge which doesn't work out. Nothing else I can say will really help you but give it a few tries to understand the platforms and their tubes before going for the gold medal. Luck plays its role in this a bit as well .

Toggle Spoiler

Scout Trooper Trial:
  • 03:00
  • 01:30
  • 01:00
  • 00:30
  • Tips for getting a : To obtain a gold in this you will need to avoid snipers and pick up holocrons and make it to the end. For the first platform dash to the blue which provides cover. Jump and dash to collect the holocron. Jump to the next platform and seek cover behind the third barricade in, run to the left and grab the holocron than make your way forward to the second to last barricade. After the troopers fire, grab the holocron and make a break for the next platform. Once on the third one break straight for the rocks on the left, getting cover behind them. Use the second rock you are taking cover behind to move in the snipers view of the holocron using Force Grip. Dash up and grab the holocron and make a break for the next platform. grab the holocron and jump and dash to each of the platforms. When you get close to the platforms snipers will appear so follow your dash up with a Force Push to knock them off before they can get an aim at you. Once you reach the final platform, do not stop dashing, just head for the end cause if you get stopped than you are as good as dead. Reach the end and using this method (depending on how much time you spent behind these covers which should not be more than about a second on each) should net you the .

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Gauntlet Trial:
  • 00:00
  • 02:30
  • 03:00
  • 03:30
  • Tips for getting a : To obtain a gold in this you will need to defeat four waves of enemies and head for the end. I recommend having your Force Repulse, Force Lightning, and Force Saber Throw at their max level to make things quick and easy for you. The first wave has a Cryo-Mech and some Saber Guards. Take the shield off of the cryo-mech and throw out 2 fully powered Force Repulses, than use the animated cutscene to take him out. The second wave is a bunch of jumptroopers and a Terror Biodroid. Focus on the jumptroopers instantly by giving them some Force Lightning. Use you saber throw on the Terror Biodroid until the X above his head appears. Instead of using the animated cutscene give him a fully powered Force Repulse to save time. Next room head straight to the back and get rid of the three snipers before even noticing the pyro-mech. Use either Force Lightning or Force Push on the snipers. Take the pyro-mechs shield away and use your Saber Throw on him until the X above his head appears. Use the animated cutscene on this one to kill him. The final wave has 2 imperial guards and 2 terror troopers. Use your lightning to stun the terror troopers and than grab them with +, dash over to them and stab them to finish them off quickly. Do the same to the imperial guards except you don't want to use your Force Lightning on them because they will just start attacking you ten-fold.

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Complete the first ten challenges with at least a Bronze medal in each.

The bronze medals shouldn't really be worrying. Focus more on doing your best and you should be able to get this without much trouble. See the Champion trophy for tips on beating the missions.

Complete one challenge and receive at least a Bronze medal.

You should be able to get this after your very first mission. The bronze qualifications aren't difficult at all so you shouldn't be presented with much of a problem at all. See the Champion trophy for tips on beating the missions.

Hat Trick
Get a Gold medal on any 3 challenges.

You will get this one while going for the Champion trophy. See the Champion trophy for tips on beating the missions.

Get a platinum medal on any challenge.

This one isn't as difficult as it sounds. The easiest challenge to get a platinum medal on is without a doubt level 7, the Terror Trial. Read the description I gave in Champion for the Terror Trial to be able to get this medal as easy as possible.

Get a Silver medal on any 5 challenges.

Silver medals aren't overly difficult to obtain either. You can usually get at least a silver when trying any of the challenges for the first time. After you get at least silver on at least 5 different challenges you will get this trophy. See the Champion trophy for tips on beating the missions.

Activate Force Fury 10 times.

Whenever you have your Fury meter full (located in the bottom left hand corner) you can activate Fury by pressing L3 and R3 together. Depending on how often you use it/remember to use it will vary on how long it will take to get this trophy. For the easiest method to get it out of the way is every time your Fury meter fills up all the way simply activate it and deactivate it right away. It will take a chunk of the Fury meter away but you will not have to fill the entire thing up again next time you want to use it.

