Players: Offline: 1-2 players (skirmish). Online: 2 players
Online Trophies: Social Viking
Online Pass Required: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No cheat codes
Estimated Time to 100%: 5-8 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1: Can replay all levels in all three campaigns
Collectible Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: There are three trophies that are significantly easier before version 1.02: Lost Vikings, Blotting out the Sun, I'm no Kung, fool!

[top]Tips & Strategies

Game Controls:
1. + R3 to select a unit
2. + R3 to select a spell
3. R3/L3 to scroll along the battlefield. If you use both at once, you scroll twice as fast
4. to select the upgrade menu

There are a number of strategies you can use to defeat your enemy:
  1. Sometimes it is easier to use cheaper units that do less damage than to wait for one strong unit to be ready. Chances are the cheaper units will last longer and be able to do more damage overall.
  2. Sometimes the best strategy is to restart. If you think or know that you cannot beat the level, restart the level and change your setup so you do not make the same mistakes again.
  3. Statues/Towers are really important for a few reasons. For starters they prevent ALL enemies (except Ninjas) from going past them. You can use them as a barrier against a large number of enemies, slowing them down long enough for you to create units or have enough mana to cast a spell.
  4. You do not need to upgrade everything available. Sometimes an upgrade is just a waste of gold that you need.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

Version 1.02 of Swords & Soldiers reduced the effectiveness of the Chinese units with the most changes done to the Rocketeers and Swordsmen. The Rocketeers' damage and health were reduced and the Swordsmen's health and cooldown times were reduced. These changes were made in response to online inequalities.

These changes can make the Chinese campaign trophies harder with one trophy Blotting out the sun nearly impossible after the patch. So if you want to have an easier time with these trophies, download the game but do not download the patch for it.


  1. Complete the Vikings, Aztec and Chinese campaigns and get: Cooking by the Book V for Veggies I'm no kung, Fool! for beating all 30 levels.
  2. Go back and get the three level-specific trophies from each campaign:
    Vikings: Where are the Kangaroos?, Fourtification, Pity the Fool!
    Aztecs: Fort Knox'd, Lacking Balls, Keep Your Lousy Army
    Chinese: Planet of the Ninja Apes, Blotting out the sun, Lost Vikings
  3. Do the Challenges and get the 36 kills with one unit: Techno Viking Dances Away, At First I Was Afraid, King of the Stone Age, Son of Norris
  4. Find an online partner/friend to get the remaining trophies: Uncontrolled Demolition, Bull in a China shop, RickRolled Social Viking



Destroy the enemy castle with a boulder.

Can be done online

This trophy requires that the killing blow to the enemy’s castle come from the Aztec’s boulder spell. However in single player mode, the computer will constantly send out troops and use spells to kill your soldiers, making it difficult to get the castle low enough for the boulder spell to destroy it without the castle regenerating health.

An easy way to get this trophy is in multiplayer mode with a friend. All you need to do is research up to the boulder spell, a single type of soldier, and the sacrifice spell. The Dartblower is probably the best unit to use since they do the least amount of damage. After making 2-3 Dartblowers and have them attack your opponent’s castle, highlight one of them with the sacrifice spell and use it when the castle’s health is about 10%. At that point, the remaining Dartblower will do just enough damage to offset the castle’s healing. Use your boulder spell at this point (make sure you have enough mana) and you should destroy the castle and get the trophy.


Cooking by the Book
Complete the Viking campaign.

The Viking campaign has a total of 10 levels. Some of the levels require you to simply destroy the enemy's castle, others have a specific goal that needs to be fulfilled, and others need you to survive for a set amount of time.

Viking level 10 is simply a survival battle. There is not enemy castle to destroy and there are no goals to achieve. All you have to do is survive for 7:30 minutes until reinforcements arrive. It is not a hard endurance battle because if the enemies manage to destroy your first tower, Mr. Thor offers to help and will throw down his hammer, which then acts as a damage-dealing tower. After about 5:30 minutes, the Vikings' reinforcements will arrive in the form of catapults. Once you reach this point, you are in the clear.

*See Pity the Fool! for the level specific trophy.


V for Veggies
Complete the Aztec campaign.

The last of the Aztec level pits your army against the combined Chinese and Viking forces. While you fight both of them, the Vikings are the first enemies that you will face. Before doing anything, hire about 7 workers and start researching Jaguar Warriors, Dart Blowers, Poison Bomb and Sacrifice. Once this is done, create two pairs of Jaguar Warriors + Dart Blowers and follow their progress. Eventually they will reach an intersection with a tower located on the top path (take the bottom).

