Players: 1
Online Trophies:
Yes (4 : Race Off, Continental Racer, Styling 'n' Profiling and Show Off.)
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies:
No Cheats
Estimated Time to Platinum:
10-30 hours (depending on Millionaire Trophy)
Minimum Playthroughs:
Collectible Trophies:
Yes, Millionaire
Missable Trophies:
Glitches Trophies:

[top]Tips & Strategies

Most Trophies are self explainatory, and shouldn't cause much problem. The Online is like a ghost town, so I suggest you find a boosting partner, to remove the frustration of not seeing anyone online, and thus not being able to get the trophies.

Getting used to the track help
A very easy methood I used to get used to the tracks I don't know (some like: Monza, Silverstone, Indianapolis, Nurburgring, Vallelunga or SPA appeared in other racing games) is, when doing challenge mode, Do the race on Rookie, and POLE+Win it, then move on to either racer or Pro (often pro, as racer, I thought was, just as easy as Rookie) and win that. Then you should try Elite, as you will roughly know the breaking points, and the way to take on each corner.

Invitational Challenge 3: Ferrari F430 Challenge
The one you NEED to win for Stage 3 Check, I found this one annoying, but there is a good set up to do it well. Set Traction Control (TC) to 4, Stability Control (SC) to 4 and Anti-Lock Breaking (ALB) to 4 in the Driving Assist, in the start menu. It might feel like the car got worse, but actually you will do a roughly lap of 1.58 or a 1.59, when AI is going to do a lap of 2.00 at their best. Getting to know Mugello well, will help here too.

I struggle with my car on Elite? What do you use, Expert? (lol )
I use a Ferrari 512s (costs like 30k if I'm right) with TC and SC at 1, and ALB at 2. The AI struggle with this car, and it can't go round most corners, for them. But for me, after getting used to it, it's fairly easy. The only time you'll struggle is either Wet Qualifing on Elite or Avoiding Backmarkers/Drivers infront from ramming into you, when they lose control of the vehicle.

Millionaire takes ages? TIPS?
The best I can say is, race. Lol. My choice of track is Homestead Oval (yep, just full throttle, no breaks, no corners) with 1 Lap, and 1v1, on Elite Difficulty, using my Ferrari 512s. If you overtake it after the first or seconds "corner", as it will often lose control, and gain no damage, etc, you can easly win and grab some cash, then rinse and repeat. If you save up, you will have about 300k-400k after Challenge Mode (Career Mode to you SIMULATORS, who find no challenge what-so-ever in the so called "Challenge Mode", to-be-honest you don't find a Challenge in the whole game, Titled "Supercar Challenge", you just buy it cause, it's racing with Buggati Veyron that costs 130k or so). Shopaholic is probably going to be your last trophy, unless like most people, you buy the "VEYRON" the first chance you get, which wastes you time.

Objectives are hard on Elite!
Well, If you listen to my adivce, you will get most (except like... 2 or 3) Objectives during your Rookie Practices. The odd ones are the races in wet (simply because on Rookie, there's a 0% of rain...) and one of the objectives on Stage Finale (Stage 5) which tells you to race on PRO difficulty.

[top]Related Trophy Guides and Sources

Ferrari Challenge: Trofeo Pirelli Trophy Guide
By trophybot
The trophy guide for the previous installment in the series


Supercar Challenge is a racing simulation game, developed by Eutechnyx. It's a sequel to the Ferrari Challenge: Trofeo Pirelli game. The Time to platinum is no more than 30 hours, as you will spend most of it getting Millionaire Trophy. You will need to save up from the start, without buying any cars, to get this as fast as possible, but there are methods, that can speed it up abit. Spending time learning the game's physics and knowing the tracks would be useful at the start, as you are also required to face the Elite difficulty in the Career (to get the trophies) Mode. After you learn the driving and the physics none of the trophies will make a challenge, bah! Some of them might be found very very easy.

1: Challenge Mode
After you feel you are cormfortable with the game, the first thing to do is to start the Career Mode, trying to achieve the Challenge Dominated trophy, and you will be racing on the highest difficulty, the ELITE Difficulty. At the end you should easly finish with the required amount of Race Points (RP). Also always make note of the Bonus Objectives you need to complete, to get the "Stage ... Check" trophies. There are many ways to get 32,000 as there are many races, a good tactic being winning on Elite up to 4th Stage, then finishing in the podiums on lower difficulty levels, ofcourse, you can just go straight to win all races on Elite, which might be a challenge, but that's what the game is all about. If you aim to get Challenge Dominated and all the "Stage ... Check" trophies, then you will unlock all the trophies in career mode. Also try and get 9 Lives, and Crush Test Dummy trophies as they are only achieveable in the Challenge Mode.

