When Firmware 2.40 was released SSHD was the first and only game (at that time) to support trophies. SSHD consists of 9 Bronze, 6 Silver and 2 Gold Trophies. I hope this guide helps you to unlock all the trophies in this game. Enjoy!

[top]Tips and Strategies

  • Save your bombs until you are in a life-threatening situation.
  • Use your boost wisely - it could save your life.
  • All Arcade Mode trophies can be earned on easy difficulty. Use this to your advantage.
  • Always use the Gold Melter as it is the most effective weapon against all enemy/rock types.
  • Swinging your Gold Melter in a 360 axis is really effective when being attacked from all sides.
  • All trophies take a few seconds to register and unlock so don't panic if you think it's not showing up.

[top]Original Game Trophies

Hero of Lave
Arcade - Complete planet Lave

For this trophy all you have to do is complete Planet Lave, which is the first of five planets. Use the general tips I listed above if you're having difficulty. The boss has four weak points which you must focus on destroying. Every so often -- or when you destroy a weak point -- the boss will stop and shoot at you. Just avoid the bosses attack and destroy another one of his weak points. Remember, focus on only one weak point at a time Rinse and repeat until you have destroyed all four weak points and then you will have completed the first planet. This trophy will unlock at the beginning of the next planet.

Hero of Coventina
Arcade - Complete planet Coventina

By now, your Gold Melter should nearly be fully powered up - if not, focus on getting Gold Melter tokens and ignore Ice Splitter and Rock Crusher tokens. This level should be easy enough if you use the tips mentioned above. To defeat the boss you will need to take out his red eye - which is his only weak point. This boss works in two phases so knowing what he is going to do next and when best to attack is key. In the first phase, the boss will start firing at you. Move back, so you are able to maneuver around his shots but you are close enough to fire at his red eye with your Gold Melter. When he stops firing, he will enter phase two. It will turn around and you should go right up to his red eye. He will close his arms/tentacles around you which will leave you plenty of time to weaken his red eye with no enemies/rocks flying around. When you see a green dotted line, move away from it as it will destroy you. After phase two, he will repeat this cycle so use the same strategy and you should have minimal problems. This trophy unlocks at the beginning of the next planet.

Hero of Nemain
Arcade - Complete planet Nemain

This level is mainly ice-rocks, so if you want you can upgrade your Ice-Splitter, but I recommend using your Gold Melter. If you get into a tight situation, don't be afraid to bomb and boost your way to safety. On this planet, you will encounter the same boss that was in the first planet but this time there will be two. Use the same strategy as before and I recommend concentrating at one boss at a time. This trophy will unlock at the beginning of the next planet.

Hero of Taranis
Arcade - Complete planet Taranis

Just use the same general play style as before and you should get through this without any major problems. In my opinion, this is the hardest planet in the game. You are introduced to a new kind of enemy on this planet; a turret-like enemy that shoots at you. They can catch you out if you are not alert and aware of your surroundings. You will encounter two of the boss that you defeated on the second planet. If possible, make sure you are locked in one bosses' arms at a time so that you are always protected. This trophy will unlock at the beginning of the next planet.

Hero of Segomo
Arcade - Complete planet Segomo

This is the final planet, and it is much easier than the previous planet. If you managed to get this far without much problem, then this level should be easy enough for you. Use the same tips as usual and you'll be fine. This time, we have a totally new boss. You should save a couple of bombs for this boss as they are really effective. When you see a tower-like enemy surrounded with red dots, detonate a bomb. Then he will start shooting missiles, but not at you for some reason. After awhile, another tower-like enemy will appear, use the same strategy as above. Rinse and repeat and you'll be done in no time. Your bombs will make this boss a walk in the park, so make sure you save them.

The Tokenizer
Arcade - Collect 5 tokens with a single boost

You might be able to get this by going through the very middle of a big asteroid but that mightn't work all the time. When you see a red icon with a number, a rock will fall and you must destroy it. Every time you destroy one of these rocks a new one will appear until the countdown reaches zero. Then, a big green bonus asteroid will appear. Line yourself up with the green asteroid and boost () through the center and you will definitely get this trophy.

Scrooge MacBoom
Arcade - Get 10 bombs

This trophy is fairly easy and you should get during the early stages of the second planet. Just don't use any bombs and destroy every bomb ship you see and you'll have this trophy in no time.

Token Hoarder
Arcade - Collect 15 tokens with a single boost

You will need to use the same strategy as used for The Tokenizer. This trophy is more challenging and you will need a big green bonus asteroid (bigger then the one on the first planet) and you will need to boost () directly through the exact center of the bonus asteroid. If you fail to get fifteen tokens on your first try, restart the planet as bonus asteroids fall at the beginning of each planet (the second planet being the quickest). If you just can't manage to get fifteen tokens, I suggest trying the fourth planet as it is at the very start of the planet and there is nothing else to get in your way.

