Stormrise is a real-time strategy game based after an apocalyptic event known as "The Event". You play as Commander Aiden Geary of the Echelon forces, in his struggle to uncover the truth of the ongoing war and his link to The Event.

I enjoyed this game a lot, but I do suggest at least 2 playthroughs. 1 on easy to get a feel for the game, and 1 on hard because it will build up your skill in this game to prepare you for the final level on hard mode. Other than that, this game really isn't that hard of a game to platinum. The reason not many people have it is because you MUST BOOST. The online play is non-existent so if you're serious about getting this platinum, you will need a partner to rely on, unless you have two PS3's. Have fun, and enjoy the game


33 7 3 1
Total: 44

Players: 1-8
Online Play: Yes
Online Trophies: Yes
Cheat Codes: None
Cheats Affect Trophies: N/A
Time to Platinum: 30-50 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1, but you will have to replay the last level on hard.
Suggested Playthroughs: 2

Before you attempt any Online play it is advised that you play through at least 6 levels of story mode or beat the game first. That will help you achieve Decked Out. Read the trophy description for more details why. Lastly, the difficulty trophies are NOT stackable. All you need to do is beat the game on easy, then beat the last level on hard for the difficulty trophies.


This is the platinum trophy and is unlocked automatically when all the trophies have been unlocked.

Epic Saga
Complete Story Mode on Hard.

Just beat the game on easy for the Epic Campaign trophy, then beat the last mission on hard to obtain this trophy. Be warned, the final mission on hard is extremely difficult. I suggest doing a playthrough on hard anyways so you can get a feel for how difficult it will be and build up some skill. The enemy will never stop sending troops towards your control nodes and troops. Just keep building units, keep reinforcing your control nodes, and take it one control node at a time. SAVE OFTEN.

Scrap Metal
Destroy 27 Stalkers.

Between playing through the story mode and boosting for Appetite for Destruction, you shouldn't have an issue getting this trophy. When you're letting your boosting partner get kills with the SAM ability, you will be getting kills on his Stalkers as well.

Decked Out
Win 10 ranked matches fully equipped.

To be able to fully equip both side's commanders you must play through some of the story mode. Even then you will not be able to fully equip the Sai Commander because there will be one piece of equipment missing - the head piece. I don't know if that will effect the trophy or not but I did all 10 wins with the Echelon since you are able to fully equip that commander.

Full Repertoire
Use all unit abilities at least once.

Each unit on both sides have abilities, so you can not do this in one match. Also, it's probably best to go for this trophy while going for Eradicator and Calling all Units. Here's a list of the units, and their abilities.

The Echelon:

Commander units(Geary, Coop, Vantage) - Flamethrower, Energy Shield, SAM Launcher, Mortar Mount, Melter, Radar Scan, Pepperpot Mortar, Bubble Shield, Sam Battery, Twin Doom Capacitors.
Enforcers - Riot Shield Up, Grenades
Infiltrators - Demo Bomb, Thermal Vision
Prowlers - Search the Skies AA Mode
Arc Hammers - Transform to Artillery
Hunters - Rocket Barrage, Low Hover
Sentinels - Dig in
Seekers - Targeting Feed
The Eclipse - Anti-ground Mode, The Polaris Rift
Stalkers - SAM Missiles, Laser

The Sai:

Commander units(Eona, Sable) - Healing Field, Siren Shield, Mark of the Queen, Blink.
Rangers - Commando Rush, Sai Anti-Air Rockets
Spectres - Rapid Slice, Cloak, Mind Control
Scorpions - Sting
The Rage - Rage Smash, Unstoppable Charge
Locusts - Fly High
Warriors - Electric Tentacle
Matriarch - Acid Rain, Spawn Broodlings
Rift Worms - Stormbringer
Siren - Vortex, Blink, Mobile Shield

To make things easier, while you're playing the story mode, always select your commanders and use their abilities every level. On most levels they will have a new ability to use, so you won't have to backtrack too much down the road.