2: Other
Just unlock all the trophies, that you haven't got in Career Mode, for example Solid Gold, Supercar Superstar or Who is the Fairest?. All the Miscellaneous trophies should be unlocked right now, also get the New Style trophy which will be needed for Styling 'n' Profiling in the Online bit.

3: Online
Either boost or get the trophies online, the trophies you are aiming for are: Race Off, Continental Racer, Styling 'n' Profiling and Show Off. You can either use the tips and skills you learned during Career, best to race on your favourite tracks, or boost. Remember they are not imposible to get on your own, as other players make mistakes.

4: Millionaire Trophy
The Last trophy you will be working towards (or second to last if you want to get Shopaholic last). You need to have 1,000,000 Credits in your bank, for the trophy to pop. The easiest way is to set up a 1v1 Homestead Oval race, with 1 lap, on Elite, and just overtake your opponent and then win the race. Of course by using a car that you think you'll do good in will help. A tip I found is that some of the cars break around the "corners" but there is no need to break. Just choose the best settings that suit you, then go ahead and race getting that 1,000,000 which will take a while.


Unlock all Supercar Challenge Trophies

Unlock every trophy in the game.

Credit Where Credit is Due
Achieve a perfect Credit score in an offline race

Just finish the race with the following requirements:
  • You finish the race in 1st
  • You spend every lap in 1st position without dropping a place
  • Aquire no penalties
  • Take no damage
  • Own the fastest lap of the race

If you do this, you will also get Clean Credits and Lap Master

Clean Credits
Achieve the Clean Race Credit Bonus in an offline race

This trophy is the best to do on a 1v1 meaning that there are only two cars, your and your opponents. All you have to do is finish a race without getting any penalties which shouldn't be too hard. To make it easier, make the race only 1 Lap long and just try not to cut any corners. I can't recommend any track for this, as any will work, just use the one that you are most comfortable with.

9 Lives
Cause severe damage to a Supercar in on offline race without retiring

I did this on Riviera. Just Trash your car to anything between 80-89%, but don't go over 89% otherwise you'll get disqualified and it won't count. Hit every barrier in sight, and finish the race.

Crash test dummy
Completely demolish a Supercar in an offline race

Has to be done in career, just TRASH your car to 90% by hitting lots of barriers at fast speed and Trophy Unlocked, can happen by accident if trying to get 9 Lives.

Glued to the track
Complete a race without going off track. On or offline

Easy trophy, can be unlocked on Riviera or Paul Ricard tracks, as both don't have many (or any) run off area's. It is also a Bonus Objective for Stage 2.

Rebellious Victory
Win a 3 lap race at Homestead Oval without braking once. On or Offline

Easy. Just hold throttle for the whole race, the brake isn't needed. The AI should break around the corners, so you can easly get infront. Just remember it's Homestead Oval and 3 Laps.

Lap Master
Maintain first place for an entire lap. On or offline

Fairly easy, shouldn't cause much of a problem. Create a race, with enough laps to get infront + 1. Don't make any stupid mistakes and win the race. I did this on a 1v1, as there are less people to overtake.

No Fear!
Go full throttle and hold off the brakes for 15 seconds in a on or offline race

You won't need to try to get this trophy, I got it on Paul Ricard, after the back straight, but it will get itself at some point, by just racing in Career. My trophy popped after the race.

Circuit Challenge
Win a race at Nurburgring without hitting any obstacles or barriers. On or offline

Set up a race, 1v1 and overtake your opponent, then drive carefully, without over speeding. It isn't that hard, but watch your opponent so he doesn't sneek in when your trying to not hit the barriers.

Stage 1 Check
Complete all Objectives in Stage 1 of Career mode

  • Race with 2 supercars
  • Complete an event with a podium finish
  • Complete an event with no penalties
  • Complete one lap in 5th or above without dropping a position
  • Complete the invitational challenge with a podium finish

Shouldn't be too hard, you can even get these without trying, just racing on Elite. If you find some of them hard, just race on Easy.

Stage 2 Check
Complete all Objectives in Stage 2 of Career mode

  • Win 1 Event
  • Achieve the fastest lap in an event
  • Complete an event without any damage deductions
  • Qualify in pole position before an event
  • Complete an event without going off the track

You probably have done these in the last one, but the last objective can easily be done on riviera since it has no off track areas.