Once you are comfortable with you defenses, start researching Sun Giants. They do a lot of damage, can stun and knock back enemies, and if sacrificed give up to 160 mana back. Don't forget to use the Cage spell when facing a large number of enemies in order to buy yourself some time.

While you initially face off against just the Vikings, after a certain point the Chinese will start sending out units to help them so be prepared to change up your strategy and to start using spells like Poison Bomb and Mind Control.


I'm no kung, Fool!
Complete the Chinese campaign.

This level can be seen as having three parts:
  • Part 1: The first part of the level requires you to simply survive against a (nearly) endless wave of skeletons. The first thing you should do when given the chance is to research Swordsmen and the Stone Soldiers spells. Next hire a total of 4-5 workers while constantly making Swordsmen whenever possible. After a certain amount of time, you can start to see the Necromancers that are summoning the skeletons in the far right side of the field. If you want, you can use the Stone Soldiers to kill them to prevent any more skeletons from being summoned.
  • Part 2: After a set amount of time, the Emperor will notice that Pooh-Ki does not feel well and can now breath fire. This point can make or break the level for you. If you mess up, the level can become a lot harder for you. When Pooh-Ki is summoned, press and hold the to breath fire on the enemies. If you let go of , you can fly on further down the level and kill other enemies. You have two runs with Pooh-Ki. The first run should be to kill all the skeletons and any remaining Necromancers near your base. If you have some breathe meter left, LET GO of and do NOT hit the group of enemies after the first path split that has Sun Giants. After this group, breath fire on the workers for the Vikings and Aztecs (they cannot hire more). After both runs, all the workers should be dead.
  • Part 3: This is the last part of the level. All you need to do here is simply kill everything. A word of advice, at the path split where you did not breath fire, take the higher path. While you will have to fight against three Statues, it is much easier than fighting all the enemies on the lower path. To make this even easier, you can summon Stone Warriors to attack the Statues since they cannot be hurt and can do about 15-25% damage to the statues.


Uncontrolled Demolition
Destroy a tower under construction with Rage.

Can be done Online

This trophy requires that you use the Vikings since they are the ones with access to the Rage spell. In order to get this trophy, you must use Rage on a tower being built so that the tower is destroyed by the ensuing attack. For the Rage attack to count, you cannot cast it on the unit closest to the tower. While this will give the Rage effect and animation and will destroy the tower, the trophy will not pop.

This is easily done online with a friend. What you have to do is have your friend wait until you have 2-3 units approaching a tower site and then start building. Once they start, you cast Rage on your rear unit so they sweep up all the front units and hit the tower, destroying it and giving you the trophy.


Bull in a China shop
Cast a boulder that does not damage a single unit.

Can be done Online

This trophy is most easily done online with a friend. In order to get this trophy, you must play as the Aztecs. Simply make a lot of workers and research everything up to the Boulder and Sacrifice Spells. Once that is done, sacrifice all your workers and make sure that your friend has no units on the field (they should also play as Aztecs). After doing this, cast the Boulder spell and your trophy should pop up once the boulder hits something (a tower counts as well as the enemy's castle).


Son of Norris
Kill 36 units with a single unit.

See Techno Viking Dances Away

You will most likely get this trophy while playing through Berserker Run. I do believe that kills by a clone do NOT count so if you are going for this trophy, make sure to focus your healing and shield spells on your original Arty viking and not his clones.


Techno Viking Dances Away
Reach the maximum distance in a Berserker Run game.

The Berserker Run game has a total length of 430 yards. Along the way you will fight every enemy in the game from the Vikings, Aztecs and Chinese. Some advice for succeeding at this:
  1. Your first spell choice should be the Cage spell. The Lightning spell is useless here. It is just a waste of mana that you need for healing and shields.
  2. When you encounter a lone enemy or a line of enemies, try to cage the last one. By caging them, you are preventing them from attacking you or doing anything else. Be careful though; enemies that are behind the caged enemy will break the cage and free them.
  3. Every so often, a clone of the berserker will spawn. NOTE: if you keep your clone alive long enough, when the next cloning point is reached, your clone will also clone.
  4. Poison Bomb, Snow Storm, and Arrow Rain are your best spells since they each cost approximately 60 mana and hits multiple targets as once.
  5. Try to hit enemies with Poison Bomb from far enough away so that they lose a lot of health by the time they reach you.
  6. Always have a shield or Snow Storm spell ready for the Zen Masters.
  7. While it is tempting, do NOT get the Yin-Yang spell. You may be thinking that having more berserkers is good; the truth is it is a waste of mana that you need to heal and cast your AoE spells.
  8. Pause right before each intersection and take a look at what you will face. Rocketeers are among the worst enemies that you can fight since they can attack you from a distance.


