Players: 2
Online Trophies: Yes (3 1 )
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: Yes, if you mess with the dipswitch settings, you won't get the Pocket Full of Quarters (see trophy desciption)
Estimated Time to 100%: Will vary on the person for sure. If you're a fighting vet 4-6 hours. If not, 25-30 hours
Trophy Difficulty: For experienced folks: 3-5/10 Inexperienced folks: 8-10/10
Minimum Playthroughs: Beat Arcade Mode once, Need to play at least 5 ranked matches, play in at least one tournament, save one online replay
Collectible Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: None

[top]Tips & Strategies

To get all trophies on this game, you'll need to know some basics and beginning tips. I strongly recommend you practice if you're new to this game. I can't emphasize this enough. If you're new and try to jump in a do attempt the trials or play online, I promise you'll fail. Street Fighter vets have likely played this game as well. So you should know what to expect. This probably doesn't pertain to you. Here are some basics you should know:

Here's a reference of inputs you'll need to understand because I'm going to be providing some inputs of some moves and other things. So if you see a logo like this that is a LP a.k.a. low punch or jab. Here's the full list. The commands with with default controls:

= (jab)
= (strong)
= (fierce)
= any punch button

= (short)
= (forward)
= (roundhouse)
= any kick button

As you know in most fighting games, you need to block by holding the direction opposite where your opponent is standing. There are also counters and/or parry moves. These are high risk, high reward moves, however. If you mistime your parries, you'll get punished and you can lose health real fast against a better opponent. So timing is crucial when attempting to parry, particularly for this game.

To perform a parry move, you must press for mid and high attacks or for low attacks the exact moment you are expected to get hit by whichever attack. The concept is easy by pushing one button. The timing is was makes parries difficult and that takes practice. I provided a video of a wonderful example of parrying in the Wax On Wax Off description.

Canceling is paramount. If you can't do it, you'll lose quite often. Canceling is when you interrupt the animation of one then you into another move immediately. For example, Ryu's ---> , you hit your opponent with a low strong(medium) attack. When it connects and you input the Shoryuken, it cancels the animation of the first attack, hence the name canceling

There are a few techniques you should also, such as 'super' cancel, chains, and links. Those are a little more advanced as far as skill level is concerned. So I will provide some links at the end of this section. There was a time in which I didn't play fighting games for around 7-8 years and these sites, particularly the first one, helped me out significantly. I played fighting games before I took my break though. So this definitely refreshed me. If you look at this site and are willing to spend time to practice on this game, you'll be beating n00bs online and you will ultimately be able to do half of these trials in due time. Just because this game is a PSN game means nothing. If you want quick trophies and/or 100% PSN games like Frogger or .detuned, then this game isn't for you. If you seriously want to at least give this game a shot and want to learn it, go on the sites I'll provide at the end of this section and follow my roadmap and you will improve and get the 100%. I guarantee it. The game even gives you basic knowledge in the options menu. Here are the sites' links:



[top]Grimy's Way Towards Greatness

  • Work on your arcade mode playthrough(s). All you need to do is beat arcade mode once and you'll get Mystery Man and Pocket Full of Quarters. You can get the 2 trophies in one playthrough. See how in my trophy descriptions.

  • Go for the online trophies. The only trophy you may have trouble with is the Going Streaking because you can't boost those matches. You have to win 5 matches in a row on your own. The other few trophies you can get in less than 10 minutes though.

  • Do the trophies Big Finish, EX-ceptional, Wax On, Wax Off, Big Artist and Stick and Stones. After this, you should only have Practice Make Perfect left. The game shows your progress on the trophies. So the trophies are real to easy to keep track of.

  • You need to do 55 trials to get Practice Makes Perfect. This trophy is definitely gonna give people problems, but there is a glitch in the game that will make some trials much easier to do. See the trophy description for details. Once you've done 55 trials, you should have 100%


The Bitter End
Complete the challenge 'The Bitter End'.

To get this trophy, you must play in an online tournament and stay in it until it's done. This is an easy trophy to get.

Big Finish
Complete the first tier of the challenge 'Big Finish' in any mode.

All you need to do is finish your opponent with a super move and you'll get this trophy.

Sharing is Caring
Complete the challenge 'Sharing Is Caring'.