Stage 3 Check
Complete all Objectives in Stage 3 of Career mode

  • Win 2 Events
  • Achieve a podium finish in the rain
  • Win an event without any penalties
  • Maintain 1st position for an entire lap
  • Finish 1st in the Invitational Race

All but the last one should be a piece of cake. If you need the tips for the last one, the way I did it, look in TIPS section.

New Style
Create your first new Livery

Go into Main Menu, then enter the Supercar Showroom and then go to "Vinyl Shop". Create your own Livery, then Save and Exit. PING! Trophy Unlocked

Race Off
Create your first online race

Go to "Race Online or over LAN" and select "play online". After that create your online race and pick whatever settings you want, it doesn't matter. The Trophy will pop on the loading screen after you finish setting the race up.

Continental Racer
Race online against a driver from another country

Easy if your from a rare country, but hard if your from the United Kingdom, as the game is EU only, but it's possible to find people from other countries. Or you can go to Team Area and change your nationallity. Pick a rare country so it's unlikely to be racing across anyone with the same nationallity. Just finish the race, you don't have to win.

Win a race without the HUD. On or Offline

A very easy trophy. Race the whole race like you normally would, but when your about to cross the finish line in 1st, Pause and go to Racing Options. Then Turn the HUD off and finish the race. PING! Easy trophy in the bag.

Challenge Accepted
Complete Stage 1 of Career mode with a 1st place finish in every race.

Win both races (Redwood Park, Mont Treblant) on Elite Difficulty and getting at least two objectives will get you this trophy. Remember you have to win all races to get the trophies for Race Points.

Passport Stamped
Complete Stage 2 of Career mode with over 6,000 Race Points

Win all three races (Paul Ricard, SPA and Riviera) on Elite, and the points you have gotten from Stage 1, and Objectives should easly add up to this. Remember you have to win all races to unlock the trophy.

Finish the Career with over 24,000 Race Points

See Challenge Dominated Trophy

Looking Left
Complete a California Oval race without turning right. On or Offline

Just complete a race on Auto Speedway Oval (California Oval) without turning right. You don't have to win. If you struggle to not to turn right, then use the D-Pad which should fix the problem.

Who is the Fairest?
Win a race with no side mirrors. On or Offline

Select the Track Riviera, 1 lap, 1v1, and Pagani Zonda F. It's mirrors are quite far out, so when hitting the barriers, they should come off easly. Just win the race, after getting rid of the mirrors, and another easy trophy is yours.

Finished in First!
Win a race crossing the line in first gear, on or offline

Easy, just build up a very big lead, then slow down before the finish line and just slowly cross it in 1st gear.

Not counted out
Start a race in 16th and finish in 1st. On or offline

Not as easy as it can be. Just start a normal race on any track you like, and use how many laps you think you needed (I did Paul Ricard with 10 laps, I was leading after the 3rd) so whatever you find the best should work, just try not to make mistakes as it might cost you positions and more overtaking. Also use the start to over take half the grid as the AI have really slow starts.

Styling n Profiling
Take a Supercar with a personalized livery online and win

I can't make this easy, as there isn't too many people online. If you get lucky, and find a person, just choose the car your best with, and choose the livery you made and win the race. Remember also to get the Fastest Lap for Show Off. You can also find a partner here and boost.

Show Off
Achieve a fastest lap during an online race

All you have to do for this one is getting the fastest lap in a race. Just get a partner to drive slowly, and win the race. If you can't find a partner, race against an opponent on your favourite track and try to win the race, hoping he messes up.

Up and Coming
Complete Stage 3 of Career mode with over 10,000 Race Points

Win at Monza, Mugello, Misano Adriatico and Vallellunga on Elite, and you should easy have this by now, if you won the previous races on Elite too. Again, not many tips, just race.

Stage 4 Check
Complete all Objectives in Stage 4 of Career mode

  • Achieve 3 podium finishes
  • Win an event in the rain
  • Achieve the fast lap in 2 events
  • Race with 3 different supercars
  • Qualify in first and go to win the event

Nothing too hard, you probably done most of them before. For fastest lap and qualify in first if your struggling try on Rookie difficulty. For Race with 3 supercars, you need to finish 3 races with 3 different supercars. DQ's and Retires don't count.

Story of a Champion
Finish the Career with over 28,000 Race Points

See Challenge Dominated Trophy.

Wet Paint
Win a race in the wet, without receiving any damage, on or offline

I did this on homestead Oval, 1 lap, 1v1. Just remember not to hit your opponent or the barriers, and remember to turn weather on Wet in the options menu.

