Players: One only
Trophy Difficulty: 5/10 (Cheats enabled) 8/10 (No cheats)
Online: No online play available
Approx time to Platinum: 10-25 Hours
Playthroughs Needed: 1 (Sith Master)
Missable trophies: None
Glitched trophies: None
Cheats: Yes.
Cheats affect trophies: Yes, but there is a work around. (See links below)

[top]Tips and Strategies

CHEATS Here is a link to a full list of cheats for Star Wars: Force Unleashed, with an explanation on how to use some without affecting the trophies. Thanks Maff33.

SITH MASTER GLITCH Here is a link with an explanation on how to make your Sith Master playthrough a lot easier. Thanks Kevinnummer1 for the tip.

[top]Road Map

Below is a guide for the quickest and easiest route to gain that elusive Platinum trophy. You do not have to follow this road map, but playing the game without unlocking Sith Master will mean 2 playthroughs.

Step 1: Unlocking Sith Master
If you are in it for the Platinum, and lets be honest if your using my guide you are. Then unlocking Sith Master will make things a lot easier. For information on how to unlock Sith Master click here.

Step 2: Complete Sith Master Playthrough
Easier said than done, as there are some pretty difficult boss fights in this game, but do not fear, there is a glitch that can be used to make things a lot easier.

Step 3: Mop up all Leftovers!
With the hard part out the way, all you should really have left are the Kills trophies. You can get the majority through playing the prologue and farming kills. For the kill trophies you cannot achieve playing as Darth Vader, just use mission select and choose a more relevant level to farm the rest.


100% Complete
Unlock all trophies

Easy enough to obtain using cheats, but very unforgiving without. This Platinum trophy will unlock once all other NON-DLC trophies have been awarded. Then say hello to a very rewarding new Platinum.

Complete level - Prologue

Story related trophy: In the prologue you play as Darth Vadar (who by the way, is invincible) fighting on Kashyyyk, the home planet of the Wookies. This is by far the easiest and shortest of the story levels and should not cause anyone too much trouble even on Sith Master difficulty. Many of the trophies are attainable on this level alone, but most importantly remember that both the Bossk and Worst Day-Shift Manager Ever trophies can only be acheived on this level. The trophy is awarded when you beat 'Rogue Jedi' (Kento Marek) at the end of the level.

Complete level - TIE Factory, act 1

Story related trophy: You play as Galen Marek (Codename Starkiller) son of Jedi Kento Marek. This is the first level that you will come across an AT-ST, deminish its health enough by throwing explosive barrels towards it and a button sequence will start to finish it off. Completing this level will unlock your Force Lightning ability. The trophy is awarded when you beat General Rahm Kota at the end of the level. See below for help on beating General Kota...

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Complete level - Raxus Prime, act 1

Story related trophy: You will come across a few Junk Titans on this level, just use your Force Lightning and dodge its attacks before a button sequence finishes them off. The trophy is awarded when you beat Kazdan Paratus, he will summon two Junk Titans, at seperate times during the fight, kill them in the same way as before. Force Lightning is your best friend, just try to dodge Kazdan's attacks as they will deminish your health very quickly. Completing this level will unlock your Force Repulse ability. See below for video help on beating Kazdan Paratus...

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Jedi Hunt
Complete level - Felucia, act 1

Story related trophy: This level brings you your first taste of Rancors, Force Lightning works well against the beast and again a button sequence will see the Rancor off. The trophy will be awarded when you beat Shaak Ti at the end of the level. See below for help on the boss fight...

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Complete level - Empirical, act 2

Story related trophy: This is one of two shorter levels and also has no boss at the end. The main objective is to escape the ship ISS Empirical. This level will unlock the Lightsaber throw ability. Once you escape the ship the trophy will unlock.

Vapour Room
Complete level - Cloud City, act 2

Story related trophy: The main objective of this level is to escape Cloud City with General Kota in toe. This is the second of the two short levels and the trophy is unlocked when you beat the Shadow Guard and escape at the end of the level. Completing this level will unlock the Lightning Shield ability.

Complete level - Kashyyyk, act 2

Story related trophy: You are on Kashyyk to find a mysterious item. When you beat Captain Ozzik Sturn, who resides in a souped up AT-KT at the end of the level the trophy will unlock. See below for help against Sturn...

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Complete level - Felucia, act 2

Story related trophy: In this level you will have to fight a Bull Rancor just before you fight the levels boss, Maris Brood, after which you will be rewarded with this trophy.