Totaled Eclipse
Destroy 9 Eclipses.

You will either need to boost this trophy, or while playing mission 7 going for A Bridge Not Too Far will probably be your best opportunity. Right before you fight the Eclipse, save the game, then destroy the eclipse. Now exit your game, and reload it right before you fight the eclipse again. Rinse and repeat until you get the trophy.

Veteran's Affair
Win 99 ranked matches.

You must boost this. You can't trust the leaderboard rankings either. Just keep playing and win 99 ranked matches for this trophy. One way to do this from what I heard is start a ranked match with your partner, and have him quit the game once the match begins. I don't know if that works or not since I just completed the match by killing the enemy commander. I personally wouldn't do that... Just do it the somewhat legit way. Don't forget to help your partner in return though.

Beat the AI on all Skirmish maps.

Set the starting energy to High, AI level to easy, and win on every map to obtain this trophy.

There are 10 levels. The best strategy I can give is to capture as many Control Nodes as you can in the first 4-5 minutes. Beef up the Control Nodes with Turrets and Shields and depending on what side you're on, build up Matriarchs, Sirens, and Rift Worms. Or Eclipses and Stalkers to go capture and destroy the remaining enemy forces. The bigger maps will take you a little longer to complete but you should be able to win in less than 30minutes per map, especially the small maps; those should take you 10-15mins.

Also ChaoticJak has another strategy incase mine doesn't workout for you.

Quote Originally Posted by ChaoticJak View Post
I can suggest a strategy for Eradicator. Cuts a lot of time:

Go Echelon, and straight off build 3 Hunters (I think they are, the flying ships that come in twos per unit), while they're building, use your commander to capture the nearest Control Node. Next, move towards the next one, do not waste time getting unnecessary ones, the only ones you will need are the ones so that you're base links to the enemies (Pressing select during play will help to identify this). Go along with your commander capturing the nodes, with your hunters following suite (Note: your hunters follow your commander, not flying off to capture others, as they can't anyway). Now, as soon as you get a Control Node that can build a Portal, do so. Or rather keep checking your original portal for when you can build more Hunters, as you will need them. Repeat this until you get to their main Portal, building Node defences as you go. Ta da!
Thx ChaoticJak~

Epic Campaign
Complete Story Mode on Easy or Normal

Just beat game, you shouldn't have any problems on easy. There are 13 total missions, including the tutorial.

The Other Side
Complete Act 1 of Story Mode.

Story-related trophy. After completing the 4th mission you will get this trophy.

The Other Path
Complete Act 2 of Story Mode.

Story-related trophy. After completing the 8th mission you will get this trophy.

Destroy 500 units.

Just kill 500 units and you will get this gold. You should get it way before you beat the game.

Qualify for Duty
Complete the Tutorial.

Story-related trophy. Just finish the tutorial and you will get this. See Clean Sweep before finishing this level though.

Clean Sweep
Destroy all hiding Sai insurgents in the Tutorial.

You can miss this trophy.

There are Sai members all over the Tutorial stage. Once you gain control of Geary completely, there will be 3 waypoints. 1 is for Coop which will end the level immediately, the other 2 that are further away have enemies. Head toward them both and eliminate any threat. Now you must search around for the Hidden Sai. If you need help finding them check the pictures for a visual of where the hidden Sai are. BTW, I apologize for the bad quality of the photos.

Toggle Spoiler

Vantage will notify you when you have killed them all. The trophy should pop up. Now go meet up with Coop to end the level.

Ulterior Motives
Use the playbook to switch weapons.

This is a story-related trophy. Throughout the story mode you will use all kinds of weapons. The first time you use the playbook, you will get this.

First Assault
Complete mission 1: Domestic Disturbance.

Story-related trophy. Just complete the mission and the trophy is yours.

In Transit
Secure the Control Node powering the turrets in Mission 2: Assault Charge.