Tip from nono5150:

When you are at the end of the very first level and you are pit up against two AT-MPs with Vader's TIE Advanced in the background, you can run behind the TIE fighter as soon as you learn how to use Force Fury before killing any of the enemies triggering the cutscene, and activate and deactivate Force Fury 10 times to get the trophy since you have an unlimited Force Fury bar there.

Enjoy The Trip See You Next Fall
Cause 50 enemies to fall to their deaths.

Whenever you see an enemy you can use your Force Grip on them and throw them off the edge of a platform or you can use to Force Push an enemy off the edge. You should get this trophy pretty early in the game if you casually just throw enemies around off of platforms. If you want to get this trophy done and out of the way you can start up chapter 2 and Force Push all of the enemies in the beginning off of the platform, get to a checkpoint, quit out and repeat using chapter select.

Maxed Out
Upgrade all Force Powers to Rank 3.

To get this trophy you will obviously need to max out all Force Powers to level 3. You will not get this in a single playthrough unless you purposely die a lot to grind certain areas. If you complete the game on Hard and than do the challenges and start Unleashed through chapter select it shouldn't take you that many levels to get enough Force Experience to completely Max everything out. If you want to have everything maxed out to make your unleashed playthrough easier I recommend grinding level 1 or 7 on Hard.

Required experience to upgrade each Force Power:

From level 1 to 2:
Saber - 20,000
Push - 16,500
Lightning - 20,000
Grip - 22,500
Mind Trick - 22,500
Saber Throw - 25,000
Repulse - 25,000

From level 2 to 3:
Saber - 45,000
Push - 45,000
Lightning - 52,000
Grip - 52,000
Mind Trick - 50,000
Saber Throw - 50,000
Repulse -50,000

Use the Force, Luke
Complete any combat level using only Force Powers.

This trophy is best attempted after you complete the game and have a your stats increased to at least level 2 each. Start up level 1 again but DO NOT use your sabers or at all. Ignore all the command prompts that tell you to use your sabers. you will have to do the entire level like this. You must also use your Force Lightning, Force Grip, Force Push, Mind Trick, and Force Repulse at least once each during the level. When you get to the cryo-mech you CAN do the action sequence to destroy it. Make it to the end and when you get in Vader's TIE Advanced it will trigger the cutscene and you will get the trophy. Just make sure you try as hard as you possibly can NOT to use your sabers. I am sure at this point it is part of a habit and it is possible you can do it without realizing so if you accidentally slip up than very quickly change your costume to return to the last checkpoint.

Lucky Streak
Defeat 300 consecutive enemies without dying.

I got this one on the first level playing on Hard while going for the Use the Force, Luke. You can't die for any reason whether it being an enemy killing you or dying to the environment. If you are having trouble getting this trophy try playing on an easier difficulty using chapter select. If you don't die on level 1 than you should receive this trophy by the time you face the first cryo-mech. You can also try level 7 since the spider droids come in large numbers and die very quickly when you use your Force repulse. Also make sure to take full advantage of using your Force powers as much as possible when going for this trophy. If you are still experiencing a lot of trouble you can use chapter select to replay a level on an easier difficulty. Either way kill 300 enemies before dying and you will get the trophy.

Sky Killer
Destroy 15 TIE Fighters.

This trophy can also be obtained shortly after the training missions of level 1. What you want to do is at the part where you have to use your Force grip to continue the level, simply turn around on that curved platform facing the door you came through earlier before facing the wave of stormtroopers. You will be able to grab the Tie Fighters flying by with the Force Grip (). By holding the Force Grip you will actually crush the ships into a ball. You can simply crush 15 of them or you can use one to destroy another one. Either way there will be a lot more than 15 Tie Fighters there so you can easily obtain this trophy.

Destroy 200 Terror Spider Droids.

You get this one on level 6. You will meet a group of enemies called "Terror Spider Droids" and they all swarm you. These are the enemies in the room where you learn the Force Repulse. There are more than 200 on this level so don't worry to much about this trophy so long as you are killing every enemy that you encounter along the way. A good way to get rid of these annoying creatures is to jump into the air just once and hold your Force Repulse until it lets itself go, since they travel in groups you will take a lot more enemies out at once.