Spend 100,000 Credits

Should be your last trophy, if you saved up. Easiest thing to do is, go buy that Buggati Veyron that you really wanted all along and PING, there is the trophy.

Achieve a Credit balance of 1,000,000

After Challenge Mode you should have about 300-400k if using my methood. I had 420k, which doesn't include of me spending a few thousand on the Ferrari 512s. The fastest way is to start a quick race, and choose 1 lap, Dry, 1v1 and Legend. Track is of course, the shortest track, Homestead Oval, which in my Ferrari 512s takes 0.37s to complete each lap, which is almost 2 races per minute. You will bag 2,100 each race, which should take you about 200-300 races to get 1,000,000. Remember, don't spend the money, as the money spent don't count and you will just have to keep on racing, which wastes time. AND NO DON'T BUY THE VEYRON YET. THAT WILL PRETTY MUCH WASTE 50 RACES AND YOU WILL NOT GAIN ANYTHING FROM IT. Best to buy the Veyron for the Shopaholic trophy.

If you feel you have a better methood, I can include it in the TIPS section, just post it in Discussion. I will note your name under it.

I used the Ferrari FXX as i am most comfortable with it, but there's nothing that wouldn't work.
Turn ALL assists OFF.
1 lap against a full grid on Homestead Oval.
Set this up, Rinse and Repeat.

You'll be getting around 5,250 CR Per Race..
Idea by T7SI74

Bound for Glory
Complete Stage 4 of Career mode with over 18,000 Race Points

Win races on the four tracks (Homestead, Infineon, Virginia and Auto Club Speedway) on any difficulty to get the trophy. I advise you do most of them (at least 3) on Elite, so you get enough points, but if you add the other points + the challenges you should have enough at the end.

Stage 5 Check
Complete all Objectives in Stage 5 of Career Mode

  • Win an event under the 'Pro' difficulty
  • Achieve a podium finish without the racing line
  • Qualify in 3rd or higher, before 3 events
  • Race with a new supercar
  • Win a race with personal livery

  • For Pro difficulty, it shouldn't be much trouble, since you can either race on Monza or Redwood Park which you already done.
  • For the Racing line, be in 1st, and right before the finish, pause and turn Racing Line off and then finish the race.
  • Qualify in 3rd or higher before 3 events, means to be in the top 3 in qualifying before at least 3 races, it doesn't matter which.
  • Race with a new supercar, if you buy the cheapest car there, and finish the race, that should get you a trophy, and for win with Personal Livery, shouldn't cause you much trouble, just create a livery and select it before the race.

Challenge Dominated
Finish the Career with over 32,000 Race Points

This is the trophy you will be working your way to in Challenge Mode. You need to dominate (as the trophy says) most of the races on the Elite Difficulty and get awarded maximum Race Points. There are 1,800 Race Points (RP) available for every race in challenge mode, when completed on Elite. There are five bonus objectives for every stage which give you 200 Race Points each (5,000 in total for all). There are many ways to get this trophy you just need to do the math and work out which way suits you. This will give you enough RP to get the Challenge Accepted, Passport Stamped, Challenger, Up and coming, Story of a Champion and Bound for Glory trophies. You will need to win in all 5 of the races (Hockenheim, Silverstone, Monza, Redwood Park, Nurburgring) as well as the ones in other stages in the challenge mode, which ever difficulty you do them on: Rookie, Racer, Pro or Elite for the RP related trophies.

Solid Gold
Complete a Tournament event with maximum points overall

Win the 3 needed races and achieve a score of 90 to get this trophy. There is 3 races, each giving you 30 points for a win. I did the Ferrari 512s one with Mont Tremblant, Auto Club Speedway and Silverstone. First two were, and shouldn't be a problem on any cars you do. The last is a bit harder, since, I had Silverstone, and I'm not very fast in this games version of it. So just win the 3 races, best to come on pole to have an easier chance in all of them. Last one, best I could qualify was 10th, and that did me the win, as I was 3rd on the start of 2nd lap.

TIP: If you fail to win the any of the races, before you finish, pause and go to XMB menu. Then Quit the game. If you reload the game, you should be before the last race you where racing on, and you don't have to do the other two again.

Supercar Superstar
Win the ultimate race on or offline

  • Race 3 or more laps
  • Wet weather
  • No racing line
  • Interior views only
  • No penalties
  • No contact with obstacles
  • Manual transmission
  • Remaining on the track at all times

Just race at homestead oval, and make note of the requirements needed. Shouldn't be too hard, on a 1v1 race (only you and one opponent).

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