Players: 1
Online Trophies: 0
Estimated Time to 100%: 3-5 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1+ clean up
Collectible Trophies: A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste
Missable Trophies: none chapter select

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • While mind reading they can be fast forwarded by holding the left stick either left for rewind and right for fast forward
  • Cut scenes can be skipped by holding
  • You can flip through your inventory of stickers with the on the d-pad
  • Remember to check both dead and alive things for minds to read some have them some don't
  • The guards who are yawning have the sleepy stickers
  • The guards who are holding a paper have the decoy sticker


Play through the game following the guide and you'll unlock
  • Careful What you Wish for
  • Crew of the dead
  • Dangerous Work
  • Decoyception
  • Drowned Skeletons
  • Eureka
  • Food for Thought
  • Lady in the Sky with Ducky
  • Love is Blind
  • Out of His Mind
  • Subconscious Experience
  • Unnatural Talent
After your first play through you can use chapter select to clean up the last few
  • The Bird in the Sky
  • Tower Offense
  • A mind is a terrible thing to waste


A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste
Read the minds of everyone ever

To gain this trophy you have to read every mind in the chapters, this isn't as bad as it sounds though because the maps of each level will actually show you via a little dot where each mind is. Also when flipping through chapter select there'll be a counter for each level that shows how many total there are and how many you actually have making clean up a little easier for you
  • Chapter 1 has no minds
  • Chapter 2 has no minds
  • Chapter 3 has 18 minds
  • Chapter 4 has 20 minds
  • Chapter 5 has 10 minds
  • Chapter 6 has 25 minds
  • Chapter 7 has 13 minds
  • Chapter 8 has no minds
  • Chapter 9 has 32 minds
Once you have all 118 minds this trophy will pop for you.

Drowned Skeletons
Read the minds of the drowned skeletons

Located in chapter 3

This is located to the far right of this level. You gain access to it as soon as you give the dog the teeth from the crocodile and make the two guys in the black suits run away. As soon as the dog scares the guards off move to the end of the pier and you'll see two of them sitting under the water you only actually need to read the mind of one of them to gain this trophy.

Important to note, that if your doing this to progress through the story make sure you do it before freeing the guy from the trunk because that'll end the chapter.

Have enemies chasing other enemies chasing you

Located in Chapter 5

To get this trophy you must read the mind of one of the enemies on the 2nd floor up from the bottom when looking at the map. You'll know it's the right enemy because as you read his mind he'll ask something along the lines of "let me know if you seen this man" after his short thought a sticker of your characters face will appear in his thought bubble for you to grab.

Now with the sticker in hand you can attempt this. There are actually 2 enemies in this little area where you got the sticker and you'll want to stick it on the one closet to you. To do this jump down off the little nook your standing in and get the first one's attention, as soon as you have his attention slap the sticker on him. If done right the one further down should now chase the one with the sticker on him and as long as you run a short distance with the decoy chasing you and the other enemy chasing the decoy this trophy will pop.

Lady in the Sky with Ducky
Return a totally sweet alien to the stars

Located in Chapter 6

To get this trophy you have to help the lady on the roof get back to space. To help her do this you must go retrieve her duck floaty thing that's located on the lowest level to the far left. Once you have it make your way back up to her on the roof and give her the duck and watch as she floats away into space and the trophy will unlock for you.

Tower Offense
Climb the asylum tower without alerting any nurses

Located in chapter 6

For this trophy you must ascend the tower in this level. The tower is pretty obvious when you look at the map it's the piece of the level dead smack in the center that goes higher then the rest of the level. There are 2 spot lights you must avoid and 3 nurses to get past. I'll list the steps on how I did this and what I feel is the easiest way of doing it. It's also important to note you don't have to restart the entire level for this just get caught by a nurse and it'll spawn you back at the bottom of the tower.
  1. Make your way to the second nurse doesn't matter if they see you at this point all you trying to get is the sleepy sticker from her
  2. Once you have it let yourself get caught to reset it (you'll still have the sticker)
  3. To the right of the first nurse you'll see a thumbtack you can grab a hold of that'll let you completely by pass the first nurse grab it.
  4. Now make your way as close to the second nurse as possible and hit her with the sticker putting her to sleep for a moment.
  5. During this moment make your way up the right side again. Don't go to far onto the next ledge or the third nurse will spot you, instead wait on the edge for the second nurse to wake back up and you'll repeat the first step to get another sleep sticker.
  6. Once you have this sticker hurry up and hit the third nurse with it and your home free just make your way to the top
Once you've made it to the top wait a second and the trophy will pop. If it doesn't you were probably spotted and just need to try again.

Subconscious Experience
Read Harry's mind while he's passed out

Located in chapter 6

You'll run across Harry just by progressing through this level. He's the guard who appears when you give the guy digging the tunnel the good news. To scare him all you have to do is complete the tea set, then take said tea set over by the tunnels and place it on the table by the rabbit and the ghost girl this will start a cutscene and the end result is a unconscious Harry. Now just read his mind and the trophy is all yours.indentj

Careful What You Wish For
Read the mind of a lonely cat

Located in Chapter 6

You'll find the dead cat over in the upper right side of the map being held by a crazy lady petting and praising the cat. You can't do anything just yet other then read their minds which is helpful for the trophy for reading every persons mind. To get this trophy though you have to go up to the roof, you can find your way up to the roof by grabbing a hold of the thumb tacks and stuff on the left side of the map until you reach the roof.