It Burns!
Disintegrate 15 enemies by throwing them into red force fields.

Once you learn how to use the Mind Trick technique you will have to jump out of windows leading to the lower level to continue the story. There are a few waves of stormtroopers and some red barriers. Simply pick up the stormtroopers with the Force Grip and send them sailing into the force-field, killing them and counting towards the 15. Once you have sent 15 enemies into those barriers the trophy will unlock.

Pied Piper
Entice 10 stormtroopers to leap to their deaths with Mind Trick.

Once you learn how to use the Mind Trick technique you will have to go through a puzzle like group of red barriers. Once you reach the end you will have to fight a bigger mech. After dispatching him you will come to a string of walkways. This is a great spot to just get it out of the way. Use the Mind Trick (+) on the enemies. Some will attack other stormtroopers but if you are near the edge they will just jump off. Keep using the Mind Trick and once 10 enemies have jump to their death you will receive the trophy.

Holocron Hunter
Find every holocron

This trophy is simple enough. All you have to do is collect every holocron in the game, most are obvious but some are hidden. I took the time to note where every single one was with great detail to help anyone looking for any of the holocrons. I split them up by level and I noted what each and every holocron was.

Holocron locations:

Level 1 - KAMINO "The Escape":
  1. The first one is basically un-missable. After you get out of training and start the level you will have to pull out a platform using your Force Grip. The holocron is located right on the other side of the platform up top. It is a Chaos Saber Crystal.
  2. The next one is pretty out in the open also. After you are told you can Force Grip Tie Fighters and you go through a wave of stormtroopers and you have to dash through a series of lasers, the holocron will be waiting in the hallway after all three laser machines. This holocron will be a Meditation Saber Crystal.
  3. The next one is shortly after the the prior holocron. You will be walking outside on a narrow path with a few paths will jut out from the left. On the second platform jutting out from the left, you will see a green holocron. Collect it for a Green Bacta Tank (A health upgrade holocron).
  4. The next holocron is difficult to miss also. You will have to use your Force Grip to stop some spinning blades. after you will fall down a hole and have to throw objects at computers to deactivate the force-field so you can continue. After you deactivate the force-field you will continue down a hallway and be attacked by three stormtroopers. Dispatch them and continue into the next room. The holocron will be sitting on the table in the middle of the room. This holocron is an Experience Holocron.
  5. Once you lift a platform up to continue the level you will have to fight your way down a walkway fighting stormtroopers. Once you reach the end you will confront your first set of jumptroopers, take care of the three of them. You will have to jump across to the other side, but there will be a holocron between the two platforms. Simply Double Jump and Dash to reach the holocron and clear the gap. The holocron is a yellow Experience Holocron.
  6. After you fight the second cryo-mech (the enemies that freezes you), you will head through a door. Look to the left and you will see a purple holocron. It is a Blue Bancta Tank (A Force Gauge upgrade holocron).

Level 2 - CATO NEIMOIDIA "The Eastern Arch":
  1. The first holocron is located right after you dispatch of the Sith Acolytes (The red enemies that you can't use force powers on) in the beginning of the level. You will need to go to the right to continue the level. Instead take the ramp to the far right platform opposite the one you started on. In the back of a couple of stacked crates is a red holocron which is the Protection Saber Crystal Holocron.
  2. The second holocron is located right after the the rail train goes off and you dispatch of the enemy stormtroopers. A cutscene will show you which way to go revealing a holocron along the way. Simply raise the right most platform and use the center platform to jump up and reach it. This is going to be an Experience Holocron.
  3. After you get to the second room with the globe like ball in the middle you will have to blast through a door in the next room(It is the second door in the level you have to blast through). When you blast through the door look on the left hand side of the platform and it will be sitting there. It is a holocron for a Fury Saber Crystal Holocron.
  4. You will come to your third room with a ball int the middle before the falling bridge sequence. If you remove the ball, the holocron will be sitting there. It is a Healing Saber Crystal Holocron.
  5. During the Bridge sequence while you are running from the ship shooting the bridge away from under you there is another holocron and you can just see it when you enter the area. The holocron will be located in the middle of the walkway but you will need to jump to collect it. This holocron is another Blue Bacta Tank Holocron.
  6. The next holocron is right after the previous one. After the bridge sequence you will come into a room that you have to blast a door to get into. Once inside you will see the holocron in plain sight straight ahead of you on the balcony's railing. Simply use the platform near the railing to jump up to the balcony and pick up the holocron. This holocron is a Green Bacta Tank Holocron.
  7. After using your Saber Throw to destroy an elevator in the casino you will have to jump down it to get to the next area. Once down, head to the right and dispatch of the AT-MP. On the balcony above you is another holocron only this time instead of being on a rail it is in the middle of the platform. Grab the holocron while getting rid of the enemies up top. This holocron is an Experience Holocron.
  8. This holocron is located after breaking through the wall that the cryo-mechs froze. You will see a giant holocron of Jabba Da Hut at the end of the hallway with 3 video game machines in front of it. Destroy all 3 machines and you will receive The Guybrush Threepkiller Costume Holocron.