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Complete level - Raxus Prime, act 2

Story related trophy: On this level you will meet, and fight a familiar face in the form of Darth Maul, the trophy will be awarded when you destroy the Star Destroyer at the end of the level.

Complete the game - Dark Side

Story related trophy: This trophy is awarded when you complete the level 'Death Star' by beating Darth Vadar. When you are given the choice jump off the balcony to the right instead of facing the Emperor. Unfortunately you cannot get this trophy and the Redemption trophy in the same playthrough as they are alternative endings.

Complete the game - Light Side

Story related trophy: This trophy is awarded when you complete the game by beating Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious. Just reload the last level on Apprentice difficulty after beating the game on the Dark side and fight the Emperor instead of Darth Vadar to receive this trophy.

Complete the game on Apprentice difficulty

Easy - Just complete the game and this trophy will be yours.

Sith Warrior
Complete the game on Sith Warrior difficulty

Medium - Just complete the game and this trophy will be yours.

Sith Lord
Complete the game on Sith Lord difficulty

Hard - Just complete the game and this trophy will be yours.

Sith Master
Complete the game on Sith Master difficulty

This difficulty is locked when you first start the game, but can be unlocked without playing through on another difficulty setting. Just start a new game and in the pause menu under codes enter SITHSPAWN. This will unlock SITH MASTER difficulty and will not effect trophies. The difficulty trophies ARE stackable!

Sith Training
Complete all Training Room Lessons

Sith Training covers just five tutorials which consist of Push Tutorial, Lightsaber Flourish Tutorial and Grip, Lightning and Repulse Tutorials. All five are pretty easy and should not hold much of a challenge.

Sith Trials
Complete all Training Room challenges and Combat Modules

Sith Trials consist of 5 Training Room Challenges (Push, Grip, Lightning, Repulse and Lightsaber Flourish) and 11 Combat Modules. The Training Room challenges unlock once you complete the relevant tutorial. The Combat modules unlock through playing the Story mode. Playing these challenges/modules on Apprentice difficulty would be best to avoid frustration on harder settings.

PROXY Won't Be Happy
Destroy 35 droids

This is an easy trophy, just kill any droid (that isn't attacking you) through the levels, and by the end of the level you should have this. If by some chance you dont, replay the start of TIE Factory, act 1, where there are 6 droids to kill, just play this part over and over till you unlock the trophy. (If you play Sith Master difficulty first you will probably die enough times to receive this trophy on the TIE Factory level).

Rebel Leader
Defeat 500 Imperials

You will probably achieve this trophy through normal play, but if you want it quick or for some reason it didn't unlock in your playthrough, there is a stormtrooper spawn point on the prologue just after the gate you Force Push open. Kill the 3 stormtroopers, look away and 3 more should spawn, rinse and repeat.

Cannon Fodder
Defeat 150 Stormtroopers

Another easily obtained trophy. Simply kill 150 Stormtroopers and its yours. If you kill all the Stormtroopers you see you should get this trophy before the end of your first playthrough. This trophy is attainable on the prologue using the spawn point.

The Harder They Fall
Defeat 10 AT-ST or AT-KTs

Killing one of these bad boys can be a challenge at first, the first one you will encounter is on TIE Factory, act 1. You will need to deminish their health bar to a point where you can activate a button challenge to finish them off. You should be able to kill 10 through normal completion of the game.

The Bigger They Are
Defeat 6 Rancors

You will come across 6 Rancors as you progress through the story, four on your first trip to Felucia and two on your second. They can attack from distance due to their long arms, try to avoid their attacks by running about and attack using Force Lightning whenever a chance pops up.

Defeat 25 Ugnaughts or Jawas

Very easy trophy and should unlock around the end of the Cloud City level. Just kill all the Jawas you come across on Raxus Prime and then all the Ugnaughts on Cloud City.

Defeat 200 Wookies on Kashyyyk Prologue

There is a point in the Kashyyyk Prologue on a bridge (just after a Starfighter destroys another bridge) where an infinite amount of wookies will spawn, just stay put and you'll eventually get this, but if you wander further you will reach the boss fight (Master Kento) and cannot turn back.

Earn 250,000 Force Points on a single level

See Legend below.

Earn 500,000 Force Points on a single level

See Legend below.