To unlock this trophy, you just need to save a replay on an online match you do. It can be in any online mode. After you complete your match, just hit , then choose yes to save it. Once you do that, from the multiplayer menu, go to replays --->saved replays--->hit on your replay. Make sure you upload the replay to match server and not Youtube because that trophy won't count

Couch Potato
Complete the first tier of the challenge 'Couch Potato'.

This is another easy trophy. All you have to do is save a replay. From the multiplayer menu, go to replays--->Watch with Friends--->Invite one of your friends by hitting When your buddy comes in, choose a replay and hit start and watch your replay. Real easy trophy.

Complete the third tier of the challenge 'EX-ceptional' in any mode.

To get this trophy, perform 100 EX moves. Another easy trophy to get. An EX move is a stronger version of a special move. For example, Ryu's fireball is . Instead of pushing one punch button, hit 2 at the same time. Your player will flash yellow if he/she did a EX move. One important note: Your player's bar has to be flashing white and light blue for him/her to perform an EX move.

A pretty quick way of getting this trophy is to go on dipswitch settings and turn up your super meter to be full in the beginning of each round and you can perform EX moves.

Wax on, Wax off
Complete the third tier of the challenge 'Wax On, Wax Off' in any mode.

To get this trophy, you need to perform 75 parries. Once you practice enough, you can become a legend like this:

Toggle Spoiler

If you're having trouble getting this trophy down, you can always have a friend to help you out. Go to your settings and change the timer to infinite and you two can have a match. Just have your friend throw a fireball at you so many times. It's definitely quite boring, but it's very fast if you two know what you're doing.

Super Artist
Complete the third tier of the challenge 'Super Artist' in any mode.

To do this trophy, you need to perform 75 super moves. You don't have to hit your opponent. You just need to do that many.

Going Streaking
Complete the second tier of the challenge 'Going Streaking' in ranked online mode.

To get this, you need to win 5 matches in a row in ranked matches. There's no way to boost this as of now.

Practice Makes Perfect
Complete the challenge 'Practice Makes Perfect'.

Unfortunately, for most folks there are trials/challenges in this game. However, there's a lot of great news. There are 110 trials and they're not exactly a piece of cake, but you only have to do 55 trials, which is half of the amount. Not only that, there is this stun glitch that makes doing trials much easier to do. And you can do quite a few trials too. Here's a video of what to do. Credit goes to SFlip for this video:

Toggle Spoiler

Sticks & Stones
Complete the first tier of the challenge 'Sticks & Stones' in any mode.

To do this trophy you need to perform a KO by doing a taunt. There are only a few people that does damage with their taunt:
  • Sean
  • Ken
  • Dudley
  • Elena
  • Yun
  • Yang
  • Urien
  • Necro
  • Makota

To perform a taunt, press + You can do some damage by doing some moves. Just make sure you damage your opponent just enough so he/she won't be KO. Keep taunting until your opponent gets KO. Then the trophy will pop up. You only need to do this once and you can do it with a partner.

Pocket Full of Quarters
Complete the challenge 'Pocket Full Of Quarters'.

This is an easy trophy for a gold. All you need to do is beat arcade mode. You can use anybody and you will get this trophy as soon as you beat Gill.

*In the options, you'll see an option called 'Dip switches.' On here, you can change things from turning guard off, to having maxed out super meter in the beginning of rounds. DO NOT mess with these settings or you won't get the trophy.

Mystery Man
Complete the challenge 'Mystery Man'.

To get this trophy, you must beat 'Q' on arcade mode. He isn't one of your normal opponents you face though. There are certain requirements you need to do in order to face him. These requirements are as if you playing a regular 3 round match. You can change your how many rounds you play. However, you seem to be stuck in 3 rounds, no matter what for some reason. So here they are:
  • 5 Super Finishes
  • Don't lose a round or continue
  • Get at least a 'D' in every stage. Basically every match you win get no less than a 'D.'
  • Get at least 2 Special Points

An example of a special point would be on your first match you get a 'C,' then the next match you get a 'C+' On your third match you get a 'B.' Now you have 2 special points. Basically get a better grade or your overall performance better than you previous match. There are a lot of thing that factor in, if you want a good grade, from how well you parried, blocked, hits, super combos. Basically if you dominate your opponent, you get a good grade and it's possible to get up to 'S.' Playing with a combination of good offense and defense and you'll get a good grade.

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