Level 3 - CATO NEIMOIDIA "The Western Arch":
  1. As soon as you get off of the tram car look to your right on the platform you start on. There will be an Experience holocron tucked away where passengers would board the tram.
  2. After you beat the first cryo-mech you will have to dispatch a swarm of jumptroopers and other stormtroopers than open a red forcefield and take care of more enemies. Once you get rid of them you will need to open another red forcefield while you are being shot at by 3 snipers. Once you open up the forcefield head to the side with the snipers on it and kill them. Immediately look up and you will see a red holocron. Use one of the crates in the previous walkway to jump on to reach it. It is your second Chaos Saber Crystal.
  3. After you defeat the two cryo-mechs right after the last holocron you will have to open a third red forcefield to reach the building ahead. Once you run into the building it will be right on the left as soon as you run in. This holocron is a Blue Bacta Tank.
  4. The next Holocron is located on the walkway when you are blasting through doors and fighting cryo-mechs. After you blast through your second door you will be confronted with a cryo-mech and a few snipers. The holocron is located right in the middle of the platform in plain sight. It is a Green Bacta Tank.
  5. Once you take down the Gunship you will slide down a set of tubes and into a museum looking room with a dinosaur skeleton hanging. An elevator will go down to the ground level. Take the elevator up to about where the dinosaurs spine is (If you go up too high you will trigger a cutscene). There is a walkway to the left facing the wall while on the elevator (on the right if facing the dinosaur). You will need to double-jump and dash to get to the platform. Head left and you will find an Experience Holocron at the end of the walkway.
  6. Immediately after collecting the the previous holocron you are going to want to turn around and jump down over the edge and stay close to the wall. Try to land on the little platform which has a door that can not be opened. To the left of the door is another enclosed walkway. double jump and dash into that walkway and follow it to the left and pick up the holocron. This holocron is a Corrosion Sabre Crystal.

Level 4 - CATO NEIMOIDIA "The Tarko-se Arena":

Level 5 - DAGOBAH:
  1. The first one you will see during the cutscene leading into this level. It is on top of the ship. Once you regain control of your character simply hop on top of the shit and grab the holocron. This is an Experience Holocron.
  2. As soon as you collect the first holocron, turn around and drop off the back of the ship. There will be a rock near the right rear corner of the ship. Pick up the rock using your Force Grip and collect the holocron hiding where the rock was. This is a Blue Bacta Tank Holocron.
  3. Once you are off the ship and continuing (immediately after jumping up to the path from your ship where you would turn left to continue the level, instead go straight), you will see a little hut in the fog and a red glow to the right of the hut behind some branches. This is the next holocron. This is a Life Drain Saber Crystal.
  4. As you make your way back past the hut and continue along the path, there will be a big rock to your left. Pick it up and move it out of the way to reveal another holocron. This is a Green Bacta Holocron.
  5. After you collect the Green Bacta Holocron simply continue following the path and it is in plain sight over a river. This is a Focus Saber Crystal.
  6. From where you collected the previous holocron, look straight ahead and you will be able to see the next holocron; Collect it. This is an Experience Holocron.

