Players: 1-2 (Online 1-8)
Online Trophies: Prep Time, New Threads
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 80 minutes + depending on skill.
Minimum Playthroughs: N/A
Collectible Trophies: 0
Missable Trophies: 0
Glitched Trophies: None

[top]Tips & Strategies

There's been a few changes to SSFIV with the recent update along with the AE DLC. Some of these are obvious, whereas others not so much. A few of them so far that I've noticed are as follows:

You can now focus cancel his Medium punch from a distance.
Medium kick seems to do more damage.
Forward + Heavy punch does more.
Standing Heavy kick can now link into Shoryuken.
Shoryuken now does an additional hit.

Overall damage increased.
Light Shoryuken now takes a little longer to recover from, but does more damage.
EX Hadouken can now be used for air combos. Example: Light Shoryuken into EX Hadouken, will now work.
His Target Combo now has a tiny bit more range.

His headbutt has more recovery time if it misses, making hmi easier to punish. If the headbutt connects, recovery time is the same as before.
Dirty Bull Ultra input has been changed from 360 rotation twice, to Half Circle Back twice and all 3 punch buttons.
His standing medium punch now does less but can be cancelled.

His crouching Medium kick is now faster, but does less.
Cosmic heel has more recovery time when blocked.
EX Roll now recovers faster, and can be cancelled from crouching medium punch.
His second Ultra, now has more start up time.

Overall damage increased, back as he was in SFIV.

Her second Ultra is now easier to hit.
Overall damage increased.

EX Messiah does less damage.
His second Ultra, when used as an anti-air move will not pull the opponent in and give you full hits anymore.

All of Cammy's physical hits now have less recovery time, making her a lot faster overall.
When Cannon Spike is blocked, she doesn't bounce off as far back, making it easier to punish her.
Cannon Spike has slightly more start up time.
Cannon Strike can not be done as low to the ground as before, however the EX version is unchanged.

Fei Long.
Most of his moves now have less recovery time.
Slightly more damage overall.
Heavy version of Chicken Wing now longer makes you invincible.

Crouching Light Kick now does less.
Forward and Medium punch is now two hits.
Slightly more range on his physical hits.
EX Run Slide now goes through fireballs.
EX Run Stop now has Super Armour.
His Super combo now does more damage, and can be linked easier.

Her charged fireball kicks now send the opponent higher, making it possible for more combos. Example: Charged fireball kick into Pinwheel.
Her walking speed both forwards and backwards is now increased.
Slightly more range on her attacks.

Overall damage down.

Ultra 1 now does a little less damage than before.
Her crouching heavy kick is now two hits.

Overall Damage increase.
Takes normal damage from SFIV.

I'll post more in here as I discover them.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits


You could, if you felt like it and wanted to rush things and have enough confidence, pick one of the 4 new characters, hope your good enough with them to ru through on the hardest setting at least twice (one for each boss) and get the medium clear without contiuing as well, though i dno't recommend it. This is how I did mine when I first got it:

1. Went into training mode for about 20 minutes with each character to get used to them and their new moves, along with what can be focus cancelled etc. Spend as much time in here as you want, the more you learn the easier the trophies will be.

2. Once you've practised with the characters, take whichever one you prefer and go to Arcade mode. Keep it to Medium on your first attempt so your not surprised by the improvements made to some characters through the update. Especially Seth.

3. Once you've done the 4 Arcade mode trophies with continuing on medium or higher, You should be ready to try it on the hardest difficulty and earn The Awakening and Birth Of The Oni (see trophy guide below for details on how to encounter these). Be warned, the two bosses can have moments where they just walk all over you when on the hardest setting, so go in prepared and try it with your best character. It doesn't have to be done with any of the new characters.

4. When all that's done, go into the Title and Icons menu, and simply change both to one of the new Icons and Titles (already unlocked), and go play an online match. Keep in mind you don't need to win, just play it for the New Threads trophy.

5. Lastly, go into the Ranking Menu, and follow someone to get the trophy. You can always unfollow them if you like, I did.


The Awakening
As if you could ever defeat Evil Ryu in Arcade Mode on the hardest difficulty. See for yourself!

For this trophy you need to go into Arcade mod with any character, put it on the hardest setting and fulfill the following conditions: 1 perfect, and an Ultra finish on Seth. I set the rounds to one for this, making it a little easier. Seth has been incredibly boosted it seems thanks to the update, and some of the other characters along the way are a little tougher so be prepared. I haven't tried this myself, but you could try the Zangief Technique from before. Simply press all 3 punch buttons to do his spinning Lariet move that's virtually impossible for the computer to get past. Though I'm not sure if this would prove useful against the final bosses, because for me, they were jumping and attacking like crazy. I did mine with Juri, so anyone's possible.

Birth Of The Oni
To surpass the power of Oni, you must defeat him in Arcade Mode on the hardest setting.

Like the above, you need to fulfill certain requirements, these are: 1 perfect, 3 ultra finishes, 5 first attacks and an ultra finish on Seth. These methods have been tried and tested by me multiple times, and worked every single time without fail. Oni is a lot tougher than Evil Ryu, obviously. But again you could try the Zangief trick and hope for the best. I suggest going in with your best character and giving it all you've got.

Just Enough!
Dude, just clear Arcade Mode on Medium or higher without using a continue with Yun! Piece of cake!

Simply go into Arcade Mode, set the difficulty to Medium and play through with Yun without continuing. As said before, Seth has been increased so be careful when fighting him, he can be annoying even on Medium for some people. But overall you shouldn't have too much trouble, set the rounds to 1 to make it quicker.

Up to Snuff
Clear Arcade Mode on Medium or higher without using a continue with Yang. It's simple!

My personal favourite. Go through Arcade mode on Medium without losing as Yang. Yang I felt, was the least gifted out of the 4 new characters. He doesn't seem to do as much, and literally everything will cancel his Ultra 2, so I recommend using his first Ultra for this or the computer will constantly light hit your second Ultra to cancel it if it's needed. Again, Seth will be the only problem, but this isn't too difficult.

Overwhelming Power
If you seek power, clear Arcade Mode on Medium or higher without using a continue with Evil Ryu.

Same as the above, clear Arcade mode on Medium with Evil Ryu. I found him pretty fun to use, and he has a nice focus attack with plenty of range. He's not short on damage, and can link his Ultras just as Ryu can. Also, the computer never seem to block EX Shoryuken, which does a fair amunt of damage so if you find yourself in trouble, use it over and over. Even Seth should be a pushover while using Evil Ryu.

Ascend beyond oneself by clearing Arcade Mode on Medium or higher without using a continue with Oni.

Again, Arcade mode, 1 round, Oni, to make this quick and simple. Oni is incredibly powerful, and his Ultras are fairly easy to hit. He can chain a lot of his moves together with ease, and he does quite a bit of damage. If you went into training mode with him as suggested before, you should fly through this with no troubles whatsoever.

Prep Time
You need study materials if you wanna make your battle plan. Follow one player in the Rankings.

Simple, just go to Network Battle, Rankings. Press on the first red box that appears, and then press . The trophy should pop within seconds, and if you like you can then unfollow that player.

New Threads
Use a new Title and Icon, and fight one online match. Right on!

All the new titles and icons are unlocked, which means no trial mode or having to do Arcade mode on the hardest setting etc. Go into the titles and icons menu, and scroll until you find the new sheet containing the new characters titles/icons. Select both a new title, and a new icon, and exit the menu. Now go online, and simple play a match, you don't need to win, just play. The trophy should pop for you after the match ends regardless.

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