Players: 1-2
Online Trophies: Yes
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 50-60 hours, based on skill


Welcome to sithapokalypsis' Trophy Guide to Street Fighter IV. Some of these trophies are self explanatory and a little repetitive, so I will explain everything to the best of my ability.


Unbeatable Fist
Rule Them All

This is pretty self explanatory, since it being a platinum, you need to get all other trophies to get this trophy.

The World Warrior
Unlock All Characters

See the unlock section about unlocking all the characters in the game. Once all characters are unlocked, the trophy is yours.

Color Guard
Unlock All Colors

See the unlock section about unlocking all colors that you can use for character selection, get all the colors and the trophy is yours.

No Sweat
Unlock all Personal Actions

You can unlock Personal Actions the same way unlock colors, you get these via Time Attack and Survival Challanges. I will put the ones needed for unlock when I find them, you will need to do most if not all of them to unlock both of them.

Title Master
Unlock All Titles

Titles are unlocked by playing online, and meeting specific requirements. The game has been out for too short of time to list all of these anywhere yet, but once they are out I will post them here. To get this trophy you will need to complete ALL Challanges in the Challange Mode, getting you a few trophies before you get this one.

Icon Master
Unlock All Icons

Icons are unlocked the same way titles are unlocked, but you get them less often than titles. You will usually get a new icon with some sort of title that you unlock while playing online.

Special Moves Master
Perform 100 Special Moves

Performing special moves are quite easy. Just look up your characters moves in the move set option on the start menu. Preform moves such as the Hadoken, or Shoruyken during play and you will eventually unlock this.

EX-celent Master
Perform 100 EX Special Moves

EX special moves are preformed the same way that you preform a special move. But while you are preforming the move, push two of the same type of attack button at the same time. For example, Down, Down-Right, Right, Light Punch + Medium Punch, will release an EX Hadoken. You will get this eventually during play. EX Special Moves consume 1 bar of your EX meter.

Super Combo Master
Perform 100 Special Combos

A Special Combo is a souped up special move that deals a decent amount of damage to your opponent. You can view these moves during play, by visiting the menu during play. Special Combos can only be preformed when your EX gauge is full. Your EX gauge stays filled between rounds, but not matches. You should have this filled during your second round. Use them and you will get this trophy.

Ultra Combo Master
Perform 100 Ultra Combos

Ultra Combos are an extremely devastating last ditch effort move that anyone can perform. These are performed by using the same button combination as your Super Combo, but by using all three kick or punch buttons with it. You will fill your REVENGE bar by being hit, do NOT rely on this to deal damage. You will get this trophy during game play rather quickly.

Focus Master
Perform 100 Focus Attacks

A Focus attack can be performed by pushing a medium kick and punch at the same time, to do an attack that can possibly break through your opponents guard, it can also absorb a small attack going through to your opponent as well. Use this tactic 100 times and this trophy shall be yours.

Crowd Pleasing Master
Perform 10 Personal Actions

A Personal Action, or commonly known as a Taunt, can be performed by pushing the R1 and R2 buttons togeather at the same time during a match. You can easily get this in one match with a friend or online against a friend.

Super Combo Champion
Perform 50 Super Combo Finishes

A Super Combo Finish is basically ending your match with a Super Combo, not hard to do, but it is risky of getting yourself KO'd. A smart player will know when his opponent is vulnerable and can pull this off every match by exchanging blows with each other and being smart when you are able to do it. Finish your opponent with this and eventually you will unlock it.

Ultra Combo Champion
Perform 50 Ultra Combo Finishes

Same thing as Super Combo Finish, just finish your opponent off with a Super Combo. Harder to do since this guage will not fill up as quick.

Sunny Daze
Perform 365 Flashy Background Finishes

A Flashy Background Finish is....a finish your opponent with a super combo or ultra combo. It's...that. Just do it and you'll get it sometime. *Sheesh*

Simply Perfect
Achieve 10 Perfect Victories

Self explanatory. Get 10 Perfect Victories sometime during your career playing the game. For an easy 10, set the game difficulty to EASIEST while in arcade mode, and just maul your opponents.

Arcade Rat
Complete Arcade Mode With One Character on Medium or Higher Difficulty

Well....remember what I said about being obvious and repetitive? Here it starts. Clear the game on MEDIUM and defeat Seth. You will then get this trophy.

Storied Reputation
Clear Arcade Mode With All Characters on Medium or Higher Difficulty

Didn't I just tell you how to do this a bit ago? Beat Seth with everyone and you will get this Trophy.

Save Your Quarters
Finish Arcade Mode Without Using Any Continues on Medium or Higher Difficulty

Hmm, vaguely sounds familiar. Just don't lose a match.

World Champion
Clear Arcade Mode on Highest Difficulty

This can be a pain in the ass, but switch the game to HARDEST and try to kick some ass, without getting your ass kicked. By the way, Seth WILL make you his bitch. Beat this and grab some bragging rights.

Legendary Champion
Defeat Gouken and clear Arcade Mode in Hardest difficulty. thought the last one was tough. This is one of the hardest trophies to get in the game. See the unlock section to how to get Gouken to show up, and then beat him. So do all that jazz without losing a match on the Hardest difficulty. If you can do this, props.

Clear a Challenge in Challenge Mode

Easy, just choose a Challenge that sounds good to you, and complete it. Trophy earned.

Challenge Expert
Clear all Challenges in Challenge Mode

Another one of the hardest trophies in the game, to do this you will need to....clear...all...yeah you get the idea. Have fun with clearing the Trial mode on HARD. It's laughably, throw your controller at your T.V. difficult.