Once on the roof you'll run into a guy who says he's cheese. Read his mind and fast forward through his jingle and he'll form a thought bubble with a dead mouse sticker. Take this sticker and make your way back to the cat. Once there the lady will drop the cat and try to get the mouse from you. Now all you have to do is read the mind of the now lonely dead cat on the ground and the trophy will pop for you.

Crew of the Dead
Read the minds of the ambulance personnel

Located in chapter 6

You'll find the required people for this trophy at the end of the tunnel where you scared Harry at. Once you've made your way to the ambulance just peel off the paper and it'll reveal 3 skeletons you only have to read the minds of the 2 standing for this trophy but might as well read all 3 of them while your there for the gold trophy.

Give poor Ron the perfect idea for a date

Located in Chapter 7

You can find Ron in the top of the police station behind a piece of paper you have to peel away. He needs your help and help him we will, do a quick mind read on him before progressing to much further to get his empty sticker bubble to appear. Now progress through the chapter until you reach the scene with the helicopter pilot talking to his girlfriend. Before you leave this area peel back the paper just behind the pilots girlfriend and you'll find a poster. Once you have the poster run back to the police station and deposit it in Ron's item bubble and the trophy will be yours.

Food for Thought
Read the mind of an eaten fish

Located in Chapter 7

You'll first see the bird for this trophy early in the level, on the billboard that says "Electrifying! Donna Grandiosa", but he won't have the fish just yet. So for now just continue past him. After you've completed the second helicopter section and the cut scene has played out you'll want to make your way back to the bird. This time when you check to read his mind there'll be another brain in the birds stomach that belongs to the fish. Read it and this trophy is yours.

The Bird in the Sky
Never get noticed by the helicopter

Located in chapter 7

For this trophy you must get through 2 small sections without getting spotted by the helicopters that go back and forth. This cannot be reset like the trophy for getting through the tower you must do it with a flawless or restart the level to try again.

Section 1
This is quite easy actually, first off move as close to edge of the over hang as you safely can and wait. To your far right there'll be a thumb tack you can grab a hold of. You want to grab this as soon as the helicopter passes it when it's strafing to the right if done correctly you'll have just enough time to jump up the platforms and run down into the little nook that'll act as a safe zone. From here all you have to do is wait for the helicopter to pass you on its strafe to the left when it passes just run for it and you'll easily make it out of this first little section.

Section 2
This part flat out sucks. To start things off with you need to read the mind of the first guard and he'll give you a sleepy sticker, chances are though he moved before you could get it so just sit still and hug the back wall or he'll spot you. When he shows up above you again take the sticker and hit him with it.
From here run to the left as soon as the coast is clear and you'll find your first safe zone, be quick though before the previous guard wakes back up you have to jump towards the top as soon as the helicopter goes to the right. As soon as this happens jump up and grab the tack just a way out to your left and run for it you'll know your safe when the cut scene of the pilot talking to his girlfriend starts.

Unnatural Talent
Read Luigi's mind while he's singing

Located in chapter 9

This will become available through normal story progression. As soon as you put the Elvis lips sticker on the zombie in the black tux in the trio he'll start singing. Now read his mind and the trophy will be yours in a few seconds.

Conga Line!
Get chased by 5 enemies at the same time

Located in chapter 9

The location your looking for for this trophy is just after you make the missile blow up the door you need to get through to progress. After the door is blown up progress forward and you'll enter into this mess of ledges and platforms to hop around on, this is where you'll be getting this trophy.

There are exactly 5 guards located in this small area and the only real advice I can give to you is try and get spotted by the light and it'll sound an alarm that attracts the guards to you. The trophy should pop by using this method for me it popped shortly after I got caught and respawned.

Dangerous Work
Mind-read the recently departed

Located in chapter 9

This trophy will become available just by progressing through the level. As soon as you give the present to the zombie talking to the blond with the shock gun the zombie will drop the present and trigger the shot gun that ricochets a few times before eventually hitting the blond nurse in the chest and killing her.

Now with the nurse dead all you have to do is read her mind and the trophy will unlock a few seconds later.

Love is Blind
Read the minds of an unexpected couple

Located in chapter 9

This will become available as soon as you give the yeti the hair to progress through door the guard is blocking. After giving the yeti the hair she'll run out of her cell and grab the guard and run through the door. Follow them out and you'll see them sitting up on a trailer just read each of their minds and you get the trophy.

Out of His Mind
Read Ray's mind

Located in Chapter 9

This trophy is simple to earn. As soon as chapter 9 starts the unknown enemy will have Ray hooked up to a machine to suck the mind reading brain from him. As soon as the brain becomes lodged in the tubed go into the mind reading mode and just read Rays mind and this trophy is yours.

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