Earn 600,000 Force Points on a single level

This is achievable on any level but is probably easiest on TIE Factory, act 1. The more you use your Force attacks and combos the quicker the points add up. It will take a while to acheive this kind of score so try the level on Sith Master, you die a lot easier and the points you earn will stack.

Corellian Star
Complete all bonus objectives on one level

Again earning this trophy is most likely easiest on TIE Factory, act 1. To find out what the bonus objectives on the level your playing are just press select on your controller. See Holocron Collector below for help with the Holocron locations.

Holocron Collector
Collect all Jedi holocrons in the game

There are a total of 115 Holocrons to collect over the nine levels. Check out the spoiler below for a short guide, for more in-depth help search the web for a Holocron guide, there are a few about.

Toggle Spoiler

Defeat 100 enemies with Saber Throw

See Lightsaber Throw Mastery below.

Lightsaber Throw Mastery
Defeat 500 enemies with Saber Throw

Lightsaber throw will unlock at the end of the ISS Empirical level. So you can acheive this using Starkiller through normal progression of the game. This is easily acheivable on the prologue too, using Darth Vadar, just hold down and tap . Use the spawn point on the bridge if you are struggling for enemies to kill.

Defeat 100 enemies with a grapple move

For this trophy you need to purchase either Sith Flurry, Sith Throw or Sith Punt, which you can find in 'Force Upgrades'. An easier way to acheive this is to use Darth Vadar on the prologue and kill 100 enemies using his choke hold by pressing , which counts as a grapple move.

Defeat 100 enemies with Aerial Ambush juggle combos

A leaping slam ( + ) is by far the easiest way to unlock this trophy, simply attack using your Lightsaber while in the air to slam down on your enemy. This can be achieved on the prologue using Darth Vadar or in the story using Starkiller.

Defeat 100 enemies with Force Push

See Force Push Mastery below.

Force Push Mastery
Defeat 500 enemies with Force Push

This power is available to use from the get go, and can be used by either pressing for a quick burst or holding for a stronger push. It is possible to unlock this on the prologue using Darth Vadar and either of the two spawn points on the level.

Defeat 100 enemies with Force Grip

See Force Grip Mastery below.

Force Grip Mastery
Defeat 500 enemies with Force Grip

To use Force Grip hold down while aiming at an enemy and using either or to direct where to throw the enemy. It may be a good idea to damage a stronger enemies health first before you use your grip move. This can again be unlocked on the prologue.

Defeat 100 enemies with Force Lightning

See Force Lightning Mastery below.

Force Lightning Mastery
Defeat 500 enemies with Force Lightning


Force Lightning unlocks at the end of TIE Factory, act 1. To use it press or hold (with upgrade) . This trophy is only possible using Starkiller as Force Lightning is one of the powers Darth Vadar doesn't have. This is your best weapon and this will probably be one of the first Mastery trophies you unlock.

Defeat 100 enemies with Force Repulse


See Force Repulse Mastery below.

Force Repulse Mastery
Defeat 500 enemies with Force Repulse


This power is unlocked at the end of Raxus Prime, act 1. To use Force Repulse hold down and either press or hold .

Defeat 100 enemies with Lightning Shield


See Lightning Shield Mastery below.

Lightning Shield Mastery
Defeat 500 enemies with Lightning Shield


This power is unlocked at the end of Cloud City, act 2. Just hold down then hold . The Lightning shield needs upgrading to level 2 or 3 to be affective as a weapon and will kill any nearby weaker enemy.

Get a Frenzy x4 bonus


See Sith Lord Frenzy below for details of how to acheive a Frenzy bonus.

Sith Frenzy
Get a Frenzy x8 bonus

See Sith Lord Frenzy below for details of how to acheive a Frenzy bonus.

Sith Lord Frenzy
Get a Frenzy x12 bonus

By far the easiest of all the Star Wars: Force Unleashed trophies, a Frenzy bonus is awarded by simply killing multiple enemies in quick succession. The Frenzy bonus begins after your 3rd kill and increases by 1 for every kill after that, and as long as you keep killing quickly it is very possible to get all 3 Frenzy trophies on your first attempt at the prologue. These trophies can be acheived anywhere with multiple enemies attacking.

Worst Day-Shift Manager Ever
Kill 12 Stormtroopers as Vader during the Prologue

I love this trophy, it's a nice and easy one too. Just kill 12 Stormtroopers while playing as Darth Vadar on the Kashyyyk prologue. You can kill them in anyway and they do respawn so you will not run out of opportunities to kill them.

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