Just do what Vantage and Coop tell you to do the first 5 minutes of the mission - the trophy is the objective. Can't be missed but before taking over this Control Node, see Demolisher first.

Establish a portal in Mission 3: Double Jeopardy.

You must take over the control node UNDER the skyscraper bridge, then build a portal for the trophy.

Defeat the Hydra in Mission 4: Multiple Counts.

There are 4 hydra's throughout the level. The best way to take them out is to have ranged units just stand back and kill them, because any unit that gets close to them will be destroyed pretty fast. But to unlock the trophy, you just have to kill the Hydra that is located in the middle of the level, on top of a tall structure.

Hammer Time
Take out the Arc-Hammers in Mission 5: Self Defense.

If you follow the Objective points and take over every control node before completing the mission, you shouldn't miss this. The Arc-Hammers are tanks. Make sure you kill all the tanks you see.

Rescue Vantage in Mission 6: Innocent Victim.

When you capture your first control node, you should receive the trophy. BTW, this level is HELL on hard mode if you wanted to do a second playthrough, between your vision through this level, and how many waves of enemies coming for you. It's pretty tough.

A Bridge Not Too Far
Secure all 3 bridges in Mission 7: Unfair Surprise.

You can miss this trophy.

Destroying the Eclipse will cause you to win.

Since my units would destroy the Eclipse before I could capture the bridge control node, I had to use matriarchs from a distance to destroy the control node. Then I brought in my infantry and Geary to capture the node before they would destroy the eclipse. Capture all the control nodes and leave the Eclipse for last. SAVE OFTEN on this level.

This area is perfect for getting Totaled Eclipse as well, unless you want to boost it. Just save before destroying the eclipse. That way when you kill the eclipse, you can just exit the game and reload it to kill the eclipse again. Just keep doing that till you get all 9 kills and Totaled Eclipse.

Power Up
Secure all 3 power junctions in Mission 8: Reasonable Doubt.

You can miss this trophy.

If you capture all the points without securing the 3 power junctions, you will win the match without getting the trophy, so leave at least 1 control node alone while you're playing this mission. Once you complete the Objective by securing the landing pad for Geist and a long chat with a bunch of people, there will be a new objective and it's the 3 power junctions to secure. Go to each objection point, secure the 3 areas, and the trophy is yours.

Fur Coat
Defeat Sable in Mission 9: Shock Verdict.

You can miss this trophy.

Sable will be located at a control point in between the Citadel, and left control node located the furthest away on the map. I'd suggest leaving her be until close to the end of the level.

Be warned though, at the end of this level when you send your eclipse over halfway towards the Citadel. There will be A LOT of Rift Worms that will spawn out of no where at the left side of the map and start destroying every control node and unit you have while heading towards your eclipse. It will be a good idea to just spread your units out and build lots of stalkers, hunters, and prowlers. What your units don't kill, your eclipse will hopefully kill and make it. Just keep trying out different locations for your units if you keep failing.

Rite of Passage
Rescue Eona in Mission 10: Prison Break.

Story-related trophy. You must rescue her to proceed on with the mission. She is located 2-3 floors below where you start off.

In Pursuit
Secure the AA Turrets in Mission 11: Hot Pursuit.

Story-related trophy. Just follow the Objective points and capture the control points. DO NOT get your Eclipse too close to Hunter's Eclipse, as he will start attacking it and you can not run away after that so you will end up failing. Just don't even bother using your Eclipse on this level.

Reverse Polarity
Recalibrate the airfield station in Mission 12: Natural Justice.

This is a story-related trophy. Just capture ALL the control nodes.

Spray and Pray
Use the Matriarch's Acid Rain ability.

You will get this trophy the first time you get to operate the Matriarch during the campaign. The acid rain ability is one of the strongest attacks in the game. It will destroy units from a great distance.

Destroy 55 control Nodes with the Demo Bomb ability.