Level 6 - THE SALVATION "Aboard The Salvation":
  1. The first one here is in the room right after you learn the Force Repulse technique. Defeat all of the spider droids and take the coil and place it in the door access panel and shoot it with electricity. Once the door opens up the holocron will be right in the middle of the following hallway. This holocron is a Regeneration Saber Crystal.
  2. The next one is obtainable a little past the cutscene showing Juno on the other side of a blue force-field. You will have to backtrack and fight a new and fast enemy. Take him down using electricity then get rid of the newly spawned enemies and use the coil to open the next door. Take care of the 6 enemies in this next room and head through the next door. In the next room there will be a coil sitting right outside of an access panel. DO NOT use the coil in that access panel. Instead use your Force Grip to bring the coil to the left side of the room and down the hallway. Use the coil in the door down there and there will be a room with 3 tubes. Break the middle tube to reveal a hidden holocron. This will be a Green Bacta tank Holocron.
  3. The next holocron will be shortly after the cutscene where you see Juno getting taken away. Defeat the enemies here and proceed as normal. you will get to a long hallway and see an explosion at the end of it. Kill the spider droids and head left through the hole in the wall. Head right through the hole in that wall and than through the hole in the wall to the left. It will trigger a cutscene showing the hallway all destroyed. Right after that you will be on a platform. while looking out the door you can drop down to the left onto a grate with a holocron on it. Collect the holocron and get back on that ledge because the grate will fall after a short period of time. This is a Blue Bacta Tank Holocron.
  4. After you navigate through the damaged hallway you will come to a room with a hallway leading down to a drop chute. You will have to navigate through lasers and around machinery. At the end of this room you will come to a spinning module that you have to use Force Grip to stop so you can pass through. One you get to the next room, bear to the left and stay on the left side of the room. There will be two spinning wheels with an electric current in the center on them you have to wait for to pass through. Once through there will be another set of two on the left hand side and between the two wheels is a holocron. This is an Experience Holocron.
  5. Once through the puzzling rooms with all the spinning wheels and lasers you will come to a long hallway with a door at the end. Once you go through the door you will notice that you are on 1 of 4 platforms. Instead of jumping down you are going to want to jump to the plat form to the right and look across the way towards the far right hand platform. On top of the generator's wire you will see a holocron. You must double jump to dash to reach this one. This is an Experience Holocron.
  6. After defeating the Terror Walker you will head through a destroyed tunnel. At the end of the tunnel you will come to an open room and in the far back corner there will be a holocron waiting for you. This is a Wisdom Saber Crystal.

Level 7 - THE SALVATION "The Battle for The Salvation":
  1. The first one here is after you dispatch of the second wave of enemies. Once the third wave appears, a set of snipers will appear on the balcony to the far right. Jump up top to seek any shelter you may need and to destroy the three snipers. Once you have gotten rid of the 3 of them head into the little cubby to the right and you will see the pod in which the snipers entered the room from. There is a holocron hidden inside. This is an Experience Holocron.
  2. Once you are in the engine room you will get to a part where you have to use your Force Grip on a core and send it into a spinning wheel with electricity in it through laser beams (Second room in the engine room). You will come to a part right after jumping through the newly destroyed wheel where the game lets you know that unstable (red) cores can be destroyed by giving them a little Force Lightning. Right there destroy the wall of unstable cores and there will be a holocron tucked on the right hand side but still in plain view. This is a Green Bacta Tank Holocron.
  3. The next holocron is located after you leave the engine rooms. Jump down to where you met your first Terror Biodroid where you will have to fight against about 6 Sith Laser Fighters, 5 snipers, a bunch of stormtroopers, and an AT-MP. Once you defeat them the barrier to continue the level disappears and you may proceed. As you are going down that hallway you will see it just laying there. This holocron is a Meditation Saber Crystal.
  4. The next holocron is located in the long hallway where you saw the explosion in level 6. You will meet a pyro-mech at the end of this long hallway for the first time. After taking him down look in his ship for another holocron. This is an Incineration Saber Crystal Holocron.
  5. The next one is located right after the second pyro-mech. You will come to a small hallway attached to an open room whic has another hallway straight ahead of you with snipers. Instead of heading toward them head to the left. There will be a room and small hallway full of Terror Spider Bombs destroy the center tube for a holocron and the bombs for a trophy. This is a Blue Bacta Tank Holocron.
  6. After taking care of the third pyro-mech of the level you will come to a part where you have to use your Force Grip on an elevator to lift it up so you can drop down. After you drop down do not head forward to continue the level but instead turn around and jump into the little enclosed tunnel. Inside at the end of this tunnel is another Holocron. This is an Experience Holocron.
  7. After you use the giant gun that you have to power up to destroy the Star Destroyer, jump onto the "barrel" of the gun and look to your immediate left. High in the corner tucked away is a holocron. You will need to jump down and stack the two boxes in the corner a little offset so you can still climb up without it falling down, and double jump to reach it. This holocron is your second Healing Saber Crystal Holocron.