At First I Was Afraid
Survive over 30 minutes in a Survival game.

There are several things that you need to do in order to have a shot at this trophy because while it may start out easy, by the time you get to 25:00 minutes the waves will have 50 or so enemies and will probably kill you.
  1. Use the Chinese army, they have excellent spells such as Arrow Rain and Dragon Fire which can decimate individual waves.
  2. Mana is IMPORTANT! Do not waste mana on small spells. As a comparison, by the time you reach 20 minutes you should have around 2000 mana.
  3. You want at least two Buddha Statues at all time for their mana regeneration boost. If you can do it, build a third one on the right side of the map. It will boost the regeneration further while also slowing down the waves of enemies.
  4. A good wave combination is to use Stone Soldiers + Arrow Rain to stop and hurt an entire wave at once.
  5. The only units you need to make are Swordsmen and Rocketeers. Try to make pairs of them whenever the cooldowns are up.
  6. Try to save mana for Dragon Fire for the final waves so that you survive for the 30 minutes.

Surviving the first wave of enemies is very important. If you can manage to do so, your chances of getting this trophy increase greatly. After approximately 0:45 minutes into the challenge, Viking Berserkers will start to appear on your map. In order to counter them and survive, you should crease Swordsmen to slow the Berserkers down and use the combo of Stone Soldiers + Arrow Rain to stall the Berserkers and hit them all at once for most of their health. After managing to survive this wave, you should have about 1:30 minutes until the next wave attacks, giving you plenty of time to build up your defenses and research more units.


King of the Stone Age
Kill all Vikings in a Boulder Mode game without killing any of your own.

This can be considered one of the hardest and/or most frustrating trophies in Swords & Soldiers. In the Boulder Run challenge trophy you have to kill all 100 Vikings without hitting any of your 37 Aztec allies. Be prepared for much frustration and anger after several runs of 99-0 or 100-1 (enemies-allies). I did not get this until after around 45 minutes of trying. So, like me, you will most likely get this trophy after many attempts and close calls.

You should do this on normal speed in order to have the time to react to any Aztec allies appearing and to jump in time.


Lacking Balls
Complete Aztec Campaign level 8 without using a Boulder.

For this map, you do not have a base to create new units with, so you should be careful how you fight. While you may not be able to make units, you do have access to the Sacrifice, Cage, Poison Bomb, Mindcontrol and Boulders spells. However as the trophy description states, you cannot use the Boulder spell at any time during this level.

This is not as bad as it seems because you have access to the Mindcontrol spell. Use this whenever you have enough mana and encounter a particularly tough enemy such as a Necromancer, Jaguar Warrior or Sun Giant. By doing so, you allow your units to deal damage to the enemies without actually risking them. Use the Poison Bomb spell to deplete hordes of enemies that approach you at once and the Cage spell to trap annoying enemies such as Sun Giants or Necromancers (make sure they are at the back of the pack of enemies).


Complete Viking Campaign level 7 with all Towers intact.

This trophy is actually quite difficult mainly because you are forced to fight waves of enemies for 7:30 minutes. The first thing you need to do is build as many workers as possible to gather gold quickly. This is very crucial. You want to have 6 workers out on the field before you send out your first axe thrower. While you are spamming workers, you want to research the following: Mana Regeneration level 1, axe throwers, berserkers, lightning and rage. Do not research frost hammers just yet.

When you have 6 workers out, flip the sign so that your units take the lower path and create two axe throwers to man the front two towers. At 6:30 you will be told enemies could be coming soon. Ignore it for now and create the maximum number of workers while researching Mana Regeneration level 2. At around 6 minutes left, you will be told enemies are coming; this is your queue to start making berserkers. If you want, you can use Rage to get them over there quicker. From here on, you want to try and create a pair of berserkers and frost hammers alternating with an axe thrower to combat the poison darters.

At around 4:00, the enemy leader will trap all your units in cages. Quickly free them and continue on. You will face waves of increasing enemies. If your mana regeneration is at level 2, you can use Lightning to kill several of the cheetah warriors. Rage is key here. When several enemies units are attacking your front soldier, use Rage on your 3rd-4th soldier to deal heavy damage to all the front enemies. The giant Aztec warriors have a knock back and stun attack, so if you are saving your lightning spell, these are the enemies to use it on.

