Players: 1
Online Trophies: Nope!
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 30 minutes to an hour
Minimum Playthroughs: 10 races
Collectible Trophies: None!
Missable Trophies: Not really.
Difficulty Trophies: Nope!
Glitched Trophies: None reported as of now

[top]Tips & Strategies

Controls (Default)
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You can change and configure the controls at the Main Menu, under Options, Controller.


  1. Complete a course: First things first, complete a course. Go ahead and set the time limit to very easy, and the difficulty to easy. Ride for a minute without breaking or hitting anything for In Controland Always Full Throttle, and don't forget to crash through a checkpoint for Thank You! Thank You!. Also go for One With The Wind and Totally Radical!
  2. Crash 'n' Pass with Music: Now race 3 more times (preferably all on one course to work for Unforgettable Name), listening to a different track you haven't yet each time. Try working for 10 crashes and 100 rivals passed in the meantime.
  3. Fill Up the Board: Lastly, wrap up the remaining slots on a board with one name.


The Goal Is Just the Beginning
Finish a course.

All you need to do here is complete a race all the way to the finish. If you have trouble withe the preset time limits/difficulty, then head into 'Settings' in the Main Menu and change the difficulty and time.

In Control
Ride for 1 minute without hitting anything.

Go for this in 'Africa', as there are less turns. Basically go 60 seconds without hitting anything.
Note, you don't need to accelerate to get this. HOWEVER, you will need to carry over to the next lap, as they are FULL seconds, so acceleration is probably best, however even with acceleration this is easy.

Always Full Throttle
Ride for 1 minute without braking.

What, there's a brake? Apparently so. Basically ride 60 seconds without hitting . This should be easy, and can also be earned with In Control.

Eat My Dust
Pass 100 rival riders.

You'll always pass foes on the track, so this should come naturally, as the enemy racers tend to come in groups.

I Meant To Do That...
Crash 10 times.

Do I really need to educate you on crashing? Just hit the various signs, trees, bushes, rocks, etc. along the sides of a track 10 total times to pop the trophy.

Melodies of the Wind
Listen to all 4 songs.

There are 4 songs in the game:
  • Outride a Crisis
  • Sprinter
  • Winning Run
  • Hard Road
Select each of these at least once at the start of a race to pop this trophy.

One With The Wind
Hit 324km/h using turbo.

324km/h is the fastest speed, but you need turbo, as without it, the max is 280km/h. Rev up to 280km/h, then kick in turbo to hit 324km/h. The jump from 280 to 324 is quick, and you should get this easily.

Totally Radical!
Ride for 10 seconds on turbo.

Your best bet for this is starting at the start of a race with turbo, since it's a straight shot for a few seconds, and turn a bit earlier going into turns. Just dodge other racers too, and this should come soon enough.

So Close
Run out of time just before a checkpoint.

You can't really stop moving in this game, so your best bet is to go into 'Settings' in the Main Menu and make the time limit stricter, and hope to come so close.

The Kiss of Fate
Cross the checkpoint with 1 second left.

Since you can't really just wait this out because you can't not move, try making your time limits a little stricter and hope for the best.

You could always brake when you see the checkpoint, and just speed ahead when the timer hits 1.

Unforgettable Name
Fill a track ranking with a single name.

A long but easy trophy. Basically, all slots of a track need to be filled with a same name. It can be complex like '123' or even just 'AAA', as long as all slots have it.

Basically, choose one of the areas, then race on it 10 times, one for each slot. Put in a name for every one and *ping*.

Thank You! Thank You!
Crash your way through a checkpoint.

This can be a little tricky. Your best bet is to lengthen your time limit, and head into Africa. Drive on until the end of Stage 4. The scenery will be more deserty. There will be a clump of trees on the right side of the track very close to the checkpoint, and hit them to cross the line in... er... style.

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