Level 8 - KAMINO "The Return":
  1. The first one here is as soon as the level starts. Run straight through and spawn the two AT-ATs. You will need to climb the pile of rubble directly to your left. At the top is a holocron. This is a Green Bacta Tank Holocron.
  2. The second one is as soon as you take care of all 3 AT-ATs, both AT-MPs, and all the stormtroopers, snipers and jumptroopers. You will need to climb the farthest back pile on the left. This is where you jump from to go through the window to take out the laser cannon. Grab the holocron between that platform and the laser. This is an Experience Holocron.
  3. The next holocron is located shortly after watching a TIE Fighter take down the bridge you are heading towards. Go into the next room and kill all the stormtroopers and jumptroopers. Once they are all gone use one of the grids closer to the upper ledge to be able to reach. Double jump and dash and head to the right side end and pick up the holocron. This is a Blue Bacta Tank.
  4. Once you have met up with Kota and went back outside you will have to make your way through a wave of snipers, stormtroopers, and a Terror Biodroid. Once you have defeated them you will climb up a couple of platforms and see two AT-MPs down below. Take them out from up top by either deflecting their missiles back at them or Force Grabbing them and throwing them back. take one of the crates from the platform you are on down below or you will miss out on this holocron. Take out the little swarm of stormtroopers and set up the crate to jump on top of the turbine and collect the holocron. This is a Disintegration Saber Crystal Holocron.
  5. When you go past the onslaught of enemies outside and you get back inside, you will take an elevator down to a room full of spider-mechs and a pyro-mech. Take these guys out first and then while facing the doors you are going to use the exit, look to the left on the outer perimeter of the room for another holocron. This is a Shock Saber Crystal Holocron.
  6. The final holocron is located near the top of the spire when climbing up. You will notice that most platforms with tubes are spinning. The second set of platforms that aren't spinning is where the holocron is. When you arrive on the second non-spinning platform you will see the holocron in a glass tube on the platform to your left. jump over and destroy the tube and collect your holocron. This is an Experience Holocron.

Poor Bob
Force Grip a Stormtrooper, impale him with a lightsaber, zap him with Force Lightning, then throw him into an object

This one isn't difficult at all and can be done as early as level 1. Simply go into a wave of stormtroopers and dispatch of all but 1 of them. You can't hit him before doing this in any way or the trophy will not unlock. Force Grip your enemy () and while force gripping them tap to throw your saber at the enemy and than while he is still impaled, simply tap to send a bit of lightning at him. Once you have given him a nice zap, use the Force Grip to throw him into any destructible item on the level to finish him off. Once you do this the trophy will pop up moments later.

Return to Sender
Kill an AT-MP by gripping its own missiles and throwing them back.

Whenever you encounter an AT-MP and are far back away from it, it will shoot rockets at you. You are going to want to grab them using your Force Grip as soon as they leave the AT-MP and send them right back at him. On Hard difficulty it will take 3 of its own rockets to destroy it and you must destroy it using nothing more than it's own rockets. The best place to get this trophy is the second AT-MP you encounter in level 2 because the first one you will want to kill with Vader's TIE Fighter, and the second one you don't have to worry about the stormtroopers right away.

Up, Up and Away
Overload 20 Jumptrooper jet packs.