The Gold Standard
Receive Gold Medals on all Challenges

Pretty tough to do, you are given a Bronze, Silver, or Gold medal depending on how you do in the Challange. This only applies to Time Attack and Survival. On Time Attack, try to finish as quick as possible, if you get silver, try to do it faster, super move finishes and ultimate move finishes add to your timer, do them. In survival for Gold, just beat all enemies til the computer doesn't throw any more at you.

Rapid Fighter
Cleared NORMAL Time Attack in Challenge Mode

Can be tough if you are going for all Gold. Just beat them and the trophy is yours.

Speed King
Cleared HARD Time Attack in Challenge Mode

When they say HARD, they mean HARD. Good luck, you'll need it. Complete all challenges for the trophy.

Tough Cookie
Cleared NORMAL Survival in Challenge Mode

Not too hard, difficulty is a little on the easy side, your health will regen after every fight depending on the level you are on, could be some, could be all, could be 10% of it. Defeat all enemies the computer throws at you for the Gold. Finish all and get the trophy.

Last Man Standing
Cleared HARD Survival in Challenge Mode

Pretty Hard, check above for strategy and Gold.

Technical Fighter
Cleared NORMAL Trial in Challenge Mode

Not hard at all, just do the moves that they want you to perform. Must be done on all characters for all titles.

No Challenge Too Hard
Cleared HARD Trial in Challenge Mode

This is just aggravating as hell. Some of these combos are damn near impossible to do. Don't even try using them online, they just won't work and are easily blocked. The EX Cancel ones are actually useful. Props if you can get this trophy.

All Dolled Up
Set Your Title and Icon

Simple, when you go online for the first time, push R1 you will go to a menu screen where you can do this. You won't have any titles or icons yet, so go kick some butt online for a bit to get a few.

Medals Get
Collect All Medal Types

Medals are awarded to you after every fight online. You can check to see what medals you have the same way you check your online rank and changing icons. Just look for it on there. Once you get a medal of each type, look at the description on the bottom of the screen to see what the medal is for. i.e. Getting a perfect online.

Medal Collector
Collect 100 Medals

You will get this rather quickly, just fight online and get medals. You will get at least 5 each match.

Medal Hunter
Collect 500 Medals

Takes a little longer but you'll get it eventually.

Medal Master
Collect 1000 Medals

Same as collect 500. Just keep on playing.

Create 10 Multiplayer Lobbies

Simple enough, just go online and choose either ranked match or player match. Create a game and play it. Rinse, repeat. This trophy will be yours after just 10 uses! *Does not cure dandruff*

Taking on All Comers
Fight 10 opponents via fight requests.

You can get this easily by just turning on fight requests while you are in arcade mode. Kinda annoying, but you will get challanges while doing junk in arcade mode.

The Road to Battle
Play 100 Online Battles (Ranked or Player Matches)

100 more battles and this one is yours, getting a little repetitive from here on.

Hard Fought Battles
Play 200 Onlines Battles (Ranked or Player Matches)

More fights, fights and more fights. Do it and this will soon be yours after a decent ammount of time.

Proof of Battle
Play 500 Online Battles (Ranked or Player Matches)

And a little more time spent fighting and this trophy will soon be yours.

Way of the Fist
Win 5 Online Battles (Ranked or Player Matches)

You'll get this rather quickly unless you really really suck. Get a friend to beat on in Player Match if you are having trouble playing others online.

The Journey Begins
Win 10 Online Battles (Ranked or Player Matches)

Same as above, you'll eventually get this by just playing.

10 Years too Early
Win 50 Online Battles (Ranked or Player Matches)

I think we're getting that reptition thing again. 50 wins and it's yours.

10 Years too Late
Win 100 Online Battles (Ranked or Player Matches)

Didn't I just tell you to win a bunch? Do it some more for this trophy!

First Victory
Win 1 Ranked Match

Win a ranked match. Nuff said, for this trophy.

The Line Starts Here
Win 3 Ranked Matches in a Row

Tricky, people are very competitive in Ranked mode. Be careful and use strategy and you will soon get this.

I Got Next!
Win 5 Ranked Matches in a Row

Little more difficult here, just keep calm while playing and don't get anxious. Soon you will obtain this.

Playing to Win
Win 10 Ranked Matches in a Row

This trophy is bragging rights, and is very hard to get. Many a time will you get to 5 or more then lose it and get angry at the game. Keep calm while playing. A hint * if you can find the person you beat and you know you can beat in ranked mode by searching parameters that the player made, you might be able to get this easy. Don't count on it though.


  • Gen - Clear Arcade Mode with Chun Li
  • Sakura - Clear Arcade Mode with Ryu
  • Dan - Clear Arcade Mode with Sakura
  • Cammy - Clear Arcade Mode with Crimson Viper
  • Fei Long - Clear Arcade Mode with Abel
  • Rose - Clear Arcade Mode with M. Bison
  • Akuma - Clear Arcade Mode w/ getting 1 perfects and one Ultra Combo Finish
  • Must not use continues
  • Gouken - Clear Arcade Mode w/ getting one perfect and two Ultra Combo
  • Finishes, and 5 first hits, must not use continues, must beat thegame with Akuma first.
  • Seth - Clear Arcade Mode w/ all 24 characters.
  • Color #10 Beat Survival Mode #16
  • Color #4 Beat Survival Mode #1
  • Color #5 Beat Time Attack Mode #6
  • Color #6 Beat Survival Mode #6
  • Color #7 Beat Time Attack Mode #11
  • Color #8 Beat Survival Mode #11
  • Color #9 Beat Time Attack Mode #16

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