If you can make it to when the reinforcements arrive (around 1:30 minutes) you should be fine. Do not let up on making soldiers and this trophy will be yours. Remember, luck is also a factor so you may need to restart several times to get this trophy.


Pity the Fool!
Survive Viking Campaign level 10 without the help of Mr. Thor.

This is a challenging trophy. According to the description, you cannot receive the help of Mr. Thor. This means that the enemies units cannot pass by the first tower. If they do so, a little cutscene will appear and Mr. Thor will help the Vikings. Therefore, you must keep your first tower up at all times. If you do not do things just right then your first tower will get swarmed and you will be forced to restart the level to get the trophy.

First things first, you have plenty of time so you want to get 10 workers as soon as possible in order to maximize your gold. While making all these workers, the first upgrades you want to go for is Mana Regeneration Level 1, Lightning, and Axe Thrower. You do NOT want nor need the Berserkers for this fight; they are useless and will waste gold you desperately need. Next, start researching Mana Regeneration Level 2 and Rage while at the same time start creating only Axe Throwers. This should be about the time enemy units start showing up. If you want to, you can use the Lightning spell to kill the first two enemies and buy yourself some time.

Keep making Axe Throwers and start research Frost Hammers and the Towers. You are not going to use the towers; you need to research it in order to get at the Snow Storm spell. You do not want to cast many spells at this point since you need to save up all the mana you can. However, if you need to use a Rage spell to save your tower, do so. While you are doing all this never stop making Axe Throwers. This time start alternating them with Frost Hammers.

At this point, it is just a matter of endurance. You want to constantly create pairs of Frost Hammers and Axe Throwers and use Rage to get them to attack the frost line Samurai when they use the Yin-Yang ability (Cloning). When the Firework guys appear en-masse (more then 3 at a time), use the Snow Storm spell to buy your units some time to attack them. If you do not, they will murder you.

If you do all these things, you should get the trophy. If not, restart and try again.


Where are the Kangaroos?
Complete Viking Campaign level 4 by destroying the enemy base.

At the beginning of this mission you are given two choices: gather 1,000 gold at one time or destroy the enemy’s base. As the Viking says, gathering the gold is the easier choice. If you choose to go and destroy the castle for this trophy it is hard but not overly difficult to do so. The Zen Master has two annoying attacks that you should be aware of. First there is the ninja monkey unit who will attack your unit and then teleport behind them and continue moving toward your castle and other units and second is the flaming arrows area attack which can hit multiple troops at once.

You will need about 6-7 workers to gather gold in order to offset the amount of warriors you will need to hire. Do not worry about how much they gather, if you keep hiring units, you should not reach 1,000 gold. I recommend first upgrading berserkers and axe throwers, then the lightning and healing spells and finally mana regeneration at the end. I found the Lightning spell to be very useful for killing the ninja monkeys because they cannot dodge it. When all this is done, just keep hiring and healing units and using the Lightning spell whenever possible to make the level easier.


Fort Knox'd
Prevent the Giant in Aztec Campaign level 2 from reaching the Goldmine.

In this level you are only given three abilities to use: Dart Blowers, Sacrifice and Poison Bomb. Your goal is to kill the Sun Giant before it reaches the first gold mine (the mine furthest from your base).

The easy way to get this trophy is to have seven workers (you start out with four) and try to research the Poison Bomb spell as quickly as possible (preferably first). Once you have done so, start creating Dart Blowers and have them take the top path to the Sun Giant (the top path is the one the gold mine is on). While constantly making Dart Blowers, start hitting the Sun Giant with Poison Bomb. This has the effect of draining some of its health while also slowing it down to about 50% speed, buying you some more time to kill it.

During this level, some of your units will get trapped inside of cages. When this happens, just create new Dart Blowers and they will release your trapped men. If you do everything right, you should manage to kill the Sun Giant right before the gold mine, getting you the trophy.


Keep Your Lousy Army
Complete Aztec Campaign level 10 without taking control of the Viking army.

This trophy is self-explanatory. During this level, you will fight against a combination of Vikings and Chinese and you must not use Mindcontrol on any of the Vikings.