Well Prepared
Arcade - Get 20 bombs

This trophy is easy enough if you don't use your bombs at all. Destroy all bomb ships you see and if you are in a tight situation boost, don't bomb. You should get this either near the end of the third planet or the start of the fourth planet.

Shield Blaster
Arcade - Collect 5 shield tokens while already having a shield

Start on the first planet and collect every shield token you see. If you see a ship token, leave it and it will turn into a shield token. You must do this on one life, but if you lose your shield and pick up another one (without dying) then you can carry on collecting. If you pick up a shield token while already having a shield it will cause an explosion, similar to that of a bomb.

Scenic Route
Arcade - Complete a planet without using boost

Possibly the easiest trophy in the game and it's a silver trophy! Just play through the first planet without using boost - it's that simple. When in situations where you would normally boost, use your bombs and if you run out of bombs, just die. Dying will not affect this trophy in any way so it doesn't really matter if you die.

Multiplier Hero
Arcade - Get 10x multiplier

This trophy can cause a lot of problems and anger. I advise you wait until you are fully awake, as one mistake will undo all of your hard work. Basically, all you have to do is destroy everything and stay alive. If you start on the first planet you should get this around the fourth stage of the fourth planet. If you see a ship token, leave it for awhile and it will turn into a shield token. Extra lives are no use because if you die, you'll have to start over. The key to getting 10x multiplier is to collect as many points tokens as you can. If there are loads of medium-sized rocks falling around you, deploy a bomb and you will get a load of points' tokens. Always boost straight through the very center of green bonus asteroids, as it is essential to getting a high multiplier.

[top]Solo Pack Trophies

Extra Ships Optional
Endless - Survive 7 minutes without dying

You must be playing in Endless to unlock this trophy. There are two ways to do this: the honest way and the cheeky way. Just keep playing and destroying things as you normally would, and pick up any shield tokens you see. When the first nuke (tower-like structure) lands, do not destroy it immediately. Stay relatively close to the nuke, so that you can boost through it in case of emergency. Using that tactic you should get it after a few goes.

Now for the cheeky way. When the enemies that fire a purple shot at you every so often, and move away when you shoot at them come, kill all of them except one. Now just keep running away from him for seven minutes and you will unlock this trophy as nothing else will spawn. If he is getting close to you, just boost away.

Close Encounters
Survival - Survive 45 seconds without shooting or using bombs

Survival mode features an endless stream of enemies. It will take a while to get used to not being able to shoot or bomb. Basically, you just have to avoid hitting any enemies for 45 seconds. Use small deliberate movements at the beginning, but when the red, explosive enemies start spawning, you will have to 'run' in one direction and try to avoid everything in your way. Try not to boost, as there have been reports that this trophy hasn't been rewarded when boost was used. Although people have unlocked this trophy using boost, I would recommend staying on the safe side and not using boost, unless you are really in trouble.

Late Boomer
Bomber - Get 15 bombs

This is the hardest trophy in the game and should definitely be a gold trophy. In Bomber mode you start off with ten bombs, but you can't boost or use your weapons. You will have to dodge enemies and rocks because you must save your bombs to explode bomb ships, hence giving you more bombs. My advice is to follow the first bomb ship and only deploy a bomb when you absolutely have to. If you're lucky a second bomb ship will fall right next to the first and you can destroy both ships with the same bomb. By blowing up a single bomb ship, you are losing one bomb but gaining two. So, you'll have to keep repeating that strategy until you have fifteen bombs. This trophy requires more luck than skill and you need to be wide awake. Good luck!

Shock And Awe
Endless - Destroy 10 nukes

This is the second hardest trophy in the game and should also be a gold trophy. Save your bombs until you really need them because there are an impossible amount of enemies in the latter stages of this trophy. Destroy every nuke as soon as it lands, as that will destroy everything. Upgrade your Gold Melter to 200% as that is the most effective weapon. In the latter stages, enemies will attack you from all sides, so I'd advise you to quickly rotate the right analog stick 360 as this will spin the Gold Melter around and hopefully keep your enemies at bay.

[top]Team Pack Trophies

Brothers In Arms
Split screen Co-Op - Segomo Get 3 minutes of continuous Co-Op weapon boost

This is one of the easiest trophies in the game, and it's a gold trophy! This must be done on Planet Segomo (fifth planet) in Split-Screen Co-Op. You can unlock this trophy with only one person but you need an extra controller. When you start the planet, do not shoot anything. Stay close together and you should see a stream between both ships. Stay like this for three minutes and you will unlock the trophy. If you have to move due to a rock, move both ships in the same direction and stay close together. Simple as that!

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