Whenever you see a jumptrooper use the Force Lightnning on them until they start to fly around crazily. If you do this to each enemy you see than you will receive this trophy in the beginning of level 3. There are 6 jumptroopers on level 1, 8 on level 2, and 12+ on level 3. You can also start up level 3 and play it up to the Gunship, save and quit and start up the level again using chapter select and Force Lightning them again for the trophy.

Passive Aggressive
Parry and counter 10 melee attacks.

To get this trophy you will have to be fighting against the Saber Wielding enemies. Wait for them to strike and right before the move connects with you. you will have to hit to parry the attack. After the parry they will be left wide open so just give them a little slash from your saber with . You can either spread this out throughout the entire game OR you can get it done against just one enemy. To get it done and out of the way find yourself a Saber Wielding baddy and get as many parry to counters as you can off of him before killing him. Than change your outfit to bring you to your last checkpoint, find him again, and rinse and repeat until the trophy pops up.

Awww Yeah...
Perform every combat move in the game (excluding combos that require Rank 3 Saber).

You will need to perform EVERY move available in the game at some point or another to receive this trophy. You will also need at least level 2 upgrades for everything. Most of the moves do not need to even be used on anyone (Only a few moves such as parrying and defensive moves need an enemy around). They can be performed out in the middle of an open room so long as you have your upgrades. Here is a list of the moves you will need to perform to get this trophy:

Saber+Saber Force Moves

  1. (Hold)
  2. (Hold)
  3. (Hold)
  4. (Hold)
  5. (Hold)
  6. (Hold)
  7. (Hold)
  8. (Hold)
  9. (Hold)
  10. (Hold)
  11. (Hold)
  12. (Hold)
  13. (Hold)
  14. (Hold)
  15. (Hold)
  16. (Hold)
  17. (Hold)
  18. (Hold)
  19. (Hold)
  20. (Hold)
  21. (Hold)
  22. (Hold)
  23. (Hold)
  24. (Hold)
  25. (Hold)
  26. (Hold)
  27. (Hold)
  28. (Hold)
  29. (Hold)
  30. (Hold)
  31. (Hold)
  32. (Hold)
  33. (Hold) +
  34. (Hold) + (Hold until it releases itself)

Force Powers:
  1. (Hold) + (need enemy)
  2. (Hold) +
  3. (Hold) + (Hold until it releases itself)

  4. (Hold until it releases itself)

  5. (Hold any object)
  6. (Hold) +
  7. (Hold) +
  8. (Hold) +
  9. (Hold) + Left stick (Hold and release to throw object in any direction)

Aerial Combos:

  1. (hold until it releases itself)
  2. (hold until it releases itself)
  3. (hold until it releases itself)


  1. (when a missile is right near you to deflect it)
  2. (when a Saber wielding enemy is about to hit you for a parry)
  3. (when a Saber wielding enemy is about to hit you for a parry) followed up with

Dashing Moves:

  1. +
  2. +
  3. +

To the Face!
Reflect 20 missiles back at AT-MPs.

Any time you see an AT-MP stay far back enough so that it doesn't shoot you with it's gun but instead shoots rockets at you. You will have to block () right before the rocket hits you instead of Force Gripping it. On hard each AT-MP you face will be able to withstand 3 hits each so you won't get this until you defeat 7 enemies like this.

Upgrade one Power to Rank 3.

Depending on how you spend your Force Points will determine when you will receive this trophy throughout the game. See Maxed Out to get an idea of how much each upgrade costs and how to get more Force Points. I found it very useful to save up and purchase level 2 and 3 Force Lightning first before upgrading anything else and it helped me out a lot.

Fully Charged
Use an entire bar of Force Power on a lightning attack.

This trophy can be received as early as the training missions. However it may be easier right after the training because there won't be a constant flood of people shooting you. You will want to kill all of the stormtroopers that travel in a group except one. This will leave him completely open to the fierce lightning storm you will be placing upon him. When you have your blue Force Power bar completely filled you simply have to go up to an enemy and hold down until the bar depletes (even if it looks like the enemy already disintegrated). Once the bar is fully drained you can stop holding down and the trophy will pop a few seconds later.

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