There are several hints that I can give you. First, Necromancers are really good for this level because they can raise skeletons that can be used as fodder against enemy attacks and to buy you time to create other units. Poison Bomb is also good for when groups of enemies come at you all at once. You can use Dart-Blowers in conjunction with Necromancers and Jaguar Warriors in order to push through the level. However, the Swordsmen deflect arrows, axes and darts back at the shoot around 25% of the time so be advised you may need to make more if they start killing themselves.

At one point in the level you will come across a fork in the road. Along the top path there is a Viking tower and along the bottom path is nothing. Take the lower path in order to save yourself the trouble of fighting against the tower and other units moving from the enemy’s base.

If you are going to use Mindcontrol, use it on the Chinese units. For this I suggest researching Sun Giants and sacrificing them for 160 mana. This will allow you to use Mindcontrol on multiple Chinese enemies (Zen Masters, Rocketeers, Swordsment), which you can then use against the Vikings.


Planet of the Ninja Apes
Complete Chinese Campaign level 3 without a single Ninja death.

For this trophy, you are required to not have a single Ninja die on their way to save the Emperor. You start the level with three Ninjas but once you reach the Buddha statues at about 50% through the level, a fourth Ninja will warp in to help you.

The first half of this level is really easy and you only have to do one thing to avoid any deaths (the Ninjas will do the rest for you). Starting from the beginning, count to the third signpost and flip it using so that it faces down and you avoid the enemies on the higher path. At this point you can scroll to the two Buddha statues and wait for your Ninjas to appear without worry.

For the second half of the level, you have to pay close attention to your Ninjas. The only spell you should ever need to use is the Shield spell for when the Zen Masters grab one of your Ninjas and the rest are too far away to stun them. (NOTE: When doing so, you should always Shield your LEAD Ninja since the Zen Master's target is always the unit in front)


Blotting out the sun
Complete Chinese Campaign level 7 with 15 or more Rocketeers alive.

This trophy is significantly easier prior to Version 1.02. The patch reduced the health and cooldown time of the Swordsman, which makes them die much quicker. So if you are having trouble getting this trophy, I recommend deleting the game and reinstalling it but do not download the patch for the game.

So as the trophy description says, you must finish the level with at least 15 Rocketeers still alive. However you cannot create them for this level. After the first wave of Vikings arrives and starts killing your troops, one of your soldiers will announce that a ship of Rocketeers has arrived. At that point three Rocketeers with spawn and start moving. These are the ONLY ones that spawn so in order to get 15, you are going to have to clone them.

This trophy is difficult both pre/post patch so I will tell you how I did this. The only upgrades that I got (in order) were:
  1. Swordsmen
  2. Buddha Statues
  3. Arrow Rain
  4. Yin Yang

Everything else is a waste that you cannot afford to use. Once the level starts, you must make 6 workers and then concentrate on making Swordsmen to counter the Vikings coming towards your base. Odds are they will slaughter your men. Afterwards, the Rocketeers spawn and start killing all the Vikings. At this point, you will constantly create Swordsmen, clone Rocketeers, and make Buddha Statues as fast as you can in order to increase mana gain.

After reaching halfway through the level, a message will pop up and the Vikings will start making Catapults (Two initially and one at the end). If you have the mana, you can use your Arrow Rain spell to drain most of their health so your swordsmen can kill them before they kill your Rocketeers. If you do everything right, you should get the 15th Rocketeer just before winning the battle.


Lost Vikings
Complete Chinese Campaign level 8 without killing a single Berserker.

In this level you will fight against the Aztecs, who have managed to hold hostage several Viking Berserkers. In order to get this trophy, you must allow the Aztecs to sacrifice all of the Vikings. You will know one has been sacrificed because at certain points throughout the level, you will receive a message from the Aztec leader that the sacrifice has made him stronger followed by a large wave of enemies. Once you defeat the wave of enemies, try not to push through the level too much or you might risk killing one of the Vikings. Push slowly and try to lose most of your excess units taking down some of the Statues.

You will know that you can go and defeat the Aztecs when their leader mentions how there are no more Vikings to sacrifice. At this point, you will be assaulted by a large number of Aztec units that will never stop coming (it took me 20 minutes from this point to beat the level).


Social Viking
Play 10 matches online.

*Must be done online, not co-op!

The only silver trophy in Swords & Shields is fairly simply and can be easily gotten in about 5 minutes if you play with a friend. All this trophy requires is that you participate in 10 matches online (no co-op or with two controllers). To make this trophy even easier, you do not even need to win or lose. All you need to do for the match to count is to start up the game and then surrender. This still counts as a match and afterwards you can immediately challenge your friend 9 more times until you have your trophy.

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