While playing mission 2, Vantage tells you to use the Infiltrators to take over the control node. SAVE the game right before you use the demo bomb ability to take the control node over. Now use the demo bomb ability on the control node. Once it's been destroyed, press start and exit to menu. Now in the main menu, continue your game and use the demo ability again to destroy the control node. Then exit to menu. Rinse and repeat until you get the trophy. That is the fastest way to obtain this trophy because during your campaign mode you might use this ability one other time. Most control nodes have turrets and will destroy your Infiltrators.

Puppet Master
Destroy an enemy unit with one you have Mind-Controlled.

Pretty easy trophy to obtain; probably best to do during skirmish or online with a friend. Take a few Spectre and mind control a vehicle or two and turn around and kill some infantry with them.

Use the Rage Smash ability.

When you're able to use Rage, just open up the playbook and select the Rage Smash ability. Simple trophy.

Whip it good
Whip 250 times during any map or match.

This should be very easy to obtain, especially during later missions. Whipping is how you select your units and get around the map, so just whip 250 times during any mission or map.

Playing Both Sides
Win 8 ranked matches with each faction.

While boosting, just switch sides after winning 8 matches. During the Ranked match team selection use the square button to select which team you want (Sai or Echelon).

Destroy 11 enemy units in the first 5 minutes of a ranked match.

Just have your partner build and send at least 11 enforcers or rangers towards your base while you build up some units and defense. This is best done on Domestic Disturbance map.

First Down and Ten
Win a ranked match in under 10 minutes.

While boosting with your partner, have them send their commander unit over to your base while you build up some units. This should take you 2 minutes tops to win. This is best done on Domestic Disturbance map.

Winning Streak
Win 6 consecutive ranked matches.

Just get 6 ranked wins in a row.

Feeding the Habit
Play 16 ranked matches.

Just play 16 ranked matches and this trophy is yours.

Calling all Units
Recruit one of every unit type in any game mode.

You'll get this while going for Full Repertoire. Just build one of each.

The Echelon:

Echelon Commander
Arc Hammers
The Eclipse

The Sai:

Sai Commander
The Rage
Rift Worms

Gone Shopping
Lose a multiplayer match while the deployment queue is open.

One of the ranked matches you're doing, just have your Control Node open set to the deployment window. Once all your units are destroyed, you will lose and get the trophy immediately after.

Maximum Firepower
Upgrade a Control Node to have level 3 turrets (multiplayer or skirmish).

Probably one of the easiest trophies in the game. During your skirmish missions, just upgrade the Control Node's turret to level 3.

Slice and Dice
Use the Spectre's Rapid Slice ability to kill an enemy commander (multiplayer or skirmish).

Doing this legit will be pretty hard, so I suggest boosting. Just build as many spectre as you can. Have the enemy commander come out alone and attack the enemy commander, and when his HP gets low, activate the Rapid Slice ability on all the spectre to finish him off. Trophy will pop up if it's done correctly.

False Sense of Security
Attack 24 cloaked Spectres while using Infiltrator's Thermal Vision.

Boost this trophy. Throughout the main story you might attack 2-3 in Thermal Vision. Just have your boosting partner build Spectres constantly while you have an army of Infiltrator's all set with Thermal Vision.

Appetite for Destruction
Destroy 77 units using the Stalker's SAMs.

Probably the hardest trophy to get in the game. The Stalker's SAM ability is extremely weak, so boosting is the fastest way to do this. Build as many Stalker's as you can and group them in 3's. Have your partner build 2-3 units of Locust's and group them in 3's. Then when you both are ready, have the locust's approach the Stalker's and activate the SAM ability on all groups. Rinse and repeat until you get the trophy. This will take some time to do, but that's the fastest way I know of currently.

Pest Control
Kill 80 Broodlings.

You will not kill enough in story mode, so boost this trophy as well. Just have your boosting partner create a Matriarch and spawn broodlings and let you kill them until you obtain the trophy. It will go by pretty fast.

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